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This campaign has some very important characteristics: corruption, violence against PP and appeasement of the Government to ETA, basically.

In Sevilla, PP has announced that it has been discovered that the Majorship, ruled by the Socialists, was sending by fax instructions to forge official receipts. The Major has said nothing about this.

PSOE has also been accused of corruption in the Malaya case, something which can give the Majorship directly to PP.

Precisely it was the Malaya case the one who could have given a heart attack to the nowadays Madrid’s Major and Pp candidate to the same post on May 27th elections Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón in a TV debate. In the middle of the debate, Miguel Sebastián, PSOE candidate to Major and before  that Director of the powerful Economic Office of the Presidency, showed him a photo of Montserrat Corulla, a very beautiful lawyer who has been accused of acting as “man of straw” in teh Malaya case and asked him if he had “something to do with someone related to this corruption net. As Ms. Corulla is very beautiful and it was rumoured that he had an affaire with Ruiz-Gallardón, the latter answered he was not going to answer about personal matters. Some people I have been speaking with consider that Sebastián wanted Ruiz-Gallardón to ask him about his homosexuality -and present him as an homophobe-, as it is rumoured that Sebastián is homosexual. Well, nowadays it looks like that is Sebastián the one who has something to do in the Malaya case. PP has already asked him for it.

From the Economic office of the Presidence, Sebastián&Co. prepared an assault on BBVA, using the old -and unethical- tactic of accusing its president, Francisco González, of having committed tax crime/administrative infraction, something which was denounced by Manuel Conthe, ex-president of CNMV (Spanish SEC). Anyway, is BBVA now free of the wrongdoings of the EOP? Looks like that it isn’t. And the benefits would be -again- for Italy and Mr. Prodi.

Even the Basque Nationalist Party that normally has not been involved in any corruption phenomenon, has a senator, Víctor Bravo, ex-director of Guipúzcoa Budget  Office, who has been accused of “diminishing” the debts some people had for not having taxes if they pay earlier and it was paid to him.  This has not been the first case in the last months that the Basque Nationalists are accused of corruption: some others (for example, Juan Ramón Ibarra o José María Bravo) were doing the same. The fact that the BNP has been ruling the Community in most part of the 30 years since democracy came could have been the cause for not having discovered more cases of corruption within this party.

But there are other tyoes of corruption appearing this days: Canarian Coalition  has denounced PSOE for a  fraudulent growth of the  electoral lists in the Canary Islands in the areas where the PSOE is ruling:

Coalición Canaria ha presentado una denuncia ante la Junta Electoral Provincial por el incremento fraudulento del censo electoral en municipios de La Gomera gobernados por el PSOE. Concretamente, en Vallehermoso CC ha detectado graves irregularidades al incrementarse el censo electoral, respecto al anterior de 2003, en barrios o calles ‘en los que apenas existen habitantes desde hace 25 años’.

The same thing looks like that has happened in Galicia and in Valencia. Just the same Venezuelan Bolivarian Chávez made in the past.

About agressions toPPthey have continued throughout these past days and nothing indicates they are going to stop:

17.05.07 Mataró (Barcelona). The PP office appears with the word “fachas” (fascists) in the walls and in the surroundings it could be read “go out of a worker’s quarter”.

19.05.07. Getafe (Madrid). Unkown people painting to the electoral posters and the main PP office in the city. -in this locality nº2 is Gica Craioveanu, a Romanian footballer-. The Pp candidate has already said that they are not going to stop working for change.

20.05.06. San Sebastián. A hundred pro-ETA intimidated, insulted and menaced the PP candidate to San Sebastián’s Major, María José Usandizaga, when she had finished an electoral act in the Olf Part of the city. She had to take refuge in a store because of the lack of Basque policemen in the area.

20.05.07. Torrelodones (Madrid). There are damages in PP billboards and posters and insulting paintings against PP in other publicity places..

20.05.07. Coslada (Madrid). A group of people throw stones to the PP electoral van. they also insulted them, calline them “fascists” and menaced them with “Hope that they put a bomb and kill you all”.

The last one has taken place today in Valencia -another explosive was set some days ago there too-. The Government has not condemned any of these acts which are totally against a normal democratic and peaceful behaviour.

