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I’m back at the new Blogivists community.

See you there!!

(Voy importando los post en español aquí -uff, puse el blog de anghara… :shock:).

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Two photos

This first one is specially dedicated to David Drake, as he told me he liked sunsets. It is not of the beach though, but I think it’s, nevertheless, a very beautiful photo. In the left side, it’s the Northern  façade of Madrid’s Royal Palace.

This second one is sympathetic: it’s a new toy I found some days ago. They call it the flying pig 😆 :

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I’m back!

As I said I won’t be able to blog much from now on. Though perhaps sometimes I will write something.

Holidays were short -as ever-. But marvellous -as ever-:

Hope you like the photos!

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Some days ago, my friend VelvetHammer tagged me. Today also Fausta tagged me for the same meme. [Thank God, it’s only ONE meme…. smile_tongue]

The rules:

Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

  1. I love to read. I have been an avid reader since I was 3 years-old . My mother was worried about that fact, because she thought I was going to lose sight. Yes, it’s true I wore glasses but they are more a result of genetics that of my passion for reading. By the way, I do not need thick glasses, just the minimum. Among all I love fantastic novels. My favorites are “Lord of the Rings” (he, I think no one has guessed that… 😆 ) and “Memory, Sorrow and Thorn”, from where I have chosen my nickname.
  2. I like public transport, specially trains. It leaves me time for reading or to rest for some time. airplane Hmm, planes… well, er… better not. fingerscrossed I like to be with my feet on earth.
  3. I do not like cigarrettes/cigars…’ smoke. I do not want other people to give up smoking, I just do not want the smoke of their cigars/cigarretes on my nose and eyes. smoking I have a real problem with that, as, I would say, I am like a extractor fan: all the smoke always comes where I am. I also do not like alcohol: martinimakes me sick only to smell it. I prefer non-alcoholic drinks.
  4. That’s why I love Starbucks. No pollution, a very quite place,sweet music -jazz mostly-… There are two problems though: the cakes have huge cakequantity of calories and the coffee is not very good. In Spain coffee is very concentrated and served in little cups. But then again: you can buy a cake there for two or three and make the coffe at home. coffee But it has also an advantage when compared with local cafeterias: the latter are normally full of old men watching football on TV soccerball and looking at girls. Something I just abhor in inimaginable proportions.
  5. I like to walk solitary or not very crowded places. I like to observe the animals and plants in the surroundings, when no noise is heard.
  6. I love Cádiz. For me, it’s the best city in the world. Extremelly good beaches, a beatiful sea, lots of cultural places to visit in the city and its surroundings, good food and very affable people. I would like to live definitely one day there. sun
  7. Josh Groban. I could be hearing his songs for hours, even repeating them. He has a truly good voice and the songs are very romantic. I know, this is a girls’ foolishness. But I don’t mind.
  8. I love black tea, specially darjeeling. But my favorite is the cinnamon flavoured one. smile_teeth
  9. Lastly but not least, I love my family. hug_girl 😆 I’m also a proud (Spanish, of course 😀 ) Catholic. And I don’t mind what other people say about that.

Whoever wants to do it, just leave a message here.

[You know, I hate memes, so I am not going to condemn anyone to do them smile_devil]

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This is a comment a Muslim has left me here:

jihad watch… they r more than 1.5 billion muslims who read the Quran.. ur trying to tell me that we have 1.5 billion terrorists now?? wat are you a fool? they are in a state of depression wat else can they do… some convert to christianity 2 coz they feel better.. others have more anger stored in them and thats wat they do… During the time of slavery.. how many ppl were ready to fight against their olonialist even when they knew abt the outcomes.. same in this situation when ppl are pissed outta their mind they dont think abt the outcome they just do it… life is full of stress bud and thats wat happens..!!

