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There has been 600 people killed or dissapeared in North Korea as a result of the floods. There are also thousands of hurt people.

Iraq’s PM Maliki vs. H. Clinton:

Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin are democrats but they don’t respect democracy. They speak about Iraq as if it were their property”, Malike said in a press conference. He added that both senators “have never lived controversies like the ones we are knowing in Iraq. When they speak, they don’t know what reconciliation means”.

Maliki reacted like that to some statements made by Carl Levin and Hillary Clinton -favourite of his party to the 2008’s presidential career in USA- who asked the Iraqi MPs to choose another person to leader a national unity government, after the extinction of the Iraqi coalition government.

He also critisized Bernard Kouchner, French FM, who visited Iraq some days ago, and whose visit was considered a success at first.

Bernard Kouchner had also advised him to resign. But he has said France is ready to make an apology about this:

Last week Mr Kouchner said the Iraqi government was “not functioning” and was quoted saying he had told the US that there was strong support in Iraq for Mr Maliki to resign and he “has got to be replaced“. ūüėĮ

In an interview with RTL radio on Monday, Mr Kouchner said: “I think that he [Mr Maliki] misunderstood, or that I was not clear enough that I was referring to comments I heard from Iraqis I talked to.” [Do you really think he was misunderstood???].

“If the prime minister wants me to apologise for having interfered so directly in Iraqi affairs, I’ll do it willingly,” he said.

Mr Kouchner visited Baghdad last week to promote France’s role in efforts to solve the Iraq crisis and mend relations with Washington damaged by France’s opposition to the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq.

So what do Iraqis think about the intervention? h/t Desde el Exilio.

America should finish what it started.

Spanish National Library’s President, old Rosa Reg√°s, is now a fan of Ch√°vez -well, err, not now, this is something which we have known in Spain for so long-:

Her article is compulsory. Her analysis is a panegyric to Ch√°vez, with numbers very far from reality, which nowadays does not belong to the Venezuelan people as it never happened in the last 50 years, sunk in the most cruel misery, where a citizen dies each half an hour killed by gangs, with a record of being one of the most corrupt places in the world, no.170 these days, according to the Corruption Perception’s index. An expert regime in manouvring to sell lies, while at the same time it’s proclaiming himself the poors’ saviour.

[…] When Rosa Reg√°s tells us ‚ÄúWhy against Ch√°vez?‚ÄĚ with the conviction that she does it, with a bad tempered arrogance, it looks like, with Zapatero, the Spain of democracy and progress is menaced. I’m convinced that she does not wish this country to be reflected in Venezuela’s mirror.

I should say that depends on who was going to exert power… I really believe some of them, at least, think, that just as Franco was 40 years in power, they have a right (non-written one) to be another 40 years, whatever the means for that. I’m not saying even that all Socialists think that, not even that the majority of them think it, but some of them do -of course, they never say that publicly…-.

At the same moment, two world maps of 1482 have been stolen from the institution she is in charge. ūüė° And she has presented her dimission because she “does not feel the new Minister of Culture, C√©sar Antonio Molina, trusts her“. ūüėą These are good news, indeed…

In Egypt the dictatorship creeps each day to a more frightening stand h/t Desde El Exilio:

On Aug. 8, the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights reported that it had confirmed more than 500 cases of police abuse since 1993, including 167 deaths — three of which took place this year — that the group “strongly suspects were the result of torture and mistreatment.” The organization previously found that while Egypt‘s population nearly doubled during the first 25 years of Hosni Mubarak‘s regime, the number of prisons grew more than fourfold and that the number of detainees held for more than one year without charge or indictment grew to more than 20,000.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have corroborated chilling accounts of torture in Egyptian prisons. The independent daily Eldestour recently published two important facts: that the annual budget for internal security was $1.5 billion in 2006, more than the entire national budget for health care, and that the security police forces comprise 1.4 million officers, nearly four times the size of the Egyptian army. “Egypt has become a police state par excellence,” the paper‚Äôs editor noted.

For the people who uses bloglines, there is a new beta version for you to try.

More about Iranian Government’s savages, go and see the photos that Stephania has posted.

Al Fatah uses now the Lion King to attack Hamas. And Disney still says nothing about this.

The new cause of anger in Aghanistan: a ball with the Saudi flag. You know, the one with the Islamic declaration of faith?

A demonstration has been held in south- east Afghanistan accusing US troops of insulting Islam after they distributed footballs bearing the name of Allah.

The balls showed the Saudi Arabian flag which features the Koranic declaration of faith.

The US military said the idea had been to give something for Afghan children to enjoy and they did not realise it would cause offence.

Last news from Venezuela: now Ch√°vez wants to move the country’s time zone to “offer a more equitable distribution of sunlight“. The socialism of XXIth century also distributes the sunlight in a more equitable way… This sounds like the Galizian Nationalist Party asking to change the time zone of Galizia as if Spain was the USA and had huge need of several time zones… ūüėą

A very interesting post: On “racial” profiling:

Islamism, Islamist militancy, and Islamist militant terrorism are very adept at converting people to Islam and to Islamist terrorism. And so not only do we need to worry about the usual suspects, so to speak, but also those who have been converted. Our obliviousness to this is exploited by Islamist terrorists, as can be seen by a number of the people involved in the plot by Britons to attack American and British trans-Atlantic flights from London. One was even a white (that is, British) pregnant woman, someone who would not register on anyone’s counter-terrorism radar.

[…] My suggestion is that while focusing on the usual suspected ethnicities or people of suspected ethnic origins (Arab, especially Saudi, and South Asian, especially Pakistani), we need to watch for suspicious behavior by any and all people. Besides, Islamist terrorism is not the only threat: some people are simply deranged and up to no good. We should, thus, be able to stop not only Islamist terrorist attacks but also attempts by anyone, for any reason, to conduct lethal attacks of any sort. And, who knows, maybe by cracking down on people who show an inordinate interest in information and data regarding our infrastructure, we might be able to help counterintelligence efforts as well. Preventing Iran, Russia, China, or any of the host of our enemies from getting intelligence will help The Republic.

Well, in my case, I do not think this is a problem of ethnicity nor do I consider this an ethnic problem. It’s an IDEOLOGICAL one: it’s based on an ideology that wants to rule the world, using a religion. I’m not going to discuss now if this is the religion in itself or it’s being used, but clearly not all Muslims are terrorists or want to rule the world. The problem, as I have said before, is that if the extremers are supported -as it’s happening in most of the West-, the people who are not, do not feel supported at all, in the end, that’s going to cause a surge in support for extremism in both sides.

And when I say Westerners are supporting several madnesses/extremisms, it’s because it’s true:

Academia’s fixation on cultural sensitivity is changing the debate around female genital mutilation, with a growing number of professors and women’s rights activists becoming hesitant to condemn the practice.

Where feminists rallied against the operation from the pages of Ms. magazine in the 1970s, today’s critics are infinitely more cautious, with most suggesting that the Western world butt out until Muslim African communities are ready to reconsider what they are doing to their daughters.

The shift in attitudes about the practice– which in the worst of cases involves the carving out of a woman’s clitoris and inner labia and can cause lifelong urinary tract infections, sterility and even death — comes at a time when high-profile victims of the operation such as writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali and model Waris Dirie, both Somalis, have launched very public campaigns against the practice.

To know more about this practice, click here. It’s a shame someone cannot or doesn’t comdemn that practice.

A reward is offered in Greece to capture the culprits of the fires which were provoked and which had already killed at least 60 people.

Fire in the countryside and smoke surrounding Athens.

Statue of Victory at Olympia surrounded by smoke.

Map of the fires.

More about the Greek fires by Paolo. Impressive the NASA’s satellite image of the fire he has posted. Last news are that there are two possibilities: the first being it was caused by organised criminality, the second being it was international terrorism to influence in Greek elections, in which the center-right’s margin has been slightly reduced these last weeks. So a prosecutor on Monday ordered an investigation into whether arson attacks could come under Greece’s anti-terrorism and organized crime laws. (CNN).

An update about the fires: From Infidels are Cool, I reach this post from a Greek blogger:

There were at least a couple of instances where the ones trapped called the TV and radio stations, got on the air, said their final goodbyes to their families, and then were burned alive. While the stations were doing their best to send aid, the fact that the emergency reponses are streched so thin made rescue efforts near impossible.

My grandmother’s village was completely burned down. It was one of the worse hit and there is nothing that remains. The local authorities say that it’s completely erased off the map.

[…] There is a video of two men setting one of the fires. That is now fishy since we now know that the fires were started remotely via cell phone bombs.

More here by Pastorius.

How affects Jewish self-criticism to the actual view of International affairs:

I have dealt with the problem of hyper-Jewish self-criticism repeatedly in the past, including issues concerning the Alvin Rosenfeld Controversy. Among other things, I emphasized the role of a kind of ‚Äúprophetic‚ÄĚ criticism that uses high rhetorical excess to ‚Äúwhip‚ÄĚ the Jews/Israelis into the right path. When combined with a desire to ‚Äúplease‚ÄĚ fellow, non-Jewish progressives by showing how ‚Äúnon-tribal‚ÄĚ one is, this produces a lethal combination, documented by Rosenfeld, that makes some Jews willing to confess to anything (racism, apartheid, Nazism, the illegitimacy of the State). They do this not only to urge their fellow Jews to mend their ways, but also to pursue a kind of ‚Äútherapeutic‚ÄĚ dialogue where, if they are sufficiently magnanimous in accepting blame, then maybe their enemies, say, the Palestinians, might also respond by being a bit more self-critical.