But Granada’s PSOE has called the youths to a “macrobotellón” -that is, where people drink alcohol till they are so drunk that some of them even finish it with an alcohol coma [think that it is said like that…smile_omg]- against PP the night before the elections (the so-called reflection day). The prosecutor has already denounced the initiative.

Moving over to the terrorist subject, the Catalan terrorist group Terra Lliure, after TV3 -Catalan public TV- made a documentary nearly praising them has issued a death threat against Albert Ribera, 27-year-old and president of the new party Ciutadans de Cataluña (Catalonian citizens). The important thing here is that Terra Lliure had been a lot of years without appearing in the public scene -in fact, it was officialy dissolved in the 90’s-. Albert Rivera has said that he is not scared because of the threats.

The pro-ETA newspaper GARA has issued some fascicles in which they sum up how the negotiation with the Goverment has happened. And there are surprising -or not?- revelations.

It’s absolutely shameful to read that PSOE representant in the negotiations, Jesús Eguiguren (accused and convicted for hitting his wife, something which is striking being this a so-feminist self-called Government…) asked textually to the ETA terrorists: “Slow down please the degree of your menaces. Nwither PP nor socialists dissidents and never to women”. And he continues: “because that is, in the public opinion, horrible for us, who are helping you all that we can“. Just to sum up: someone who has been convincted for hitting his wife, asks the terrorists with the “please” before. Delicious, isn’t it. And coherent. My goodness, this man should be out of politics since the day he was convicted…

Even Gara has publishedthat a year ago the Government agree with them to close a “treaty” for the Basque country before July 31st this year.. And that Otegi -Batasuna’s president- is out of jail because of another agreement between PSOE and Batasuna– he was accused of praising terrorism-.

The revering position of this Government, that we could observe in Eguiguren, has produced a multiplication of support for the so-called izquierda abertzale [abertzale left] -they are nothing but the people who support ETA- and the agressions to politicians of all sort (also the Spanish Minister of Justice or Basque nationalist Party politicians) and in the classroom (more here). they have even interrupted a meeting at the Majorship of San Sebastián, ruled by the not-very-much-admired Odón Elorza, in favor of the dialogue with the terrorists.

Today ETA has also exploded a low explosive to a Socialist Candidate. Joseba Elola has pointed out that he is frightened but that never he had been threatened before by the abertzale.

Navarra is going to be the key in the process: if UPN (right) does not take the absolute majority (half and 1) of the total seats in the Autonomous Community, Navarra will -with 99% probability- be united with basques in the first step to the independence of both Communities. The problem is that Socialist base in Navarra are not speaking about this possibility. As a result of the tense situation and to increase that sensation, Navarra is full of anti-system groups today. Because they know the importance of the event.

In this climate is not surprising that the concentrations called by Foro de Ermua and another similar associations against negotiation were forbidden by the Government, for example in Madrid.

ETA has also announced that the bloody terrorist Josu Ternera will continue to be its representant in the negociation. The wife-hitter negotiating with the terrorist Spain’s future. Hmm, what a perspectivesmile_confused

It is also quite surprising the plittle coverage and attention MSM are giving to the Gallician independentist terrorism. Since Socialists and Galician nacionalists arrived to power last years attacks have increased with home-made devices planted in strategic places and with notes written in Galician-portuguese, a modality only spoken by Galician nationalists: 

Le cuentan a El Chivato que los incidentes violentos –en realidad, actos terroristas- protagonizados por independentistas se han incrementado desde la llegada a la Xunta de la coalición PSOE-BNG. El último hecho fue la bomba colocada en un polígono industrial de Lugo el pasado martes, día 15. Dato muy relevante: el artefacto estaba dirigido contra una constructora cuyo dueño fue político del Partido Popular.

Que se sepa, no se han escuchado palabras de condena de parte de Touriño, ni de Anxo Quintana, mucho más cuando no pocas juventudes del BNG se mezclan con ese tipo radicales. Un extraño caso de silencio a pesar de que la bomba estuvo colocada frente a un supermercado y pudo ocasionar “graves daños impredecibles” de no haber sido desactiva por los Tedax.

