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There is a very important legend in Spanish Medieval History related to Santiago Matamoros (Santiago Kill-the-Moors). In the battle of Clavijo, it is said to have appeared and have helped the Christian Castillians against the Muslims to achieve victory. Since then, a lot of Spanish Catholic churches have contained portraits or sculptures of the Saint riding a horse and with a sword in his right hand, in a not very multicultural way. Santiago is also the Spanish Patron.

So the Islamist threats have ended calling for the dissapearance of these traditional Spanish figures. Last one has been the portrait in the Chruch at Ortexa (found at Al otro lado de la Galaxia).

The neighbours at Ortexa are totally opposed to a possible displacement of the image that the Church of San Jaime has in its altar, a Santiago Apostle, as asked by a alleged Muslim citizen in a letter sent to the Major, Vicente Llinares Sellés.

In that letter, signed by Hasán Alí ben Zayyán ben Ibrahim and received by the Major’s office last Monday, the portrait is considered as “offensive to Islam” because the Saint is on horseback and over a Muslim. “That image is not favouring the dialogue between us, the believers of the sacred religion preeched by Mohammed and you, the believers of Jesus, who is also considered by us as a great profet, the second after Mohammed” the letter says.

That is why he asks for the image “to be put away from the altar and changed for other more respectful”. If that’s not accomplished, the sender says “we will think it is a direct attack to Islam similar to the irreverent cartoons that the anti-Muslim Infidels made of our Saint Profet. Just reflect over all this“, it continues.

But the Major does not fear these menaces, and has diminish the importance of it, considering that it is not very serious. The Socialist Vicente Llinares considers that is a consequence of the polemic that surrounds the Moors and Christians’ holidays, whose elimination has been demanded by some Muslim representative.

I do not see anything offensive in the image of Santiago Apostle, an sculpture that has been here, between us, all our lives. If it would be my own decision I would never take it off. A lot of other villages have similar images“, he says. “In fact, the Church of the near-by village of Relleu, has the same image. But the decision depends of the Bishop, as the Major says. Yesterday he did not make any statement on the issue.

But the menaces and demands of Hasán Alí ben Zayyán ben Ibrahim have provoked a deep bad feeling in the neighbours if this little village of the Marina Baixa. “This image has been in this church all our lives, When we were born, it was there. We do not like that someone coming from abroad tells us what to do. We would not like it to be taken away“, they say.

With only 800 inhabitants and a great number of foreign people, Ortexa is a very quiet village where “people from here with foreign one, and there is no racism nor xenophobia. We all respect and love our Catholic Priest, Juan, who comes from Ruanda. This is a good proof of what we say”, they continue.

I should say we could do a campaign for supporting the Mayor and to ask the Bishop not to take away the image. If some people like this please leave a comment and we can prepare a campaign about this.

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My information

I write in The Anti-Jihad Pundit -it’s exactly about what its title says- and Toasted Bread -about any other thing that crosses my mind-.
I am also blogging in other group blogs, such as Infidel Bloggers Alliance and Hyscience and Freedom’s Zone.

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From The Daily Mail (via CUANAS):

One of the country’s leading hospitals is throwing aborted babies into the same incinerator used for rubbish to save only £18.50 each time, it has emerged.

Addenbrooke’s Hospital, in Cambridge, said it was no longer able to afford the dignified disposal at a local crematorium of foetuses from unwanted pregnancies.

Instead, they are being burnt in the hospital’s main incinerator – which is normally used for rubbish and clinical waste.

The revelation sparked anger and distress among church leaders and pro-life groups, as well as women whose pregnancies were terminated at the hospital. (READ MORE)

Adosinda (link en español) wrote some days ago that violent acts had taken place against pro-life Associations. After leftist newspaper El Pais attacked AVA (Abortion Victims’ Association), which tries to help women who have had an abortion, now this same asociation has received letters menacing them with death. They have even tried to hack their web page. Also, some unkown fellows entered the Pro-life Association in Valencia, twice in recent times.

Traducción -del artículo en inglés que no tiene desperdicio-: Uno de los mejores hospitales [del Reino Unido] está tirando bebés al mismo incinerador que usa para eliminar la basura para ahorrar dieciocho libras y media de cada vez, según se ha sabido. El Hospital Addenbrooke, en Cambridge, dijo que no podía pagar un destino digno en el crematorio local para los fetos de embarazos no deseados. Por tanto, y en vez de ello, los están quemando en el crematorio del hospital, que se usa para eliminar la basura y los desechos clínicos. La revelación ha levantado críticas desde líderes de la Iglesia y grupos pro-vida, así como de mujeres que abortaron en el hospital.

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July, 1994. A bomb explodes in Buenos Aires and 85 are killed and 151 hurt. Objetive: Jewish-Argentine Mutual Association (AMIA) community. Result: the 7-floor building is totally destroyed.
Now, the prosecutor of the case has asked for the international capture of the ex-president of Iran, Alí, Akbar Hashemi Rasfanjani and other 8 Iranians, The list also includes Alí Akbar Velayati, Iranian FM; Alí Fallahijan, Minister of Information and Security; Mohsen Rezai, ex-security chief of the Revolutionary Guard, Imad Fayed Moughnieh, ex-security Chief of the Security service of Hizbullah; Ahmad Vahidi, ex-leader of Quds Forces; and Moshen Rabbani and ahmed Reza Ashgari, both civil servants from Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires -diplomats-.
In the report it is said: “It was a decision taken by the highest authorities of Iran, who gave the job to the terrorist group Hizbullah.
His report has been considered as very good and to the point, and as a result, it’s been considered that Argentina should “denounce this situation in all international forums and specially should be asking for sanctions in UN”.
Of course, Iran has denied the charges, considering it a …, yeah you guessed it, a Zionist plot.

Mr Hoseyni [Iranian FM spokesman]said the charges were intended to divert “world attention from the perpetration of crimes by the Zionists against women and children in Palestine”.

The Center Simon Wiesenthal has issued a statement asking also for international orders against these same leaders.

