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As I have posted before, Chinese influence in the world is spreading, something that, with its present state about Human Rights, is far from good. From Yahoo:

For years, China’s booming economy touched daily life in the West most visibly through the “made-in-China” label on everything from clothes to computers. But now, economic growth is giving rise to something more that can’t be measured just by widgets and gadgets — a shift in China’s balance of power with the rest of the world.

China’s reach now extends from the Australian desert through the Sahara to the Amazonian jungle — and it’s those regions supplying goods for China, not just the other way around. China has stepped up its political and diplomatic presence, most notably in Africa, where it is funneling billions of dollars in aid. And it is increasingly shaping the lifestyle of people around the world, as the United States did before it, right down to the Mandarin-language courses being taught in schools from Argentina to Virginia.

China, like the United States, is also learning that global power cuts both ways. The backlash over tainted toothpaste and toxic pet food has been severe, as has the criticism over China’s support for regimes such Sudan’s.

To understand why China’s influence is increasingly pushing past its borders, just do the math.

When 1.3 billion people want something, the world feels it. And when those people in ever increasing numbers are joining a swelling middle class eager for a richer lifestyle, the world feels it even more.

If China’s growth continues, its consumer market will be the world’s second largest by 2015. The Chinese already eat 32 percent of the world’s rice, build with 47 percent of its cement and smoke one out of every three cigarettes.

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China farmer Activist Arrested for Advocating “No Olympics, But Human Rights”.

China passes law censoring Disaster and Accidents Coverage.

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More about Nebraska’s University affair:

Officials of the Omaha, Nebraska archdiocese are expressing a growing impatience with the Jesuit-run Creighton University, the Associated Press reports.
Although university officials this week cancelled plans for a campus lecture by Anne Lamott, a novelist who is an advocate of legal abortion and euthanasia, archdiocesan leaders remained unhappy with the direction of the university, the news service revealed in an August 31 report.
[…]In announcing a mutual agreement to cancel the lecture, Creighton had said that Lamott’s views on suicide and euthanasia had only recently come to the attention of school officials. But the novelist’s agent told Associated Press a quite different story, saying that the school had deliberately asked Lamott to avoid those issues during her lecture.

The lecture was cancelled thanks to blogpower! Je. 😆

There is another important initiative for the pro-life movement: a Mexican church has presented the Declaration of Human Rights of the Unborn:

The declaration, which contains ten principles that state that the unborn have the right to be recognized as individuals of the human race, will be delivered to the Mexican Congress in support of an amendment to the constitution.

Congresswoman Beatriz Garcia Reyes, who was present at the signing, said the initiative could bear “much fruit,” and she rejected the idea that such proposals to defend life should only occur when politically expedient. The unborn and their rights should always be defended, she added. She also called for legislative reform in order to define the unborn as an individual and a person under the law.

I like the idea, even if our establishment doesn’t.


Even if looks like the Nahr El Bared’s crisis in Lebanon has ended, it is far from it. Last post from Blacksmiths of Lebanon shows us the hard reality:

They left booby-trapped TVs and radios on, so that when soldiers went to turn them off, they would explode… They also played recordings of crying babies, which lured soldiers into buildings and rooms which would then be detonated.

😯 😯 Yeah, I know than in love and in war nothing is forbidden (or something like that), but this… this is treacherous…


Naharnet has just reported that

Prosecutor General Saeed Mirza on Thursday ordered police to launch an investigation into a video game about the storming of Premier Fouad Saniora’s government compound and the killing of all the ministers.

Sympathetic and peaceful the video game, eh???

Just read the entire post.

Last news are that the “Militant held camp has fallen to Lebanese Army“:

Hours after the army killed 32 militants and captured at least 15 others as they tried to break out of the Nahr el-Bared camp, only occasional gunfire could be heard inside.

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the last stronghold of Fatah Islam militants fell later in the day to the army, which captured five wounded militants in their hideout.

Celebratory gunfire erupted in nearby villages as soon as the news spread. Dozens of residents took to the streets of Mohammara, waving Lebanese flags and honking their horns as troop convoys poured into the area with soldiers flashing victory signs.

The army, which said it lost five soldiers in the recent violence, was not ready to formally declare an end to fighting in the camp, large parts of which have been destroyed by army bombardments in the months long siege. The military said three soldiers were killed in Sunday’s fighting and two on Saturday, raising to 158 the total number of troops killed in the conflict.

A military statement early Sunday said troops were attacking the remaining militant strongholds inside Nahr el-Bared and “chasing the fugitives outside the camp” who had staged “a desperate attempt to flee.” It called on Lebanese citizens to inform the nearest army patrol of any suspected militants in their area, but gave no specifics on casualties except saying “a large number” had been killed or captured.

We will see what happens next here.

You can read more in Tears for Lebanon.


Futures’ markets are following the same evolution than they had before 9-11. Is this a sign of something? h/t Barcepundit. Pastorius has written a very clear post at IBA about the matter.

The blogosphere and options trading desks have been rife with speculation about these trades, which are unusually large bets that the market will make a huge move in the next month. Some entity, or entities, has taken a large position on extremely deep in the money S&P 500 options, both puts and calls, that won’t pay off unless the market undergoes an extremely large price move between now and the options’ expiration on Sept. 21.

Fast forward to the present day, and we have the same type of trading that took place in the days that preceded the 9/11 attacks – but on a larger scale. Nearly $1 billion of “put options” have been purchased, basically betting that Standard and Poor’s 500 index will fall significantly by the third Friday in September. A large number of these options have also been purchased calling for 50% decline by September 21, 2007. For example, a 5% drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average would be the current equivalent of about 670 points. A decline of 11% would equal about 1,470 points in today’s market. Obviously, larger drops, such as a 50% decline, would cause an unprecedented market collapse. Money would be made for the purchaser(s) of the put options – but the same purchaser(s) stand to lose over $1 BILLION in the investment if the market remains relatively static through September 21, 2007.

And let’s see: we have the real state lending problems…


Lastly, you can read about the new film of Brian de Palma by Roger L. Simon:

Meanwhile, what used to take a lot of my time has a way of encroaching on my present reality. Apparently, someone I used to know…Brian DePalma… may have resurrected his career, seemingly scoring a hit at the Venice Film Festival with his new film “Redacted.” The subject is a particularly gruesome real-life rape case, concerning a 14-year old Iraqi girl raped by US servicemen who also murdered her family.

Now I don’t know the details of this case. (Some of the servicemen involved have been given long sentences and it sounds truly hideous.) Yet, according to Reuters, the film is halfway between documentary and fiction. This to me is a highly suspect form, especially when based on recent events (2006), which are more verifiable than most. You would think the truth would be enough.

But what interests me more is Brian’s selection of material and his intention, as he states it, to stop the war. “The pictures are what will stop the war. One only hopes that these images will get the public incensed enough to motivate their Congressmen to vote against this war,” he said.