La reivindicación de la bomba apareció escrita en gallego-lusista, a pesar de lo cual los medios de comunicación han obviado la palabra “independentistas gallegos” al referirse a los autores del atentado. Muchos han preferido hablar de “unos desconocidos”, cuando ese idioma inexistente únicamente es utilizado por los independentistas.

The political leaders have not condemned these acts.

Everything is complicated by the march 11th bombings investigation, that shows that anything is very clear. The superior policeman in charge of the proofs derived from the explosions, Sánchez Manzano (more than 30 years in the force and the main actor in the polemic about the boric acid) did not keep the explosives properly.

It is not strange than that Zapatero was booed yesterday when visiting his granfather’s village -you know, the one killed by Franco, who was a double agent for both the republicans and the nationals in the war (more here, even when the Spanish Public TV does not show it. And it is not strange that Bilbao’s streets have been covered with posters against Zapatero and ETA terrorist De Juana saying: “25 víctimas do not at any more. ZP do not negotiate with our deads”. nor that the Wall Street journal alerts about the growing uneasiness because of … ZP.

related news:

  1. the relatives of the dead in Guadalajara’s fire insult Socialist President Barreda (Autonomous Community of Castilla-la Mancha).
  2. Spanish National Bank sells 80 tons of gold because of the deficit in the commercial trade with foreign countries.
  3. There is also a revolutión in Second Life, against ETA negotiation.

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I remember when I was in school, and was convinced that History has been done by kings and knights, by armies and soldiers.

That was before one of my favorites teachers in school, began explaining us the French Revoluction. She told us: “it is true that the inmediate cause of the Revolution was the raise of the bread’s price. At that time, bread was the basic element of the meal of any French man. But the French Revolution would never have taken place if ideas had not make its path through the French society. French thinkers were convinced that the bad situation of peasants and in general, every one who belonged to the lower parts of society, was not going to change if the Ancient Regime did not disappear. So what at first only seemed a normal unrest over the bread’s price, turned to be a total change of the basis of society and ideas which, together with American Revolution -with a similar ideological situation-, was going to change the reality of the West forever”.

But ideas can also impell society in a bad direction: take for example, the Mein Kampf. Hitler wrote it and its content really changed the direction of Germany in the worst way possible. The results of his thought are well known: destruction of democracy, dictatorship, the Shoah, assasination of dissidents…”

Looks like the evolution of my teacher’s thinking has not reached some of the leftist intelectuals in my country.

The other day -one of the few that I am able to- I was watching Telemadrid, the TV from Madrid’s Autonomous Community. In the evenings there is a program called “Night Diary”, in which basically a summary of the news from that day is being done. Lately, a new director, Fernando Sánchez Dragó, has begun his leadership over this program, a really very interesting one.

Well, as I was saying the other day he invited a leftist intelectual, called Benjamin Prado, and a right-wing one, Luis Alberto de Cuenca, to speak about terrorism. Mr Prado begun saying that anyone in Spain thinks the same about De Juana Chaos -well, except Mr Zapatero,who has called him a “man of peace”, and in favor of the peace process-, but that he did “not want to punish anyone for writing an article”.

Of course, someone who writes defending the independence of any part of a country -in this case, Spain-, has my respect, even if I think that not a bright thought in a world each day more interconnected and in which the economic competitiveness is going to be held between growing groups of countries.

Police experts call a serial killer someone who kills a lot of people, but with no political reason. They kill just because they need/like to kill, normally after producing an enormous amount of pain in the victim. Jack the Ripper was a serial killer. But he did not have a ideological basis for his acts, he did not have any moral justification for it and also his acts can be explained because of mental problems. So everyone -except other very few serial killers- has rejected even having a little likeness to him.

The problem with terrorism is that serial killers HAVE ideological basis and moral justification, inducing the peaceful people of a country, the world, etc. to think that their lives are at stake if their demands are not fulfilled. The blackmail to society is deepened by the characteristic of peaceful that can be applied to our modern society. Yes, violence exists but the majority of the people are not violent, they just want to live in peace.

So here, the majority of the people, who are peaceful and who have renounced to violence in favor of justice, are made to think that political negotiation -the basis of the violence- is going to end every known problem regarding terrorism.