Hmm, yes, I understand this very well. And I mean it. Well, the result is just the opposite: whatever the Israelis do in this direction, is not going to grant them anything but even more problems.

Read it all: another great post from Richard Landes.

Private clinics are profiting from abortions in Spain:

In response to the refusal by gynecologists of the public health care system of Andalusia to perform abortions, a considerable number of women are being sent to private clinics that have agreed to collaborate with the Council for Health Care.

I wrote some months ago about a platform whose objective is to send Aznar to the International Criminal Court because of “his support to the illegal Iraqi war”. Another platform, called “Aznar for ICC” is preparing a “hot autumn“, as United Left’s MP from Andalucia’s Autonomous Community Antonio Romero has said. He added:

Neither Aznar, nor Bush nor Tony Blair can go away without punishment after causing an illegal and immoral war, which has produced the death to 700.000 Iraqis, the majority of which were civil, more than 2 million of people in exile, the complete destruction of the country’s infraestructures, of its historical and cultural heritage and the absolute looting of its natural resources, specially, of oil‚ÄĚ.

For you to consider the personality of this man: he was condemned some years ago, because in a strike, he beat, insulted and menaced an old man, owner of a little cafeteria, and one of the clients because he did not want to go on strike. He shouted at both: “fascist, son of a bitch, asshole”, after yelling at them “you’re going to shut whether you like it or not, or you’re going to shut por cojones“. You know, a peaceful, respectful and calm guy… But the best is what he said: “I only wanted to defend their rights -whether they liked it or not-, telling him how marvellous it was to close all the shops for Andalucia’s rights“.

G√ľl has been elected Turkish President. Oh, my!!! ūüė¶ He was elected in the third round as was predicted some weeks ago. The Turkish military has spoken: Secularism is under attack:

“Nefarious plans to ruin Turkey’s secular and democratic nature emerge in different forms everyday,” Buyukanit said in his statement. “The military will, just as it has so far, keep its determination to guard social, democratic and secular Turkey.”

Russian man detained in Afghanistan carrying 500 kilos of explosives and, in a rapture of manliness, wearing a burqa. His two other companions were also wearing a women’s clothes. If they like so much being a woman, why they do not change their sex? Yes, I think that, for these chavinist male … individuals, that would be a good punishment. Imagine Bin Laden … ūüėą There was a joke here some years ago: the worst fate for Bin Laden would be to catch him -US SEALs could be employed for that-, transport him to a clinic, change his sex and then set him loose in Saudi Arabia. Je. With an inside camera to see his reaction: “Hey, I’m Bin Laden”.

Gordon Brown will not allow a referendum about the EU Constitution, after he promised to do so. He faces 120 Labour MPs who have rebeled against him, although David considers that Brown will not allow it, “as he knows he can lose it“.

Read also this post by Angel: A planned Ar-abic-themed public school in Brooklyn has prompted polarized reactions. Critics warned Monday that students could be ‚Äúindoctrinated‚ÄĚ with radical Is-lamic beliefs and supporters called such statements ‚Äúracist‚ÄĚ.

Some weeks ago I discovered a very good blog called Modestly Yours, entirely written by women (where I discovered a book I would like to read…, when I have finished reading all I have to read now, but the title is promising: “Girls gone Mild. Young Women Reclaim Self-Respect and Find that it’s not Bad to be Good“). Well, just read about the “Sexy Crazy Cancer” movie:

The film itself actually looks quite interesting. As described on her website, the idea for the documentary came about in 2003 after the “31-year-old actress/photographer…was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer. Weeks later she began filming her story. Taking a seemingly tragic situation and turning it into a creative expression, Kris shares her inspirational story of survival with courage, strength, and lots of humor.”

As the author says, I don’t know how the sexy thing fits in there.

There is another very good blog post called: “The War on Vulgarity“. Thank God, someone is saying this loudly. Looks like it’s better to be vulgar and really there is no need. There are people who consider that to be manly (I must be tough), to speak out better the truth (that is, to be more sincere) or just because it sounds much more direct. For me, that is only foul language… ūüėą

Lastly, after the scandal surrounding Sarkozy about his lack of fitness, look at this cartoon. ūüėÜ

Looks like Sarkozy is menacing Iran: Either Iran suspends the uranium enrichment or will be bombed! Well, this is unexpected… Will be continued!

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I wrote some days ago about the possibility of Hamas imposing Sharia Law and how it was feared both by Israelis and Palestinians. Well, it is happening just now:

WorldNetDaily: Christians warned: Accept Islamic law

Christians can continue living safely in the Gaza Strip only if they accept Islamic law, including a ban on alcohol and on women roaming publicly without proper head coverings, an Islamist militant leader in Gaza told WND in an exclusive interview.

The militant leader said Christians in Gaza who engage in “missionary activity” will be “dealt with harshly.”

The threats come two days after a church and Christian school in Gaza was attacked following the seizure of power in the territory by the Hamas terror group.

“I expect our Christian neighbors to understand the new Hamas rule means real changes. They must be ready for Islamic rule if they want to live in peace in Gaza,” said Sheik Abu Saqer, leader of Jihadia Salafiya, an Islamic outreach movement that recently announced the opening of a “military wing” to enforce Muslim law in Gaza.

Jihadia Salafiya is suspected of attacking a United Nations school in Gaza last month, after the school allowed boys and girls to participate in the same sporting event. One person was killed in that attack.

“The situation has now changed 180 degrees in Gaza,” said Abu Saqer, speaking from Gaza yesterday.

“Jihadia Salafiya and other Islamic movements will ensure Christian schools and institutions show publicly what they are teaching to be sure they are not carrying out missionary activity. No more alcohol on the streets. All women, including non-Muslims, need to understand they must be covered at all times while in public,” Abu Asqer told WND.

“Also the activities of Internet cafes, pool halls and bars must be stopped,” he said. “If it goes on, we’ll attack these things very harshly.”

Abu Saqer accused the leadership of the Gaza Christian community of “proselytizing and trying to convert Muslims with funding from American evangelicals.”

Read all…

Anyway, West offers cash and talks to keep Abbas in charge as partner for peace-News-World-Middle East-TimesOnline

America and the European Union moved swiftly to shore up Palestinian moderates yesterday, releasing millions of dollars for the new Government based in the West Bank.

Washington and Brussels announced the lifting of economic sanctions after Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President, sacked all members of Hamas, the militant Islamic group, which staged last week‚Äôs bloody takeover of the Gaza Strip. In a telephone call yesterday President Bush told Mr Abbas that the US would support ‚ÄúPalestinian moderates‚ÄĚ.

Later Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, reaffirmed America‚Äôs commitment to the ‚Äútwo-state solution‚ÄĚ for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, first promised by Mr Bush five years ago. Palestinians faced a choice, she said, between pursuing more violence or peace and a better life.

The US has recognised Mr Abbas and his new Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, as the legitimate leaders of the West Bank and Gaza. Dr Rice promised yesterday that this meant the US would resume normal ‚Äúgovernment-to-government contacts‚ÄĚ.

And from Infidel Bloggers Alliance: Stupid request of the day:

B’Tselem demands that perpetrators of war crimes in Gaza be tried and warns against revenge attacks in the West Bank
The Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem today calls on the Palestinian leadership of Hamas in the Gaza Strip to investigate all war crimes that may have been committed during the clashes in the Gaza Strip, and to bring all suspects to criminal trial.

This happens as Abbas’ aide Yasser Abed accused Iran of being responsible of fomenting the Hamas seizure in Gaza. h/t Desde el Exilio.

UPDATE: GayandRight: Christians under attach in Gaza… Who is going to defend this people??

Father Manuel Musalam, leader of the small Latin community in the Gaza Strip, said masked gunmen torched and looted the Rosary Sisters School and the Latin Church.

The masked gunmen used rocket-propelled grenades to storm the main entrances of the school and church,” he said. “Then they destroyed almost everything inside, including the Cross, the Holy
Book, computers and other equipment

Musalam expressed outrage over the burning of copies of the Bible, noting that the gunmen destroyed all the Crosses inside the church and school. “Those who did these awful things have no respect for Christian-Muslim relations,” he said.

When are going to be the next outraged Christian riots when we will burn Hamas flag? ūüė¶ This is despicable…

(Reuters) – Israel plans to tighten a financial clampdown on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip that would choke off all but humanitarian and basic supplies, senior Israeli and Western officials said on Tuesday.
While opening the funding taps to the Western-backed emergency government set up by President Mahmoud Abbas in the occupied West Bank,
Israel and the United States want to isolate Hamas financially, diplomatically and militarily in the Gaza Strip, which the Islamist group seized by force last week.
To that end, two senior Israeli officials said the plan was to bar Palestinian tax funds transferred to Abbas from reaching Gaza to run Hamas-led agencies and pay workers.
Gaza is a terrorist-controlled entity now,” said one of the Israeli officials, who is working with U.S. officials to isolate Hamas. “No financial assistance can go to any entity or person with connections to the Hamas-run administration in Gaza.”