So, the roots of Islamist terrorism are in stress and depression!!! How we could never figure that!!!
So if you are depressed because your boyfriend/girlfriend has left you, or because you have failed to pass an exam, just go and suicide yourself at the local market. And if you are stressed because you are family man/woman, who have to work in 4 or 5 jobs at the same time, have 3 boys at home and your car is not working, just behead someone. You would be much calmer afterwards.
Yes, I begin to understand why some people think the apes are more humans than some humans. It is a pity they have not pointed to the right humans.
[NOTE: In the same post I wrote: “Although I think not ALL Muslims can convert into suicide bombers, certainly the language of the Koram can provoke that some of them -a minority each day greater- can turn into suicide bombers“. That reading comprehension…].

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My preferred Egyptian blogger, Sandmonkey, quits fearing for his security after he blogged about a demonstration some weeks ago. A lot of bloggers have already expressed their regrets, although I believe all of us understand why he has done it.
Others who have commented about this sad event: Blue Star Chronicles, Gateway Pundit and Seven Inches of Sense (this last one is very good ;-D).
I hope he will return to blogging as soon as possible.

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Dead PC

I’m sorry for not blogging but my PC is definitively kaputt. It has been going very bad lately, but, just after we have returned from Easter, it has said “No” to turning itself on. So I have lost all bookmarks, the RSS, etc. ;(
When I have the new one running I will blog again.

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More reaction:

Gateway Pundit: MASSIVE Rally Against Terrorism in Madrid!

MASSIVE Rally Against Terrorism in Madrid! Hundreds of Thousands of protesters rallied against surrendering to terrorists in Madrid!

Antes de que empiece la guerra de números » Desde el exilio

Me da igual. No importa si son un millón, medio, más o menos. Son muchos. Muchísimos. Demasiados para ser todos fascistas, liberticidas, franquistas, crispadores, marionetas al servicio del PP o de un “Losantos” (cuánto poder en sus manos de ser así!) No percibo ni mareo, ni vómitos ni me apetece apagar la televisión (Por cierto, sólo Tele-Madrid ofrece cumplida información de lo que ocurre a los que vivimos en el extranjero). No veo ira, ni armas, ni puños cerrados por el odio.

Fernando Savater, de la mayúscula al punto, hoy en El Correo (via Daniel Tercero.net):

La argumentación más inconsistente y menos convincente para apoyar el disparate gubernamental con De Juana es apelar a las supuestas excarcelaciones de etarras antes del plazo debido por parte del Gobierno de Aznar o los acercamientos de presos realizados en el mismo período, para probar la ‘hipocresía’ de la oposición (la palma se la lleva la ‘Ser’, que siempre bate el récord de bajura con este tema, proclamando la gran noticia de que ‘el Gobierno de Aznar’ no actuó contra De Juana cuando el miserable pidió ‘champán y langostinos’ para celebrar el asesinato de Tomás Caballero: ¿sólo le falta decir que se los envió Aznar pagados de su bolsillo!). Como sabe cualquiera que se moleste en enterarse de las cosas, el PP insistía en cambiar la legislación para hacer cumplir íntegras las penas pero entretanto, como no podía ser de otro modo, cumplía con la legislación vigente y sus reducciones de condena. En cuanto a los acercamientos de presos, no respondían al chantaje de ningún recluso, sino a reiteradas peticiones parlamentarias y de medios ilustrados de comunicación. Pero en fin, aunque no fuera así: ¿y qué? Si el Gobierno Aznar lo hizo mal entonces (aunque lo que hizo nada tiene que ver con la excarcelación mediante chantaje de De Juana Chaos) ¿por qué el PSOE no se lo reprochó en su día, cuando tantas cosas le censuraba en otros campos? Aún peor: si aquello fue un error, ¿por qué ahora se utiliza como justificante en lugar de haberlo tomado como advertencia de lo que no debe hacerse, visto el resultado? Es floja excusa para equivocarse el que otros se hayan equivocado antes y uno repita de buena fe los errores.

Red part translated: “If Aznar’s Government was wrong at that time (he did not do anything which could be levelled with De Juana’s blackmail), why PSOE did not critisize that then, when Socialists were so hard critisizing PP? What is even worse: if that was an error: why now is used as a justification, and not as a advise of what it should not be done, once we have seen its result?

Also Barcepudit.