That is why I am sick of generalizations. We cannot make one lonely incident as if it were what has been happening every day. And that is why I can’t stand people who are not balanced enough in their judgement, not seeing both what is good and what is bad, and then trying to make others think like them. You know, Brian de Palma, it’s very sad for me :mrgreen: but I only have seen two of your films (The untouchables of Elliot Ness, a very good film, very different from this one , and Mission: Impossible, -though better than the two sequels: in the second, they totally messed up the Sevilla’s Easter processions and the Valencia’s Fallas, which have nothing to do- [I had mistaken the second for the first 😳 😀 ]). And really, with this kind of marvellous introduction of good judgement and balanced statements, I’m also not going to see this. Cause as lawhawk writes, you cannot make us going to the cinema:

Director Brian DePalma has unveiled his latest movie, which is nothing less than a character assassination of all US troops based on a heinous criminal acts by a unit of US soldiers. Those soldiers have been tried and convicted for their crimes by the US military, but DePalma sees no problem with using the incident to further his anti-war, anti-military, and anti-US views. [and anti-common sense… that is the worst of all…].

That’s completely within his perogative. He can produce any movie he wants – he just can’t make you go see it.

I have no interest in seeing the movie. I only wonder why he didn’t bother to make a movie showing what al Qaeda was doing to Iraqis on a daily basis – the kidnappings, mass murders, and the beheadings. Are those not sufficient to churn stomachs, or was the international audience going to salivate more over an anti-war/anti-US movie than one that shows the true evil of al Qaeda and might actually justify a continued US presence in Iraq to eradicate the al Qaeda operating there?

Showing what al Qaeda was doing to Iraqis? And then some people call me “innocent”… Well, lawhawk, with all due respect, that is to be candid. Hollywood’s doing a good film blaming the real people who are to blame? No, of course not: they could be a terrorist target! Just imagine George Clooney or similar feeling himself really hunted by those militants, freedom fighters and men of peace. Huh! Of course not.

By the way, that thing about the international audience: the 16 Spanish films who have raised more money, have raised less than Spiderman in Spain. But the Spanish Government is going to make Spanish taxpayers pay € 85 millions to produce the usual garbage: pro-communism, against the Catholic Church and the right-wingers and about the Spanish Civil War (of course, all the right-wingers were warmongers, genocidal types and sadistic killers, while the commumists-socialists were peaceful, art-loving types, who could not kill a fly… 👿 ). But they are not considering the 10 million people who voted PP on 2004, some of then did not agree (and do not agree) with Iraqi war but certainly do not agree either with the MSM about the coverage there.

So, when the film-makers are going to consider that there are other people to see international films? Without considering that this is not something new of this year, but has been the normal situation for a lot of years. And of course, if you have to choose between Lord of the Rings saga and some crap with the subject considered above, the decision is simple. Specially with the prices the cinema halls have these days… 😈

[Oh, and the Spanish film which raised more money was a film of animation “Pérez, el ratoncito de tus sueños” –Pérez, the mouse of your dreams-. There is a legend told to children in Spain: each time a little boy loses one of his first teeth, he/she must put it under his pillow. And the little mouse Pérez will come and give him a coin. So, you see, nothing political, just a pleasure to see…].
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Apparently the Lebanon ambush which killed 6 UN Spanish peacekeepers and wounded another two, was a work of Syria, according to diplomatic sources. The Lebanese journalist Jeanine el Jalakh published in the newspaper l’Orient-Le Jour, an article about the geopolitical and strategic implications of the attack. The analysis was made by a diplomatic civil servant considered by Ms. el Halakh as “ver well informed” and “with great access to the key points of what it’s happening in the area“. The diplomatic argues that the attack could well answer to an Syrian agressive strategy to show everyone that Al-Assad’s regime is not frail, and that it is determined to respond heavily.

In fact, the source considers that there will be more attacks on a near future as a way to consolidate Syrian power in the are.

But there are some things which must be considered by all the countries involved in Lebanon. The first is that, after a year, deployed in Lebanon, those forces have been unable to enforce UNSC Resolution 1701, because they don’t have an express order to do that. The second is that no one has worried about neutralising the Jihadi propaganda that announces that those forces are there to defend Israel.

The most probable responsible of the attack is a Salafist Jihadi group with Syrian Government’s links or, at least, with links to some Syrian elements. Syria would follow two objectives: the first one is make themselves essential to the solutions in the region; and the second is to prevent anything which could stain Syrian image, beginning with the assasination of the Lebanese Minister Rafik Hariri.

Less probable is the hypothetical participation of Hizibollah. The terrorist organization has had the oportunity of seeing the Spanish troops in action. Spanish troops have controlled the Syrian frontier, and has shown the real intentions of Hizbullah against Israel, after unconvering two important deposit of weapons belonging to them. The first deposit was discovered on Nov, 27th 2006 (more than 300 mortar grenades and 27 trap bombs) and the snd of them on April 7th.

There are also rumours about a Hezbullah coup this summer:

Al Mustaqbal, the pro-Hariri daily is publishing reports about a potential coup d’etat by Hezbollah as a “preemptive strike.” The information about Iran-Hezbollah plans for a coup, were made available as early as 2006 by the Lebanese international lobby (also known as the World Council of the Cedars Revolution). The March 14 coalition chose to release this information now, as the other side is also leaking it in an attempt to intimidate the Seniora cabinet. Hence, as both sides are leaking it simultaneously, it has been picked up by international monitors of the various media, including MEMRI. In short, the plan of a coup d’etat by Hezbollah, and backed by Iran and Syria is two years old, but it is surfacing now as the crush moment draws dramatically closer. “

And what is Zapatero doing? Negotiating with Hezbullah. There are doubts about the possibility of the terrorist organization being involved in the killing of Spanish soldiers and … there have been, at least, 3 meetings between Hezbullah representatives and civil and military Spanish representatives.

Nothing has been said about the object of the negotiations. [As ever with this fuck**g Government: no information to the people… why on earth?? There is no need smile_baringteeth ].

About Yemen. The last tourist who still is in Yemen, is in a very bad state. She cannot even been returned to Spain as she has not responded well to the treatment after the operation.r2632270397, made by the doctors in an attempt to save her life.

But Moratinos has received all the wounded tourists, while neither he -nor any other representative of the Spanish Government that I know of- cared to receive the two wounded soldiers returning from Lebanon. Does this mean that the tourists, who went to Yemen to just have fun, are more important than the soldiers who have been sent to war oops, no, to the Srta.Pepis nurse training course by this Government?

[Most of this post is a translation of several articles appeared on Spanish press. The links to them are in the Spanish blog posts’ links that appear here. But don’t worry they are not in El País or in any other huge and important media outlets.].

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Well, I have to say that being in the coutryside, I am not going to have much time to post these days. Anyway, I will manage to post something everyday.

Today the most horrible news I have read -I confess I have not read much- comes from Always on Watch blog:

The official reported that on a couple of occasions in Baqubah, al Qaeda invited to lunch families they wanted to convert to their way of thinking. In each instance, the family had a boy, he said, who was about 11 years old. As LT David Wallach interpreted the man’s words, I saw Wallach go blank and silent. He stopped interpreting for a moment. I asked Wallach, “What did he say?” Wallach said that at these luncheons, the families were sat down to eat. And then their boy was brought in with his mouth stuffed. The boy had been baked. Al Qaeda served the boy to his family...

Yes, in case you have not taken care of what this people are doing, Al-Qaeda served baked and stuffed 11-year-old boys to families they wanted to convert into their way of thinking.