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I wrote some weeks ago about this ETA terrorist process and about his hunger strike, something that later was discovered it was fake: he ate pork jam, honey,milk and chocolate.
Today he mDe Juana Chaos declaró el miércoles como testigo en el juicio a la etarra Belén González Peñalva. (Foto: EFE)ust go to declare before the Judge. The Prosecutor in charge of the case, Jesús Alonso, has renounced to the case.  He asked for 96 years, for a crime of menaces against the Director of the Penitentiary Institution and other Civil servant’s from there and the National Court’s Judge Bermúdez. His petition stopped the resolution of Judge Santiago Pedraz, who tried to set him loose. This same Judge was wordly famous, because he wanted to try the US soliders who were accused of killing Spanish cameraman José Couso -who had what we called here a “rubbish job contract“: temporary, with no life assurance and TELE5, property of Italian millionaire Berlusconi, sent him to Iraq in those conditions. If you know Spanish, you should read the link for a real different version of what really happened from a Spanish journalist who has been in different dangerous conflicts in the past, -.
After the Prosecutor’s office considered that the Alonso’s petition was rightly made, they changed their mind afterwards, and thought everything was a political issue. So Alonso has showed his independence in the case and renounced.
But the petition of 96 years of prison for bloody terrorist De Juana will continue existing: the lawyers from Terrorist’s Victims’ Association are going to keep it alive, whatever the new Prosecutor Fernando Burgos does in the case.
I dedicate this cartoon from Spanish cartoonist Mingote, a real genious, to all these appeasers:

ETA terrorists’ relatives: “We want them [the terrorists] back at home”.
Eta victims’ relatives: “We want them back too”.

UPDATE: El Paraiso Perdido makes some reflections. There is now a gathering of ETA victims’ relatives near where this affable terrorist. is been judged.

More photos in Prevost’s blog.
De Juana Chaos denies that his letters were menacing. He was only putting in context ETA’s situation in prison. So writing “take out your hands from Euskal Herría, because if not the future will end by showing you, without doubt, that you have lost them”, or giving names of several Penitentiary Institution’s civil servants have, according to him, tortured ETA terrorists, is not menacing coming from someone who has been condemned for 11 terrorist attacks. Of course, this peaceful guy is a political prisoner. 😦
Since ETA begun, one of the principal accusations from these terrorists is that “hey, they are torturing us”, so they could gather more international support from other States and also from NGO.
It is curious that the Judge who imprisoned him for these amiable words is Judge Grande-Marlaska, who has been so effective this last year in the fight against terrorism.

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ETA "negotiations" update

After yesterday’s vote (311 against, 321 in favour, 24 abstentions) in EU Parliament and the weapons stealing in France, the Government has said that everything points to ETA, but that they have to wait for the French Police to end their investigations. The two cars used in the robbery have been found in France. They were burned, something that is not helping in the search of the terrorists.[foto de la noticia]

This morning 3 youths -from ETA’s kale borrokahave exploded a hidden explosive in a bag in Vitoria.

Zapatero has announced consequences because of the weapons’ rob but has said that the negotiations continue. Batasuna -ETA’s political ally- has asked what consequences he is referring himself to and accuses the President of irresponsibility.

A dangerous ETA terrorist, Iragi, sentenced to 50 years in jail because of the murder of Public Prosecutor Daniel Portero and Medical Colonel Antonio Muñoz Cariñanos, has been judged. The National Court has considered that his menaces to three PenitenciarDetenido un miembro de Askatasuna que no se presentó a declarar ante la Audienciay Institutions’ Civil Servants cannot be judged as criminal terrorist offences, but rather as simply administrative infractions. Iragi told them “You are going to pay for this very highly”.

A member of Askatasuna, Jon Enparatza -left-, has been detained by Basque Police because he did not present himself to declare before the National Court. They consider National Court the National Spanish Guantánamo.

Others blogging: Prevost, Amor Patria y Libertad, anghara.

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From AP – Yahoo News (also in Financial Times, NYT):

President Vladimir Putin, barred by Russia’s constitution from running for a third consecutive term, signaled Wednesday that he expects to play a role in setting government policy after he leaves office in 2008.

The 54-year-old Russian leader again fended off speculation that he might be considering a way to serve another term. Supporters and various regional groups, including in Chechnya, have called for amending the country’s laws to allow him to stay in power.

“Despite the fact that I like my job, the constitution doesn’t allow me to run a third time in a row,” he told one questioner in a wide-ranging, three-hour, nationally televised broadcast.

With his popularity high, Putin sees the annual question-and-answer session from citizens around the country — his fifth since taking office in 2000 — as an opportunity to show he can respond directly to voters’ concerns. He said the trust Russians have in him will allow him to keep influencing the nation after his presidency.

“Even having lost the powers and the levers of presidential power, and not tailoring the basic law according to my personal interests, I will manage to retain the most important thing that a person involved in politics must cherish — your trust,” he said. “And using that, you and I will be able to exert influence on the life of our country and guarantee its development.”

Well, I would like to know what trust Putin has. After the murder of opposition journalist Politovskaya and a general bashing of opposition leaders with a grave situation of insecurity, Putin’s comments about the accusations of rape and sexual harrasment to the Israeli Prime Minister are not really a comfort for this future control of Russian affairs. (also in The Guardian, ABC International, NYT)

According to journalists and officials in the room and published accounts by Agence France-Presse late Wednesday and Kommersant and The Jerusalem Post on Thursday, Mr. Putin was heard saying, “Say hello to your president,” to Mr. Olmert, referring to President Moshe Katsav, who could face criminal charges that he raped and assaulted two former employees. Mr. Putin added, “He really surprised us.” The microphone was quickly turned off as reporters were ushered from the room, but the news organizations reported that Mr. Putin went on. “We did not know he could deal with 10 women,” he said, according to those in the room and the Post and Agence France-Presse accounts, apparently referring to the complaints by several women that Mr. Katsav harassed them or worse. Kommersant’s version — citing the remarks in Russian — was cruder. “He turned out to be quite a powerful man,” the paper’s reporter in the official Kremlin pool, Andrei Kolesnikov, quoted Mr. Putin as saying. “He raped 10 women. I never expected it from him. He surprised all of us. We all envy him.”

