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If you are using Linux you can download the new Google Desktop for Linux.

h/t El Mundo.es.

More information here.

It does not have the sidebar though -at least not in my PC 😀 -… 😦 But for the rest it goes right.

And Apple has released a new version of its Safari for Windows, that goes better that the last one. But if you are going to write comments in Spanish, it’s better that you do nottry it yet, as if you write an accent they are going to be cut!! 😉 But, in general, it goes smooth and it does not have major problems…

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As I told you some days ago, I downloaded Safari for Windows [before using Linux, 😉 je ].

Apple® today announced that more than 1 million copies of Safari(TM) for Windows were downloaded in the first 48 hours since the free public beta was made available on Monday. Safari 3 is the world’s fastest and easiest-to-use browser, and is available as a free download at www.apple.com/safari.

Safari for Windows Public Beta Downloads Top 1 Million in First 48 Hours

Well, I wrote about the problems that I have with it. I also have read people have uninstalled from their system. I haven’t: I’m curious as how it’s going to evolve…

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WOW! It’s great!

I have found a way to try Ubuntu, without having to erase Windows. I have installed Wubi, a new program that installs it and if you don’t like it, you can unistall it from your install/uninstall applications from Windows.

I haven’t have any real problems. Even the printer – a normal HP printer-, prints normally. It recognises all the files I have on Windows. And it’s password protected.

Hmm, I only have some problems with .wma archives -as they are from Windows Media Player- but I believe I am going to solve it one way or another… 🙂 [Solved also].

I haven’t had any problems installing it, and by now it is functioning right.

Ohh, I forgot: it has pre-installed Open office, Firefox, Evolution Mail, Gaim and some programs to play music and films/DVD, mainly. I have added some others like Akregator for the RSS feeds

I have to search for a blog editor, though. I was so used to Windows Live Writer…. 😀

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We will have to see how it goes on Windows. 😀

He said Safari was “the fastest browser on Windows”, saying it was twice as fast as Internet Explorer.

A test version of Safari 3 for Windows XP, Vista and Apple Macs running OSX, is available for download from the Apple website. Apple is hoping to replicate the success of iTunes, which has proved enormously popular on both Macs and Windows machines.

“We think Windows users are going to be really impressed when they see how fast and intuitive web browsing can be with Safari,” said Mr Jobs.

Mr Jobs used the conference to lift the lid on new features of its forthcoming operating system (OS) for Macs, called Leopard.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple announces Windows browser

 You can download it from here.

Here is the Apple webpage announcing it.

Comments: The first thing I can distinguish of it is that I can’t see the words which are underlined from my blog at wordpress.com. And then an error came and the browser shut itself…

It really is a beta yet. 🙂 We will have to wait:

While it’s marvelously stable, a few snags reminded us that Safari is still a beta. It occasionally renders pages incorrectly and seems to have problems with Cascading Style Sheets in particular. It also displays Shockwave animation somewhat slowly. User preferences are limited; there’s no way to set the cache size or stop animated gifs from cycling, and you won’t find AutoFill or AutoComplete options like those in IE. Also, we missed the favorites/history/page-holder panel available in IE.


That said, Apple has included a feedback button on the toolbar, so users can report problem sites. The company plans on addressing problems for the as-yet unscheduled gold release.

I am not the only one underlining the problems of this beta. I German.

A security hole has already been discovered in it.

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I have been looking for a Firefox’s extension to receive RSS. I knew both Sage and Wizz but I did not like any of them. Yesterday, I found a reasonable one: it’s called Brief, and can be used with the new Firefox 2.0.

Brief is an extension for Firefox which makes reading feeds as easy as it gets. It is designed to have the right set of features to be both powerful and simple. Brief stores feeds’ content in a database and displays articles in a form of a sleek, interactive page.

Easily mark articles as read and star the interesting ones. Browse your feeds anyway you want – view only unread or starred articles, display a single feed or a whole folder at a time. Find what you are looking for using full text search-as-you-type. Let yourself be notified when feeds are updated in the background and track the number of new entries using the status bar.

If you use Firefox, you can give it a try.


Por fin he encontrado un add-on de Mozilla para ver los RSS que merece la pena. Con él puedes marcar como importantes las noticias que te gusten -cosa que en Sage, por ejemplo, no se puede- y los resultados de la búsqueda aparecen al mismo tiempo que escribes.

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Windows Live Mail

I have been using Windows Live Mail for some time now. Considered the heir of Outlook for Vista OS, it can also be downloaded for XP OS.

It looks good and it works OK. You can download your POP and IMAP accounts and also it has a reasonable .

I only see an inconvenient: you must have a hotmail / msn account. If not you cannot use it.

You can read: Winplanet (E), Softonic (S).

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The problem with the new Blogger is that most of the blogging clients do not recognise the Google Accounts. But Zoundry does. This post is only to see if the post, once sent over to the blog, looks good.

(And they have added a button to justify the posts, that was what I thought was missing…).

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If some weeks ago we saw that Google was urged to clean up YouTube’s Copyright Troubles, now the Association of American Publishers are also suing them:

“The publishing industry is united behind this lawsuit against Google and united in the fight to defend their rights,” AAP President and former Colorado Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder said in a statement. “While authors and publishers know how useful Google’s search engine can be and think the Print Library could be an excellent resource, the bottom line is that under its current plan, Google is seeking to make millions of dollars by freeloading on the talent and property of authors and publishers.”

This comes after Google removed 20.549 videos from YouTube (Spanish), after being sued by a Japanese holding who defends the rights of the authors, because of an infraction related with intelectual property (here in English from BBC, here from PC World and here from Tail Rank).