Repulsive and beastly. And yet there are people who wants to negotiate with these beasts… What? The taste of the sauce your boy is going to be cooked??? Excuse me if I sound not very moderate, but this is really disgusting.

And by the way, if they choose that way to convince me, I think they would succeed… in convincing exactly to do the contrary they would ask me to.

Also FT published yesterday an article about Al-Qaeda linked to operations from Iran:

Evidence that Iranian territory is being used as a base by al-Qaeda to help in terrorist operations in Iraq and elsewhere is growing, say western officials.

It is not clear how much the al-Qaeda operation, described by one official as a money and communications hub, is being tolerated or encouraged by the Iranian government, they said.

Anyway, Iranian diplomats have visited the Iranian captives in Iraq, accused of belonging to the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

I also have to point you to a blog post in Pajamas Media which describes the situation in Spain nowadays. Basically, it says that while we are beginning to consider the danger, we are stuck because we do not know what to do. My own experience has taught me that 3 years ago when I talked of these things to people here, they looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Now those same people just tell me they are trully worried. We have to be realistic: the threat is real and is great. And people are not prepared that their comfortable lifes with their home, their cars, their apartment at the beach and their winter holidays skiing are menaced. And yet to discover how to fight and counterrest it at the same time.

No, I really think there are improvements. Where I really do not see much improvements are in the politicians’ ideas. They are afraid of what is coming -or just do not look farther than their noses-. Europe cannot live on past glories: we should and must evolve into the future. And we must do it, without fear but also being realistic. We cannot being stuck on the past, because then we are going to be destroyed as a civilization.

Other news include:


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niqab vs bikini

Found here thanks to Mike.

Also check these photos comparing women’s situation in Iran before and after the Islamic revolution.

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UDPATE: Experts consider that both Syria and Iran can be the responsibles of the attack. [Scroll down]

«This is not fair!»

PM José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero approached the Crown Prince Felipe and wife Letizia to take his leave when in between the relatives of the soldiers a voice came up totally full of pain: the voice belonged to the mother of one of the parachuiters. «This is not fair. Give more security to these kids!», she stormed against the President. The security services tried to prevent her from approaching to Zapatero, but in the end it was him who wanted to pay attention to her. [about time too….]. 

With a mixture of ire, pain, frustration and impotence, her firm voice was broken as she was also crying, what did not prevent her from continuing with her speech. «There is no valor to protect the vehicles of these lads. They were people who had their full lives to live!», she shouted to Zapatero before asking him to fight for «Spanish youths» and shout «¡Viva Esperanza Aguirre!» (President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, from Popular Party, won the last elections with a huge absolute majority and has been the only one who really has helped the relatives). The President bear the way he could the uncomfortable situation with the help of VP María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, while Defense Minister Alonso just did not pay attention to the incident.

But this was not the only critic to Zapatero. Ramón Luján, Yeison Alejandro Castaño’ uncle, one of the dead, complained about the “lack of tact” of the Government. «They should have been nearer the relatives». While he could barely speak, Luján remembers that if his nephew died it was, precisely, “because of the sentiment he had, so high, for the Spanish Army“. Castaño has also a cousin, Soldier Pino, also deployed in Lebanon, that yesterday, minutes before the funeral, spoke about his firm decision to end his mission for him and for the dead companions. You do not know never where death is, he has told his mother.

La Razón | Digital : España

More shame:

The Government had some initiatives since March in Congress to inform about the troops deployed in Lebanon. Pending to answer, there were two petitions in which it was asked the presence of the Defense Minister, one of them based on article 18 of the Law of National Defense (passed by Socialists under Zapatero), which obliges the Government to inform about the development of the operations abroad in periods no longer than 6 months (last time was in March 2006) and 9 questions to be answered orally in Commisions. There are also 42 written questions about the troops’ situation which were resolved in an inconcrete and fleeing-like way, according to PP.

Ex-Defense Minister Bono -the one who awarded himself a medal for fleeing from Iraq- mentioned the accident of the Yakovlev (42 soldiers dead) which was an ACCIDENT, while this has been an AMBUSH inside a WAR. smile_baringteeth

More here.

The wounded don’t know yet their companions are dead. Even if do not think it’s good to publish the photos of ailing people, in this case it is necessary for all to see, how they are now. The 2nd grade burns have gravely damaged their eyes. They can be more wounded because of Zapatero’s decision not to have aid helicopters deployed as in that case the number of Spanish troops in foreign mission could be well above the 3.000 that was the top number to which he compromised when his term began.

heridos en líbano (2)heridos en líbano (2)

And the worst of all: Now Defense says that the low risk of terrorist attacks did not justify the use of inhibitors. Of course not, that is why every damned politician in Spain, where we are not in a state of war, uses expensive inhibitors in their cars, while soldiers in plein war camp, do not merit even the cheap ones.


Some articles in the Spanish blog.

By the way, Lebanon has awarded Spanish soldiers with THREE WAR MEDALS. Spanish Government has awarded them with the medal “Dead on Humanitarian Work“.[NOTE: I do not have the link, I have heard it on the radio this morning. When I have the link I will post it]. smile_baringteeth More indignity…

 Thanks, Spanish soldiers. That’s all I can say right now.

You can read also the reflections of my friend Mike over at Lamplighter News. He explains some very interesting things about UNIFIL mission and about the C4 explosive. Worth reading.

Also read Freedom’s Zone: The real war is only beginning.

More commenting at Spanish blog Etimologías. Don’t worry most of the post is in English. But Syria appears to be THE culprit, as Blacksmith Jade commented here.

Zapatero will speak today in Congress, about the security of the mission in Lebanon. Wait and see what he has to say…

Spanish MSM are reporting that instead of helping the dead and the wounded, Italian soldiers made photos, while Lebanese Army helped them. h/t Anghara. Don’t know if that’s true, but if that’s the case, smile_sad.

UPDATE: Are Syria and Iran the real responsible of the attacks?


The first consideration that can link Fatah al Islam to Syrian Government is that the Lebanese PM, Fuad Siniora said “I have confessions of some of the people who surrendered with links to the Syrian Security Services. It is probable it was ordered by Damascus“. Syrian intelligence has denied any links with the group and has blamed CIA and Mossad just as usual. Crossed accusations that do not lead to Al-Qaeda.

Fatah al-Islam was born in the end of 2006 when it parted from Fatah al-Intifada (Fatah del levantamiento), a Palestinian group backed with Syria and Lebanese based. It’s believed that Fatah al-Islam has between 150 and 200 armed men, all of them based in refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared, in Tripoli, North Lebanon. Lebanese refugee camps are normally used as refugee by armed groups. Government’s security forces do not enter and only guard their perimeter.

Fatah al-Islam’s leader is Shakir al-Abssi, a re-known Palestinian militant. Abssi has denied any link with al-Qaeda.

But he has important links with Syria. Suspicions lie on the fact that he was sentenced in 2003 to 3 years in prison after being accused of planning attacks against the country. That is a very small punishment, considering that Syrian accused of belonging to Muslim Brotherhood normally receive punishments of 12 years. When he was freed, he appeared between the pro-Syrian groups of the Fatah-Intifada in Nahr al-Bared refugee camp, and in very short time he emerged as the leader of the new Fatah al-Islam. That is one of the reasons why general Ashraf Rifi, the leader of the Lebanese Security Force concludes that all the violence is a Syrian creation to create chaos.

