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I’m back at the new Blogivists community.

See you there!!

(Voy importando los post en español aquí -uff, puse el blog de anghara… :shock:).

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Two photos

This first one is specially dedicated to David Drake, as he told me he liked sunsets. It is not of the beach though, but I think it’s, nevertheless, a very beautiful photo. In the left side, it’s the Northern  façade of Madrid’s Royal Palace.

This second one is sympathetic: it’s a new toy I found some days ago. They call it the flying pig 😆 :

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I’m back!

As I said I won’t be able to blog much from now on. Though perhaps sometimes I will write something.

Holidays were short -as ever-. But marvellous -as ever-:

Hope you like the photos!

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Some days ago, my friend VelvetHammer tagged me. Today also Fausta tagged me for the same meme. [Thank God, it’s only ONE meme…. smile_tongue]

The rules:

Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

  1. I love to read. I have been an avid reader since I was 3 years-old . My mother was worried about that fact, because she thought I was going to lose sight. Yes, it’s true I wore glasses but they are more a result of genetics that of my passion for reading. By the way, I do not need thick glasses, just the minimum. Among all I love fantastic novels. My favorites are “Lord of the Rings” (he, I think no one has guessed that… 😆 ) and “Memory, Sorrow and Thorn”, from where I have chosen my nickname.
  2. I like public transport, specially trains. It leaves me time for reading or to rest for some time. airplane Hmm, planes… well, er… better not. fingerscrossed I like to be with my feet on earth.
  3. I do not like cigarrettes/cigars…’ smoke. I do not want other people to give up smoking, I just do not want the smoke of their cigars/cigarretes on my nose and eyes. smoking I have a real problem with that, as, I would say, I am like a extractor fan: all the smoke always comes where I am. I also do not like alcohol: martinimakes me sick only to smell it. I prefer non-alcoholic drinks.
  4. That’s why I love Starbucks. No pollution, a very quite place,sweet music -jazz mostly-… There are two problems though: the cakes have huge cakequantity of calories and the coffee is not very good. In Spain coffee is very concentrated and served in little cups. But then again: you can buy a cake there for two or three and make the coffe at home. coffee But it has also an advantage when compared with local cafeterias: the latter are normally full of old men watching football on TV soccerball and looking at girls. Something I just abhor in inimaginable proportions.
  5. I like to walk solitary or not very crowded places. I like to observe the animals and plants in the surroundings, when no noise is heard.
  6. I love Cádiz. For me, it’s the best city in the world. Extremelly good beaches, a beatiful sea, lots of cultural places to visit in the city and its surroundings, good food and very affable people. I would like to live definitely one day there. sun
  7. Josh Groban. I could be hearing his songs for hours, even repeating them. He has a truly good voice and the songs are very romantic. I know, this is a girls’ foolishness. But I don’t mind.
  8. I love black tea, specially darjeeling. But my favorite is the cinnamon flavoured one. smile_teeth
  9. Lastly but not least, I love my family. hug_girl 😆 I’m also a proud (Spanish, of course 😀 ) Catholic. And I don’t mind what other people say about that.

Whoever wants to do it, just leave a message here.

[You know, I hate memes, so I am not going to condemn anyone to do them smile_devil]

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This is a comment a Muslim has left me here:

jihad watch… they r more than 1.5 billion muslims who read the Quran.. ur trying to tell me that we have 1.5 billion terrorists now?? wat are you a fool? they are in a state of depression wat else can they do… some convert to christianity 2 coz they feel better.. others have more anger stored in them and thats wat they do… During the time of slavery.. how many ppl were ready to fight against their olonialist even when they knew abt the outcomes.. same in this situation when ppl are pissed outta their mind they dont think abt the outcome they just do it… life is full of stress bud and thats wat happens..!!

So, the roots of Islamist terrorism are in stress and depression!!! How we could never figure that!!!
So if you are depressed because your boyfriend/girlfriend has left you, or because you have failed to pass an exam, just go and suicide yourself at the local market. And if you are stressed because you are family man/woman, who have to work in 4 or 5 jobs at the same time, have 3 boys at home and your car is not working, just behead someone. You would be much calmer afterwards.
Yes, I begin to understand why some people think the apes are more humans than some humans. It is a pity they have not pointed to the right humans.
[NOTE: In the same post I wrote: “Although I think not ALL Muslims can convert into suicide bombers, certainly the language of the Koram can provoke that some of them -a minority each day greater- can turn into suicide bombers“. That reading comprehension…].

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My preferred Egyptian blogger, Sandmonkey, quits fearing for his security after he blogged about a demonstration some weeks ago. A lot of bloggers have already expressed their regrets, although I believe all of us understand why he has done it.
Others who have commented about this sad event: Blue Star Chronicles, Gateway Pundit and Seven Inches of Sense (this last one is very good ;-D).
I hope he will return to blogging as soon as possible.

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Dead PC

I’m sorry for not blogging but my PC is definitively kaputt. It has been going very bad lately, but, just after we have returned from Easter, it has said “No” to turning itself on. So I have lost all bookmarks, the RSS, etc. ;(
When I have the new one running I will blog again.

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