Nauscopio has a lot of links both to news and to blogs. Among them: Juan Pedro Quiñonero: Madrid’s demonstration viewed from Europe: he links to IHT, Le Monde,

Specially interesting for me is Le Monde’s treatment of this demonstration: on the first page up and with the title: “Massive demonstration of the Spanish opposition in Madrid“. In another link, it considers “historic” the demonstration … to consider afterwards the “apparition of the symbols that we here call preconstitutionals, that have the Franco’s eagle“.

Manifestación España 10M Le Monde

Le Figaro: The right in mass against Zapatero‘s clemence.

Manifestación PP 10M Le Figaro

Il corriere della Sera: Chieste le dimissioni del premier. 1 milione in piazza contro l’Eta e Zapatero. Grande folla a Madrid, convocata dal Partito Popolare (opposizione di centrodestra), per denunciare la scarcerazione del membro dell’Eta Inaki de Juana Chaos.

Triste Romeo: The success is a fact. Now we have to echarle huevos.

I had laughed when I had seen this photo:

Manifestación 10M Madrid El Mundo

Zapatero dressed as a bride acting as bridegroom Otegi, the speaker from BATASUNA-ETA.

Reflexiones Iracuandas reflects upon how the Spanish left has seen the demonstration: Orwell reloaded: The demonstration has been below hopes“. It reminds me to a comment in El Pais website: Only if 45 million Spanish demonstrate, it will be a success. Hmmm, yes, of course….

With all the pressure about the flags, some people have tried to expell from the demonstration, a woman who was carrying the flag of the pollo, as here is called the eagle’s flag. Video.

Related post:

Today’s demonstration.

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NOTE: This post will be updated as more news coverage is realeased.

Madrid Autonomous Community (PP) raises the number to 2.125.000 demonstrators!

Saturday’s demonstration to protest the De Juana’s 2nd grade cannot be considered but as a great and marvellous success. Probably it has been the most important gathering -in numbers- in Spanish history. Before, only the Pope John Paul II had gathered so much presence (700 buses and estimated more than 1 million people). Today 1.000 buses have driven people who live outside Madrid. So we can safely state that at least 1 million people have gathered there. LD considers that possibly between 1,5 and 2 million have demonstrated against the Government’s decision..

Anyway, whatever the number, there has been a huge quantity of people… and that’s what I really like…

Manifestación del PP en Madrid

Photo found in El Pais website.
The exhibition of Spanish flag has been done PROUDLY, something which is MARVELLOUS. For so long the constitutional Spanish flag has been considered as something which should be hidden. And now, after weeks of hearing stupid statements as “only the far-right demonstrates with the flag” or “the demonstrators are coup d’état fans“, seeing too many flags -and people carrying them- has been a reward worthy of sustaining all critics.

There are some Spanish journalists who are fearing the use of the flag. PSOE supporters consider that people who carry the Spanish flag -a symbol of unity- have stolen it from the citizenship.

What happens? That PSOE supporters cannot use the flag? We have been seen throughout all the anti-Iraqi war demonstrations huge numbers of the Republican flag, and no one has said nothing.

But the worst attack on Spanish flag has come from a journalist in famous “El Pais newspaper” (the dependent from PSOE diary of the morning) in which he wrote that the constitutional flags in right-wingers’ demonstrations are FALSE. Why? Since the first demonstration, 3 or 4 -literally- fools from far-right political parties have appeared at the demonstrations, all of them carrying -what is believed to be- Franco’s flag. And the TVs and photographers go like hyaenas to rot meat: “grrr! this is going to be tomorrow’s news“.

It is a pity, but they were trying the rest of the “normal and decent” people not to go to this demonstration -and all the others- for that reason. But the normal and decent people HAD gone.

Yesterday, a militant from PP was beaten-yes, you are reading correctly- because he was protesting against De Juana. The attacker tried first to snatch the Spanish flag the attacked had in his neck: he hit hin repeatedly while the attacked was in the ground, till he was succesful and then run away. The conforting scene happened in Tarragona (Catalonia- SPAIN).