Also international antiterrorist experts consider that Fatah al Islam has nothing to do with Al Qaeda neither in financial terms nor in logistical ones. But they do not deny the possibility of Fatah al-Islam being supported and financed by Syria.

The thirdreason is the great easiness with which the group moves within the Hizbullah territory. We have to underline the very narrow relatiosnhips of Hibullah with Damascus and Teheran. The place where the Spanish patrol suffered the attack is one the most important places of Hizbullah presence in Lebanon. The investigators do not understand this kind of easiness throughout Hizbullah’s territory without belonging to Syrian security services. And their explanation is plausible: Supposedly Fatah al Islam is integrated by Sunni Jihadists who hate the Shiites, and do not make any exceptions with Hizbullag, a Damascus’ ally. “If Fatah al Islam is not related with Syrian Government, Hizbullah will forbid its jihadists from being in their territories”, they say.

In this moment, the investigation maintains there are two great suspects: Fatah al Islam and pro-Iranian groups. What these investigators do know is that “the authors had the permission of Hizbullah to move throughout their territories what implies that both Iran and Syria should be aware of the operation. And consider also that C4 is an explosive used by Pro-Syrian groups and Hizbullah

And the reason for Iran anymosity -considering that Zapatero has promoted the “Alliance of Civilizations“- is: that the Iranian leadership did not like that the Spanish FM Moratinos rejected the Ahmadinerjacket’s thesis about “wiping Israel off the map” AND:

Seyyed Davud Salehi, Iranian Ambassador in Madrid, has critisized the lack of support of Spain to “help the coalition Government in Palestine and to lift the embargo imposed on Palestinians“.

In a recent interview to the Iranian Agency Irna, he advised (…hmmm, menaced) the Spanish Government to take care of a new virus which could influence negatively the good bilateral  relations. The investigators are considering the possibility that that virus is the terrorist attack against Spanish troops near Syrian frontier, using that supposed diplomatic confrontment as the excuse to launch the attack.

So, where is now the Alliance of Civilizations, Zapatero? What are you waiting for asking some questions to Iranian and Syrian representants in Madrid? And what are you going to do if they are behind the attack?


So it has already begun… if this is proved…

Posted before:

  1. Lebanon blast kills 6 UN (Spanish) peacekeepers.
  2. Blast kills 6 UN (Spanish) peacekeepers (II).
  3. Blast kills 6 UN Spanish peacekeepers in Lebanon (III).

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todos los fallecidos en Lbano


The funerals for the 6 Spanish soldiers killed in Lebanon are scheduled for eleven o’clock in the morning (Spanish hour) at the base of the parachute team in Paracuellos del Jarama.

The soldier’s corpses arrived in Spanish Air Base of Torrejón de Ardoz at 2:30 a.m., where they hamilitares en paracuellosve been received by the Crown Prince Felipe and the PM Zapatero. (video here).

The priest of the Spanish mission in Lebanon, in the funeral in Beirut, called them “peace’s martyrs”, in a ceremony that was attended by some other soldiers from other units of FINUL, in solidarity with the dead. Afterwards, in the moment of honouring the dead, some colleages of the dead cried when the anthem of the parachuters was sung. Previously, the Civil Guard unit, which travelled to Lebanon, had identified the corpses.

Neither the King Don Juan Carlos or Queen Doña Sofía will be at the funeral, because Felipe-familiaresthey are in China, “strenghtening the Spanish ties with the Asian giant“. And they are not changing their schedule. The Crown Prince Felipe (right, with relatives of the soldiers) and his wife, Letizia, will attend them.

The behaviour of the Spanish Government has been shameful. No official has informed their relatives of the death of the soldiers. No blancoofficial communication from Zapatero. Even the Socialist Organization’s Secretary, that moonbat of Blanco (left) has linked this attack to the presence of Spanish troops in Irak. As PP leader, Rajoy, has accused the Government of hiding the war state in Lebanon, Blanco has answered: “he is a little confounded and thinks that with this he can wash his conscience of having sent us to [Iraqi] war“.smile_sad

There will be two days of official mourning.

Some soldiers from the other BMR -damaged in the explosion- have spoken about the terrorist attack:

otra imagen del atentadoWhat enrages me more is that they fell one after the other. First they told us there were 3 dead, then 4, then 5 and the then the sixth, the one I brought here“. The soldier who speaks is Jorge Enrique Prieto, 28-years-old and Colombian national, same nationality that had three of the dead. He drove the BMR which was affected by the explosion, and fought till the end to save his companions.

According to him, everything “happened in seconds“. After the explosion, he stopped his vehicle to wait for his companions to rescue the wounded anManuel David Portas Ruizd after that, he made “what is possible and what is impossible too” to get on time to the base to save 19-year-old parachuter Manuel David Portas Ruiz (right). “Firstly, they told me he was alive, then that they have cut off one of his legs, but that he was alive. Then two hours later, they confirmed us he has died“, he laments.

His companion Daniel Blanco, 23-years-old from Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), explains that after the explosion he exited his vehicle and saw “fume, fire and heard groans and cryings for help” from their wounded colleagues. “We were surrounded by flames“. “We went to aid them, we deployed ourselves and went to their position fearing there could be more explosions and began clasifying them considering their wounds“.

Spanish Intelligence Agency had already warned the Government of a danger of terrorist attacks last May by two groups linked to Al-Qaeda. smile_baringteeth

The attacks’ danger were aimed at FINUL, 12.000 soldiers, of which 1.100 are Spanish. These two groups are Fatah al Islam, the main suspect of the attack, and Osbat al Ansar. These same sources outlined that since June 4th they had elevated their alert and security level, even when the contingent already is lacking some basic protection systems such as the anti-bombs inhibitors in the armoured vehicles“.

Who said that the shameful fleeing from Iraq has reduced the danger of Islamist terrorist attacks? Morons.smile_baringteeth

Another word of the Government and another lie: Sources of the investigation say -from Spanish Intelligence Agency- that the explosion was caused by much more than 50 kilos of explosives:

With the charge the Minister says that caused the explosion, it would have been impossible to make the BMR’s front part dissappear. There is nothing absolutely. It was torn off and everything inside was propelled through the rear part. You only have to take into account that there is nothing of what was the front part and that damage is not caused by only 50 kilos of explosive“.

More here. [In Spanish]

UPDATE: First analysis shows that the attack was made with 70 kgs. of C4 explosive, 5 times more poweful than the TNT (similar to 300-350 kilos of TNT). Also no blood has been found inside the car bomb, so looks like there were no suicide bombers.

UPDATE 2: Spanish National Court is beginning an investigation of the attack and forbids the incineration of the bodies in order to “know the deeds made by Spanish or foreign people abroad which could be considered, according to Spanish criminal law, as terrorism“.