The humanitarian crisis is going to be outstanding. After last year 14.000 Palestinians flee, now Gazans stream to crossing with Israel – Yahoo! News

Hundreds of terrified Gazans fleeing Hamas rule were trapped at a main crossing with Israel on Tuesday, hoping to gain permission to pass through Israeli territory to sanctuary in the West Bank.

Fearing death or persecution, Gazans began flocking to the Erez passage after Hamas militants wrested control of the coastal strip from Fatah security forces late last week. Israel, which has no interest in letting masses of Gazans pass through its territory and possibly destabilize the quieter West Bank, has refused to let most of them in, saying their lives were not in danger.
By Tuesday, about 600 people were holed up in the long, concrete tunnel that leads to the Israeli side of the crossing. Around 100 people belonged to Fatah security forces, but the rest were civilians, seeking a better life in the West Bank.
Women, children and young men sat between two high concrete walls about 10 yards apart, looking tired and sweaty. Suitcases and trash were strewn on the ground. Some families sat on mats, others on bare concrete. A breeze barely stirred between the walls, and the tunnel, which has no toilets, reeked of urine and sweat.
On Monday, gunmen allied with Hamas disguised themselves as fleeing civilians and hurled hand grenades at Israeli soldiers and Palestinians at Erez, killing a relative of a slain Fatah warlord, and injuring 15 other Palestinians.

UPDATE 3: More about Palestinians fleeing from Israel: My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Palestinians run as they try to cross to the Israel side at the Erez Crossing, in the northern Gaza Strip, Saturday, June 16, 2007. Dozens of Palestinians converged on the Erez crossing with Israel on Saturday, trying to leave the Gaza Strip following Hamas’ takeover. At the same time, hundreds of people looted police positions on the Palestinian side of Erez, and at one point Israeli troops fired in the air to keep the crowd at bay. The looters walked off with furniture and scrap metal. (AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

UPDATE 4: Also read Jules Crittenden’s “Enemy of my Enemy” h/t Abdul in Freedom’s Zone. Abdul writes:

Conveniently, the word Fatah (or Fath) was a specific label Muslims ascribed to the bloody and barbaric expansion of Islam by the sword over its first hundred years (Hmmmm – there’s aclue here somewhere as to their intentions). As an organization, Fatah is one of many borne out of the Muslim Brotherhood. Fatah logo contains two crossed assault rifles superimposed on the land of Israel covered in Islamic green. Qur’anic slogans on the graphic depiction of Fatah’s mission encourages jihad. These days, Fatah conducts its terrorist missions under the name al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. As one writer phrases it, if Fatah was Nazism, al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades would be the SS. For those who have lived in a cave since WW-II, this is not something that denotes love and kindness, and tolerance of Jews and infidels that don’t follow the radical line.

UPDATE 5: Don’t laugh: Catholic World News : Gaza convent sacked; Hamas condemns action

Gaza, Jun. 19, 2007 (CWNews.com) РOn June 14, a school administered by the Sisters of the Holy Rosary was demolished in the Gaza Strip. In the chapel adjoining the sisters’ convent, the crucifix and a statue of Christ were broken and prayer books burned.

Father Manuel Mussallam, the only Catholic priest currently living in Gaza, denounced the sacking of the school and convent, describing it to AsiaNews as a “barbaric act.” The incident occurred during the course of fighting between two Palestinian factions: al Fatah and Hamas.

Although the school and convent are located near a police station, a spokesman for Hamas– which now controls the Gaza Strip– said that the group was not responsible for the violence against the Catholic nuns. Salah Bardawil said: “The Christians are our brothers in Gaza and everywhere, and we will protect their holy places and school, as we do our Islamic schools.”

We will protect every Christian in the earth the moment they submit. In the meantime, we will ransack their places… to remind them who is in charge…

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h/t Confessions of a Closet Republican.

Also read the Project of the Muslim Brotherhood h/t Desde el Exilio and the Turkish Islamist party’s project for Europe h/t Free Thoughts.

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After considering the state in which some political prisoners are in Cuba (for example, this same week we have known about Guido Sigler Amaya’s condition which is very grave but does not have any kind of medical support), we have known today that:

  1. European Union FM are asking to renew the dialogue with Cuba. Only United Kingdom, the Checz Republic, Ireland or Belgium have opposed to it. In the text they include in the dialogue, subjects like political sphere, human rights, economical, scientific and cultural questions and “the support for a peaceful transition in Cuba“. They also maintain that the mutual relationship should be based on “reciprocity and no-discrimination“. Now, can someone tell me how on earth Europe was discriminating Cuba before? Not maintaining good relations with a dictator is not discriminating, it’s just a way to tell the world you oppose him firmly.
  2. Contrary to all the promises of reform issued last year, the proposal released today by Council President Luis Alfonso de Alba targets Israel for permanent indictment under a special agenda item: ‚ÄúHuman rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories,‚ÄĚ which includes ‚ÄúHuman rights violations and implications of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and other occupied Arab territories‚ÄĚ; and ‚ÄúRight to self-determination of the Palestinian people.‚ÄĚ No other situation in the world is singled out ‚ÄĒ not genocide in Sudan, not child slavery in China, nor the persecution of democracy dissidents in Egypt and elsewhere. Moreover, the council will entrench its one-sided investigative mandate of ‚ÄúIsraeli violations of international law‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒthe only one not subject to regular review after a set term‚ÄĒby renewing it ‚Äúuntil the end of the occupation.‚ÄĚ To sum up, the UN Human Rights Council is going to punish Israel but not Belarus, Cuba, China or Iran.

My question is: what do these organizations, which supposedly are fighting for Human Rights, do to really support them?

I answer: nothing. They are only bashing democracies, where they know their pathetic speeches can have some effect in part of the population. But not doing so against the dictatorships where they are not going to receive anything but disdain and reproaches. And we do not want that from China, Saudi Arabia, Cuba or Iran, do we?

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A friend of mine has sent me the link to these two videos in You Tube. They are about a debate hosted by Digital TV Libertad Digital about Cuban situation today and the country’s prospects. Really interesting -debate is in Spanish though-.

Primera parte:

Segunda parte:

El blog de Jorge Moragas (Popular Party MP): Los 300 de Cuba.

Pat√©tico, vergonzoso y humillante para todos los dem√≥cratas cubanos, espa√Īoles y europeos. En el √ļtimo minuto la dictadura cubana se mof√≥ de Espa√Īa. En la rueda de prensa final, el Canciller cubano P√©rez Roque hizo saltar por los aires el compromiso que un ingenuo o incapaz Moratinos nos pretend√≠a vender como un √©xito:As√≠, del acordado y raqu√≠tico mecanismo pol√≠tico bilateral para hablar de Derechos Humanos entre Espa√Īa y Cuba quedaban excluidos manu militari los presos pol√≠ticos y de conciencia cubanos que se pudren en las carceles de los Castro. A Zapatero y a su Gobierno que se ha ido de Procesi√≥n de Semana Santa a Cuba les han tomado el pelo como a unos pringadillos en viaje de fin de curso al Caribe. Ellos s√≥los se han metido en la trampa de la dictadura y su soberbia terminal y su fascinaci√≥n por la ingenier√≠a social castrista les ha empujado ignorar los llamamientos no s√≥lo del PP y de Mariano Rajoy a la cabeza, sino de otros como: los mismos disidentes, Reporteros sin Fronteras, Amnist√≠a Internacional, las Damas de Blanco, Oswaldo Pay√° y el Proyecto Varela, el Comit√© Internacional de Protecci√≥n de Periodistas(Openheimer, Conkrite, Amanpour y otros fachas…) as√≠ como de ese Coraz√≥n de Europa que deber√≠a ser el Parlamento Europeo. Todos ellos, todos nosotros somos simples voces que claman en el desierto moral de este insensible Gobierno hippypiji.

El blog de Gustavo de Arístegui (Popular MP): Cuba, Venezuela y el populismo.

Es simplemente insultante que el ministro de Asuntos Exteriores diga que se va a hablar de todo, incluso de derechos humanos sin que se haga mención alguna a los presos políticos y de conciencia de Cuba. Nadie ha contestado desde el gobierno socialista a la repugnante declaración del ministro de exteriores cubano Pérez-Roque tildando a los presos políticos de mercenarios y terroristas.

Es triste, pat√©tico y escandaloso que el gobierno haya llegado hasta este nivel de entreguismo y claudicaci√≥n. Convendr√≠a recordarle al gobierno socialista que hoy Espa√Īa bajo gobierno socialista no va a poder jugar papel relevante alguno en la transici√≥n cubana ‚Äďpalabra por cierto proscrita y maldita por el r√©gimen cubano, lo que confirma su inmovilismo. Los disidentes rechazan de plano la vergonzosa pol√≠tica del gobierno socialista hacia Cuba, el R√©gimen cubano nos desprecia y nos da por descontados y los Estados Unidos (Republicanos y Dem√≥cratas por igual) desconf√≠an del actual gobierno de Espa√Īa.

Related posts: Anti-Castro website launches an anti-Spain campaign.

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Allegations Iran is arming Afghan rebels are aired publicly by US officials for the first time.

Source: US accuses Iran of supplying arms to Taliban

More about this in Freedom’s Zone. According to the latter Richard Boucher, US Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asian Affairs, in a meeting with EU officials in Brussels, said Iran was a “developing issue of concern.”