When I first read this statement, I really could not believe my eyes. So I read it again, and again. But no, it was real. So imagine my surprise when I read that this could be an example of “Russian humour” (via Global Voices Online):

I am more inclined to think that the manner in which a Russian would interpret such remarks is vastly different from how a westerner would.  Russian humour, often thought not to exist, is very dry and often exceptionally dark.  In many cases, it cares little for the sensibilities of those who are easily offended.  This is, after all, a country which within living memory deemed half of its citizens criminals and threw them into icy labour camps.  So my take is that Putin was simply making an exceptionally crude joke which would not cause the same offence to the Russian men in his entourage as it would to western journalists.

Whereas I understand humour is not basicly the same in all countries, I really think this is trully rejectable. It is not what “Western Journalists” could think of it, it is just what rape victims -and any normal people even in Russia- would think of someone who is joking about rape and sexual harrasment. What is more according to murdered Politovskaya, Russian army demands between 200 to 400 rubel not to rape civilian women hostages.

Well, it was better the reason the Kremlin gave about the joke: it was not meant to be overheard. Oh, well, errr, what????

La Russophope underlines that there is a coming Sucession crisis in Russia.

Lastly, the problems with Georgia and the lack of diplomacy to deal with EU members at Finland summit do not speak well also aout a future influence of Putin in the Government.

La Constitución Rusa no deja a Putin presentarse a una reelección. Sin embargo, dice que quiere seguir teniendo influencia después de que haya dejado de estar en el Gobierno. Dice que eso es algo que quiere cualquier persona a quien le gusta la política.

Lo que no creo es que sea bueno para Rusia que siga teniendo mucha influencia. La bromita sobre la capacidad sexual del Presidente israelí Katzav -a quien se está juzgando por violación y acoso sexual-, la reciente crisis de Georgia, la guerra de Chechenia y el acoso a periodistas -Anna Politovskaya hasta que la mataron- y a personas de la oposición desde luego no habla bien de esta intención del Presidente ruso.

More at tailrank, NoisyRoom.Net, Hyscience, The Sandmonkey, Gates of Vienna, Israeli cool, .

In Spanish El Paraíso Perdido, Las chicas son guerreras, Periodista digital.

In Italian. Hurricane_53.

In French: I like your style.

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My patriotism

I see that I have been accused of not having patriotism because of writing this blog.

It’s curious that both Castro and Chávez accuse their opponents of not being real Cubans or Venezuelans. Or directly of being US agents.

Ronchonf asks what do I gain with this. Believe I do not earn a penny/dolar/euro with this. I do not need any king of “recognition” because of writing the blog. Most of the time is really depressing to see Spain really sinking in an abyss of political correctness by the same people who think they are so low that their opinion does not really matter. Just remember Moratinos selling the refreshment that made you vote yes in the European Constitution vote or singers “Los del Río” -remember Macarena, eihhhhh- saying in a TV program they were going to vote yes “because politicians know it best and they have told the positive vote is good for Spain”.

If democracy is something, it’s the government of the people. But that people should a) have knowledge of what surrounds them b) be responsible for their choices c) after that critizise reasonably.

In a democracy, the people is not to defend their politicians, but just the other way round. Politicians are to be critizised and controlled by the people, if not that regime is not a democracy BUT a huge dictatorship.

I really believe some people just would want to believe the Zapatero’s world is marvellous, Alice in Wonderland. If that gives you comfort that’s OK. But that is not going to stop me critizing things that I see are not good for Spain or Spanish citizens.

I also believe that that same people would prefer people who don’t like Zapatero not to speak any foreign language or to have foreign friends, so the only Spanish ideas to reach the media would be his supporters. Well, that is not the case.

If you want a democracy, just respect that other people think different and bear the critics. Anybody remembers “Aznar murderer“, the PP offices surrounded by “spontaneous” gatherings of people calling PP supporters [*] names and repeated attacks even supported by Zapatero because they were freedom of expression, etc? Well, no one has gone now to PSOE offices to call Zapatero names after ETA negotiation. People opposed to Zapatero have been much more moderate in our response. International MSM has never informed really well of the demonstrations that we have held here. Why? Spain is not important now.

Ronchof says that he is proud of Zapatero sending back Spanish troops from Iraq. Well there are several things that for me are very curious and totally rejectable: firstly, Spain was obliged to stay in Iraq till June 30th, and the return of the troops nearly 3 months before, was not fulfilling an agreement with an ally -yes, USA is an Spanish ally, even if some people would prefer Spain kissing the ass of Palestinians, Talibans, Castro, insurgents, etc- . Even, for example, Prodi said that he was not going to act like Zapatero.

Secondly, Spain was obliged to send more troops to Afghanistan, a country whose situation is far worse than Iraq. What happens? Spanish media are always telling about Iraqi causalties, how bad US Marines are… but nearly do not inform about the real situation in Afghanistan. Why? Because it is not good to say that Zapatero made the troops return from Iraq -where at that time there were not a lot of danger [**]- to send them to Afghanistan, where 17 Spanish soldiers died in an accident and other severals have died afterwards in other accidents that later have resulted terrorist attacks well, er no, by insurgents‘ attacks -such as the Peruvian soldier who served in Spanish Army-. Of course, the MSM are only saying we are there in a “peace and peaceful mission” and reject even to tell the name of the Soldiers who die by this insurgents. That way there is no kind of worrying about the soldiers who die, it is just another one, a number in an statistic.

But the news about the danger there are very suggestive, existing even real suicide terrorists -not like the poli-underpants suicide terrorist in March 11th bombings, which was a total lie-. Of course, afterwards even Spanish Defense Alonso had to recognise that we were there to “fight fundamentalism“. It is curious that Afghanistan is iraquizationing itself, acoording to General Secretary of NATO, even if this is a war that has the “approval” of that marvellous organization as is the UN. Of course, our Defense Minister denies any similarity with Iraq and does not inform about terrorist attacks. At the same time, Afghanistan has the same importance as Iraq in recruiting Islamist terrorists, accoring to Rayón, Spanish Chief of the Intelligence Police.

Thirdly, we send some troops to Lyban where even the Defense Minister has recognised there is a real risk of terrorist attacks to Spanish troops. Of course, it is a good place because then we can bash Israel and obey Hizbullah, who are another peaceful and affable insurgents just fighting against the beast of Israel.