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Now, look for another cause of the death of 6 Spanish soldiers, aged 19-21 years old:

The Spanish Defense Minister, José Antonio Alonso, has confirmed that the car bomb which killed 6 Spanish “blue helmets” in Lebanon contained 50 kilos of explosive and has admitted that the Spanish armoured vehicle BMR in which they were travelling did not have frequency inhibitors, a system that blocks the explosion of devices by radiofrequency. [But politicians’ cars have this device, haven’t they?].
jose antonio alonso libano 150x150Alonso has also informed that on Nov 9th, the Defence Major State ordered that all the armoured vehicles in missions were given the frequency inhibitors. The purchasing process begun then and it is in the vehicles that will be sent to Afghanistan, but not to Lebanon, where they will be included right away”.

So, what is it? Let’s tell the terrorists in Afghanistan they can kill the troops this way? Why this devices were not included from the beginning?

And above all, where is the Alliance of Civilizations, you morons?


[left: Hizbullah fans, right: one of the hurt Spanish soldiers in Lebanon, yesterday].

Note: of course, the first and main responsibles of the death are the terrorists. But the Defence Ministry has the obligation to provide the troops with the appropriate material to fight. If they have said they were in alert, how in earth this was not considered????

Popular MP, Gustavo de Arístegui, has also said that “he does not believe Hizbollah rejection and condemnation of the attack, because they have five or six thousand men in arms in Lebanon and a lot of supporters. The people there are collaborators or are feeling threatened by Hezbollah“. He added that “some Lebanese leaders have told them that the terrorist attack has an objective: send a very clear message to international troops“.

UPDATE: Profile of the dead soldiers:

Jeyson Alejandro Castaño Abada

Jeyson Alejandro Castaño Abadía

Colombia, 20-year-old.

He lived in Madrid, where his sister, Sandra, also lives.

Johnattan Galea GarcíaJonathan Galea Garca

Born in Madrid, 18-year-old. He lived in Algete (Madrid).

The Major of this city, Inmaculada Juárez, and the President of Madrid’s Community, Esperanza Aguirre, have declared two days of official mourning.

Manuel David Portas Ruiz

Manuel David Portas Ruiz

Sevillano, 19-year-old. He was hurt in the attack and died some hours later when doctors were treating him. He had gone straight from school to the Army. He was formed in Alcantarilla (Murcia) as a parachuter. He had been 4 months in Lebanon in his first mission, and he was scheduled to return on July, 9th.

Yhon Edisson Posada Valencia

Colombian. He was 20-year-old.

Jefferson Vargas Moya

Colombian, 21-year-old. In an statement to Caracol Radio, his mother, Sofía Moya, explained that he was sending money for her and his sister. She also said that since three years ago, he has not seen her but he called her “nearly every day” and had scheduled a trip to Colombia on July, 2oth, after ending his term in Lebanon. She also asked for his body to be returned to Colombia.

Juan Carlos Villora Díaz

He was borned in Lanzahíta (Ávila) 20 years ago. He lived in San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid) with his mother and his 17-year-old sister. 7 years-ago he wanted to be a priest and lived in the Seminars of Valencia and Santander. He was literally wearing the priest outfit, when he repented and abandoned the religious career, according to his father. He entered the Army 1 year and a half ago. He was in Lebanon since 3 months ago. He had plans to marry his girlfriend. The village where he was born (1.000 inhabitants) has decreed 3 days of mourning.

I will keep on informing.

UPDATE 2: TV has reported that the two other soldiers are badly wounded. They have heavy burns in face and arms. They can be blind for life.

Death is not the end: a traditional Spanish hymn to honor the killed in war:

The song’s letter is:

When the sorrow reaches us/ for a lost brother,/ when the paining goodbye/ searches on faith its hope/ in Your word we trust/ with the certainty that You/ have already returned him to the Life/ have already sent him to the Light“.

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 Marvellous!!! This was why Lebanon was never on the news, wasn’t it? Because there were actual dangers of be killed in action. I hope that now they are not given the medal-after-dying-because-of-slipping-over-a-banana-skin. smile_baringteeth Because Spain is in this war. Whatever this disgusting Government tells us about it.

Four United Nations peacekeepers have been killed and several others wounded by an explosion in southern Lebanon, security officials say. The blast badly damaged two vehicles transporting Spanish peacekeepers from the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (Unifil) near the border with Israel. It is unclear if the soldiers were targeted or hit unexploded ordinance left over from last summer’s war. Cluster bombs and mines have killed 30 people in the area in the last year. But radical groups in Lebanon have also threatened to attack the UN peacekeepers, says the BBC’s Kim Ghattas. For the last five weeks, the Lebanese army has been battling militants from the Fatah al-Islam group near the northern city of Tripoli, who are apparently inspired by al-Qaeda. Authorities have said that Fatah al-Islam militants who have been arrested and interrogated have confessed there was a plan to attack the UN, our correspondent adds.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Lebanon blast ‘kills UN soldiers

UDPATE: According to Spanish press:

An armour-plated vehicle was totally destroyed and another one was damaged. The first data were pointing to an explosion caused by a mine, which could be old or prepared to explode when the patrol was passing near. But, sources from Lebanese security points out that the explosion was caused by a device activated by remote control.

The most important part of the 1.100 military men serving at Lebanon are from the Parachute Brigade (Brigada Paracaidista -BRIPAC) and from the Terrestrial Logistical Force.

Their replacement was scheduled to begin on next July 7th and to end on July 16th (festivity of the Virgin of Carmen).

According to witnesses, some minutes later a second explosion was heared, which could have been caused by the explosion of the oil deposit or to the munition it transported.

The Spanish Defense Ministry has only announced the death of two of the soldiers.

UDPATE 2: Hizbullah has condemned the attack. Don’t make me laugh! Some days ago, they have accused the troops of spying for Israel! Huh, that would have been a good task indeed!

UPDATE 3: The vehicule was similar to this one:

vehículo similar al del atentado

UPDATE 4: Last news show the explosion has killed five, not four.

UPDATE 5: Spanish Defence Minister, José Antonio Alonso, points to a premeditated attack on the troops. Three were Colombian, the other two Spanish:

Alonso explained that an explosion has happened -car bomb or other explosive device, activated with a remote control-, when the Spanish BMR (armoured-vehicle) was pasing by. In the vehicle there were 8 FINUL soldiers. “It is without doubt a premeditated attack“, he said, ruling out the possibility of the explosion being caused by a mine. The information was corroborated afterwards by policial sources from the region: it has been a car bomb, white “Renault Rapid”, with a false plate. It is possible that there were suicide bombers inside.

The three soldiers, of Colombian origin are, Jefferson Vargas Moya, 21-years-old; Jackson Castaño Abadía, 20-years-old; y Juan Erickson Posada, 20-years-old.  The two Spanish are Jonathan Galea García, 18-years-old, from Madrid; and Juan Vidoria Díaz, 20-years-old from Avila.  In the same explosion, another three were hurt: Enrique Vázquez Matei (21-years-old from Madrid), David Puerta Ruiz (19-years-old from Sevilla) y Juan Paz Soler (19-years-old, from Mallorca).

Mike, you were right.

UPDATE 6: Some photos.

soldados españoles trasladan el cuerpode uno de los fallecidos

Spanish soldiers carry the dead body of a companion.

el BMR explosionado

The exploded BMR (armoured vehicle).

grupo de soldados pide ayuda

Soldiers searching for help after the explosion.