But what has made me blink my eyes more -just to see if it was true or not- , has been the statement teh Police Union has made. In an official one, consider “miserables” the people who are demonstrating against De Juana’s penitentiary nowadays state and that Jiménez Becerrill’s sister -one of the most important speakers of the Terrorist Victims’ association whose brother was killed by ETA and one of the people about whom De Juana said “Their cries are my laughters“- is “spitting on the blood of their relatives“. Uaughhhh! The curious and appalling thing is that in their website you can read “if it would have been for us, De Juana would have exited the prison when dead“.

Anyway, the relatives of the killed in the terrorist attack of the Barajas airport terminal T4 (Dec 30), Diego Armando Estacio and Carlos Alonso Palate, both of them from Ecuador, have been at the demonstration. Estacio’s mother has said to TV that he was there because Zapatero has promised her justice and because she wanted to “stay with the relatives of other victims and to share with them the lose of a beloved relative“. Hmm, justice and Zapatero in one line…

All my colleagues at antizp.org -today I have written it right-, are there yet. But I have gone only to stay there, to be there, and then I have come back. I am alergic and the spring is in, so you can guess why I am not yet there….

Anyway, there are also demonstrations against the 2nd grade throughout the world…

Marcha por el ‘caso De Juana’ | elmundo.es

Imagen de la cabecera en la que se han situado los líderes del Partido Popular, como su presidente, Mariano Rajoy (c), que conversa con el alcalde de Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, momentos antes del comienzo de la manifestación bajo el lema ‘España por la libertad, no más cesiones a ETA’, convocada por el PP en protesta por la concesión de prisión atenuada al preso de ETA José Ignacio de Juana Chaos. (Foto: EFE)

Marcha por el ‘caso De Juana’ | elmundo.es

Varias personas sostienen grandes banderas de España y del País Vasco, ambas con un gran lazo azul. (Foto: EFE)

Denuncian la agresión a un militante del PP de Tenerife tras manifestarse contra la cesión del Gobierno a De Juana – Libertad Digital

El presidente de Nuevas Generaciones del PP de Canarias, Jaime Hernández Abad, ha denunciado y condenado que el expresidente de dicha organización juvenil en Tenerife, Javier Bueno, ha sufrido este viernes por la noche una “brutal” agresión tras la protesta convocada por este partido contra la mejoría en la situación penitenciaria del etarra De Juana Chaos. Un individuo intentó arrancarle la bandera de España que portaba alrededor de su cuello. Le tiró al suelo propinándole numerosas patadas en la cabeza y en el resto del cuerpo, “hasta que el salvaje agresor consiguió arrebatarle la enseña nacional, tras lo que huyó corriendo del lugar de los hechos”.

La madre de Diego Estacio se une a la manifestación porque Zapatero “me dijo que se haría justicia” – Libertad Digital

Familiares de las dos víctimas del atentado contra el aeropuerto de Madrid cometido por ETA el pasado 30 de diciembre se han sumado a la manifestación con el lema Por la libertad. No más cesiones a ETA, que este sábado ha reunido a entre 1,6 y 2 millones de personas en la capital de España. La madre de Diego Estacio declaró a Telemadrid que su presencia obedece a su “necesidad” de estar junto al resto de las víctimas del terrorismo de España y “compartir con ellos el dolor por la pérdida de un ser querido”. La Confederación Española de Inmigrantes se ha unido a la manifestación, así como otras organizaciones de inmigrantes con representación en todo el país.

El SUP acusa a la hermana de Jiménez Becerril de “escupir sobre la sangre de sus familiares muertos” – Libertad Digital

LLAMA “MISERABLES” A LOS QUE PROTESTAN POR LA EXCARCELACIÓN DE CHAOS El SUP acusa a la hermana de Jiménez Becerril de “escupir sobre la sangre de sus familiares muertos” El Sindicato Unificado de la Policía (SUP) ha emitido un documento interno en el que fija su postura sobre la decisión del Gobierno de excarcelar a De Juana Chaos. Contrariamente a la postura que venía manteniendo hasta ahora -en su página web dice que “si llega a ser por nosotros, De Juana habría salido de la cárcel muerto”-, el sindicato cambia en esta nueva circular de parecer, manifiesta su apoyo a Zapatero y arremete contra las víctimas. Llega a decir que algunas de ellas, y menciona a la hermana de Jiménez Becerril concretamente, “parecen escupir sobre la sangre de sus familiares muertos”. Uno de los miembros de este sindicato dijo recientemente que a Luis del Pino “le metería en una habitación sin Estado de Derecho”.