In Spain, SGAE (General Society for Authors and Editors) is planning to install a new tax on every hard disk (link in Spanish)-whether they are on computers or not- that you purchase just in case you are going to copy protected material in them. Tribunals have issued sentences against the old canon (link in Spanish)in which the hard disks and other high capacity devices were not included. SGAE won [not earned] €29 millions only in 2004 and it increased 30% in 2005. The percentage is decided on average estimations on what would the normal share of clients using those means to archive forbidden material. There are a lot of campaigns  and on line petitions against the canon in internet.

Básicamente lo que pasa es que Google después de haber sido obligada a retirar casi 30.000 vídeos de YouTube por la SGAE Japonesa, ahora ha sido demandada también por la Asociación americana de Editores, debido a su nuevo proyecto que intentaba subir a Internet los libros de diferentes universidades. Los editores quieren dinero a cambio de la millonada que se va a llevar Google.

En cuanto a España, como seguimos a vueltas con el canon de la SGAE, aquí teneis un vídeo de traca que he encontrado en Internet… smile_teeth

Aquí teneis el link del video.

UPDATE: Javier de la Cueva from Derecho de Internet points me another sentence which is more recent that the one I pointed to above, in fact, from Sept 26th, 2006. The Judge failed to recognise his rights to the consumer but later the Provincial Audience has revoked that, recognising againthose rights.

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Yesterday, I wrote about Writely . Today I am going to blog from another Web application, WriteToMyBlog , about whose existence a reader informed me some days ago.

The interface is really impressive: it has even more features than Writely! You can insert tables, custom characters, even edit the CSS style. The processor even lets you split the post -in Blogger I think you are not able to do that-. Lastly, you can also use the fullscreen mode AND it also includes the possibility of inserting technorati tags.

Inconveniences: I have not seen any trackback feature -ERROR: IT HAS TRACKBACK FEATURE, so this is not an inconvenience no more, though I have to send the post and see if my suspicions 😉 are true. The program is not very quick though -my connection is not the fastest, so perhaps that’s the reason why the dialog boxes do not appear instantly ;)-. Lastly, if you use Mozilla or Firefox , you can’t copy and paste. 😦

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Blogging with Writely

Some days ago, El Cerrajero told me to try Writely.com , so that’s what I am going to do now.

Writely is one of the new Web 2.0 resources, where you can write documents as if it were Word or OpenOffice.org. But it lets you also blog directly to your personal webpage.

The interface is really agreeable. It has the most important functions (including the justify text, that normally is not included in the most important part of the blog editors). There are several possibilities of formatting text, in fact more than I have seen for a long time. You can save your documents -it saves it automatically everything you write-, and there is a spell checker.

There are some inconveniences. As writely is owned by Google, and Google also owns Blogger , there are several features that are missing, such as trackbacks -in Blogger you have to add haloscan– or technorati tags, which are both very useful . Especially, the trackbacks to connect posts which are writing of related issues. Trackbacks are included in some other blogging platforms, such as wordpress (this blog, for example, uses wordpress on wordpress.com), typepad or blogharbor.

But for people blogging with blogger is a very comfortable tool, which I am going to add to the sidebar after “web resources”


Hace algunos días, El Cerrajero me aconsejó que probara Writely.com, así que eso es lo que estoy haciendo.

Es una aplicación Web 2.0, donde se pueden editar y crear documentos de Word o OpenOffice.org. Pero también permite bloguear.

Su interfaz es muy agradable. Tiene todas las funciones de formato deseables -incluso permite incrementar o disminuir el tamaño de la letra-, como ya veis arriba. Incluso tiene función para grabar los posts -los graba además automáticamente- y también tiene corrector ortográfico -que está en inglés- 😉

Sin embargo, para mi presenta distintos inconvenientes. El más importante sin duda, es que como Writely es propiedad de Google y Google también es dueño de Blogger, que no tiene funcionalidad para usar trackbacks -si no se le añade la aplicación externa haloscan, no se tiene posibilidad -o al menos yo no la he encontrado ;)- de mandar trackbacks, ni tampoco de incluir tags de technorati o del.cio.us, ambas características muy útiles.

I am adding tags manually:

del.cio.us tags: writely, blog editors, Web 2.0.

technorati tags: writely, blog editors, Web 2.0.

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Windows Live Writer has updated some of its features. Now you can enter tags in posts, which is something very useful. You can customize provider, although most famous tags, like technorati or delicious are pre-selectioned.

I have not used the trackback feature, which, in the previous version, only went well if it was a ping to a wordpress blog, but not if it were a trackback from haloscan or to other blog software. When I use it, I will write about the results [By the way, it happens the same -at least to me- with Qumana 😦 ].

Also Opera.com has launched the new Opera 9.2. You can download it here. It comes -since the last version, althought now more have been added- with widgets, little programs which add functionality to the web browser. Inconvenients? I have to download it and see for myself how it goes. It has a blogging tool, though it is not WYSIWYG. Anyway, the author says it is going to add a few functionalities in the future, but at this stage is somewhat simple.

Windows Live Writer ha actualizado alguna de sus características. Se pueden introducir tags (Technorati o delicious….) en los posts. No he usado todavía los trackbacks -que en la anterior versión no funcionaban si no eran pings de wordpress… 😉 -.

Opera.com ha lanzado el nuevo Opera.com. Podeis descargarlo aquí, también en español. Todavía no me lo he descargado, aunque desde luego es uno de los mejores -si no el mejor 🙂 – de los navegadores. El problema para mí es que no tiene un editor de blogs -como Qumana o Performancing-. No tiene todavía, porque sí existe un widget -arriba está el link- que permite “bloguear“, pero no es WYSIWYG, esto es, no sale formateado en el editor como queda en el blog [WYSIWYG es What See Is What You Get, esto es, Lo que ves es lo que obtienes, traducido literalmente]

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