UPDATE 7: Six dead. Another Spanish has died.

UPDATE 8: Madrid has decreed a day of official mourning.

Alonso is now in Lebanon to carry back the six murdered soldiers.

They do not want to call it a war, to prevent the anti-war from protesting. Because Iraq and Lebanon are not so different.

Condolences: The Royal Family, the Popular Party, Romano Prodi (Italian PM), Arturo Parisi (Italian Minister of Defense), Javier Solana, Marc Reguev (Israeli Government’s speaker), Condoleeza Rice, Bernard Kouchner (French FM), Emile Lahud (Lebanese President).

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Lebanon declared victory on Thursday in its 33-day war against an al Qaeda-inspired militant group at a Palestinian refugee camp and said its military operation there was over.

The fighting between the army and militants holed up in the Nahr al-Bared camp in north Lebanon was the worst outbreak of internal violence in the country since the end of its civil war 17 years ago and cost the lives of at least 166 people.

I can tell the Lebanese that as of now the military operation in Nahr al-Bared is finished,” Defence Minister Elias al-Murr told Lebanon’s LBC television. “All the positions of the terrorists have been crushed,” he said, adding that the surviving members of Fatah al-Islam had pulled back from the edges of Nahr al-Bared into civilian areas deep in the camp.

I dedicate this victory to the Lebanese people … all of the Lebanese people.” Murr said the army would maintain a siege around the camp until all Fatah al-Islam militants surrendered, including their leader Shaker al-Abssi. “They have to surrender … It’s not good enough to say Abssi was killed, if he is dead, give us the body,” he said.

Murr said the army was continuing some mopping up operations and defusing mines and booby traps at the outskirts of the camp. A source at a grouping of Palestinian Muslim clerics, which had tried to mediate an end to the battles, said Fatah al-Islam official Shahine Shahine told the mediators the group welcomed the Lebanese announcement of an end to the operation. “He told us that Fatah al-Islam declares a ceasefire,” the source told Reuters.


Witnesses said only very light exchanges of machinegun fire continued at the camp after Murr’s announcement following a day of sporadic clashes. The fighting had been concentrated in areas held by the militants on the outskirts of the camp. Security forces are barred from entering Lebanon’s 12 Palestinian refugee camps by a 1969 agreement.

And it continues:

The army says Fatah al-Islam started the conflict on May 20 by attacking its posts. The group, which includes fighters from across the Arab world, says it has been acting in self-defence.

Murr said in a newspaper interview published earlier that some of the fighters arrested were members of al Qaeda. “There is a section of them which belongs directly to al Qaeda,” he told An-Nahar newspaper.

Fatah al-Islam has said it has no organizational ties to al Qaeda but shares its militant ideology.

Lebanon declares victory in war on militants – Yahoo! News

Shares its militant ideology“: it would be better to say they share its terrorist ideology…

From Terra España:

What is known as ‘the new camp‘ is an extension to the north, among other causes because of the demographic growth, off the limits of the historical camp fixed by UN in 1948, which was built by quarters of one-floor blocks. The new quarters, which duplicated the initial camp’s area, consist of high blocks built on both sides of the highway to Syria.

It’s in these new quarters where Fatah al Islam was entreched itself since June 20th shooting at the troops. The Lebanese Army has bombed that sector with stopping these last days, destroying with heavy artillery the Islamist positions and making them go back to the south, to the old camp.

[En Español]

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 What is going on here?

JERUSALEM – Two Katyusha rockets fell on northern Israel Sunday, the first fired from Lebanon since last summer’s inconclusive war with Hezbollah guerrillas. No one was hurt, but there was some damage, police and the military said.

Hezbollah denied firing the rockets in a broadcast on the militant group’s Al-Manar television.

The attack raised the possibility of Israeli reprisal and a new flareup between the two countries. It came as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was arriving in the United States for talks.

“Israel will not succumb to this provocation but will monitor the situation carefully,” said an official with Olmert, indicating that Israel would not hit back. The official requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.

There was no immediate comment from the Lebanese government.

2 rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon – Yahoo! News

And Pope calls for Middle East peace effort
Times of India – 52 minutes ago
ASSISI (Italy): Pope Benedict XVI called for greater peace efforts across the Middle East on Sunday, using the occasion of a pilgrimage to Assisi to highlight the urgent need for greater dialogue.

“The populations of these countries have known for too long the horrors of combat, of terrorism, of blind violence, the illusion that force can resolve conflicts, the refusal to listen to the reasons of the other and to bring him justice,” Pope Benedict said.
His comments came with no end in sight of years of bloodletting in Iraq and as violence between the rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah engulfed the Gaza Strip.
“Only a responsible and sincere dialogue, supported by the full backing of the international community, can put an end to so much sadness and give life and dignity to individuals, to institutions and to peoples,” the Pope said.
The pontiff, speaking in Assisi- where John Paul II launched in October 1986 the first day of prayer for world peace- renewed the late Pope’s call, addressing all religions.
“From this town of peace, I want to pay respect to the representatives of other Christian denominations and to other religions,” he said.
“I consider it my duty to launch an urgent and sorrowful appeal to put an end to all the armed conflicts which are bloodying the earth, to silence the weapons and for hate to yield everywhere to love, offense to forgiveness, and discord to union.

Pope Benedict makes pilgrimage to Assisi Canada.com
Pope Benedict Makes Pilgrimage to Assisi FOX News
Reuters – International Herald Tribune – PR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung) – NDTV.com
all 157 news articles »

The problem with dialogue is: are terrorists are their supporters willing to submit to the results of dialogue? I do not see Hamas fighters-militants-resistants-insurgents-terrorists very inclined to that, after winning. And I do not see also Al-Fatah because now they would want revenge.


From Christian Science Monitor:

As Gaza unravels, Palestinians flee

Thousands have already left the coastal strip because of its social and economic degradation.

Jerusalem – By the time the Islamic militant group Hamas declared victory in Gaza Thursday, thousands of Palestinians had already fled the coastal strip.

Recent figures collected by European monitors at Rafah, the crossing into Egypt, show that some 14,000 Palestinians have left Gaza in the past year, driven by a combination of political insecurity and economic strain.

Now, the violence between the two main Palestinian factions, which began to escalate Saturday and turned into brutal street warfare early this week, is driving even more Gazans to find a way out.

And thanks to Lord Nazh, who has given me a tip about Lebanon-Israeli fire:


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The New Media Journal | Terrorism


A day of national mourning has been declared for the funerals of Walid Eido – an anti-Syrian member of the Lebanese Parliament – his son and nine others, who were killed in a bomb blast in Beirut yesterday. Mr. Eido’s allies blamed the bombing on Syria and said it was in response to the establishment of a UN court to try suspects in political killings. Syria has not commented on the attack. The Sunni Muslim legislator was the seventh anti-Syrian figure to be assassinated since February 2005 when former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri was killed in a suicide truck bombing.

Gateway Pundit has more.

Anti-Syrian politician Walid Eido and his son were killed in the bomb blast.

His assasination has caused Beyrut to fall in psycosis. From Le Monde.

Mourners lash out at Syria al Lebanon MP’s death.