His comments come only a day after Pentagon’s top general Peter Pace said coalition forces in Afghanistan had intercepted Iranian-made mortars and explosives destined for the Taliban.
“We don’t know exactly who is doing this and why, but we know that these have been Iranian origin weapons that have shown up in the hands of the Taliban,” Boucher said. “We have been seeing a series of indicators that Iran is getting more involved in an unhealthy way in Afghanistan,” the US official warned.
Boucher insisted that the “military defeat of the Taliban was not the “key task.” The focus was on building Afghan democracy and strengthening the outreach of the government.
“This is where terrorism originally came from,” said Boucher referring to Al-Qaeda’s use of Afghan territory. He said a democratic Afghanistan would therefore play a vital role in stabilizing the region.
“There is an historic opportunity to change the dynamic in this region and create an area of stability between Asia and the Middle East,” he said.

Varios oficiales EEUU han declarado que Ir√°n est√° armando a los talibanes. No saben c√≥mo lo hacen, pero s√≠ que han interceptado armas de fabricaci√≥n iran√≠ (morteros y explosivos) con destino los talibanes. Boucher, asistente de la Secretario de Estado EEUU para el Asia central y del sur, ha a√Īadido que “Ir√°n cada vez est√° implicado de peor de manera en Afganist√°n“, que “all√≠ se ha ido a defender la democracia y no tanto a s√≥lo derrotar a los talibanes” y que es una oportunidad hist√≥rica de crear un √°rea de estabilidad en la zona.

Hmm, qu√© sorpresa, ¬Ņno? Ir√°n, la perfecta democracia isl√°mica ayudando a los talibanes… que muy pac√≠ficos no parecen:

Afghans face suicide attacks, beheadings and abductions by the Taleban, says an Amnesty International report.

A report by Amnesty International says that attacks on civilians are widespread and systematic, and are used by Taleban rebels to instil fear.

The report says that scores of civilians have been deliberately killed by the Taleban in the past two years.

It accuses the Taleban of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity”.

‘War crimes’

Targets between January 2005 and March 2007 have included women’s rights activists, election candidates, clerics, government and health workers and teachers.

Taleban fighters in Zabul

The Taleban are accused of treating some civilians as the enemy

At least 183 schools were burned in arson attacks across the country between 2005-2006.

Amnesty say that most victims of Taleban violence are apparently branded as “spies” or “collaborators”.

In one “brutal” incident cited by the organisation last week, an Afghan journalist was killed by the Taleban, reportedly by having his throat slit. –and they write “brutal

Ajmal Naqshbandi, 25, had been taken hostage in March along with an Italian reporter, Daniele Mastrogiacomo, and their Afghan driver, Sayed Agha.

While Daniele Mastrogiacomo was released in a prisoner exchange, Sayed Agha was beheaded.

Amnesty say that the Taleban’s military rulebook, or Laheya, explicitly sanctions targeting and killing civilians.

Link to Taleban ‘war crimes’ on Afghans

Of course, the charitable Talibans have rejected the report h/t Clarity and Resolve.


La ONG Amnist√≠a Internacional ha denunciado a los talibanes por las numerosas atrocidades que est√°n cometiendo frente a los civiles. Mujeres defensoras de sus derechos, pol√≠ticos, periodistas o simplemente civiles que estaban en el lugar equivocado han sido asesinados deliberadamente por los talibanes. Previamente los consideran “esp√≠as” o “colaboradores”. As√≠, la semana pasada un periodista fue asesinado por esp√≠a, como dir√≠an los antiguos, por el m√©todo de “cortarle el pescuezo“. Tambi√©n fueron asesinados de esta forma el int√©rprete y el ch√≥fer de Mastrogiacomo, el periodista italiano al que los talibanes liberaron porque lograron que el Gobierno afgano pusiera en la calle a 5 talibanes peligrosos.

Por supuesto, los pac√≠ficos insurgentes-militantes-rebeldes lo han negado, diciendo que s√≥lo mataban “a los y a los que los ayudaban“. Claro, el ch√≥fer de Mastroiacomo era un peligroso agente internacional que quer√≠a infiltrarse entre los talibanes… Pero ¬Ņqui√©n le mandaba a √©l ser ch√≥fer? Deber√≠a haber comenzado una fabulosa carrera como espiritual y pac√≠fico talib√°n.


cooperantes_afganistanWe also have to add that today there are two French from an NGO kidnapped by the Talibans:

The Canadian TV CBC has shown some images of the two French NGO workers, kidnapped 10 days ago in the south-East of Afghanistan, in which both of them tell the camera they are fearing for their lifes.

In the images we can also see three Afghans, the driver and two interpreters, also kidnapped, and their kidnappers, strongl armed, as the TV has stated, while at the same time adding they were not going to show the images.

The images are proof that both of them can be alive by now.

The French President, Mr. Chirac, asked on Friday (a week ago) to Afghan President, Karzai, to make “all possible efforts” to achieve the liberation of the 2 kidnapped French, apparently by the Taliban. Chirac asked for an effort to Karzai and underlined the importance of the mutual support between the authorities of both countries.

This Chirac… has he considered what the taliban have said about the Mastroiacomo’s liberation?

Dadullah, the Taliban’s top operations commander, made the claim to a Pakistani journalist shortly after the Afghan government traded the five militants for Daniele Mastrogiacomo of La Repubblica.

He said he felt so happy that he would take a rest and let his brother take the reins for a while,” said Rahimullah Yusufzai, a veteran reporter from Peshawar, who interviewed Dadullah by phone. “He said that any western journalist who does not seek permission is going to be arrested.”

The deal has triggered a heated debate across Europe. Italian opposition politicians and some newspapers accused the prime minister, Romano Prodi, of caving in to terrorists. In London, a Foreign Office spokeswoman said the swap sent “the wrong signal to prospective hostage-takers”.

Taliban plan more kidnappings after Italian deal | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

Hmm, what a profitable industry, hein?


La cadena de televisi√≥n canadiense CBC ha obtenido im√°genes que muestran a dos cooperantes franceses secuestrados hace diez d√≠as en el suroeste de Afganist√°n, en el que los dos rehenes expresan temor por su vida. En las im√°genes tambi√©n se ve a los tres rehenes afganos el conductor y dos traductores con los ojos vendados, y los secuestradores que les custodian fuertemente armados, seg√ļn ha explicado la cadena, que ha decidido no emitir las im√°genes.

La mujer secuestrada suplica por su vida mientras que su colega, que se identifica como Erik, tambi√©n hace un llamamiento similar. Seg√ļn informa la televisi√≥n canadiense en su p√°gina web, el canal ha decidido no emitir las im√°genes, consideradas una prueba de que los dos trabajadores humanitarios de la organizaci√≥n no gubernamental Terre d’Enfance y los tres afganos que viajaban con ellos cuando fueron secuestrados pueden continuar con vida.

El presidente franc√©s, Jacques Chirac, pidi√≥ el viernes a su homologo afgano, Hamid Karzai, que se hagan “todos los esfuerzos” posibles para conseguir la liberaci√≥n de dos cooperantes franceses secuestrados el 3 de abril pasado, aparentemente por los talibanes. El presidente franc√©s pidi√≥ un esfuerzo a Karzai y subray√≥ la importancia del apoyo mutuo entre las autoridades de ambos pa√≠ses con el objetivo de liberar a los activistas humanitarios, seg√ļn un portavoz oficial.

Source: Tizas – Los taliban exhiben a los cooperantes secuestrados

Y es que hace unos días ya lo anunció Dadullah, el jefe Talibán, que iban a continuar con los secuestros y que después del de Mastroiacomo, estaba tan feliz que se iba a tomar unas vacaciones.

Como dec√≠amos en el colegio: estaba m√°s feliz que una lombriz, aunque en este caso, sea un insulto para la pobre lombriz…


Another proof of the violence against civilians is the killing of girls’ teachers:

Police in Afghanistan’s southeastern province of Khost say Taliban militants shot dead the headmaster of a girls’ school in eastern Afghanistan on April 17. Authorities say Ghulam Haider, of the Kundi girls’ school, was killed while walking to a mosque for morning prayers.

Another headmaster was killed in a similar shooting on April 15 in the province’s Gorboz district.

Afghan Education Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar said more than 40 Afghan teachers have been killed in Taliban attacks against schools and colleges during the past year.

Source: Clarity & Resolve: Afghanistan – Jihad Against Girls’ Education

La polic√≠a de la provincia de Khost (Sur de Afganist√°n) han dicho que los militantes talibanes han matado a disparos al director de un colegio femenino el 17 de abril. Las autoridades han a√Īadido que a Ghulam Haider, del colegio femenino Khundi, le asesinaron mientras iba caminado hacia la mezquita para las oraciones de la ma√Īana.

A otro director de escuela le mataron de forma semejante el 15 de abril en Gorboz.

El Ministro de Educaci√≥n afgano dijo que los talibanes han asesinado a m√°s de 40 profesores afganos en ataques a colegios y escuelas durante el pasado a√Īo.

Si es que es lo que tienen los insurgentes talibanes. ¬ŅPara qu√© van ellos a respetar algo tan occidental como los Derechos Humanos?