WRONG: if US Government would have negotiated with Al Capone -who also had some kind of justification: people wanted to drink alcohol and he wanted to live very well- and gave him all that he wanted, more and more Mafia personalities would have appear, just as happened in Italy after Mussolini. You know, that is a very interesting thing: Mob have been nearly ended by Mussolini -a bastard by the away, don’t be confused-, and US Armies thought that Mob was going then to be a very good force against fascism. So they helped Mob and nearly 50 years later, we all know what happened with Judge Falcone and Sicily and Naples.

If democracy wants to overcome terrorism, the only solution is to ensure that the Law is applied over all the people who kill, maim, and kidnap -wonderful the interview with Ortega Lara, 532 days kidnapped by ETA-, but also to people who finance -very important, we would have to consider who is “earning” money because of ETA terrorism- and ideologically justify those terrible acts.

So now someone would ask me: and what about freedom of expression? What about the Mohammed cartoons? Well, the difference is obvious: the cartoons WERE NOT calling anyone to kill, maim, etc, etc. They were just a non-Muslim vision of the figure of Prophet Mohammed. But afterwards, foolish imams and reknown personalities all over the Muslim world called Muslims to behead the cartoonists, the paper responsibles, … So there is the “moral” justification for acts who are totally oposite to any human value of respect to another’s views and ideas.

This is the reason why I went yesterday -with nearly over 1.5 Million Spanish- to a demonstration in Madrid held to oppose ETA negotiation and to remember the 2 Ecuador nationals who were killed on Dec 30th in Madrid-Barajas Airport 4th Terminal. We did not have the kisses of the “intelectuals”*, such as Almodóvar, Bardem, Penélope Cruz, etc, etc, some of them went to another one in which only 200.000 people supported Zapatero’s policy. Argentinian actor Federico Lippi said “we have to build a healthy barrier to stop this prehistoric, even gothic right” -I guess he is not referring to gothic music, even when I know several right-wingers who like Evanescence, for example me-. Well, I have some respect for this old man, having to make such a role, because he did not underlined how on earth that healthy barrier was going to be made. Stars in right-winger’s vests perhaps? Ghettos to anyone who do not think like him?

Ortega Lara said, when asked why he did not go to the intelectual’s demonstration, “I agree with the slogan For peace and against terrorism, but I am going farther than that. I am also against any sort of political negotiation”. I agree with him. The violation of other people’s rights can’t have any kind of retribution in a democracy. If not, we are living under a Terror dictatorship. And that is something no one wants. Or are there some Robespierres nowadays living among us?

* One of the curious things of this time in History is what society considers an intelectual. In past centuries, only very few people were given that kind of consideration: Galileo, Kepler, Copernico, Cervantes, Shakespeare, St. Thomas of Aquinas, da Vinci, Durero, Einstein, Madame Curie and her husband, Newton, Descartes, Hobbes, Voltaire, etc. You know, people whose ideas, inventions or discoveries were so important they had influenced reality and made it completely different. You know, what we could consider as “heroes of the mind”, who acheived that kind of consideration after long years -sometimes a life- of study and reflection.

Nowadays, anyone who has played a role in a film and has appeared twice in a “coure” newspaper, even if he/she can barely write or has never been a good student, considers that his/her duty is to influence society. And of course, they take that as seriously as they can take the rest of their lifes. That is: very few are really fighting for ideas, they are doing that because it is modern or because American people are less inteligent that Europeans… and, afterwards, doing whatever they need to obtain an Oscar and to begin working in Hollywood. In most cases, they are nothing but hypocrites, who would be praising any other Government, whatever the ideological position it would have, if their money or job would be at stake.

In Spain, cinema regulation stipulates that State should give money for interesting projects. Of course, interesting is not a very clear word. Spanish films are not very succesful and each year fewer people are going to see them, because they are basically the same: Civil War, whores, homosexuals, drug addicts, etc -with very few exceptions-. But they keep on making that crap, and saying they are doing “social realism”. Of course, the culprits are the Americans… without taking into account that French made an even more restrictive regulation over foreign films and they are also losing people.

We can say that here the Catholic hypocrite -that man/woman who went to Church to be given communion, so everyone could see he was a very good man- had been replaced by the leftist-intelectual hypocrite: you are nobody if you do not consider US and Israel the basic culprits of everything bad under the sun, if Ché Guevara or Ho-Chi-Minh are not your idols and you have not gone to any “NO to Iraqi war” demonstration.