Los primeros datos del PP estiman más de 1,6 millones de personas en Madrid contra ETA – Libertad Digital

Los primeros datos del PP estiman más de 1,6 millones de personas en Madrid contra ETA Panorámica de la manifestación, este sábado en Mad Las primeras estimaciones del PP, convocante, indican una superficie de 400.000 metros cuadrados ocupada por manifestantes, lo que significaría una cantidad aproximada de entre 1,6 millones y 2 millones de personas. Otro dato refuerza que se trata de la mayor manifestación de toda la etapa constitucional: la llegada de más de 1.000 autobuses de toda la España peninsular, cuando el hito anterior del que se tiene registro son los 700 autobuses llegados en 2003 con ocasión de la visita del Papa Juan Pablo II.

El trato de favor a De Juana indigna a medio mundo y habrá concentraciones en América y resto de Europa – Libertad Digital

La decisión del Gobierno de conceder el segundo grado penitenciario al sanguinario terroristas De Juana Chaos, ha indignado a medio mundo. La gran manifestación prevista para este sábado en Madrid será reproducida en ciudades como Buenos Aires, Miami, Zurich, Londres, Ciudad de México, Montevideo o Frankfurt, entre otras. Así pues, la rebelión cívica que intenta frenar la cesión del Gobierno al chantaje de ETA ha traspasado fronteras y Zapatero tendrá que decidir si hace oídos sordos o no a una clamorosa multitud en España y a las voces que llegarán desde América y el resto de Europa.

Blog reaction:

Batiburrillo: Gigantesca manifestación del Partido Popular (II)

Estamos escuchando a un periodista que ha perdido los papeles hace años, Antonio Casado. Fíjense en las dos boutades que ha soltado este señor: 1) que no se puede “patrimonializar” la bandera nacional; 2) que hay un “exceso” de banderas españolas. Lo que no aclara el periodista es por qué la siniestra nunca saca las banderas constitucionales ni cuántas banderas nacionales colman el vaso de lo “tolerable”.

NOTE: I have corrected some things that were wrongly written.

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I have been looking for a Firefox’s extension to receive RSS. I knew both Sage and Wizz but I did not like any of them. Yesterday, I found a reasonable one: it’s called Brief, and can be used with the new Firefox 2.0.

Brief is an extension for Firefox which makes reading feeds as easy as it gets. It is designed to have the right set of features to be both powerful and simple. Brief stores feeds’ content in a database and displays articles in a form of a sleek, interactive page.

Easily mark articles as read and star the interesting ones. Browse your feeds anyway you want – view only unread or starred articles, display a single feed or a whole folder at a time. Find what you are looking for using full text search-as-you-type. Let yourself be notified when feeds are updated in the background and track the number of new entries using the status bar.

If you use Firefox, you can give it a try.


Por fin he encontrado un add-on de Mozilla para ver los RSS que merece la pena. Con él puedes marcar como importantes las noticias que te gusten -cosa que en Sage, por ejemplo, no se puede- y los resultados de la búsqueda aparecen al mismo tiempo que escribes.

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Some days ago I wrote about him, because of an alert my friend FFE sent me. Well, he has been finally sentenced to 4 years in jail for insulting Islam and President Hosni Mubarak and inciting sedition (¡!).

Abdel Kareem Nabil, a 22-year-old former student at Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, an Islamic institution, had pleaded innocent to all charges, and human rights groups had called for his release.

Nabil, who used the blogger name Kareem Amer, had sharply criticized Al-Azhar on his Web log, calling it “the university of terrorism” and accusing it of suppressing free thought. He also often criticized Mubarak’s regime on the blog.

In one post, he said Al-Azhar University “stuffs its students’ brains and turns them into human beasts … teaching them that there is not place for differences in this life.”

He was a vocal critic of conservative Muslims and in other posts described Mubarak’s regime as a “symbol of dictatorship.”