More in Right Truth:

Sixty-five-year-old Lebanese MP Walid Eido, his eldest son Khaled, and eight others were killed in a bomb blast near his Beirut beach club that the ruling majority in Parliament blamed on Syria.

There has been a clear pattern of assassinations and attempted assassinations in Lebanon since October 2004,” Mr Bush said in a statement.

Those working for a sovereign and democratic Lebanon have always been the ones targeted.

“The victims have always been those who sought an end to Syrian President Assad’s interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs.” (ABC).

More in Tears for Lebanon: Images of the terrorist attack:




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You’re not going to hear this in any place, but reality is that a huge sea of petrol hides under the Lebanese beaches. And Syria wants its share of it h/t Le Guerre Civile:

Per una volta non c’entrano le questioni militari, né quelle strategiche, e nemmeno i conflitti etnico-religiosi, bensì una risorsa molto ricerata in tutto il mondo e di cui si supponeva che quest’area del Vicino Oriente fosse priva: il petrolio e, con esso, il gas.
La notizia verrà annunciata in queste ore a Londra durante il convegno dell’Eage, l’associazione europea dei geofisici: lungo le coste libanesi ci sarebbero almeno otto miliardi di barili di greggio. A scoprirlo è stata una società norvegese, la Pgs, che ha effettuato lo studio dei fondali marini al largo del Paese dei Cedri. E non sarebbe solo il Libano a beneficiare di questa inaspettata opportunità. Lungo la dorsale del vulcano sottomarino Eratostene ci sarebbe un immenso giacimento che riguarderebbe anche le acque territoriali di Siria, Cipro e Israele. A nord di Gaza, lungo le coste dello Stato ebraico, una nave oceonografica americana ha osservato delle fuoriuscite di gas dal fondo del mare e il governo di Gerusalemme, che ha stanziato per le ricerche più di un miliardo di dollari, è persuaso che ci possano essere grandi quantità di metano.

In prima fila, però, c’è il Libano. Otto miliardi di barili non sono sufficienti per trasformarlo in un nuovo Emirato del Mediterraneo. L’Irak, ad esempio, ne ha 115 miliardi ed è al terzo posto per riserve mondiali di petrolio dopo Arabia Saudita e Iran; ma in un’epoca di grande domanda e a prezzi che restano esorbitanti rappresentano una dote preziosa e, inevitabilmente, destinata ad attrarre le attenzioni delle potenze dell’area.

Basically, the article by Italian newspaper Il Giornale says that Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus and Israel have oil under their soil. But of them, the most important oil deposits are in Lebanon. It’s not that they are going to have a huge quantity but its 8 milliards of barrils a day can make it be under the attention of the countries of the area. And it’s curious that it’s been told this now, when there are suspicious moves by Syria regarding Nahr el-Bahred and other refugee camps’ crisis.

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  3. As UN approves the creation of a special tribunal to try suspects, Hezbulah and Syria take positions.

 More about the Lebanese oil:


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 And Lebanese war against Al-Qaeda continues:

The terrorist seized by Lebanese security agents last week has been identified as Ahmad Merhi, the coordinating officer between Syrian intelligence and Fatah al-Islam terrorists and that he has confessed to smuggling fighters into Lebanon from Syria. (Gateway Pundit)

Pajamas Media: Big Al-Qaeda Fish Caught in Lebanon

Also read this post by Victor Davis Hanson.

At the same time, the fighting intensifies inside the camp, with four Lebanese soldiers killed. From Balanced News Blog:

In a series of skirmishes that began Sunday afternoon, fighters of the Islamist group Jund al Sham opened fire on Lebanese army soldiers. The firefight that followed left numerous houses inside the camp ablaze and ultimately resulted in the death of the four men, military officials said.

Meanwhile, 60 miles north at the Nahr al Bared camp, Lebanese troops continued their offensive against another militant group, Fatah al Islam, directing machine gun fire and artillery shelling into the camp for much of Sunday and early today. At least 114 people have been killed in the siege of the camp, which began when security men raided an apartment in Tripoli seeking bank robbers.

[…] Palestinian factions held talks with the Lebanese army command in Sidon this morning, as heavily armed Jund al-Sham fighters agreed to cede their positions to militiamen from other Islamist groups at Ain al Hilwe, where more than 47,000 refugees live.

UNRWA knew for months that heavily armed foreigners were moving into the Palestinian enclave [of Nahr el-Bahred] but were helpless to stop them. h/t Media Backspin:

The extremists of Fatah Islam, who local reports say hail from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Bangladesh, apparently entered the camp, just north of Tripoli, several months ago. They are thought to have arrived in a group, not individually.

Officials of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) could not say how a large band of foreigners carrying what has been described as mortars, rockets, explosive belts and other heavy weapons were able get past the Lebanese army soldiers stationed outside the camp.

 Also today, two Lebanese Red Cross workers have been killed by Fatah al-Islam (more here) h/t Tears for Lebanon.

Tears for Lebanon also has photos from a rally in Tripoli in which citizens supported the Lebanese Army.

Posters of soldiers killed in the Lebanese army offensive against
Islamist terrorists are seen during a rally supporting the Lebanese
army in the north city of Tripoli, Lebanon.

You can see more photos here.

rally in Tripoli

About Syria’s involvement read From Beirut to the Beltway:

Assad’s war on Lebanon received a new title today with the creation of the “al-Qaeda organization in Lebanon”, announced by al-Qaeda’s alleged Iraq branch. The announcement coincided with a declaration by pro-Assad Islamist Fathi Yakan– who has been “mediating” between the Lebanese army and Fatah al-Islam– that his “mediation” efforts failed because the conflict in Nahr El Bared is now in “the hands of al-Qaeda”.

Yakan, who split from the Sunni al-Jamaa al-Islamiya after the Hariri assassination to form his own pro-Syrian Islamist group, had been shuttling between Damascus and Nahr El Bared camp well before Fatah al-Islam attacked the army. The preacher was also used as a Sunni cover by Hizbullah, which picked him to lead prayers in downtown Beirut at the beginning of their occupation of the city.

Yakan’s announcement was described by security sources quoted in An-Nahar as an attempt to cover up for the Assad regime’s involvement in the war.

[…] Reports also emerged today that the ranks for Fatah al-Islam swelled after numerous Islamists and pro-Syrian Palestinian factions joined the fight against the army.

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A curious “debate” is growing rapidly among a number of Western-based analysts about the “impossibility” of the existence of Syrian Jihadi-Salafist links. More particularly, some analysts went to the extent of describing the existence of links between the Syrian Mukhabarat and the group Fatah al Islam operating in North Lebanon as “hazy.”

Ironically this mounting trend meets the current Syrian diplomatic and media campaign halfway, as Damascus is deploying extensive efforts to deny “any link whatsoever” with Fatah al Islam. In fact, Assad shut down the passage points in northern Lebanon just a few hours after the Jihadists began slaughtering the Lebanese soldiers. Interestingly enough Syria has not closed entry checkpoints to Lebanon since 1976, even though Tripoli’s skies were burning during many battles between militias and factions.

Was Assad too fast in denying his backing of Fatah al Islam, as with his instant denial of his regime’s role in the Hariri assassination?

