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Some days ago I wrote about Chinese hackers on German computers, now it’s on US Pentagon’s computers:

The Chinese military hacked into a Pentagon computer network in June in the most successful cyber attack on the US defence department, say American ­officials.

The Pentagon acknowledged shutting down part of a computer system serving the office of Robert Gates, defence secretary, but declined to say who it believed was behind the attack.

Current and former officials have told the Financial Times an internal investigation has revealed that the incursion came from the People’s Liberation Army.

One senior US official said the Pentagon had pinpointed the exact origins of the attack. Another person familiar with the event said there was a “very high level of confidence…trending towards total certainty” that the PLA was responsible. The defence ministry in Beijing declined to comment on Monday.

China Military Hacked Into Pentagon « Status of Chinese People



So now, NYT is worried about Arabs kiling Arabs in Sudan…:

Some of the same Arab tribes accused of massacring civilians in the Darfur region of Sudan are now unleashing their considerable firepower against one another in a battle over the spoils of war that is killing hundreds of people and displacing tens of thousands.

In the past several months, the Terjem and the Mahria, heavily armed Arab tribes that United Nations officials said raped and pillaged together as part of the region’s notorious janjaweed militias, have squared off in South Darfur, fighting from pickup trucks and the backs of camels. They are raiding each other’s villages, according to aid workers and the fighters themselves, and scattering Arab tribesmen into the same kinds of displacement camps that still house some of their earlier victims.

United Nations officials said that thousands of gunmen from each side, including some from hundreds of miles away, were pouring into a strategic river valley called Bulbul, while clashes between two other Arab tribes, the Habanniya and the Salamat, were intensifying farther south.

Darfur’s violence has often been characterized as government-backed Arab tribes slaughtering non-Arab tribes, but this new Arab-versus-Arab dimension seems to be a sign of the evolving complexity of the crisis. What started out four years ago in western Sudan as a rebellion and brutal counterinsurgency has cracked wide open into a fluid, chaotic, confusing free-for-all with dozens of armed groups, a spike in banditry and chronic attacks on aid workers.

No, honey, this is just racism, because the Arabs from the North are white while the Arabs on the South are Black. (By the way, they are not Arabs, they are Muslims…)

By the way, Ban Ki-Moon is in Sudan to press for new talks:

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is in Sudan to “give a push” for a new round of talks to end the four-year regional conflict and mobilize support for the speedy deployment of a new 26,000-member peacekeeping force, a top U.N. official said Monday.

Ban was expected to have dinner with President Omar al-Bashir before heading to southern Sudan on Tuesday to assess implementation of the 2005 agreement that ended a separate 21-year civil war between Sudan’s Muslim government in the north and the mostly Christian southern rebels.

He was then due Wednesday in Darfur to visit a camp for some of the 2.5 million people displaced by the conflict there, which has claimed more than 200,000 lives.

“It is important to move on several fronts,” Jean-Marie Guehenno, the U.N. undersecretary-general for peacekeeping, told reporters traveling with Ban. This is why the secretary-general has come to Sudan at this time, he said.

After his behaviour with NK, I don’t quite consider him really pushing for anything anywhere…


Microsoft copying Google:

This week, it plans to turn that strategy upside down, making available free software that connects its Windows operating system to software services delivered on the Internet, a practice increasingly referred to as “cloud” computing. The initiative is part of an effort to connect Windows more seamlessly to a growing array of Internet services.

The strategy is a major departure for Microsoft, which primarily sells packaged software for personal computers. With this new approach, Microsoft hopes to shield its hundreds of millions of software customers from competitors like Google and Salesforce.com, which already offer software applications through the Internet.

Microsoft’s new Windows Live software suite includes an updated electronic mail program, a photo-sharing application and a writing tool designed for people who keep Web logs.

The new service is an indication that Microsoft plans to compete head-on against archrival Google and others, and not only in the search-engine business where it is at a significant disadvantage. Instead, Microsoft will try to outmaneuver its challengers by becoming the dominant digital curator of all a user’s information, whether it is stored on a PC, a mobile device or on the Internet, industry executives and analysts said.

Well, this is not a surprise…

Brian Hall, general manager for Microsoft’s Windows Live services, said, “We’re taking the communications and sharing components and creating a set of services that become what we believe is the one suite of services and applications for personal and community use across the PC, the Web and the phone.”