Así que el Comandante USA del Gobierno Central de las Fuerzas en Afganistán está pidiendo a la OTAN que se implique más y envíe más tropas. No sólo es por cuestiones militares si no sobre todo para ayudar a los civiles.

NATO needs to provide more forces to assist in ongoing security and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan, the commander of U.S. Central Command said during his testimony at a Congressional hearing today. The top U.S. military commander in Iraq, Army Gen. Dan K. McNeill, has asked NATO headquarters for more troops, Navy Adm. William J. Fallon told House Armed Services Committee members. McNeill took command of more than 30,000 NATO and U.S. troops in early February. McNeill “is on record as asking the alliance in Brussels for additional assets“, Fallon said.

He needs them not only in terms of military forces and capabilities such as rotary-wing lift to move these forces in the field, but he also needs some help in the civilian world.

Today, there are about 26,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Around 14,000 U.S. forces are under McNeill as part of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force. The other 12,000 American forces in Afghanistan fall under U.S. command and are conducting special operations and Afghan army training missions.

Source: More NATO Help Needed in Afghanistan, Fallon Says

Are the Euroweenies going to send more troops? Are we going really to defend the Human Rights of this poor Human Beings, trapped in the same place with such bastards? Or not?

Related news: 24 Taleban fighters killed in Afghan battle. (According to yahoo, the Taliban dead had been 27).

Afghan troops have torn down part of a new anti-Taleban fence being erected by Pakistan on the border between the two countries, officials in Kabul say.

They say the move led to fighting between Afghan and Pakistani troops. But Pakistan has denied the fence claim, saying the clashes started after one of its patrols came under fire. It was the first such fighting since Pakistan announced plans earlier this year to fence and mine sections of the border to restrict Taleban fighters. The Afghan government says the plan will endanger civilian lives and separate Pashtun tribes and families.

Source: BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Afghanistan ‘border fence’ clash


Las tropas afganas han partido una valla anti-talibanes que hab√≠a erigido Pakist√°n en el borde entre ambos pa√≠ses, seg√ļn las autoridades de Kabul. Dijeron tambi√©n que esta era la primera vez que esa valla hab√≠a dado lugar a luchas entre ambos.

Paquist√°n ha negado la protesta diciendo que la lucha se produjo cuando una de sus patrullas fue atacada. El gobierno de Afganist√°n dice que el plan va a poner en peligro vidas civiles y a separar tribus y familias Pasht√ļn.

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The spring has come to Afghanistan but that has not been a good and bucholic sight but one in which the Taliban are attacking the NATO-UN forces with a much more important danger for the coalition troops. Including SPANISH troops. Yes, I know that our Army is guided as if it were a NGO (what in Spain some people consider a Srta.Pepis Army), but, whatever the Government says, the mission has everything to do with WAR. Yes, it involves protecting the weak, but it also involves attacking and defending them and the military from the Taleban. Something that is carefully forgotten both by political bodies and MSM bienpensants because that is not modern…

So the offensive against the Taliban has started in the South of Aghanistan. And the 1st day has produced, as a result, the caught a Taleban leader who was fleeing disguised in a burqa!

Europe continues its (ours) whinning about war, as if US and Israel were the warmongers (never us!). Of course, that is why we have not sent more troops to Aghanistan. Of course, that makes easier blaming them for all the bad things in this world.

But the major symptom of this illness of pacifism, it’s -apart from our dear President-, the one shown by Italian Senate. The lower House of Italian Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Afghan mission, after some days of uncertainty which have involved the Parliament voting against PM Prodi, his dimission -accepted by the President of the Republic Napolitcano- and his acceptance (again) as head of the Government. But some of the Italian bloggers do not agree with the decission of the liberals and right-wingers, who has voted with the Prodi’s Socialists.

For example, Paolo di Lautreamont from Le Guerre Civile, says “E’ inaccettabile che la Cdl voti con Prodi il rifinanziamento alla missione italiana in Afghanistan. Non √® questione di immagine, ma di fatti concreti. L’approvazione significherebbe, in realt√†, dover subire una rete di ricatti, blocchi, dinieghi, degli antiliberali”. Translation: “It’s not acceptable that Cdl -Coalizioni di Liberali- voted with Prodi the refinancing of the Italian mission in Afghanistan. This is not a question of image, but of concrete acts. The approbation will mean, really, to support the antiliberals” -liberal in Europe means the ones fighting for freedom, not leftits-.

But he adds something very important for Spain:

Ciò aggraverebbe la strategia e il ruolo dei nostri soldati, costretti a ridurre -di fatto- la loro capacità difensiva/offensiva, questo mentre lo stesso Zapatero sta aumentando effettivi armamenti delle truppe spagnole, come ricorda Gianandrea Gaiani su Libero di oggi.

This is going to worsen our soldiers (the Italian ones), because their capacity, both offensive and defensive, is going to be reduced, just at the same momment in which Zapatero is increasing the weaponry effectiveness of the Spanish troops, as Gianandrea Gaiani points out in Libero di oggi.

So, why is he increasing the effectiveness if Afghanistan is so peaceful and quite and we are there in a peaceful and humanitarian-only mission?

Mariosecchi.net also looks at the paradox of the right-wingers, who are supporting the Prodi’s Government in three basic issues: foreign policy (Afghanistan), economic policy (pensions) and institutional matters (electoral reform).

Taliban claimed they have kidnapped an Italian journalist, Mastroiacomo, from La Reppublica, because he was “spying for British” and that they are interrogating him. I guess they are doing a civilizations’ alliance-way-of-interrogation, that is, a very desagreeable one. I am not suprised that Massimo D’Alema is worried about him (thanks to La Pulce di Voltaire). His release is not going to be immediately obtained, it seems.

As Canadian blog The Black Rod tells us (via Dust my Broom), the Taleban claim that they have arrested between 60 and 70 people and many of them had been killed, charging them with “spying for UN and NATO troops”. But they are not actually spies: they are simply people who work for the government, aid groups or NATO military.

And now a new problem can be considered: the day-by-day growing pressence of the Taliban in Pakistani region of Waziristan, which borders with Afghanistan. So important is this presence, that US expert in terrorism, Bill Roggio, writes in his blog: “Taliban losses in Afghanistan, gains in Pakistan“:

The Talibanization of western Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province and Baluchistan has an impact of the situation in Afghanistan. The tribal agencies of North and South Waziristan are openly referred to as Talibanistan. Bajaur is a operational base and staging area into Afghanistan for mid-level al-Qaeda commanders, and senior al-Qaeda command (bin Laden and Zawahiri) are believed to be operating from nearby Dir.

Now, the question is: What is doing Pakistan at his respect? Till US Vice-President Cheney’s visit, it sounded as nothing (well, it really was nothing). But after his visit, Mullah Omar’s deputy Obaidullah (left) was captured by Pakistani security forces. Of course, Pakistan has denied this arrest has something to do with Cheney’s visit:

The official, however, said the arrest of Mullah Obaidullah, who was defence minister in the ousted Taliban regime, had no link with Mr Cheney’s visit and the action which led to his arrest had been planned in advance based on good intelligence.The official declined to give further information but said that two others, who were captured along with Mullah Obaidullah “could be” Amir Khan Haqqani, a Taliban commander in Zabul, and Abdul Bari, the former governor of Helmand province.

Anyway, I made referrence some days ago to the annual report of the International Narcotics Control Board. If you read it, there is a surge in poppy (opium) production. There has been some calls from both the World Bank and the UN because this could make even more difficult the reconstruction, as people are more interested in opium business as they are earning more money. The UN (and US) is also worried because of the “dramatic increase” in cannabis growing, which begins a “new and disturbing trend“.

And, even if you are going to laugh, Face the Truth reports that radical left has proposed to buy the Afghan opium to use it to make pharmaceutical substances. The problem is they are going to buy it from Taleban and warlords. So, they are considering to finance the same people who are killing our troops. These things make me wonder if human beings are as rational as we tend to think ourselves…

[NOTE: do not tell this proposal to Joan Saura, Catalan Conseiller of Interior, who said that he was for the legalization of all drugs… He would jump of joy]

Lastly, I want to finish this post pointing out the high number of conversions into Evangelical Christianity from Afghan Islamic people (among other Middle East countries). Of course, TIME magazine has called them radical, even if this people are facing death for their conversion.


Resumiendo el peaso post sobre Afganist√°n, en este pa√≠s la primavera trae las flores, la alergia y… el ataque de los talibanes. Precisamente, como se sabe que el buen tiempo iba a “mejorar” las condiciones para este ataque, la OTAN hab√≠a pedido refuerzos, refuerzos que fueron negados principalmente por Italia, Francia y Espa√Īa.

Italia, especialmente, se encuentra en otro momento, vamos a decir, d√≠f√≠cil. El voto del Senado de hace escasas semanas, en contra de que las tropas italianas estuvieran en Afganist√°n, hizo que Prodi, actual Presidente del Gobierno italiano, tuviera que dimitir. Sin embargo, poco despu√©s, Napolitano, el Presidente de la Rep√ļblica, volv√≠a a ofrecer a Prodi formar Gobierno, lo que il Professore acept√≥. As√≠ que era necesario volver a votar la presencia de las tropas italianas en Afganist√°n.