Err, yes, before you ask, for that people I am nobody. And I am very proud of that.

(I wrote this on Sunday. After that, there is a political storm over some photos of bloody ETA terrorist -son of a bitch, with all the letters- showing how emaciated he is after his hunger strike all over the British press. I do not know why this political storm. If a serial killer or a multiple rapist begins a hunger strike if his freedom is not granted after being condemned, ehhh, what would the answer of British political correct people would be? Instead of worrying so much about someone who is using his freedom this way, one would suppose British readers would be more interested to learn what is going on inside their mosques -or in the future ones-. But of course, it’s much interesting to speak about a bloody Spanish -hey, that is terrific, he is not Basque, even if I am tempted to call him that- TERRORIST).

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You have some here. Socialists have argued that Spanish flag and hymn should not have been used in the demonstration… because we were stealing them from all the Spanish people. This is as one party in US, France, Great Britain, etc. tells the other: do not use the flag, you are stealing it from all the people of this country… This is remarkable in Spain even more because they are not using Spanish symbols as they think they are too…. Spanish… 😉

My mobile phone does not have a very modern camera, but I made this photo:manifa-fde.JPG
(click on it, and you will see it bigger)

(By the way, it is probable that I go back to blogger, as wordpress, has limited our space and I if you exceed it, you have to pay. Sorry for the inconveniences. When I change definitely I will post here and redirect the traffic there).

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I wrote some weeks ago about this ETA terrorist process and about his hunger strike, something that later was discovered it was fake: he ate pork jam, honey,milk and chocolate.
Today he mDe Juana Chaos declaró el miércoles como testigo en el juicio a la etarra Belén González Peñalva. (Foto: EFE)ust go to declare before the Judge. The Prosecutor in charge of the case, Jesús Alonso, has renounced to the case.  He asked for 96 years, for a crime of menaces against the Director of the Penitentiary Institution and other Civil servant’s from there and the National Court’s Judge Bermúdez. His petition stopped the resolution of Judge Santiago Pedraz, who tried to set him loose. This same Judge was wordly famous, because he wanted to try the US soliders who were accused of killing Spanish cameraman José Couso -who had what we called here a “rubbish job contract“: temporary, with no life assurance and TELE5, property of Italian millionaire Berlusconi, sent him to Iraq in those conditions. If you know Spanish, you should read the link for a real different version of what really happened from a Spanish journalist who has been in different dangerous conflicts in the past, -.
After the Prosecutor’s office considered that the Alonso’s petition was rightly made, they changed their mind afterwards, and thought everything was a political issue. So Alonso has showed his independence in the case and renounced.
But the petition of 96 years of prison for bloody terrorist De Juana will continue existing: the lawyers from Terrorist’s Victims’ Association are going to keep it alive, whatever the new Prosecutor Fernando Burgos does in the case.
I dedicate this cartoon from Spanish cartoonist Mingote, a real genious, to all these appeasers:

ETA terrorists’ relatives: “We want them [the terrorists] back at home”.
Eta victims’ relatives: “We want them back too”.

UPDATE: El Paraiso Perdido makes some reflections. There is now a gathering of ETA victims’ relatives near where this affable terrorist. is been judged.

More photos in Prevost’s blog.
De Juana Chaos denies that his letters were menacing. He was only putting in context ETA’s situation in prison. So writing “take out your hands from Euskal Herría, because if not the future will end by showing you, without doubt, that you have lost them”, or giving names of several Penitentiary Institution’s civil servants have, according to him, tortured ETA terrorists, is not menacing coming from someone who has been condemned for 11 terrorist attacks. Of course, this peaceful guy is a political prisoner. 😦
Since ETA begun, one of the principal accusations from these terrorists is that “hey, they are torturing us”, so they could gather more international support from other States and also from NGO.
It is curious that the Judge who imprisoned him for these amiable words is Judge Grande-Marlaska, who has been so effective this last year in the fight against terrorism.