And lastly, there is NO commitment to defend another people who are suffering greatly from another wars. Sudan, for example. Anti-war leftists has not even mention it [I am referring myself to SPANISH Anti-War leftist, such as Javier Bardem and his mother, the people who collaborated in fiasco wannabe-documentary “There is a motive”, etc]. Why? Because US -and Israel- have no commitment there. So there is no importance. If Sudanese Islamic Government sends Jajaweed to rape, kill, maim, etc. Darfurians, that is not interesting and so no demonstrations and no information. China is also beyond any criticism, even if now is conducting door-to-door death penalties.

What I do not like is to see MY COUNTRY kneeling in front of ETA terrorists, without ANY kind of regard for the victims and their relatives and bashing every ally who has the balls to confront their own terrorists. Yes, they can do things that even them can reject, but at least they are confronting them. Must I remember GAL in Spain? Zapatero was then in Parliament. Did he critizised HIS OWN PARTY for being involved in such things as STATE TERRORISM? NO. But we have to respect so much the President who has driven us to the present state, that I cannot use the languages that I can speak for not tellign the truth/the other side of the news. That is called censorship in my language.

Just see this video: she is the mother of Pagazaurtundúa, a Basque policeman who was shot in the neck by ETA terrorist, just about the same time Zapatero was treating with the Basque separatist and amiable group.

So who wants us as the brothrel of Europe? I really believe that we do not need any foreign country to convert us in that.

There is something that is quite relevant to me: to be a Patriot you have to have a “Patria”, a Nation before. I must ask what is MY present Nation, according to this Zapatero worshipper. Because according to Zapatero I have none at the moment. Socialist Maragall even said that now that Catalonia was a Nation, “the rest of Spain must search for a new name“. So where am I from? what is the Nation that according to our President by accident I should pledge allegiance to? [Something that PP is not free of charge, for example, now in Andalusian region and their qualification as “national reality”].

[NOTE: I know what MY Nation is, BUT I feel the need to ask Rochnof in view that he is a proud supporter of Zapatero]

[*] By the way, I do not belong to PP, I am not militant and do not have ANY relationship with them.

[**] March 11th bombings are now less clear than when it happened. So please do not tell me their cause was Iraqi war, because I just do not believe it.

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Galician blogger Alejandro de Llano has told in his blog that he has been charged with the great crime of supporting Israel and being against the Palestinian people.

Two years ago, the Galician nationalist Major of Oleiros (in the photo) began a campaign whose slogan was “Stop the beast. Sharon murderer” and “Stop to new Nazis”. The Major is known for his love for Castro (was watched over by CIA because of hImagen de la camiseta vendida en Oleiros.is friendship with Castro) and Palestinians. The campaign also included T-shirts with Anti-US and anti-Sharon for 6 € and it also pictured US flag in a higyenic paper with the legend “USAme”, which in Spanish is “USE me”. Very respectable.

When questioned about the campaign, the Major said that if the Spanish Government would ask him, he would remove the campaign because he did not want to “disturb the relationships between Governments“. He also said to EFE that he “will detain the campaign if the Government ask him that because of his personal respect to the Government and Moratinos, who has had “a very clean path in these Camisetas antiamericanas que vende el Ayuntamiento de Oleiras.issues“.

But he underlined that the initiative “would continue if nothing is said against it“, because “I am thinking the same“, and added that “what Sharon is doing can only be considered as terrorism“, because “how on earth there is a war in which some people throw stones and other shoot from tanks“.

Also, Seoane was not worried for a possibel measure against the campaign “because it is sufficiently proved that Sharon is a terrorist because he applies terror” against the Palestinian people and considered “that there will be none” because “Spain is democratic country“.

Moratinos, Spanish FM, rejected the attacks against Sharon but did not mention the anti-US campaign.

Spanish blogger Alejandro de Llano wrote the Major to critizise his campaign and to tell him that this could be even a crime of deriving public money to support international terrorism.

That was two years ago.

On October 13th, 2006, he has received a summons from a Criminal Judge announcing him that he is held responsible of the crime of supporting Israel and also of acting against Palestinian people. They did not give him a copy of the summons and they did not let him make any copies.

It is unbelievable that someone is charged with this kind of crime in modern and democratic Spain. But, wait, it is perfect to bash Israel here… and US. So will I be summoned also because I write supporting Israel? 😉

When there are new developments, I will post about them.

Some people have echoed these news: Elentir, Adosinda, Cristina Losada from Libertad Digital and Reportero Digital.

BARCEPUNDIT has written about this affair after reading a second post of the De Llano about this affair and he says that:

The blogger is understandably downplaying this, and maybe it’s right and the affair went to a judge as anti-Semitic as the mayor himself. Or maybe not, and the insults (and veiled threats?) [he is referring to the e-mail the blogger sent the Major] were real. It’s impossible to know with the information we have now. So we should reserve judgement on this issue until all information is available, I think.

According to Article 24 of Spanish Constitution, one of your main rights is to be told “about the crime you’re accused of”. In here he was not told he was accused of insulting / menacing the major but of supporting Israel and also of acting against Palestinian people. If later they charged him because of another crime, then that summons wouldn’t be rightly done.

Also the crime for “supporting Israel” is not considered in Spanish Criminal code, but as I also said here, they can be charging him for denying a supposed Palestinian genocide.

And as I said here, I prefer to blog about this and not to be quiet about something so serious than to let it happen afterwards.

UPDATE 2: I recieved yesterday an e-mail from De Llano. There is a correction to be made: he is a Cuban living in Spain. In the past Seoane has insulted Cuban dissidents living in Spain, but he did nothing. When he saw these news, he wrote Seoane. The rest is correct.

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Tomorrow will be held on EU Parliament a session to the ZP’s dialogue with ETA terrorists.

Today ETA has robbed 350 pistols, ammunitions for them and other weapons in France after kidnapping the owner, his wife, theVista de la nave de la empresa Sidam donde se produjo el robo de armas. (Foto: EFE)ir son, their daughter in law and their grandson, a child aged 9 years of the factory where they were made (right, the factory), after telling the Government they were not going to get more weapons. PP has said that this is a political statement. In my view, it’s just the proof that they are just using the peace process to get weapons and prepare themselves to kill again, as in the past truces, even if the Basque Socialist Patxi [his name is plainly Francisco López, as you see very Spanish, but he has basquenated it to achieve more sympathies between independentists] considers that “we should admit some of the reasons of the other part“, the other part, being ETA -thanks to El Cerrajero-.