La Cámara Baja votó mayoritariamente que sí, porque Prodi no fue apoyado por los de su Gobierno (hmmm) si no por Berlusconi y los liberales. Este voto ha sido muy criticado por distintos blogueros italianos que consideran que, de esta forma, están realmente manteniendo a sus enemigos políticos en el Gobierno.

Ahora bien, si algo me ha sorprendido (realmente, no…) es que el especialista italiano en cuestiones militares Giani ha afirmado que Zapatero ha aumentado la capacidada tanto ofensiva como defensiva de nuestras tropas en Afganist√°n. ¬ŅAlguien sabe algo de esto? Porque creo que no ha pedido permiso -o yo no tengo noticia, lo cual con la cantidad de informaci√≥n, no ser√° raro- para ese aumento. Tampoco s√© si esto es una consecuencia de un an√°lisi concienzudo de la situaci√≥n, o simplemente una consecuencia de la muerte de la soldado Idoia Rodr√≠guez hace unos d√≠as.

A todo ello, se une la noticia del secuestro del peridista italiano de La Repubblica Mastroiacomo, quien ha sido acusado por los talibanes de “espiar para Inglaterra” y a quien “estamos [por los Talibanes] sometiendo a interrogatorio“. Ni me quiero imaginar c√≥mo deben estarle interrogando.

Sin embargo, no ser√° √©ste el primero ni el √ļltimo, porque s√≥lo en este a√Īo, los talibanes han secuestrado entre 60 y 70 personas, de las que la mayor√≠a aparecen despu√©s asesinadas, acusadas de espionaje. La realidad, es que son simplemente personas que trabajan para la ONU, organizaciones de ayuda humanitaria o las fuerzas de la OTAN.

El problema de esta Primavera en Afganist√°n es que los talibanes est√°n usando al vecino Pakist√°n para organizarse y el n√ļmero de los que all√≠ residen aumenta cada d√≠a. La zona, llamada Waziristan, ya es conocida como Talibast√°n. Durante bastante tiempo, EEUU estaba pidiendo a Pervez Musharraf (ese amigou, que parar tener estos amigous es mejor tener s√≥lo enemigous) que hiciera algo. Pero (¬°qu√© curioso!) no han hecho nada hasta que el Vicepresidente Cheney ha viajado a Pakist√°n. Entonces han dicho raudos y veloces que hab√≠an detenido al diputado/representante del Mullah Omar, llamado Mullah Omaidomar. Claro, ellos han negado terminantemente que tenga nada que ver blah, blah, blah…

Tambi√©n han detenido a otro Talib√°n que se hab√≠a disfrazado con un burka. Maravilloso, ¬Ņeh?

Como ya he dicho, en primavera florece el campo y tambi√©n las amapolas. Y el opio. Y el negocio del opio. Desde hace bastante tiempo las agencias internacionales han venido advirtiendo del incremento exponencial del comercio del opio afgano, con los se√Īores de la guerra y los talibanes reparti√©ndose el negocio. Ahora, adem√°s tambi√©n ha crecido de manera muy importante el comercio de cannabis/marihuana. Y los radicales de izquierda italianos han pedido que se compre el excedente de opio para usos farmacol√≥gicos, sin darse cuenta de que se lo iban a estar pagando a … los talibanes y los se√Īores de la guerra. Que no se lo digan a Joan Clos…

Links used to write this post:

Die Nato hat sie lange angek√ľndigt, nun ist sie da: die Fr√ľhjahrsoffensive gegen die Taliban. 5000 Soldaten sind im Einsatz. Die Nato-Verb√§nde sollen in der s√ľdlichen Provinz Helmand gegen die Taliban k√§mpfen und sie ¬Ľentscheidend schw√§chen¬ę. Das klingt gut, aber es ist Augenwischerei. Die Taliban lassen sich mit Kanonen nicht entscheidend schw√§chen. Krieg ist ihr Handwerk.

Source: Afghanistan: Sie mögen uns РNachrichten und Analysen auf ZEIT online РInternational (from Kosmoblog)

KABUL, Afghanistan Afghan soldiers caught a senior Taliban commander at a checkpoint who was wearing a burqa, while NATO forces on Wednesday fought Taliban militants in the second day of the alliance’s largest-ever offensive in Afghanistan. Mullah Mahmood, who is accused of helping the Taliban detonate suicide bombs, was caught Tuesday in Kandahar province while wearing the all-encompassing Islamic veil worn here by women, NATO said.

Source: FOXNews.com – Afghan Soldiers Nab Taliban Commander Fleeing in Burka – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News (HT Lawhawk).

As the spring sets in Taleban fighters in Pakistan’s tribal region of Waziristan, bordering Afghanistan, are increasingly visible. This bodes ill for the coalition forces in Afghanistan. But it also highlights problems for Pakistan’s government. It is faced with the prospect of the Taleban and their allies trying to consolidate their expansion eastwards inside North West Frontier Province (NWFP). They have already carved out two safe havens in NWFP. They were able to do so after signing deals to the west in the tribal districts of South Waziristan and North Waziristan with the Pakistani government in 2004-05.

Source: BBC NEWS | South Asia | Taleban spread wings in Pakistan

The lower house of Parliament voted overwhelmingly Thursday in favor of keeping Italy’s military contingent in Afghanistan, approving a decree that refinances all Italian missions abroad. The measure had caused rifts in Prime Minister Romano Prodi’s center- left coalition, but the Chamber of Deputies gave overwhelming backing to the decree, with a bipartisan 524-3 vote. The decree now goes to the Senate, where the governing center-left commands only a razor-thin majority. Italy’s mission in Afghanistan, involving 1,800 troops, has split Prodi’s forces because some Communist coalition allies oppose the troop deployment. Any defections in the upper chamber of Parliament could lose the vote for the center-left. However, the conservative opposition, led by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, backed the mission in the vote Thursday and is expected to do the same in the Senate, ensuring passage of the measure.

Source: Prodi gets support on keeping troops in Afghanistan – International Herald Tribune

Guerrilla spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf said the reporter worked for La Repubblica. Speaking by satellite phone from an undisclosed location, he said the reporter had confessed to spying after being picked up in neighbouring Helmand province yesterday. He added: “He was pretending to be a journalist, but when we investigated we found he’s working for the British troops. “We’re interrogating him and the other two.” The Rome-based newspaper said it has been unable to contact reporter Daniele Mastrogiacomo in Kandahar province since Sunday.

Source: Taliban claimed kidnapped journalist ‘was spying for British’ | Breaking News | News | Telegraph

The United Nations says it fears that Afghanistan may grow even more poppies in 2007 – at a time when current levels are already running at record output. Poppy production rose 25% in 2006, according to the US State Department. The UN says although production of poppies, used to make heroin, has fallen in the north and centre, a sharp rise is likely in the lawless south. It also cites a dramatic increase in cannabis growing, which it describes as a new and disturbing trend.

Source: BBC NEWS | South Asia | UN fears Afghan opium ‘explosion

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Fron Relief (HT: Eye on the World, from MNM):

The conflict in Darfur has spread to eastern Chad. Several thousand people have been killed. Thousands of women and girls have been raped. Entire villages have been pillaged and destroyed and their inhabitants have been forcibly displaced. Eastern Chad is in the grip of a human rights and humanitarian crisis, which has caused the mass exodus of entire populations.

Who is responsible for these terrible abuses? The main perpetrators are militias known as the Janjawid, some of whom come from Sudan, some from Chad, along with other Chadian armed groups.

The climate of insecurity is increasing tensions between communities considered to be “arabs” and communities considered “non-arabs”. At the same time, Sudan and Chad accuse each other of sponsoring, harbouring and arming opposition armed groups. Relations have deteriorated to the point that, on 28 November 2006, the government of Chad declared that it was in a “state of war” with Sudan.

This comes as the Janjaweed are massing to the north of el-Geneina, the capital of Sudan’s West Darfur state, an African Union military source said on Tuesday, corroborating a U.N. report.

For an idea of what is going on in Darfur -with the complicity of the rest of world in a war that IS a war for oil in all its extension, with the active participation of PetroChina, ABB. Ltd, Sinopec, Tatneft, Total SA, Marathon Oil Corporation and Lundim Petroleum-, read this report (pdf), this (thanks to LGF), this, this, and, of course, the best blog on Darfur crisis, Sudan Watch.

Precisely, from this blog I am linking the reality of the AU (African Union) mission. The African soldiers there have not being paid, at least from the last 3 months and there are some of them who haven’t from 6 months. At the same time they are subject of continous attacks from locals:

who are even menacing them of death.

Ingrid, the blogger from Sudan Watch, has ended blogging in protest for this situation.

As I wrote before, two Sudanese officiales have been charged with genocide. Sudanese Interior Minister have threatened to BEHEAD any person who attemps to arrest them and take them to the ICC.

But in Spain, there will be demonstration critizising -just guess…- Israel, because of this summer war with Hizbollah, and USA, because US strategy is not producing any good both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pardon me, but Afghanistan does not have the blessing of the UN? Is not Spain there? So, why is a US strategy? What are the rest of us doing in Afghanistan? Do we have a plan for that country? Isn’t the UN responsible for the disaster? Isn’t also responsible for this our Government?

And wasn’t the Government insisting that Afghanistan was no war? That it was only an humanitarian mission?