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There has been a new cause for uneasiness -one more- here in the criminal process about the Madrid bombings which happened on March 11th, 2004. A report by some of the best Spanish scientific policemen about March 11th bombings contained a reference to ETA. Basically, the report said that there was a relationship between El Haski, one of the Moroccans charged with the bombings (detained in Lanzarote, Canary Islands on December 17th, 2004), and ETA, because police found boric acid in the home of the Islamist terrorist and in an apartment of an ETA command in Salamanca in 2001. But the bosses of the scientific experts falsified the report, which had striking errors, such as the different number of pages (the original had three, while the falsified had only two, but insisted in having also 3) and also had some corrections made in the Central Registry of the Books of Proofs of the Scientific Police with Tipp-ex..

In it, the experts said:

As it has not very often intervened in terrorist acts and as we ignore the true way to apply it in connection with these deeds, there are a few possibilities: it was use to conserve explosives of organic type; to hide the explosive as a way to obstruct the labour of dogs specialized in the search of explosives, etc. makes as consider the possibility that the author/s are related between them or have had been trained the same way or are they themselves the author/s“.

When these news broke out, all the MSM in favor of the Government, laughed about the report, because boric acid can be found, for example, in products to control or diminish feet odour. Even the leftist star-anchorman Iñaki Gabilondo interviewed General Chief of National Police, Miguel Ángel Santano (left), who, dressed in his dark-blue uniform, said that “the scientific literature had never related it to any explosive“. But later it was discovered that US Patents certified that there were explosives which were made with boric acid.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Baracitol, an explosive which figures in its registry with number 3956039, is an explosive composed by ortoboric acid -a synonim of the boric acid- and the TNT, in which the boric acid, has a proportion of the 40% of the total product, and would be used to make it more stable.

But that is not the only explosive built with boric acid. There are, at least, 16 more. One of them is the Amonal, very used by ETA commands.

The General Secretary of the Scientific police, Mélida told Judge Garzón, the Judge in charge of the investigation, that when Ramírez, boss of the three scientific policemen, presented him the report, he told him its authors should change it. That same day, Ramírez told him that the scientific policemen were not going to change it and so, he reasigned it to himself, study it and make another report.

Mélida assured also to Garzón that he told his decision to the General Chief of National POlice, Miguel Ángel Santano, and that the latter told him that there were no problem. According to this police boss, the order to erase the references in a scientific report is one of his competences and it is part of the “quality control” stablished by the General Commandment of the Police. This one, though, only lets the correction of reports in a technical or scientific level. Mélida also assured that if they should have sent the report of the three scientific experts, the Scientific Police would have been discredited. So they sent one who was falsified.

Juez Garzón then closed the case considering that “there was no criminal relevance” of this discovery. In its resolution, Garzón considered that the bosses had no responsibility.

But later the National Court declared Garzón incompetent to handle the case, so Garzón had to stand aside and the case was handed on to Gema Gállego. The latter, candidate for the Conservative Professional Association of the Judges to a seat in the General Council of the Judicial Power, was rejected by Garzón (Socialist) and begun to investigate this case after the denounces presented by the “the March 11 Victims Support Association” and the Platform “Spain and Freedom” against the bosses of the three scientific experts, whose lawyers asked for the annulment of the criminal process handled by Garzón. This petition was based on the facts that the three of them had been called to declare as witnesses -no lawyer and obligation to declare the truth- and lately, after several hours, were charged with a crime of falseness in public document, punished by Spanish Penal Code wth prison punishment between 3 and 6 years. Even the General Council for the Judicial Power investigated these facts.

So Judge Gállego has finally charged both Ramírez, the direct chief of the scientific polimen, and Pedro Luis Mélida, the chief who just erased all the references of ETA to the report of the boric acid. So we will wait the results of everything.

Conclusions: does this mean that March 11th attack bombings were made by ETA? In my view, and solely taking into account this proof, I would say that no, particularly because there is no evidences of what exploded on March 11th as police has said that, in some cases, there is no rest of the explosives that were in the trains. What it’s very clear now is that the Government does not want ETA to be in any of the documents of the investigation of the March 11th bombings. The so-called peace process must go on, whatever the consequences -and its causes-.