The university threw him out last year and pressed prosecutors to put him on trial.

The judge issued the verdict in a brief, five-minute session in a court in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria. He sentenced Nabil to three years in prison for insulting Islam and inciting sedition and another year for insulting Mubarak. Nabil had faced a possible maximum sentence of up to nine years in prison.

Nabil, wearing a gray T-shirt and sitting in the defendants pen, gave no reaction and his face remained still as the verdict was read. He was immediately taken from the pen and put in a prison truck and did not comment to reporters.

Egypt arrested a number of bloggers last year, most of them for connections to Egypt’s pro-democracy reform movement. Nabil was arrested in November, and while other bloggers were freed, Nabil was put on trial – a sign of the sensitivity of his writings on religion.

Hafiz Abou Saada, head of the Egyptian Human Rights Organization, described the verdict as “very tough”.

Even his family has disowned him some days before the trial:

His father, a retired mathematics teacher, has demanded applying the Sharia [Islamic law] ruling on him by giving him three days to repent, followed by having him killed if he does not announce his repentance.

The verdict can be appealed at the Alexandria Appealing Tribunal, but his lawyers are not very hopeful. This sentence was the appeal.

There have been a lot of reactions to this men’s sentence:

Big Pharaoh [by the way, he is leaving the blog and he says that he does not when he will be posting again. I am very sorry to hear that, it is a great loss for the blogosphere]:

What really upsets me is the fact that Abdel Kareem enjoys very little sympathy in the Egyptian street because of what he said about Islam and religion in general. Some are calling for his execution.

Abdel Kareem will enjoy sympathy in the Egyptian street once Islam gets reformed. Once cussing Mohamed, Allah, whatever does not send you to prison or the gallows. If Abdel Kareem was living 500 years ago in Europe and he would have wrote the same thing about Christianity, he would have been burned at stake. Luckily Christianity got reformed, Christians in Europe understood that God would not be a very happy person if they imprisoned or killed someone who wrote/said something they considered offensive to the Christian faith. This is the reason why Dan Brown and Tom Hanks are still alive today.

Sandmonkey has announced that he will be writing a report for Pajamas Media and that he will be speaking about this in BBC.

Patrick from Clarity and Resolve expresses his concerns about Kareem’s survival in prison.

Eye-on-the-world writes that:

The London-based rights group Amnesty International said in a statement: “This is yet another slap in the face of freedom of expression in Egypt.” The group considers Suleiman to be a prisoner of conscience, jailed solely for peacefully expressing his opinion, the statement added.

The Paris-based press freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders said the sentence was “a disgrace” and the United Nations should respond by disqualifying Egypt from hosting an Internet Governance Forum in 2009.


One of Suleiman’s articles said that al-Azhar in Cairo, one of the most prominent seats of Sunni Muslim learning, was promoting extreme ideas. Another article, headlined “The Naked Truth of Islam as I Saw it”, accused Muslims of savagery during clashes between Muslims and Christians in Alexandria in 2005.

He has also described some of the companions of the Muslim prophet Mohammad as “terrorists”, and has likened Mubarak to dictatorial pharaohs who ruled ancient Egypt.

“I was hoping that he would get a harsher sentence because he presented to the world a bad image of Egypt. There are things that one should not talk about, like religion and politics. He should have got a 10-year sentence,” said lawyer Nizar Habib, who attended the trial as a member of the public.

More reactions at Global Voices.org, that also informs that there will be rallies protesting this in several cities:

There are also petitions online and a support site.

If you want to take part in the international campaing to support Kareem insert this logo on your blog:

and link it to the support site. Thanks.

Also read Morphemetales, MNM, Freethoughts, Pub Philosopher, The Moderate Voice, Michael van der Gälien. Iain Dale has also commented upon it.

Also read Gateway Pundit: Iranian student activist Ahmad Batebi who has been imprisoned since the Student Protests in July 1999 suffered a second stroke this week…

Batebi had several seizures on Friday night and was in a coma for a few hours. Yesterday, Batebi had a second brain stroke and was taken to the Evin Prison’s clinic, where doctors began monitoring his condition.