This demonstration has been presented by the Director of the National Library, Rosa Reg√°s, actress Pilar Bardem -that not a lot of days ago calledson of a bitch” to a journalist from a TV that has critisized her for giving a white rose to a Batasuna’s lawyer- and Socialist Zerolo, the man who has done a political carrier of being homosexual.

This is not the first they do in this term against Israel and in favor of the “right to resistance of the Palestinian people“. Chesk wrote about another one, held last year, and added some photos:

No more Holocausts (the symbools are clear).

About Darfur, Chinese prisoners, Kareem’s freedom or homosexual repression in Islamic countries, for example, nothing of course…

[By the way, there is a Jihadist upsurge in Lebanon (HT: MNM) The incoming Jihadists are from Sudan and Yemen and probably there would be more attacks on Israeli people AND on UN forces].


El conflicto en Darfur se ha extendido al Este de Chad. Varias personas han sido asesiandas. Miles de mujeres y ni√Īas han sido violadas. Pueblos enteros han sido sometidos al pillaje y destrozados y sus habitantes obligados a desplazarse. El Este de Chad est√° en el borde de una crisis humanitaria y de derechos humanos, que ha costado ya el √©xodo a poblaciones enteras.

¬ŅQui√©n es el responsable de estos abusos terribles? Los principales perpetradores son las milicias conocidas como “Janjaweed“, algunos de los cuales han venido de Sud√°n, algunos son del propio Chad, junto con otros grupos armados de Chad.

El clima de inseguridad está incrementando las tensiones entre los considerados árabes y las comunidades no-árabes. Al mismo tiempo, Sudán y Chad se acusan mutuamente de patrocinar, dar cobijo y armar a los grupos armados opositores. Las relaciones se han deteriorado hasta el punto de que, el 28 de Noviembre de 2006, el gobierno de Chad declaró que estaba en guerra en Sudán.

Esto lo dice Amnistía Internacional, entidad no sospechosa de apoyo a Bush, precisamente.

Mientras, nuestros imb√©cilesintelectuales“, el PSOE e IU han vuelto a convocar a la gente para una manifestaci√≥n contra la guerra de Irak y la de Afganist√°n el 17 de Marzo. No, no es lo que parece: se manifestar√°n contra Israel por la guerra del L√≠bano y contra la “estrategia USA” en las guerras de Iraq y de Afganist√°n. Lo de la estrategia USA en la guerra de Afganist√°n me ha dejado helada. Vamos a ver: ¬Ņno es una guerra auspiciada por la ONU? ¬ŅY la ONU no tiene nada que decir? ¬ŅY el resto de los pa√≠ses que est√°n en la coalici√≥n? Entre ellos, el nuestro…

Por otro lado, ¬Ņno hab√≠amos quedado que no era una guerra? ¬ŅQue est√°bamos all√≠ en “misi√≥n humanitaria”?

¬ŅO es que los americanos malosos est√°n en guerra y nosotros vamos en misi√≥n humanitaria?

Y no, sobre Darfur, los disidentes chinos, la libertad para Kareem o la represi√≥n homosexual en los p√°ises isl√°micos, de eso ni se habla…

[Por cierto, que hay un aumento exponencial de jihadistas, provenientes de Sudán y de Yemen, principalmente, en el Líbano. Se espera un aumento en los ataques a Israelíes Y a las fuerzas de la ONU].

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I wrote yesterday that the Israelis were presenting a song called Push the Button in which they mocked the Islamofascism. Well, the Eurovision Contest wants to ban it (HT: JW):

Eurovision’s organizers have already begun to consider banning Teapacks from the competition. “It’s absolutely clear that this kind of message is not appropriate for the competition,” contest organizer Kjell Ekholm said. “We’ll have all the delegation leaders here in Helsinki next week, and I’m sure we’ll talk about this case within the EBU [European Broadcasting Union] group.”

Click here to listen to the song.


Ayer escrib√≠ que los israel√≠es han llevado a Eurovisi√≥n una canci√≥n titulada “Push the Button”, o lo que es lo mismo, “Da al bot√≥n”. Los de Eurovisi√≥n la quieren prohibir porque no es “apropiada para el Festival“. Ummm, s√≠, claro…

Si quieres ver la noticia en espa√Īol, mira en el Rejunte.il.

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Good news from Darfur as the International Criminal Court has begun naming the ones who had been committing attrocities in Darfur (Counterterrorism Blog).

Luis Moreno-Ocampo singled out Ahmad Muhammad Harun, now a state minister for humanitarian affairs who was state minister of the interior, along with Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman (also known as Ali Kushayb), a leader of the Darfur militia known as the Janjaweed, in a total of 51 crimes against humanity and war crimes. The filing marked the first accusations against named individuals as a prelude to a trial.

Anyway, Sudan has already said they are not giving this people to the Court.


Also the situation in Afghanistan begins to worry a lot of people -about time!- (Thanks to Epaminondas):

We know now that allowing al-Qaeda a safe haven can have terrible consequences for U.S. homeland security. And yet the Bush administration appears to be letting the threat develop again. For several months U.S. intelligence officials and independent observers have been telling journalists — most recently at the New York Times — that al-Qaeda has established several camps in the Pakistani territory of North Waziristan, along the Afghan border. Those camps are populated by Pakistani, Afghan and foreign militants; some may be Westerners who are being trained for attacks in Europe or the United States.

The camps have operated unhindered since at least September, when Pakistan’s military ruler, Pervez Musharraf, agreed to a separate peace deal with local Taliban leaders. Since then, cross-border attacks by the Taliban into Afghanistan have tripled, according to the U.S. military. Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders in Waziristan have developed a “complex cooperative relationship,” Lt. Gen. Karl W. Eikenberry, the outgoing U.S. commander in Afghanistan, testified before the House Armed Services Committee last week. Yet no action has been taken, either by the United States or by Pakistan, its nominal ally in the war on terrorism.

Spanish on-line newspaper Nuevo Digital, as brave and unprejudiced as ever, writes about the use of human shields by Taliban and insurgent forces in Afghanistan and Iran.

First in Iraq:

Boys on bikes cycle backwards and forwards on a footbridge over a small canal lined with houses and groves of date palms. Women in headscarves look anxiously in groups from windows. Men walk with shopping bags. A gunman, clutching an AK-47, bobs his head around the corner of an alleyway close to a school. Once. Twice. On the third occasion a child, a boy seven or eight years old, is thrust out in front of him. The gunman holds him firmly by the arm and steps out for instant into full view of the Bradley’s gunner to get a proper look, then yanks the boy back and disappears.

“That is really dirty,” says Specialist Chris Jankow, in the back of the Bradley, with a mixture of contempt, anger and frustration. “They know exactly what our rules of engagement are. They know we can’t fire back.” A few minutes and a few hundred metres later the performance is repeated. A woman and three small children emerge uncertainly from behind a building, little more than a shack. They stare at the approaching armour. After a few seconds they retreat from view; then the process is repeated. The third time they emerge, a fighter is crouching behind them with a rocket-propelled grenade aimed at Jankow’s Bradley. The group disappears.

Secondly in Afghanistan:

Taliban fighters used children as human shields to flee heavy fighting this week during an operation by foreign and Afghan forces to clear rebels from around a key hydro-electric dam, NATO said on Wednesday.

The Taliban have used human shields before, but never children, local residents say.

[…] “During this action … Taliban extremists resorted to the use of human shields. Specifically, using local Afghan children to cover as they escaped out of the area,” Colonel Tom Collins, a spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), told reporters in Kabul.

So, what is going to say now the anti-war crowd??? Are they going to demonstrate against these brave warriors?

He links to some interesting news: how Human Shields are preparing themselves to go to Iran and protect sewage plants and power stations -bet they’ll be around Iranian peaceful nuclear sites?- and how Spanish Socialists blamed Israel for civilian losses when Hizbollah were using them -both children and women- to protect the armed men?


In the West Bank there is a campaign of rapes against Jewish women, according to the police who has detained already 6 suspects (Thanks to Fausta and Pamela). The rapes are a vengeance to the “deeds of the IDF in Palestinian territories“. The women -more teenagers- were raped at bus stops or in designated hitchhiking points.

This is no importance for Putin, that now wants International Community to lift the embargo on the Palestinian Authority whatever the situation and the ideas of Hamas on Israel.

Opinion Journal wrote about the relationship between Europe and the Iranian mullahs.

In the absence of an official embargo against Tehran, private EU companies have sought commercial opportunities in Iran. But the real story here is that these businesses are subsidized by European taxpayers. Government-backed export guarantees have fueled the expansion in trade. That, in turn, has boosted Iran’s economy and–indirectly by filling government coffers with revenues–its nuclear program. The German record stands out. In its 2004 annual report on export guarantees, Berlin’s Economics Ministry dedicated a special section to Iran that captures its giddy excitement about business with Tehran.

Coalition against terrorism is asking Egypt and Saudi Arabia to stop broadcasting terror.

“Removing the vile al-Zawraa broadcasts which incite violence against innocent Iraqis and those trying to build a peaceful democracy was a good first step by Egypt,” said Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of the coalition and chief operating officer of FDD. “But Egypt and Saudi Arabia, two of our supposed allies in the war on terrorism, must also pull Hezbollah’s and Hamas’s equally dangerous programming, roll back the Iranian regime’s propaganda efforts and disavow all terrorist controlled media outlets that use their satellites to recruit followers and incite violent attacks.”