The Windows Live service — which will be found at www.live.com — includes new versions of the company’s Hotmail and Messenger communications services as well as Internet storage components. Microsoft executives said there were roughly 300 million active users each on the Hotmail and Messenger services, with some overlap.

The software release will offer PC users the option of downloading a set of the services with a single Unified Installer program, or as separate components. The individual services are Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger 8.5 and Windows Live OneCare Family Safety, a computer security program.

We will see…



Gustavo Villoldo, 71, was involved in Guevara’s capture in the jungles of Bolivia, according to unclassified U.S. records and other documents. He plans to auction the hair and other items kept in a scrapbook since the joint CIA-Bolivian army mission 40 years ago.

“It’s time for me to put the past behind and pass these on to someone else,” said Villoldo, also a veteran of the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

The scrapbook also holds a map used to track down Guevara in Bolivia, photos of Guevara’s body, intercepted messages between Guevara and his rebels and a set of Guevara’s fingerprints taken before his burial.

let’s party afterwards.

Now if you understand Spanish, and want to vomit afterwards, read this interview by moderate centered and objective El País, “the independent diary of the morning“, to Adelaida Guevara, daughter of Ché (thanks Kate for finding it…). And then speak about “the imperialistic Spain in Cuba“. Buaff…


tiberge writes about the desecration of some French Christian cemeteries with no one raising their voices and no important MSM reporting about it:

Satanic inscriptions in English and swastikas were discovered on Friday in ten vaults of a cemetery in Toulouse (…) Several graves were covered with the words “Damned the Christ” or with swastikas, while flower pots were turned over and signs pointing to various sections of the Terre-Cabade cemetery were damaged,” according to an AFP report.

Elentir writes that in Spain some far-leftist vandals desecrated the cemetery of Paracuellos -where the victims of Communists in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War are buried- and a fascist web published a map of red (=communist) toombs and monuments to desecrate and destroy them.

What surprise me of this people is that they attack the dead. They should see the Dead of Lord of the Rings… You know: “This path is guarded by the Dead. The dead do not suffer the living to pass“. 😈 And this people so brave with the poor dead people were going to run at a huge speed. 😈


Now for some photos: This is the Bolivarian Embassy in Peru before and after Chávez. And this is the new Bolivarian 5-star hotel in Caracas. 😈 I wonder what the grand-daughter of its owner would think of the move…


From Demediacratic Nation:

Provisional Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Ayatollah Mohammad Kashani sermonizing before a standing room only congregation said:

US administration is propagating a certain version of Christianity that is not based on Jesus Christ (PBUH) teachings, but after securing Zionists’ interests. 😯 [US administration is propagating a version of Christianity not based on Jesus Christ?? Well, then, how would you call that? 😉 ].

Based on this mentality, the Jews must gather in Palestine and then in the course of a revolution two thirds of them to get killed, and the remainder should see the reappearance of Jesus (PBUH).

Therefore, they are after gathering the entire Jews of the world in Palestine, which is definitely a move with political and Satanic roots, but the idea is put forth in the framework of an idea behind the hope for reappearance of Messiah. US President George W. Bush is the standard bearer of that mentality. That man is loathed to an extent in the United States today that the mentality he supports, too, has very limited number of supporters.”

Hey, this man should write script or something. What an imagination!! Heh. 😈


You can also read this post from Red Alerts:

The second YouTube video in as many months where a fairly young guy argues for marrying children based on Islamic values. His argument is straight from the undergraduate liberal arts textbook. He’s preaching moral moral relativism, the flip side of social science doctrine to view cultures without your inherent ethnocentrism. His argument is that since our (westerners) ethics aren’t universally accepted, it isn’t “ethical” to judge other cultures using our moral compass, but we should use the morals and ethics of the society we’re judging to judge them.

[…] Watch to be disgusted, it’s in two parts so settle in. Vid one starts slow, but the last three minutes will make any feminist worth their salt go ballistic. It’s also the verbatim argument made by Jihadi Pervert one who was from California. Odd that the someone from Canada would be repeating the same tripe. It’s almost as if their being self radicalized by hanging around a jihadi propaganda outlet.

And watch the videos inside… 😡 You know, just like the female professor I wrote about yesterday about FGM.