In the case that they collaborated, does this diminish the danger for Islamist terrorism? Not a cm / an inch. Islamic terrorism is a part of international terrorism and traditionally they have been allied, since the 60’s as a way to throw down the Capitalistic States and impose dictatorships, whether they be religious or communist ones. For example, ETA has had relations with Chávez’s Government, Colombian terrorists, Cuban Government, with IRA terrorists, the Palestinian Liberation Front, one of its branches is AlFatah -the well-known terrorist group founded by Nobel Peace Price Winner Yasir Arafat -since the 70’s has been training ETA terrorists-, Argelia, where ETA terrorists trained themselves with the Argelian police and talks were maintained between Spanish Government and ETA-, Lybian dictator Ghadafi -their relation was not very long though because of the international reject to the Lybian regime after Lockerbie- and, according to Socialist Spanish Congressman Estella, also with Islamic terrorism, back in 2001-. If a real alliance is created between these groups, it would be even worse, as they are going to have much more information and possibilities to commit terrorist attacks. Does this mean that they really collaborated? I repeat it again: no, it does not mean they actually collaborated, but that it’s wrong to say Islamic terrorists do not maintain relations with infidel terrorist groups.

But there is another question that we have to ask: if ETA had any part in them, whether as an author or as a merely organizational supportive organization, would also the Socialist Government be hiding Spanish people that information? The fact that Zapatero was negotiating with ETA (as confirmed by Basque Socialist Eguiguren to ETA founder Julen Madariaga and told by Batasuna leader Fernando Parrena) before the 2004 elections -in fact 5 years from now, that is since 2001– and the menace, on February 14th, 2004, of ETA terrorist leader Josu Ternera (accused of giving the order to commit the terrorist attack to a Civil Guards’ home in Zaragoza, which killed 11 people, 5 of them children of very little age) “Spanish people are going to know what we are able to do” do not help this of course. And the case of the boric acid report also has shown Garzón in his true nature: as a real supporter of Socialist Government as he was when he presented himself as No. 2 in the lists for being elected as Congressman for the Socialist Party, being the No. ex-President Felipe González.

There is also clear that some Police Chiefs has nothing to do but to correct reports that are not even binding to the Judges. Judges in Spain can appreciate all the presented proofs in general and reject one if the rest of the others do not make that relevant. So, why this correction to a non-binding report? That is what strikes me more of the case. If it’s not relevant, why so much revolt, corrections, etc?

Looks like there are more corrected reports related to March 11th bombings (thanks to Anghara).

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El Rincón de la Libertad:

Last Saturday the Leganés’ Town Hall, of which the Socialists are in charge, made with United Left, a act of support to 5 Cubans who are in prison in the USA for spying and organising acts of sabotage against military instalations in south Florida. This 5 also wanted to be admitted in the Cuban dissidence in exile, and had, as had been proved in the processes, a high responsibility in the knocking down of a plane from “Brothers to the Rescue”, which were flying in search of Cuban dissidents to rescue them from the waters.

Cuba democracia y vida has more. The event was presented by Spanish actor (another titiritero, word which describes normally an errant minstrel of the Middle Ages, but now it’s used pejoratively to describe the actors of the anti-Iraqi campaign and pro-PSOE/United Left ideology) Juan Diego Botto.

Para los lectores españoles: ¿a qué les suena esta viñeta?

Bien, pues forme parte del cartel del acto en el que se pidió la liberación de los espías del régimen castrista cubano…. Si es que además tienen poca imaginación 😉

Vídeo buenísimo sobre Cuba y cómo la ha dejado Castro -la música también lo es-, que deberían haber puesto en el festival a ver si dejaban de decir estupideces (ht El Café Cubano):


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Some weeks ago I wrote about Gadaffi’s proposition about immigration in which he offered to solve all European problems IF Europe gave Africa 10.000 millions of €.

Well, Spanish PM Moratinos compromised on October 10th to accept a very significant number of Senegalese immigrants in Spain after giving huge amounts of money to African countries. He has given 5 millions of € to Gambia and other 5 to Guinea-Conakri (plus the pardon of a debt of 8 millions in the last case, so really there are 13 millions of €) and another 15 millions of € each year to Senegal for the next 5 years.