Spanish leftist media even said Catholic Church supported the ETA-Government talks. But this morning, the Madrid’s diocese delegate for the relationship with MSM, Manuel Bru, has declared (tip: El Cerrajero) that “they are attributing a real support of Benedict XVIth to the peace process that is entirely false”. He also added that the Church’s position has not changed since the Pastoral Instruction of 2002, in which it was rejected that ETA, “a terrorist organization incompatible with Catholic doctrine” could be considered as a valid part in the negotiations.

But Spanish Justice has acted well: Otegi, the leader of Batasuna, the ETA’s illegal political party, and the rest of the leadership (other 40 people) are going to be charged with the crime of belonging to terrorist organisation ETA. In the judicial resolution there are sufficient connections between herriko tabernas (sort of bars/pubs where they make money for the band, by i.e. receiving the “revolutionary tax“, that is the quantities people and firms are obliged to pay ETA to maintain it) and the terrorist thugs.

Lastly, as Spanish citizen, I have to thank Chilean Parliament and Government for their support for the autodetermination, that is, independence of the Basque Country (thanks to Espiando a mi vecina). Only Aznar asked for explanations, but Chilean Senator and Demochristian Adolfo Zaldívar, said “What Aznar or any other people thinks just does not matter to us at all. We are interested in this, and what moves us to support this democratic decision of sovereignty from the basqeu Country, is our aim to support any just process in any place and much more in the Basque Land“. Well, I would like this Christian to tell that to the victims who had been killed, to the people maimed, etc. Spanish people should take this into account for future relations with the South American country.

Bachelet, Socialist, who even promised Venezuelan President Chávez, to vote for him at UN -later she quarrelled with red gorilla because of the latter’s insults and did not vote for him-, makes another move in support of the revolutionary.

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There has been a new cause for uneasiness -one more- here in the criminal process about the Madrid bombings which happened on March 11th, 2004. A report by some of the best Spanish scientific policemen about March 11th bombings contained a reference to ETA. Basically, the report said that there was a relationship between El Haski, one of the Moroccans charged with the bombings (detained in Lanzarote, Canary Islands on December 17th, 2004), and ETA, because police found boric acid in the home of the Islamist terrorist and in an apartment of an ETA command in Salamanca in 2001. But the bosses of the scientific experts falsified the report, which had striking errors, such as the different number of pages (the original had three, while the falsified had only two, but insisted in having also 3) and also had some corrections made in the Central Registry of the Books of Proofs of the Scientific Police with Tipp-ex..

In it, the experts said:

As it has not very often intervened in terrorist acts and as we ignore the true way to apply it in connection with these deeds, there are a few possibilities: it was use to conserve explosives of organic type; to hide the explosive as a way to obstruct the labour of dogs specialized in the search of explosives, etc. makes as consider the possibility that the author/s are related between them or have had been trained the same way or are they themselves the author/s“.

When these news broke out, all the MSM in favor of the Government, laughed about the report, because boric acid can be found, for example, in products to control or diminish feet odour. Even the leftist star-anchorman Iñaki Gabilondo interviewed General Chief of National Police, Miguel Ángel Santano (left), who, dressed in his dark-blue uniform, said that “the scientific literature had never related it to any explosive“. But later it was discovered that US Patents certified that there were explosives which were made with boric acid.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Baracitol, an explosive which figures in its registry with number 3956039, is an explosive composed by ortoboric acid -a synonim of the boric acid- and the TNT, in which the boric acid, has a proportion of the 40% of the total product, and would be used to make it more stable.

But that is not the only explosive built with boric acid. There are, at least, 16 more. One of them is the Amonal, very used by ETA commands.

The General Secretary of the Scientific police, Mélida told Judge Garzón, the Judge in charge of the investigation, that when Ramírez, boss of the three scientific policemen, presented him the report, he told him its authors should change it. That same day, Ramírez told him that the scientific policemen were not going to change it and so, he reasigned it to himself, study it and make another report.

Mélida assured also to Garzón that he told his decision to the General Chief of National POlice, Miguel Ángel Santano, and that the latter told him that there were no problem. According to this police boss, the order to erase the references in a scientific report is one of his competences and it is part of the “quality control” stablished by the General Commandment of the Police. This one, though, only lets the correction of reports in a technical or scientific level. Mélida also assured that if they should have sent the report of the three scientific experts, the Scientific Police would have been discredited. So they sent one who was falsified.

Juez Garzón then closed the case considering that “there was no criminal relevance” of this discovery. In its resolution, Garzón considered that the bosses had no responsibility.

But later the National Court declared Garzón incompetent to handle the case, so Garzón had to stand aside and the case was handed on to Gema Gállego. The latter, candidate for the Conservative Professional Association of the Judges to a seat in the General Council of the Judicial Power, was rejected by Garzón (Socialist) and begun to investigate this case after the denounces presented by the “the March 11 Victims Support Association” and the Platform “Spain and Freedom” against the bosses of the three scientific experts, whose lawyers asked for the annulment of the criminal process handled by Garzón. This petition was based on the facts that the three of them had been called to declare as witnesses -no lawyer and obligation to declare the truth- and lately, after several hours, were charged with a crime of falseness in public document, punished by Spanish Penal Code wth prison punishment between 3 and 6 years. Even the General Council for the Judicial Power investigated these facts.

So Judge Gállego has finally charged both Ramírez, the direct chief of the scientific polimen, and Pedro Luis Mélida, the chief who just erased all the references of ETA to the report of the boric acid. So we will wait the results of everything.

Conclusions: does this mean that March 11th attack bombings were made by ETA? In my view, and solely taking into account this proof, I would say that no, particularly because there is no evidences of what exploded on March 11th as police has said that, in some cases, there is no rest of the explosives that were in the trains. What it’s very clear now is that the Government does not want ETA to be in any of the documents of the investigation of the March 11th bombings. The so-called peace process must go on, whatever the consequences -and its causes-.