About censorship to Atlas Shrugs, read 1389 Blog: she has been clasified as “Violence/Hate/Racism blog by SonicWALL, a site of rating for blogs.

Anyway, she has had as ever a beautiful response from readers. Blogpower!


Announcement from Vigilant Freedom / 910 Blog:

Baron Bodissey of The Gates of Vienna is seeking assistance in producing a Counter-jihad Calendar. Each month of the calendar will feature pictures of famous scenes from various countries under threat from Islamisation, along with a series of links for anti-Islamist blogs in those countries. The following countries will be represented: Britain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Greece, India, Australia, and the USA. Search your blogrolls for your favorite blogsites which focus on the Islamist threat in these countries, and forward them to Baron at vigilantfreedom dot com.

I’m doing a list on Spanish anti-Jihadi sites. If you’re Spanish and you have an anti-Jihadi blog, you can write a comment in this post with the link and your name so I can forward the complete list in a fortnight. According to Baron this is a summary of what this calendar is about:

The calendar was started to supplement the SIOE demonstration at the EU Parliament in Brussels on September 11th, 2007, to protest the ongoing Islamization of Europe.
SIOE asked me to help with graphics and logos for their efforts, and I was glad to comply. In the process I decided to launch a parallel enterprise, one which fits in with the Brussels demo but which will continue afterwards. I call it the “Counterjihad Calendar Project”, and it will include an iconic image of a notable Western monument for each of the twelve months.
One of the themes of the SIOE rally is “Enough is enough!” With the help of people from the various countries involved, versions of the slogan in nine different European languages were created.
Bearing in mind what has happened to Cordoba Cathedral in Spain, Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, and an uncountable number of Hindu temples in India, I wanted to associate a well-known Western building or monument on each page of the calendar. I’ve finished seven months, and have five more to go.
Since our focus at Gates of Vienna is not just on Europe, but on the ongoing Islamization of the entire civilized world, the countries on the calendar will include India, the USA, and Australia.
Some of the monuments used in the images will be well-known to everyone; others will be familiar mainly to the citizens of the countries involved. If all goes well, when the last month is ready, I’ll create a wall calendar that will be sold at our Café Press store.

The kinds of sites I want are those that spend a least 25% of their time posting about Muslim and jihad-related issues. I want to exclude anti-Semitic sites or those that hate Israel, and antything that is truly racist. The issue is the religion and ideology of Islam, and not race.

Thanks for your collaboration.

By the way, please, enter the name of your blog or of someone who has give you express permission. I do not want that later some bloggers complaint about being in the Calendar without their express consentment.


And now, something pleasant: Let the Kissing begin by Angel. Je:

SARAJEVO (AFP) — Organisers of an event in which almost 7,000 couples kissed simultaneously in a Bosnian town on Saturday said their effort deserved a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Bosnia claims world kissing record
Mus-lim clerics in Tuzla called for a boycott of the event, arguing it was not in line with Mus-lim tradition.

it doesn’t appear in the Quran!!” Bwahahahaha!! Must be because there are no boys kissing old men… 😦

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Dissident leaders historic peaceful march for liberation of political prisoners in Cuba

Marta Beatriz Roque, the Cuban economist who has become one of the most prominent dissidents in that country, led a peaceful march this past weekend to demand the release of Jose Antonio Mola Porro, a political prisoner sentenced to two years in jail.

Roque, who has herself been imprisoned and harassed for her efforts to bring democracy back to Cuba, led a group of over 70 dissidents who demanded the unconditional release of Mola Porro, who was released in 2006 but was taken back to prison in November of that year for participating in the Congress of Independent Libraries.

Last May 14 he should have been released, but without any trial he was sentenced to another year in prison.

The unprecedented peaceful march led by Roque reached the Attorney General’s office of the Camaguey Province, where Mola Porro’s wife presented a request for his release, while the 70 dissidents remained outside under intense scrutiny by state police officers.

