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WOW! It’s great!

I have found a way to try Ubuntu, without having to erase Windows. I have installed Wubi, a new program that installs it and if you don’t like it, you can unistall it from your install/uninstall applications from Windows.

I haven’t have any real problems. Even the printer – a normal HP printer-, prints normally. It recognises all the files I have on Windows. And it’s password protected.

Hmm, I only have some problems with .wma archives -as they are from Windows Media Player- but I believe I am going to solve it one way or another… 🙂 [Solved also].

I haven’t had any problems installing it, and by now it is functioning right.

Ohh, I forgot: it has pre-installed Open office, Firefox, Evolution Mail, Gaim and some programs to play music and films/DVD, mainly. I have added some others like Akregator for the RSS feeds

I have to search for a blog editor, though. I was so used to Windows Live Writer…. 😀

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