In the case that they collaborated, does this diminish the danger for Islamist terrorism? Not a cm / an inch. Islamic terrorism is a part of international terrorism and traditionally they have been allied, since the 60’s as a way to throw down the Capitalistic States and impose dictatorships, whether they be religious or communist ones. For example, ETA has had relations with Chávez’s Government, Colombian terrorists, Cuban Government, with IRA terrorists, the Palestinian Liberation Front, one of its branches is AlFatah -the well-known terrorist group founded by Nobel Peace Price Winner Yasir Arafat -since the 70’s has been training ETA terrorists-, Argelia, where ETA terrorists trained themselves with the Argelian police and talks were maintained between Spanish Government and ETA-, Lybian dictator Ghadafi -their relation was not very long though because of the international reject to the Lybian regime after Lockerbie- and, according to Socialist Spanish Congressman Estella, also with Islamic terrorism, back in 2001-. If a real alliance is created between these groups, it would be even worse, as they are going to have much more information and possibilities to commit terrorist attacks. Does this mean that they really collaborated? I repeat it again: no, it does not mean they actually collaborated, but that it’s wrong to say Islamic terrorists do not maintain relations with infidel terrorist groups.

But there is another question that we have to ask: if ETA had any part in them, whether as an author or as a merely organizational supportive organization, would also the Socialist Government be hiding Spanish people that information? The fact that Zapatero was negotiating with ETA (as confirmed by Basque Socialist Eguiguren to ETA founder Julen Madariaga and told by Batasuna leader Fernando Parrena) before the 2004 elections -in fact 5 years from now, that is since 2001– and the menace, on February 14th, 2004, of ETA terrorist leader Josu Ternera (accused of giving the order to commit the terrorist attack to a Civil Guards’ home in Zaragoza, which killed 11 people, 5 of them children of very little age) “Spanish people are going to know what we are able to do” do not help this of course. And the case of the boric acid report also has shown Garzón in his true nature: as a real supporter of Socialist Government as he was when he presented himself as No. 2 in the lists for being elected as Congressman for the Socialist Party, being the No. ex-President Felipe González.

There is also clear that some Police Chiefs has nothing to do but to correct reports that are not even binding to the Judges. Judges in Spain can appreciate all the presented proofs in general and reject one if the rest of the others do not make that relevant. So, why this correction to a non-binding report? That is what strikes me more of the case. If it’s not relevant, why so much revolt, corrections, etc?

Looks like there are more corrected reports related to March 11th bombings (thanks to Anghara).

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If some weeks ago we saw that Google was urged to clean up YouTube’s Copyright Troubles, now the Association of American Publishers are also suing them:

“The publishing industry is united behind this lawsuit against Google and united in the fight to defend their rights,” AAP President and former Colorado Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder said in a statement. “While authors and publishers know how useful Google’s search engine can be and think the Print Library could be an excellent resource, the bottom line is that under its current plan, Google is seeking to make millions of dollars by freeloading on the talent and property of authors and publishers.”

This comes after Google removed 20.549 videos from YouTube (Spanish), after being sued by a Japanese holding who defends the rights of the authors, because of an infraction related with intelectual property (here in English from BBC, here from PC World and here from Tail Rank).

In Spain, SGAE (General Society for Authors and Editors) is planning to install a new tax on every hard disk (link in Spanish)-whether they are on computers or not- that you purchase just in case you are going to copy protected material in them. Tribunals have issued sentences against the old canon (link in Spanish)in which the hard disks and other high capacity devices were not included. SGAE won [not earned] €29 millions only in 2004 and it increased 30% in 2005. The percentage is decided on average estimations on what would the normal share of clients using those means to archive forbidden material. There are a lot of campaigns  and on line petitions against the canon in internet.

Básicamente lo que pasa es que Google después de haber sido obligada a retirar casi 30.000 vídeos de YouTube por la SGAE Japonesa, ahora ha sido demandada también por la Asociación americana de Editores, debido a su nuevo proyecto que intentaba subir a Internet los libros de diferentes universidades. Los editores quieren dinero a cambio de la millonada que se va a llevar Google.

En cuanto a España, como seguimos a vueltas con el canon de la SGAE, aquí teneis un vídeo de traca que he encontrado en Internet… smile_teeth

Aquí teneis el link del video.

UPDATE: Javier de la Cueva from Derecho de Internet points me another sentence which is more recent that the one I pointed to above, in fact, from Sept 26th, 2006. The Judge failed to recognise his rights to the consumer but later the Provincial Audience has revoked that, recognising againthose rights.

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El Rincón de la Libertad:

Last Saturday the Leganés’ Town Hall, of which the Socialists are in charge, made with United Left, a act of support to 5 Cubans who are in prison in the USA for spying and organising acts of sabotage against military instalations in south Florida. This 5 also wanted to be admitted in the Cuban dissidence in exile, and had, as had been proved in the processes, a high responsibility in the knocking down of a plane from “Brothers to the Rescue”, which were flying in search of Cuban dissidents to rescue them from the waters.

Cuba democracia y vida has more. The event was presented by Spanish actor (another titiritero, word which describes normally an errant minstrel of the Middle Ages, but now it’s used pejoratively to describe the actors of the anti-Iraqi campaign and pro-PSOE/United Left ideology) Juan Diego Botto.

Para los lectores españoles: ¿a qué les suena esta viñeta?

Bien, pues forme parte del cartel del acto en el que se pidió la liberación de los espías del régimen castrista cubano…. Si es que además tienen poca imaginación 😉

Vídeo buenísimo sobre Cuba y cómo la ha dejado Castro -la música también lo es-, que deberían haber puesto en el festival a ver si dejaban de decir estupideces (ht El Café Cubano):


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So Darfur is even worse that it was some days ago. NYT looks very unhappy because the Southern rebels are trying to defend themselves from the Government forces. The article runs:

Instead Mr. Kabir, a field commander of the Darfur rebels fighting the Arab-dominated Sudanese government, found among the Sudanese soldiers his men had felled only the dark-skinned faces of southern Sudanese and Darfurians. He looked away in disgust.

“You see, they send black men to kill black men,” he said. “We are waiting for them to send Arabs for a real fight.”