Stefania has posted some photos of the march.

protesta en Camaguey (CUBA)

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LOS DISIDENTES: ZP, the criminal dictator’s defender. – Blog Sevilla. Opina sobre tu Ayuntamiento. -I translate, original post in Spanish-

PSOE has rejected, with the help of the radical left, a proposition defended by Popular Party, Convergence and Union (Catalan Nationalists), Basque Nationalist Party and Canarian Coalition, in which the latter defended the support for the statement “Unity for freedom” promoted by the main leaders of the Cuban democratic oposition. The debate again has underlined the alliance between Zapatero’s Government and the Comunist regime and his total contempt for the Cuban people who are risking their lifes in their fight for freedom and democracy.
Sevilla, with Socialist Major, is one of the cities that contribute more to the Cuban regime.
Some days ago, when Condoleeza Rice came to Spain, she defended the need to boost the contacts with dissidents to seek for a democratic solution to the Castro-ist regime and she only found, the deafness, or to say more accurately, the hostility of our Government.
Doing so, PSOE puts itself openly, not only against USA, but also again the Human Rights and common sense, and our basic international alliances, which are the democracies of this world, and not the Bolshevik  last resorts, even when our President prefers them in a folk sentimental way.

 Prevost links to PP MP Moragas who says that the motion was lost only for 8 votes. Moragas adds:

Each day there are more MPs and parlamentarian groups which support the Cuban freedom and in the end we will succeed in giving, from Spanish Parliament, the support that Caribbean Perle’s democrats merit.

Hmm, so Zapatero is again doing the contrary to what Aznar said. Aznar was, with Nathan Sharansky and Vaclav Havel, the organiser of a conference in Prague about dissidence and peace. In it, they defended a hard policy towards Cuba in order to support Human Rights and democracy:

There is an appeasement policy towards Cuba“, said the Czech President and ex-dissident himself. “This conference should send a message to EU leaders: this is not the way“.
Aznar reminded that his Government incited a Common Position reached in 1996, with which the EU asks Havana to respect Human Rights and to do some changes towards democracy.
For Aznar, with this Agreement, Europe said: “nothing in Cuba without dissidents“.

You can read what Gateway Pundit wrote about the conference, in which dissidents from all the world (Iran, Bolivia, Russia, Sudan, Iraq….) spoke about their experiences. They agreed that Human Rights are not only for some people but for all.

Related news:

Cuba is wanting to meddle in the Colombian internal affairs. From EldiarioExterior.com: Cuba wants FARC leader Granda to live in Cuba if that’s good for the peace process -each time I hear that words, I get worried-. Pérez Novoa said that Cuba “always has supported peace processes -while killing and mistreating/torturing dissidents- and “that because of the respect Cuba has for Colombian internal affairs, they are at his disposition“.

Chávez and democracy.

Democracy is government of the people,” Chavez said. “I think if
we’re going to compare the extent of power that the people have,
without a doubt Cuba is more of a democracy than the United States

In Cuba there is no child that isn’t in school, no sick person who isn’t tended to,” Chavez said.

So after the Venezuelan VP said they wanted to impose the “dictatorship of democracy, now Chávez wants to equate the people’s Government with education and health. That’s a marvellous logic.

Despite his admiration of Cuba, Chavez denied that Venezuela’s emerging socialist system is being modeled after the island’s. “We’re in the middle of building it, like an artist painting a picture,” Chavez said.”We aren’t copying anything.”
[…] Chavez shares Castro’s affinity for hours-long speeches and spontaneity. During the four-hour drive, Chavez abruptly broke away from his motorcade at one point, saying he wanted a glimpse of the Apure River swollen by rains – “a magic river,” he called it.
When he stopped his Toyota (nyse: TM newspeople)4Runner at National Guard checkpoints, troops snapped to attention and saluted, reciting Castro’s trademark slogan, now adopted by Chavez:

“Socialism or death!”

h/t Fausta.

But Chávez has not been the only one visiting Castro. Evo Morales also has gone.

Both Chávez and Morales spoke with Castro about energy and environment, but of course, not a word about Human Rights…

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leonardo Boff, theologian known for his support to the “Theology of liberation” was giving a conference in Madrid. Asked about Venezuela, Boff critisized Chávez about the RCTV’s closing. But when was asked about Cuba, all of the questions were made and answered in favor of Cuban regime. Then this happened:

“Can you explain me why did you select those questions and were censored all the ones who were directed to enquire about Cuban situation?“, the journalist from this newspaper insisted.

