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I read at Tangled Blog something very under-reported here:

Fulham Reactionary (FR) reports that this time it’s not ‘oppressed youths’ (read, moslem youths) doing the damage, but locals who’ve reached the very end of their tether. The Brussels Journal records that “Locals claim the police has failed to protect them for years. They say the authorities are afraid of the immigrants and tolerate their criminal behaviour.” Sounds somehow familiar. FR mentions that the Brussels Journal is comparing these Dutch riots with our own dairy riots of last year, and it’s easy to see why. In both cases we have a massive influx of non-adapting moslem immigrants coming to European countries and causing havoc. When the locals get understandably upset that not only is their country being overrun by such creatures, but that those with whom they have a social contract (the State in the form of the Police) are failing to protect them from the resulting dangers, they are effectively told to, in the words of an LGF commenter ‘just submit like a good little dhimmi’. Rivers of blood, anyone?

What happened in Utrecht, according to reliable (ie, non-PC) reports was that:

The neighborhood of the police shooting is being terrorized by ‘youths (Warning newspeak for Muslim youth). Like everywhere in The Netherlands the police does not do much about it. People are attacked, robbed, etc. People keep calling the police but they don’t get protected. Rinie Mulder had called the police very often. So when last Sunday the ‘youths’ harassed a young pregnant woman (a daughter of a friend), he went after them. In the fight that ensued he took the knife of one of the ‘youths’. When a police officer arrived and Rinie showed him the knife, he was shot dead. The police officer was a Muslim.” [There are rumours that the policeman was a Morocan of Turkish origin, denied by the Police].

The debate has arrived at the Parliament, who has been forced to debate upon them. The debate is schedule for next week.

Snouk Hurgronje – Working class whites riot in Utrecht, continues:

The killing caused fury amongst the working class White population. Mr. Mulder had been popular amongst his peers and they blamed the police for being too cowardly to touch immigrant youth. Killing Mr. Mulder was the spark that ignited the riots. A former police station in the neighbourhood was burned down on Sunday evening. Football supporters joined the fray and confonted the police. The mayor of Utrecht cancelled a consultation with the Ondiep residents out of fear. After Sunday the police cordoned the neighbourhood off. Despite the cordon there were renewed riots (Dutch) on Monday and Tuesday night. Last night there were 130 arrests. 60 of these were Ondiep residents, the rest are from other parts of the country, and mainly “football supporters” according to the MSM.

According to Dutch press, the Police has sealed the city of Ondiep 2 nights.

Other people blogging about this: Hillbilly White Trash, Dancing with Sprites, igorilla (Greek), Jillosophy, Up Pompeii, who writes:

This is interesting and long overdue, for some time commentors on this blog have have said that violence will errupt because of the Islamic situation in Europe including the UK.

Sadly violence can also mean that people will be killed, this is especially sad when people are killed in defense of what is theirs as in this case, this will be the cost of the preservation of our way of life and as has been demonstrated in Holland, this is coming ever closer.

Klein Verzet has also written about this at MNM and also in Battle for Britain.


El barrio donde se produjo el tiroteo ha sido aterrorizado por jóvenes [o sea, jóvenes musulmanes]. Como el resto de Holanda, la policía no ha hecho nada. Había ataques, robos, etc. Se llamaba a la policía y no hacían nada. Rinie Mulder había llamado a la policía muy a menudo. Cuando el pasado Sábado los “jóvenes” estaban acosando a una joven embarazada (la hija de un amigo), fue a por ellos. En la lucha posterior, se aseguró de coger el cuchillo que tenía uno de los jóvenes. Cuando un policía llegó al lugar de los hechos y vio a Rinie con el cuchillo, le disparó matándole. La policía niega que el policía fuera musulmán, marroquí de origen turco.

Desde entonces, se ha originado una ola de revueltas en el vecindario que se han prolongado durante las noches del lunes y del martes, que ha sido silenciado por los medios tradicionales y que el Parlamento también quería silenciar. Pero el partido “Freedom Party” (PVV) ha conseguido que se debata la semana que viene.

Klein Verzet tiene más links: este es muy interesante Snouk Hurgronje – Working class whites riot in Utrecht.

Arriba teneis más links.

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