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If yesterday I wrote about the HR abuses found in a brickworks in China, in which 31 workers were living as slaves and the police had done nothing before because they owner was the son of a local boss of Communist Party, today a syndicate of Unions have denounced the use of children or under-payed or forced workers (that is, slaves) in the production of merchandising for the Olympic Games to boost sales:

International Olympic Committee said it supported ethical (¡!) practices

But in Britain, where the IOC is due to meet on Tuesday, trade unionists said tougher action was needed to make sure that the 2012 Games in London were not tarnished by similar accusations.

Investigators’ report – entitled “No medal for the Olympics on labour rights” – cites “gross violations of basic labour standards… including adult wages at half the legal minimum, employment of workers as young as 12 years old”.

It also highlights alleged labour rights violations, such as forced overtime, workers being instructed to lie about wages and conditions to outside inspectors and poor health and safety conditions.

Shame on the Olympic Committee for supporting this unethical practices.

But don’t even consider that the Olympic Games are going to be suspended, over this or other abuses on HR such as Chinese relations with Sudan.

Anyway, Costa Rica has announced it ends its traditional relationship with Taiwan to back Chinese idea of “only one China“, but this decision, as President Arias told the press, has nothing to do with ideology or geopolitical causes, but just to “Elementary realism” and to an “awakening in an international context” to consider China as one of the most important economies in the world. Costa Rica considers that Chinese commercial relations and inversions can make it more “prosperous and developed”. I just hope Chinese methods about HR are not imported into Costa Rica.

it would also be useful to know Costa Rica’s people support for this measure. And I wonder why this decision is not commented, considering that Taishi tao tiananmenwan is running out of friends in international relations, while China is gaining them.

[En español].

Reporters without borders has asked China to free from prison the journalist and poet Shi Tao (photo), imprisoned since 2005 because of publishing information about Tiananmen in the web.

UDPATE: Shi Tao’s mother has called on Yahoo! to be punished for giving Chinese authorities the information they needed for his conviction. he is serving a 10-year sentence. h/t China View.

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