Look here, you’re only provocating, you’re no journalist at all, you’re not going to tell me how I have to conduct a meeting, I’m an EFE journalist (EFE is the official Spanish news agency, the man speaking is Martínez de Velasco, president of the Association of Religious Journalism) since a lot of time ago and I know perfectly how to distinguish between what it is journalism and provocation, and you’re only a provocating, you’re harrasing me and I will not tolerate that. I have told you already that there wasn’t enough time for all the questions, and Mr. Boff had to attend another meeting”, he replied, each time more unconfortable and angry.

“Wasn’t you aware of the interest that Cuba has and that that same interest was the cause of me asking three asking? Why did not you ask one single question?”, he insisted again.

“Of course, Cuba is… but Who do you think you are? You go just provocating, you’re a shame for journalism! I do not have anything more to speak with you, I repeat that you’re harrasing me and I will not consent you that…”, he answered.

LD tried then, to make a photo of the people who were sat by the table –Martínez de Velasco, Leonardo Boff and the University Carlos III’s teacher, Juan José Tamayo–, who, in that moment were speaking with people from the public.

In that moment, a cameraman from EFE, who had filmed all the tense dialogue, began insulting and menacing the LD journalist.

“Don’t even try to take my photo, you fascist”, he threatened.

“Excuse me? What have you called me?”, we just happen to ask, totally (bad) surprised, stupefied.

Then the reporter of EFE TV left his camera on the table and went over to the LD journalist, trying to beat him, an intention in which he was refrained from by Martínez Velasco, who stop him, while the democratic cameraman threatened: “We go out and I will explain it to you, you fascist of bullocks”.

Libertad Digital: Amenazan e insultan a un periodista de LD por preguntar sobre Cuba a Leonardo Boff

smile_thinkingHmm, Spanish pacifism, Zapatero’s version…. smile_confusedApart from the obvious bad language…

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Estados Unidos y España solicitaron el viernes al presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez, que reabriera una cadena de televisión cuya licencia ha cancelado y le acusaron de reprimir la libertad de expresión.

EEUU y España instan a Venezuela a que permita emitir a RCTV | Reuters.es

USA and Spain asked on Friday to the Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez to reopen a TV channel whose licence he has cancelled and accused him of repressing the freedom of expression.

So a change of 180º.

Hmm, look at the photo. But Rice wasn’t the representant of a genocidal-imperialistic-moobat….?

Now, the Government could also change its views on Cuba and make Spain have a better image on defending Human Rights.

Ooops, that we need them for defending our own country. Spanish Army will buy its first Tomahawk missiles this summer with a cost of €72 millions. But it’s even more stupid the anti-americanism when we depend on US to fire those missiles!!!

And here Rice with Rajoy, PP leader:

In the interview, Rajoy spoke with Rice about the Spanish political situation and agreed with Rice in the exam on Venezuelan and Cuban situation. Rice told him that Spanish and US Government agreed that there were a disagree on Cuban matters.

Rajoy said about Cuba:

For PP leader, the Spanish Government must give his express support the political transition on Cuba and from the Castro’s regime to democracy. Rajoy also added that the Zapatero’s Government is on danger of be considered before the international community as the “representant of a inherited dictatorship”, and supported the defense of freedom and human rights of the cubans, and to the opposition in a “visible and express” way.

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A friend of mine has sent me the link to these two videos in You Tube. They are about a debate hosted by Digital TV Libertad Digital about Cuban situation today and the country’s prospects. Really interesting -debate is in Spanish though-.

Primera parte:

Segunda parte:

El blog de Jorge Moragas (Popular Party MP): Los 300 de Cuba.

Patético, vergonzoso y humillante para todos los demócratas cubanos, españoles y europeos. En el útimo minuto la dictadura cubana se mofó de España. En la rueda de prensa final, el Canciller cubano Pérez Roque hizo saltar por los aires el compromiso que un ingenuo o incapaz Moratinos nos pretendía vender como un éxito:Así, del acordado y raquítico mecanismo político bilateral para hablar de Derechos Humanos entre España y Cuba quedaban excluidos manu militari los presos políticos y de conciencia cubanos que se pudren en las carceles de los Castro. A Zapatero y a su Gobierno que se ha ido de Procesión de Semana Santa a Cuba les han tomado el pelo como a unos pringadillos en viaje de fin de curso al Caribe. Ellos sólos se han metido en la trampa de la dictadura y su soberbia terminal y su fascinación por la ingeniería social castrista les ha empujado ignorar los llamamientos no sólo del PP y de Mariano Rajoy a la cabeza, sino de otros como: los mismos disidentes, Reporteros sin Fronteras, Amnistía Internacional, las Damas de Blanco, Oswaldo Payá y el Proyecto Varela, el Comité Internacional de Protección de Periodistas(Openheimer, Conkrite, Amanpour y otros fachas…) así como de ese Corazón de Europa que debería ser el Parlamento Europeo. Todos ellos, todos nosotros somos simples voces que claman en el desierto moral de este insensible Gobierno hippypiji.