About time, too.

So Israelis have overwhelmingly voted for “Push the button“, a song which is seen as an answer to lovely and peaceful Ahmadinejad.

First peacekeepers have entered Somalia. But I do not know how 30 Soldiers are going to change the bad situation that the country is living.


If yesterday I wrote about the re-arming of Venezuela, looks like Ch√°vez is buying MORE weapons. El Diario Exterior reports that Venezuela is going to buy 9 diesel submarines. The doubt is whether they are going to be Scorpene (French-Spanish production) or Amur (Russian). And then Venezuela will have the greatest Navy in South-America.


US has detained some criminals (66) from a drug-related network. Mr Gonzales said the ring – allegedly run by Victor Emilio Cazares Gastellum – distributed cocaine, marijuana and other drugs throughout the United States.

El Tribunal Penal Internacional ha comenzado a determinar qui√©nes son los causantes de la masacre de Darfur y de la creaci√≥n de los Janjaweed: entre otros, se se√Īala como culpables, a Ahmad Muhammad Harun, ahora el Ministro de Estado para las Cuestiones Humanitarias, que era entonces el Ministro de Estado De Interior, junto con Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman, l√≠der de las Janjaweed, de un total de 51 cr√≠menes contra la Humanidad y otros cr√≠menes de guerra. Sud√°n ya ha dicho que no va a entregarlos y que, al no haber firmado el tratado de constituci√≥n del Tribunal, no va a reconocer ninguna resoluci√≥n que dicte al respecto.

Tambi√©n los periodistas -incluso el New York Times y el Washington Post- comienzan a preocuparse por la situaci√≥n en Afganist√°n. Precisamente, despu√©s de que diversas fuentes se√Īalen que este pa√≠s se est√° convirtiendo en un para√≠so seguro para Al-Qaeda y los Talibanes, que han desarrollado una relaci√≥n compleja de cooperaci√≥n seg√ļn el General Eikenberry, el saliente comandante de las tropas de EEUU, en su declaraci√≥n ante el Comit√© de Servicios Militares del Congreso. A pesar de eso, no se ha tomado ninguna acci√≥n.

The Guardian ha publicado un reportaje en el que muestra c√≥mo usan los Talibanes y los insurgentes iraqu√≠es a ni√Īos y mujeres para proteger a los bravos combatientes. A ver si nuestros queridos amigos de Telecinco y los del “No a la guerra, S√≠ a la Kultura y a la Manipulaci√≥n para que me den m√°s subvenciones y No a EEUU aunque s√≠ a sus premios que son muy glamurosos, se manifiestan en contra de este tipo de comportamientos que tambi√©n practica Hizbollah contra Israel y los Tigres Tamiles en Sri Lanka.

Se est√° produciendo una campa√Īa de violaciones en la Franja Oeste. Las v√≠ctimas, en su mayor√≠a adolescentes, fueron violadas en paradas de autob√ļs o en puntos para realizar auto-stop se√Īalados. ¬ŅLa raz√≥n? La venganza por lo que las Fuerzas Israel√≠es est√°n haciendo en la Franja de Gaza. Muy bien: o sea, que como no puedo ganar la guerra, simplemente violo a unas cuantas mujeres…

Esto no parece importarle a Putin que quiere levantar las sanciones a la Autoridad Nacional Palestina, aunque contin√ļe teniendo Hamas los mismos objetivos.

Mientras los europeos seguimos subsidiando al r√©gimen iran√≠. Resulta que a los Gobiernos se les nota a la legua la ambici√≥n de hacer negocios con Ir√°n, pa√≠s con el que no existe un embargo por parte de Europa. As√≠, empresas con garant√≠a de los Gobiernos Europeos est√°n llevando a cabo florecientes relaciones comerciales. Alemania, por ejemplo, tiene una secci√≥n especial de su Ministerio de Econom√≠a dedicada exclusivamente a hacer negocios con Ir√°n… que considera a Europa un escudo protector frente a EEUU.

La Coalici√≥n contra el terrorismo ha iniciado una campa√Īa para que Egipto y Arabia Saud√≠ dejen de promover el terrorismo a trav√©s de la radio y la TV. Ya lo han conseguido con otras cadenas, pero quieren que dejen de emitir en estos pa√≠ses Al-Manar, la tele de Hizbull√°, y Al-Aqsa, la de Hamas. A ver si lo consiguen-

As√≠ que los israel√≠es no se han cortado un pelo y han votado masivamente una canci√≥n que se titula “Da al bot√≥n” para ir a Eurovisi√≥n. La letra es la siguiente:

El mundo est√° lleno de terror, si alguien comete un error, nos va a explotar hacia el reino que viene.

Hay algunos mandatarios locos, que se esconden y tratan de volvernos locos, con deseo demon√≠aco y tecnol√≥gico de hacer da√Īo.

¬ŅA qui√©n me recuerda?

Los primeros “pacificadores” han entrado en Somalia. Claro que, con el alarmante n√ļmero de 30, creo que por el momento, no van a hacer mucho…

El Diario Exterior informa de que Ch√°vez va a comprar 9 submarinos Di√©sel, bien de marca Scorpene (fabricaci√≥n franco-espa√Īola …) o bien los rusos Amur.

Resumen: menuda mierda de mundo.

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As I wrote some days ago, Amnesty International had refused to support bloody ETA terrorist De Juana because someone who had killed so many people could hardly be considered as a “conscience prisoner“.

As a result, the supporters of ETA terrorist organization are organising a boicott campaign against AI. As Elentir says, you are not alone in your quest against ETA terrorists.

But it is very grave that in this same day Socialist deputees of EU Parliament have presented a project -later removed because of lack of support- to remove Batasuna from the list of international reknown terrorist organisations. At the same time, Otegiannounces they will again be at the next elections with a great “electoral mark“, that is believed is going to be “abertzale left“, a very good way not to tell people what they are: marxist-lenninist organization who wants to build a new Cuba in the Basque Country.

Socialists can go no lower than they are now.

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The other day I wrote about some bans which had been considered (or passed) by Spanish and EU Governments.

Looks like EU legislators are disobeying their own smoking ban:

“A complete ban started on January 1. In practice this was not working too well, people were not obeying it,” said a press officer for the EU parliament in Strasbourg.

The vote comes two weeks after the EU’s Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou said he would seek a comprehensive ban on smoking in public places across the bloc’s 27 member countries.

“It certainly is an odd message. Everywhere else in the world, smoking bans are respected,” said a second parliament official.

Very coherent.

Los eurodiputados, coherentes que son ellos, aprobaron un Ley prohibiendo fumar excepto en los espacios reservados. Pues bien, la est√°n incumpliendo….

“Es ciertamente un mensaje extra√Īo. En cualquier otro lugar del mundo, las prohibiciones de fumar son respetadas”, a√Īadi√≥ un funcionario del Parlamento.

Me pregunto qu√© pasar√≠a si eso ocurriera en un bar. La multa que les iba a caer…


And then I find in Le Mount de Sysiphe that EU wants all European countries to apply commonly the smoking ban in the public places. It would not be a directive allowing each country to decide how they will do it, but only a common recommendation.

People should fulfill this ban as the EU legislators… ūüėČ

B√°sicamente, la Uni√≥n Europea quiere aprobar una recomendaci√≥n com√ļn para que en los 27 pa√≠ses de la UE se proh√≠ba fumar en los lugares p√ļblicos. ¬ŅA que suena c√≥mico? Cuando menos…

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A year ago, Spanish Parliament passed a law which forbade smoking in public places, except where the owners told the public that it was not forbidden. I discussed the measure with some people, because I was not very against it. But Lord Acton told me something that made me think: he told me -more or less- that there were some bars or cafeterias that did not let you smoke (for example, Starbucks) and that normally they were full -yes, that is true, Starbucks is one of the most important growing non-smoking cafeterias in Spain-. So, in my view, what the law should have said is ‚Äúwe are going to help places where smoking is forbidden‚ÄĚ.
After that, they “advised” Burger King not to make publicity about XXL burger because it contained a lot of bad ingredients for health. Results? More publicity for the burger and more people who went to eat it, just to contradict the Government.
Anyway, we have known in later days that the Government is going to present to Parliament a new law in which they forbid to drink any substance with more than 1,2¬ļ. The result is that they are going to forbid every alcoholic drink from vodka to beer. The prohibition is going to be so tough that, according to the law project, it will be forbidden for a father to give his 17-year old son a cup of cava.
So wine producers were angry about this new measure, because wine business employs a lot of Spanish people and is one of the most flourishing ones in Spain.
Some of my colleagues over at ‚ÄúC√≥mo ser de derechas y no morir en el intento‚ÄĚ (translation: How to be a right-winger and not die trying) posted a comical video about this measure.
Mr Rodríguez Zapatero has said that he is not going to present that law if the affected sectors do not agree with the text. The producers have said that they trust him but I do not see them very convinced about it.
But the prohibitions continue: they also want to forbid the use of 4×4 cars in rural ways, because they pollute a lot. The curious thing is that these cars are made to circulate through these particular places…
And lately I have been aware that the EU also forbids to grow some species if they are not registered, thinking they are protecting the environment but really … damaging biodiversity.
The question is: is there something they are not going to forbid?
(Thanks to Cheska, And Englishman’s Castle, for the interesting links).

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