Batebi’s colleagues in prison contacted outside sources to announce that Batebi had a brain stroke on Friday and had spent 3 hours in a coma.

Ahmad Batebi, who was first arrested in the aftermath of the 1999 student uprising, was taken back to jail this summer and lived under deplorable prison conditions. It was reported that prison officials had confiscated and taken away all of Batebi’s personal belongings after his second stroke.

Lastly, Spanish digital newspaper Libertad Digital reports that SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores y Escritores, that is, General Society Authors and Writers) wants a “driving licence” to surf the web, as they want to end the anonimity on the Net. Pedro Farré, the SGAE’s lawyer, has based this on the lack of responsibility the actions in the web have. [HT: Caballero ZP]

Later, there have been a lot of campaigns on the Internet against SGAE’s taxes, imposed on MP3, computer memories, even printer memories, etc, supposedly because public was using this for copying music CDs and DVDs. A lot of blogs took part on those campaigns. So, are they willing to see who are their critics?

Related posts: Censorship “made in Spain” is coming?

Hace unas semanas ya escribí que a Abdelkarim le podían caer hasta 9 años, por criticar insultar al Islam y al Presidente Mubarak y contar la verdad sobre el régimen egipcio e incitar a la sedición. Le han sentenciado a 4, por acusar a la universidad en la que estudiaba de ser un centro de terrorismo que suprimía la libertad de expresión y por tratar a sus alumnos como bestias sin permitirles considerar las diferencias en la vida. También calificó de dictador a Mubarak.

Sin embargo, con todo y con eso no es esta la peor sentencia. Su propio padre ha pedido que se le aplique la Sharia y que “se le debería matar si no se arrepiente“. Cariño paternal que tienen algunos…

Algunas personas han expresado su preocupación por la vida y la integridad de este blogger en prisión.

Como veis hay una campaña internacional en su apoyo. Así que los que teneis blog, por favor, poned el logo de arriba enlazado con la dirección http://www.freekareem.org.

Los grupos de Derechos Humanos habían protestado pero, como se ve, no ha surtido efecto la amenaza.

En español podeis leer a: Disculpen las Molestias, Resolutivos, Carmelo Jordá, Luz de las Naciones. También a El Opinador Compulsivo, Juan Carlos Hidalgo, En Defensa de Occidente.

Además, el activista iraní de los Derechos Humanos Ahmad Batebi, que lleva en prisión desde los disturbios de 1999, ha sufrido hoy su segundo infarto cerebral. Los médicos han dicho que sufre por múltiples problemas tanto físicos como psíquicos, y que debe ser tratado fuera de prisión. Sin embargo, está en la clínica de la prisión.

Y en España, la SGAE quiere que para circular por la Web, nos saquemos un carnét de conducir, porque, dicen, que “el anonimato es malo porque, claro, la gente no se hace responsable de lo que escribe…“. La campaña por el canon no les ha gustado nada, pero nada, ¿eh?

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I have been writing in this new blog for 2 days. It is the natural evolution from Infidel Bloggers Alliance, as its founders Pastorius from Cuanas and Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs, want to begin a multimedia network against Islamist and Islamization.

So, everyone is invited to it.

Traducción: He empezado a escribir en el blog Maverick News Network, que se convierte así en la evolución natural de Infidel Bloggers Alliance. Sus fundadores, Pastorius y Pamela Geller, quieren comenzar una red multimedia contra los peligros de la Islamización.

Así que todos estais invitados.

[para los que no sepais inglés, siempre queda el recurso de traducirlo mediante cualquiera de los traductores on-line…]

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The problem with the new Blogger is that most of the blogging clients do not recognise the Google Accounts. But Zoundry does. This post is only to see if the post, once sent over to the blog, looks good.

(And they have added a button to justify the posts, that was what I thought was missing…).

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My information

I write in The Anti-Jihad Pundit -it’s exactly about what its title says- and Toasted Bread -about any other thing that crosses my mind-.
I am also blogging in other group blogs, such as Infidel Bloggers Alliance and Hyscience and Freedom’s Zone.

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