We’ll come back to this matter later. But first let me examine the arguments in the claim stating that Fatah al Islam is al Qaeda, and therefore it cannot be backed by the Syrian regime.


Intelligence and Counterterrorism experts are familiar with the weapon known as “intox” from the root word intoxication. It is a form of deception used by powers throughout history and developed as a special skill by the Soviet KGB during the Cold war. Later on various Jihadi networks, both Iranian and Salafist, have improved this method via the use of Khid’a (deception) and the historically rooted concept of Taqiya (dissimulation tactic).

The bottom line is that regimes and organizations, Islamist and ultra-nationalists (i.e. not sanctioned by domestic checks and balances) can use all deceptions possible and don’t have to be transparent. In the War on Terror or the Terror War against Democracies, do not expect — naively — these radicals to tell you the real story. Hence do not expect either the Syrian regime to declare that it is supporting Fatah al Islam at this point, or expect the latter to declare that they are coordinating with Damascus as they are announcing they have pledged to al Qaeda. Reading short of this complex reality would only mean that you have been the victim of “intox,” the enemy’s Khid’a at its best.

The Syrian-Jihadist “Highway” in Lebanon

Read also “Syria’s Useful Idiots: Why so many commentators denying the obvious about Lebanon?” an article who has also been pointed out by Fausta:

At the moment, it is clear that Syria hasn’t stopped meddling in Lebanon’s internal affairs. The Security Council only created its tribunal after efforts to establish a similar tribunal within Lebanon were stymied by Syrian allies. Indeed, to understand what is at stake in the Lebanese crisis today, flip through the report released last April by the U.N. commission investigating the Hariri assassination.

The commission, led by Belgian prosecutor Serge Brammertz, now assumes that Hariri’s assassination was tied to his political activities, particularly his preparations for the summer 2005 legislative elections. This sets up a key passage in the report: “A working hypothesis is that the initial decision to kill Hariri was taken before the later attempts at rapprochement got underway and most likely before early January 2005. This leads to a possible situation in the last weeks before his murder in which two tracks, not necessarily linked, were running in parallel. On one track, Hariri was engaged in rapprochement initiatives and on the other, preparations for his assassination were underway.”

At the same moment, Blacksmiths of Lebanon reports that a new terrorist cell has been broken up:

Sources in Lebanon have revealed that State Security agents have broken up a terrorist cell near the town of Zahleh. According to some sources the cell was made up of three fundamentalist Sunni individuals, according to all sources, they were in possession of large quantities of weapons and explosives. The suspects are now being interrogated.
Zahleh is a predominantly Christian town in the country’s Bekaa valley. It is only a few minutes’ drive from the Syrian border and the main highway to Damascus, while also lying just to the south of the city of Baalbek (where a truck carrying weapons was intercepted late last night – see below for details).

Read it all:

Palestinian gunmen of Ansar Allah in the refugee camp of Ein el-Hilweh, Lebanon on Tuesday, June 5, 2007.

(AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari)

We must also take into account the Iranian connection:

Iran often praises the Palestinians for what it says is their resistance against Israeli occupation. Tehran also described the war last summer between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel as a victory for the Iranian-backed group.

Hmm, are they doing something also in Lebanon now?

Also from Demediacratic Nation h/t Right Truth: Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei noted that:

“while the Islamic Republic was the fruit of Shia teachings, the political system goes beyond any sectarian identity and that is why the Sunni Muslims of Palestine and the Shia Muslims of Lebanon have both pinned their hope on the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Read it all.
Dr Sanity points out an important fact h/t Tigerhawk:

Violent clashes between the Lebanese government and al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in Palestinian refugee camps have left many civilians dead in Lebanon. But the mainstream media has been relatively silent about this fierce Arab/Arab violence compared to the fuss made whenever Israel or the West is involved. The Squad discusses why this is so, what’s behind the battles, and whether Vladimir Putin means what he says when he threatens to point his nuclear weapons at Europe.

Christian Science Monitor writes about a family’s allegiance to Hizbullah and how the 9 sons (out of a total of 13) are raised as fighters. Hmm, no they are raised as terrorists:

“Naturally, we love the resistance,” says one son. “We predicted there would be a war, and always our salvation was Hizbullah. We count on them to save us; since childhood it is in our minds.”

But he didn’t join the Hizbullah fighters like his other brothers. And he had a hard time convincing his father – before his death – that he should avoid the front and help with food and evacuating the women. The father wanted all five sons to join the war.

[…] “As long as there is an enemy, the idea of martyrdom is there, like Imam Hussein,” says the older one.

That enemy has been Israel and the proxy South Lebanon Army (SLA) militia that it created during its 18-year occupation of south Lebanon that ended in 2000. One brother from this family and a cousin were forced to join the SLA. The brother was taken away as a recruit in 1993 by the SLA directly from high school where he was taking an exam to enter college. In less than a month he escaped: angry and ready to join Hizbullah.

“They became Hizbullah in their blood,” says one sister. “Every human loves freedom, and the freedom has come through Hizbullah.”

[…] The family matriarch laughs when asked if her aim has been to raise martyrs. But her daughter replies, “Of course I would feel proud to marry and have children, if they die for their village, their family, their beliefs; I would feel proud.”

How on earth they can back people who back Hizbullah? This must be another case of “Syria’s Useful idiots” we talked before.

Fight on, Lebanon:

It is worth mentioning in this context that the Syrian intelligence militia, camouflaged under the name of  “Fatah  al-Islam,” was behind the bus bombing crime in the town of Ain Alaq in the North Meten Lebanese region that killed innocent Lebanese civilians this past February.
The LCCC holds the Syrian regime and the Lebanese opposition in all its factions fully responsible for the bloody clashes and demands the Lebanese and international judiciary prosecute its leadership for the attacks it has committed on the legitimacy of the Lebanese State, obstructing the operation of its constitutional institutions, creating a state of security anarchy, undermining the Lebanese economy and impoverishing the Lebanese people and pushing them to emigrate

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  4. Lebanon keeps up siege on militants in Palestinian camp.

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Six Lebanese soldiers were killed during intense fighting as the army battled again Saturday to rout militants from a Palestinian refugee camp north of Tripoli, a military spokesman said.

For a second day, the Lebanese military launched heavy artillery bombardment of the Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp.

CNN’s Aneesh Raman said a Lebanese helicopter was also seen flying near the edge of the camp, but reports that the aircraft opened fire could not be confirmed.

The latest wave of fighting flared on Thursday after more than a week of relative quiet between the Lebanese army and Fatah al-Islam, a militant group said to be affiliated with al Qaeda that is holed up inside the camp. (Watch Al Qaeda’s ‘project’ in Lebanon Video)

The violence began May 20, when Lebanese internal security forces were conducting raids in a Tripoli neighborhood, triggering clashes near the refugee camp. Army sources said militants from Fatah al-Islam fired on the forces, who then returned fire.

Lebanon keeps up siege on militants in Palestinian camp – CNN.com

Please, see the video. It’s very important.

Also see this video about combats in the streets:

Refugee camp Nahar al Bared, North Lebanon yesterday. (Foto: EFE)

Yesterday, another radical Palestinian group, Yunud al Cham, attacked Lebanese Army’s positions in Ain el Helu, South Lebanon.

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