El blog de Gustavo de Arístegui (Popular MP): Cuba, Venezuela y el populismo.

Es simplemente insultante que el ministro de Asuntos Exteriores diga que se va a hablar de todo, incluso de derechos humanos sin que se haga mención alguna a los presos políticos y de conciencia de Cuba. Nadie ha contestado desde el gobierno socialista a la repugnante declaración del ministro de exteriores cubano Pérez-Roque tildando a los presos políticos de mercenarios y terroristas.

Es triste, patético y escandaloso que el gobierno haya llegado hasta este nivel de entreguismo y claudicación. Convendría recordarle al gobierno socialista que hoy España bajo gobierno socialista no va a poder jugar papel relevante alguno en la transición cubana –palabra por cierto proscrita y maldita por el régimen cubano, lo que confirma su inmovilismo. Los disidentes rechazan de plano la vergonzosa política del gobierno socialista hacia Cuba, el Régimen cubano nos desprecia y nos da por descontados y los Estados Unidos (Republicanos y Demócratas por igual) desconfían del actual gobierno de España.

Related posts: Anti-Castro website launches an anti-Spain campaign.

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People that read this blog should be aware that I am not the least sympathetic for Castro, and that one of the reasons to my opposition to Mr. Zapatero and Clown Spanish FM Moratinos is precisely his policy towards the island. So I was today searching for news about the two Cuban soldiers that were killed yesterday because they wanted to escape the island -you can read more here– and I went to read babalublog.com.

To my (bad) surprise, they are supporting [*] a campaign that runs like this:

But the more things change the more they stay the same. The current Spanish government has proven itself to be tone deaf to the pleas of Cuban dissidents, preferring instead to follow a policy that suits Spanish hoteliers and other Spanish investors in Cuba. The same kind of policy that many accused the United States of implementing in pre-castro days. Except that according to former Earl E.T. Smith, U.S. Ambassador to Cuba in the late 50s, in his book, The Fourth Floor, Cuba had its best economic year ever in 1957.

Today Spain is a vulture feeding off the dead carcass of a broken nation. We intend to send a message to Spain with this campaign. We intend to speak firmly and with conviction. We intend to call a spade, a spade. Spain has found a way to sink its colonial hooks into Cuba again more than 100 years later.

Firstly, as you can see, they critisize the Government, and after they begin a campaign against ALL Spain, even if you despise Castro and would want Cuba to be a democratic State.

But then, they say “Spain has found a way to sink its colonial hooks into Cuba again more than 100 years later“. Nothing more wrong. Zapatero does not act because of Spanish colonial past. Zapatero acts like that because he likes communism, thinking that the people who sustains it are nothing but socialist brothers somewhat confused. He is only concerned about sinking right-wingers, and above all Bush and Aznar. And as both of them -and other right-wingers- support the Cuban opposition, he thinks that he must go against them and support Castro.

Stephania, this is what I said to you some time ago. I am much too angry and puzzled to know what more to say. I thought that campaigning for some ideas should precisely include to attack the people who attack you and to, at least, not to attack the ones who are supporting you. Not insulting and blaming on EVERYONE who belongs to a group of which there is an important number that support you. This is just as if we consider that all USA would be Pelosi or similar specimens.