This is the new battlefield in Darfur, a blood-soaked land in which at least 200,000 people have died since early 2003, many of hunger and disease, as a result of a campaign of violence the Bush administration and others have called genocide.

For the first time in more than two years, rebels fighting the government for more autonomy are making brazen, direct and successful attacks on soldiers, and are declaring that all previous cease-fires are no longer in effect.

The latest peace agreement, signed in May and heavily backed by the United States but approved by only one rebel faction and the Sudanese government, is in disarray.

The government vows to crush the rebellion, and as its military struggles to fend off attacks, it will likely turn again to Arab militias called janjaweed to wage its counterinsurgency campaign, analysts say.

Look that the Southern-Darfurians rebels are insurgents just as the terrorists in Iraq, accordingly to NYT. After all the people dead in those fields -some because of real blood-for-oil reasons, which has not been protested by any anti-war leftists-. The new Sudanese Government strategy is to send black Southern-Darfurians to battle agaisnt other Sothern-Darfurians. So the rebel commander is very clear:

“All of them are Sudanese, they are black people, they are our brothers,” Mr. Kabir said. “The government sent them here to kill us, but we pity them. The janjaweed don’t like to die and make war with us. They are cowards attacking women and children.”

The rebels had picked the camp clean of matériel, carrying off several senior Sudanese field commanders as prisoners, they said, as well as caches of heavy weapons, machine guns, fuel tankers and pickup trucks.

At a hide-out a few miles away, soldiers preened with their new weapons:Chinese-made rockets, grenade launchers and antitank guns.

We took this from Sudan, and we will use it to kill them,” boasted Salah Arjah Boush, a rebel fighter, cradling a small gray rocket like a baby in his arms.

Chinese rockets! What a surprise! [Well, not for me at least] Sudanese Governement is also being helped by Chadian rebels, while Chadian Government is helping Sudanese rebels.

Because Sudan’s large army is mostly made up of non-Arab foot soldiers who are unwilling to carry out brutal counterinsurgency tactics on fellow non-Arabs, the government has used Arab militias as ground troops in Darfur, paying them in cash and loot from the villages they raid. But now the fighting appears to be entering a new phase, in which the rebel groups, somewhat unified militarily under the banner of the National Redemption Front, are making increasingly brazen direct attacks on government troops.

The government is likely to respond to this new boldness with familiar tactics, said Colin Thomas-Jensen, Africa advocacy and research manager at the International Crisis Group, an independent organization that seeks to resolve armed conflict.

Clearly Khartoum is still intent on pursuing a military solution, and just because the latest offensive seems to have hit a roadblock doesn’t mean they are going to give up,” Mr. Thomas-Jensen said. “The strategy in the past has always been to arm and train and support local militia groups. In all of this the consequences from a humanitarian standpoint are devastating. In Darfur it is ultimately among the civilians that there will be the greatest cost.”

And what will be that military solution? The events which have happened on the latest hours show that it is going to be really hard. Khartoun has expelled Jan Pronk, the UN envoy who -for once- has had a very important role in denouncing the atrocities at Darfur (Sudan Watch):

The highly unusual expulsion of a UN official is likely to sour relations between Khartoum and the UN, which were already tense because of Sudan’s refusal to accept a security council resolution calling for 20,000 troops to move into Darfur to protect civilians. Ironically, Mr had made it clear he personally agreed with Sudan’s position that African Union troops could do the job just as well, provided they had proper funds and equipment. He was also a critic of the Bush administration for its confrontational line towards Khartoum.

Mr Pronk, 66, had a reputation for being outspoken as a minister in two Dutch governments but he took the unusual step of writing a regular weblog after his appointment as Mr Annan’s special representative in Khartoum two years ago. This seems to have been his main sin. The weblog in which he often described the war in Darfur in graphic terms without the usual caution of a diplomat became required reading for everyone watching Sudan’s war-torn western region closely. […]

The Sudanese government has admitted suffering two recent setbacks on the battlefield, at Um Sidir to the north of the main town El Fasher, and again near the Chadian border two weeks ago. But Mr Pronk’s weblog gave new details. “The losses seem to have been very high,” he wrote.

“Reports speak about hundreds of casualties in each of the two battles with many wounded and many taken as prisoner. The morale in the government army in north Darfur has gone down.

Foreign ministry spokesman Ali al-Sadiq explained the expulsion as resulting from “the latest statements issued by Mr Pronk on his website regarding severe criticism of the Sudanese Armed Forces and the fact that he said the government of Sudan is not implementing the Darfur peace agreement“. [NOTE: see he has been expelled BECAUSE he critisized the Government!!!!].

Mr Sadiq said rebels would consider Mr Pronk’s comments as encouragement to continue their military campaign.

Mr Pronk also annoyed the army by crossing frontlines and meeting rebel leaders in Darfur this month, although he made it clear on his weblog that he urged them to accept a ceasefire and think about signing the peace deal brokered in May.

Koffi Annan has asked Pronk to return to USA for consultations, and while the Sudanese Governemnt has asked Pronk to go before next Wednesday,

Jajweeds have begun to attack villages yesterday and reaped two girls, aged 16 and 18. “Government troops are also mobilising in this area, and we are prepared for an attack” (from Sudan Watch). Darfur rebels have added this will began a new campaign: this time using chemical weapons.

The NRF strongly denounces the callous decision of the Government of Sudan to expel UN Envoy Jan Pronk from Sudan. It is not a simple coincidence that this decision has been made at the very moment when the new offensive of the Khartoum regime in Darfur has been launched. Following successive defeats of its forces at the hands of NRF, the Regime in Khartoum is now resorting to the use of chemical warfare to reverse its luck. Few days ago, a Janjaweed led battalion moved out of Alfahir heading towards Tina. The force consists of over 60 vehicles armed with chemical weapons. In line with his cruel habit of sending poorly trained troops to their early graves, Albashir’s new militias are to use chemical weapons that they have never seen before. This is what explained the rush to drive Mr. Pronk out of Sudan. Having neutralized the AU, the Government is now determined to render the people of Darfur totally voiceless. Mr. Pronk’s departure will enable the Regime in Khartoum to carry out its genocidal acts behind a thick curtain.