Ignoring the pressure in Spain around the immigration problem -the first among Spanish people, according to official polls-, Moratinos said in Dakar: “What is new in this trip is that our two Government had reached the conclusion that Spain needs the work of Senegalese people, that we need to favour legal migration”.

Well, thank God, he has said that he wants to favour legal migration…

But there is more, Moratinos, the FM who has praised Syria’s stance in Lebanon, after their interests and factual intervention in Lebanon’s interior matters and the suspicions in Hariri’s murder, has also declared that “Africa needs 5 Marshall plans“, that is 50.000 millions of € (5 times what Gadaffi wanted) for development. This man is extraordinary.

But do not shout yet: the director of the French paper Le Monde Diplomatique Ignacio Ramonet, says that “the North has the cinism of desiring the richeses of the South and the South needs 15 Marshall Plans“.  Of course, the culprits of all the disgraces of the world are the North and especially “the neoliberal globalization“.

Oh, yeah, baby… If that’s true, then Bolivia should be now under Evo better than never. And no, it’s at the blink of a civil war (here in Spanish, here in English). And Africa is the most repressed continent -economically speaking- and thus the poorer of all (here you can find the study in English). Experience has taught that the more “help” is sent to poorer countries the poorer they get (look at the graphic here)

Lastly, Zapatero has said he is not going to ask for Spain to be in G8 gruop, because “we have to look further to find a solution for greater problems such as great inequalities or the climatic change“. This is a totally different view from ex-presidents Felipe González and José María Aznar, who thought that Spain was under-represented in several International Forums such as IMF.

But let be realistic: Was Spain going to be admitted with this Government and its friends? Let me think…. er… NO.

Thanks to Nuevo Digital for some links.

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This is a production of Apolo for antizp community. You have permission to repost this in your blog. 😉

Thanks to anghara’s blog.

Here there is an explanation about the video, I sent to Bosun after he asked for it.

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From Open Europe.org (pdf document):

New ICM poll of 1,000 businesses:

52% think the EU is “failing”
54% think EU over-regulation “outweighs” the benefit of the Single Market
60% think the UK should renegotiate to reduce its involvement in the EU to free trade only

A new ICM poll of 1,000 Chief Executives, commissioned by Open Europe, finds that businesses feel that the European Union is moving in the wrong direction, and producing too much costly regulation.

The survey finds that businesses think the cost of implementing EU regulations now outweighs the benefit of the Single Market they are supposed to create. Even the businesses which do the most trade in other EU countries feel the same way.

The poll finds that by a margin of 60% to 30%, businesses would now support moves to renegotiate the existing treaties, to radically reduce the powers of the EU back to a basic free trade area.

En español: lo ha publicado El Diario Exterior: la mayoría de los empresarios británicos quieren que Gran Bretaña abandone la UE.

UPDATE: I have found this video in An Englishman’s castle. You should go and see it. Being as Eurosceptic as I have been since the European Union began -even acknowledging that for Spain in certain things perhaps it has been relatively good -especially in communications-, I am very worried about the lack of democracy within the organization. European Parliament is far from being really a Parliament where laws and decissions are taken. But if that things is bad, the almost certain Eurabization of all their policies is by far the most worrying of all the symptoms of reject of all the causes that made Western civilization as great as it is: freedom, reason and individual rights.

There has been much talk these days about the new regulation the EU wants to consider: the regulation of free vlogs, that is, blogs in which the blogger also makes videos and posts them in his/her site. Only Great Britain and Slovakia are trying to prevent EU to regulate it. Iain Dale, one the leading British bloggers posted about it some days ago. It is worth reading, really. You can also read the Bloggers Blog.

Debeis ir a ver el vídeo linkado arriba. Siempre he sido muy escéptica sobre el papel de la Unión Europea tal y como estaba siendo construida. El hecho de que el Parlamento no tome decisiones ni sea quien apruebe las leyes, le resta capacidad democrática y constituye una muestra más de la opacidad de la Unión Europea.

La última consiste en regular los vlogs, esos blogs en los que el autor postea videos caseros, exigiéndoles una licencia de emisión -como si fuera un “tele” normal-, lo que es muy peligroso porque ¿quién no ha puesto un vídeo de YouTube en su blog? Pues si esa legislación sigue adelante, deberemos tener una licencia…. 😦

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