In reference to the Spanish investments in Cuba -a lot of Spanish lost their whole savings because of Castro-, if the Government is considering more important the investments than the Human Rights of the Cubans, that would be very wrong, although I doubt that as Zapatero’s real motive -if you have followed Endesa’s takeover bid, you can easily see that Spanish investments are not his prior importance-. But tell me, is USA, UE or any other Western country, not doing business with China, Saudi Arabia, etc? Hmm, no, they are doing it: Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, etc to name the more famous. They have even denounced bloggers and activists who were surfing and blogging from their servers. And oil companies are still doing business with Saudi Arabia and other democratic countries. And what has been done by Governments? And no, I do not think that it is good if the others do something that it is positively wrong. I think that blaming one country for something that the rest do, can be safely called hipocrisy.

That, acknowledging that this Spanish Government is a total mess and disgrace.

By the way, the last US Ambassador is a truly unbiased source. I am not saying that what he says is wrong or untrue. But, as someone interested in what happened, please, next time bring me the numbers.

If you can read Spanish, read this article by Hermann Terstch (story here and here) h/t Nauscopio Scipiorum. That is the real personality of Zapatero and Co.

Lastly, I am not going to stop defending the Human Rights of Cuban citizens or to consider my ideological position. Matters of concience and recognition of the dignity that every human being has in him/herself are above this sort of polemics.


About the Cubans: IHT says the Cuban government blames the behaviour of the 2 Cuban soldiers -who had kidnapped a Colonel, now dead, and wanted to kidnap an airplane to get to US- on the USA, and runs:

“The responsibility for these new crimes lies with the highest-ranking authorities of the United States, adding to the long list of terrorist acts that Cuba has been the victim of for nearly half a century,” it said.
Havana says U.S. immigration policies giving most Cubans almost guaranteed residency encourages them to risk their lives to get to the United States and says that U.S. officials have long tolerated – even encouraged – violence against the Communist-run country.

Of course, nobody wants to get out of the Cuban paradise… where dissidents are imprisoned because of criminal pre-danger.

Also in O Insurgente. In Italian, Corriere della Sera.

Fred Thomson, the unofficial Republican candidate for the elections of 2008, has written about Cuban healthcare system (you know, the best of the world and all that…):

The truth is that Cuban medical care has never recovered from Castro’s takeover — when the country’s health care ranked among the world’s best. He won the support of the Cuban people by promising to replace Batista’s dictatorship with free elections, and to end corruption. Once in power, though, he made himself dictator and instituted Soviet-style Communism. Cubans not only failed to regain their democratic rights, their economy plunged into centrally planned poverty.
As many as half of Cuba’s doctors fled almost immediately — and defections continue to this day. Castro won’t allow observers in to monitor his nation’s true state, but defectors tell us that many Cubans live with permanent malnutrition and long waits for even basic medical services. Many treatments we take for granted aren’t available at all — except to the Communist elite or foreigners with dollars.

h/t NoisyRoom.Net.

About Cuba and May 1st.


Para los que no entendeis inglés, uno de los blogs anti-catristas más importantes ha iniciado una campaña que, en lugar de protestar contra Zapatero, nos tacha a todos los españoles de querer seguir ejerciendo de colonialistas -Zapatero, incluido, lo único que me ha dado risa del artículo porque se necesita ser i-d-i-o-t-a para considerar que la posición del Gobierno socialista se produce por afán colonialista por proteger las inversiones españolas, y no porque a él le parece que son sus buenos coleguitas comunistas-. Así que voy a traducir lo más representativo del post:

Pero a pesar de que las cosas cambian, siguen igual. El actual gobierno español ha permanecido sordo a las peticiones de los disidentes cubanos, prefiriendo en su lugar seguir un política que benefica a los hoteleros españoles y a otros inversores en Cuba. La misma política de que muchos acusan a los USA en los días anteriores a Castro. Excepto que, de acuerdo con Mr. Smith, el antiguo embajador USA en Cuba en los últimos años de la década de los 50, en su libro, La Cuarta Planta, dice que el mejor año económico de Cuba fue el 1957.

Hoy España es un buitre comiendo de la carcasa muerte de una nación rota -esta nación es Cuba no España…-. Intentamos mandar un mensaje a ESpaña con esta campaña. Queremos hablar firmemente y con convicción. Queremos llamar a las palas, palas. España ha encontrado una manera de hundir sus garfios coloniales Cuba una vez más 100 años después.

Creo que no necesita mucho más comentario…

Por cierto, que están iniciando un boicot contra todos los productos españoles, añadiendo “estos gallegos están hasta en la sopa“. Y luego ehem, dicen que no es contra España

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