The Government of Southern Sudan has also protested the expulsion claiming the Sudanese Government has not consulted them on this issue. US has protested the action by the Sudanese Government.

If you want to view his blog, click here.

This is a post made to denounce even more -if it can be- the outrageous situation Darfur is now in, without any type of support from the world and, of course, Europe. Some days ago, Mauro, from Italian blogs from Darfur, wrote a comment here about an important campaign Italian Blogs are making: they are denouncing the MSm for not giving any information about the tragedy that it is developing there. Go there and read it. It will worth your time.

Los últimos hechos en Darfur se están desarrollando muy deprisa. Durante el último mes, los rebeldes han infrigido al Gobienro sudanés 2 derrotas consecutivas en las que ha habido muchos muertos, heridos y mutilados. El Gobierno sudanés ha recurrido a otra estrategia: mandar a gente de Darfur a luchar contra sus propios vecinos. Pero como eso no ha resultado ha expulsado a Jan Pronk, el enviado de la ONU en Darfur.

El diplomático holandés había cometido el terrible disparate de contar la verdad en su blog particular, sobre las derrotas sudanesas, lo que le ha valido la expulsión por “criticar al gobierno sudanés”. SI quereis verlo aún está operativo aquí. Son muy interesantes sus fotografías.

Y la venganza del Gobierno sudanés no se ha hecho esperar: ayer ya atacaron de nuevo los janjaweeds una aldea y violaron a dos niñas una de 14 y otra de 16. Los rebeldes afirman además que el Gobierno sudanés ha enviado camiones con armamento químico hacia Darfur.

Por eso, es importante que denunciemos lo que está ocurriendo en Sudán. El blog Italian Blogs for Darfur tiene por misión criticar la cobertura mediática del conflicto, que como no es Irak, y EEUU no se ha metido allí, no es interesante. Así, señalan:

300 mil muertos, 2 millones de personas sin hogar, 200 mil refugiados

Una tragedia que dura más de 3 años. Pero los muertos de Darfur no llenan los titulares.

Firma la petición on-line para que la RAI, Mediaset y La7 den más espacio televisivo para la ifnormación sobre Darfur y otras crisis humanitarias.

“Escribo para protestar por el poco espacio dedicado por su televisión al genocidio que está teniendo lugar en Durfar (Sudán).

En Darfur, durante más de 3 años, las personas están mueriendo pero la alarma que ha sido declarada por organizaciones humanitarias y militantes por los derechos humanos siguie sin ser oída por mucha parte de los medios italianos. Hata ahora, 300 mil muertos, 2 millones y medio de personas sin hogar, 200 mil refugiados han sido contabilizados, pudiéndose considerar la crisis tan grave como para considerarla un genocidio.

Todos los días las TVs alcanzan a mucha parte de la población de la península como la primera fuente de información, si no la única. La TV retiene el poder de información, incluso los periódicos pueden, aunque en una más pequeña proporción, contribuir a informar a los italianos sobre lo que está pasando en Darfur. Normalmente lo que no se dice en los medios de comunicación de masas no existe para una gran parte de las familias italianas.

Si los medios estuvieran informando conscientemente del genocidio de Darfur, esto ayudaría a parar las atrocidades que están teniendo lugar en la región.

POr esta razón, os pedimos un incremento en el espacio de información del genocidio de Darfur, para parar así las graves acciones contra los Derechos Humanos y la dignidad de la humanidad.

Como un consumidor de estos servicios públicos y privados, le pido por favor que de más importancia a esta tragedia actual, mediante programación que dé espacios, incluso diarios, sobre dossiers e informativos sobre el genocidio de Darfur.

Apreciaría inmediata atención en la materia”.

¿Qué tal una carta parecida para Telecinco, A3, Pedrojota, Luis María Ansón, Prisa, etc…? Es una proposición, pero creo que merecerá la pena. También podríamos hacer un blogroll o algo parecido. Si alguien tiene alguna idea -a ver si alguien comenta algo…. 😉 – que la ponga en comentarios.

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Some weeks ago I wrote about Gadaffi’s proposition about immigration in which he offered to solve all European problems IF Europe gave Africa 10.000 millions of €.

Well, Spanish PM Moratinos compromised on October 10th to accept a very significant number of Senegalese immigrants in Spain after giving huge amounts of money to African countries. He has given 5 millions of € to Gambia and other 5 to Guinea-Conakri (plus the pardon of a debt of 8 millions in the last case, so really there are 13 millions of €) and another 15 millions of € each year to Senegal for the next 5 years.

Ignoring the pressure in Spain around the immigration problem -the first among Spanish people, according to official polls-, Moratinos said in Dakar: “What is new in this trip is that our two Government had reached the conclusion that Spain needs the work of Senegalese people, that we need to favour legal migration”.

Well, thank God, he has said that he wants to favour legal migration…

But there is more, Moratinos, the FM who has praised Syria’s stance in Lebanon, after their interests and factual intervention in Lebanon’s interior matters and the suspicions in Hariri’s murder, has also declared that “Africa needs 5 Marshall plans“, that is 50.000 millions of € (5 times what Gadaffi wanted) for development. This man is extraordinary.

But do not shout yet: the director of the French paper Le Monde Diplomatique Ignacio Ramonet, says that “the North has the cinism of desiring the richeses of the South and the South needs 15 Marshall Plans“.  Of course, the culprits of all the disgraces of the world are the North and especially “the neoliberal globalization“.

Oh, yeah, baby… If that’s true, then Bolivia should be now under Evo better than never. And no, it’s at the blink of a civil war (here in Spanish, here in English). And Africa is the most repressed continent -economically speaking- and thus the poorer of all (here you can find the study in English). Experience has taught that the more “help” is sent to poorer countries the poorer they get (look at the graphic here)

Lastly, Zapatero has said he is not going to ask for Spain to be in G8 gruop, because “we have to look further to find a solution for greater problems such as great inequalities or the climatic change“. This is a totally different view from ex-presidents Felipe González and José María Aznar, who thought that Spain was under-represented in several International Forums such as IMF.

But let be realistic: Was Spain going to be admitted with this Government and its friends? Let me think…. er… NO.

Thanks to Nuevo Digital for some links.

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