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Oopssssssssss, the seeds planted by Orthodox Patriarc Alexis weren’t fruitless. After defending the Iranian-Russian relationship as a way to build a new multipolar world and stating that “it is only adherents to traditional religions, first of all the Orthodox and Muslims, who can give ‘an appropriate response to the challenges of the time“, now the Orthodox Church is confronting a new challenge by … Muslims.

The Government wants to introduce a new optional subject about Orthodox culture. The no. 2 of the Orthodox Church, Kirill, has said that “In URSS there were a lot of people who was taught atheism. They were professional atheists. This people did not disappear. As there are also ultraliberals. But the overwhelming majority of the Russian people is backing this new subject“.

But the religious Muslim authorities have united themselves with the laicists, to prevent the introduction of this subject in the Russian teaching system. The VP of the Russian Muftis’ Council has accused the Orthodox Chruch of “clericalising” the Russian society. One of the most known teologians of the Russian Orthodox Chruch, Father Andrei Kurayev, has proposed the expulsion of the Mufti to the Gulf Persian States, where they practise the secularism that he likes so much. ApplauseLaughing

But the curious thing is that, while the Muslim religious authorities want to prevent the teaching of this optional subject of Orthodox Culture, in the Russian republics where Islam is majority, as Chechenya, the Muslim traditions are taught in schools. What is more, the Muftis consider that some ethnic (!!!! Isn’t this racism???) groups like Tartars, wherever they live, have a right to receive Muslim education, because historically they have belonged to Muslim religion.

ACTUALIDAD » Los musulmanes rusos se oponen a que se enseñe en las escuelas la religión cristiana

Related news: Putin dissolves Russian Government. h/t Kate.


America is quietly expanding its fight against terror on the African front. Two years ago the United States set up the Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership with nine countries in central and western Africa. There is no permanent presence, but the hope is to generate support and suppress radicalism by both sharing U.S. weapons and tactics with friendly regimes and winning friends through a vast humanitarian program assembled by USAID, including well building and vocational training. In places like Chad, American Special Forces train and arm police or border guards using what it calls a “holistic approach to counterterrorism.” Sgt. Chris Rourke, a U.S. Army reservist in a 12-man American Civil Affairs unit living in Dire Dawa, in eastern Ethiopia, says it comes down to this: “It’s the Peace Corps with a weapon.”

Let’s hope this is not like Somalian campaign.


Almost half of Britain’s mosques are under the control of a hardline Islamic sect, whose next possible leader loathes Western values and calls on Muslims to “shed blood” for Allah, reports The Times of London.

Riyadh ul Haq, who supports armed jihad and preaches contempt for Jews, Christians and Hindus, is in line to become the spiritual leader of the Deobandi sect in Britain.

The ultra-conservative (yes, you know, it’s a mixture between Bush, Aznar and Sarkozy Waiting What a moron!) movement, which gave birth to the Taleban in Afghanistan, now runs more than 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques, according to a police report seen by The Times.

Ul Haq, 36, was educated and trained at an Islamic seminary in Britain and is part of a new generation of British imams who share a similar radical agenda. He heaps scorn on any Muslims who say they are “proud to be British” and argues that friendship with a Jew or a Christian makes “a mockery of Allah’s religion”.

Seventeen of Britain’s 26 Islamic seminaries are run by Deobandis and they produce 80 percent of home-trained Muslim clerics. Many had their studies funded by local education authority grants. The sect has significant representation on the Muslim Council of Britain. It is strongest in the towns and cities of the Midlands and northern England.

Marvellous… At wits end

Richard has posted about it here, where he underlines that in US more than 80% of the mosques (2002) were funded by Saudi Arabia and were preaching Wahabbi ideology.

Now a question: how many Spanish mosques are in this situation? Worried

Cult of Death h/t Eursoc:

Gathering what we can from the works of such thinkers as Sayyid Qutb, Abul Ala Mawdudi, and Abu Bakr Naji (the author of The Management of Savagery), and from various pronouncements, fatwas, ultimatums, death threats, and suicide notes, we may compare radical Islam with the thanatoid political movements we know most about, namely Bolshevism and Nazism (to each of which Islamism is indebted). Of the many affinities that emerge, we may list, to begin with, some secondary characteristics. The exaltation of a godlike leader; the demand, not just for submission to the cause, but for utter transformation in its name; a self-pitying romanticism; a hatred of liberal society, individualism, and affluent inertia (or Komfortismus); an obsession with sacrifice and martyrdom; a morbid adolescent rebelliousness combined with a childish love of destruction; “agonism”, or the acceptance of permanent and unappeasable contention; the use and invocation of the very new and the very old; a mania for purification; and a ferocious antiSemitism.

But these are incidentals. Thanatism derives its real energy, its fever and its magic, from something far more radical. And here we approach a pathology that may in the end be unassimilable to the nonbelieving mind. I mean the rejection of reason – the rejection of the sequitur, of cause and effect, of two plus two. Strikingly, in their written works and their table talk, Hitler and Stalin (and Lenin) seldom let the abstract noun reason go by without assigning a scornful adjective to it: worthless reason, craven reason, cowardly reason. When those sanguinary yokels, the Taleban, chant their slogan, “Throw reason to the dogs”, they are making the same kind of Faustian gamble: crush reason, kill reason, and anything and everything seems possible – the restored Caliphate, for instance, presiding over a planetary empire cleansed of all infidels. To transcend reason is of course to transcend the confines of moral law; it is to enter the illimitable world of insanity and death.”

Eursoc has also some thoughts about the Committee of Ex-Muslims I posted about yesterday.


From Red Alerts:

The Jihad Fields are Calling has a post up celebrating the terror attacks of 9/11 and lavishing praise on the attackers and Osama bin Ladin. It’s long and as tedious as anything else Mujahid writes, so I’ll excerpt the only part that will interest you:

On the 6th Anniversary of the Blessed Attacks of September 11 it is our message to all the Americans and their allies. The Blessed Attacks of September 11 was just the beginning, by these blessed attacks we drag you to your graves in Afghanistan and Iraq, your countries and governments faced in these lands the worst humiliation in their history. But all what is happened to your countries yet is nothing.

But “The Jihad Fields are Calling” has been erased. No more calls. Why the authors deleted the blog? I’m just wondering… Thinking


And now, a photo: “Sea-bathing

What a perspective!! Don’t know what this commenter would say about this photo, but I just can only say about dressing like that: Shame on you She is even wearing GLOVES… for sea-bathing….Sick

Both burqa and niqab produce severe health problems, as you can see here, here, here, here .


Catholic Bishop urges to defend Europe and avoid Euroarabia:

Warsaw, Sep. 11, 2007 (CWNews.com) – During a Mass celebrated on September 11 to mark the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the US, the head of the Polish military chaplaincy appealed for a defense of Christian culture, particularly in Europe.

Bishop Tadeusz Ploski, the head of the military ordinariate, said that the Christian heritage of the European continent should be preserved and warned against the development of “Euroarabia.”

With representatives of the Polish military leadership in attendance along with Orthodox and Lutheran chaplains, Bishop Ploski issued a reminder that September 11 is also the anniversary of the Battle of Vienna, which he described as “Islam’s greatest defeat.”

Applause Thank God, Muskens is not the only Catholic Bishop…



Fausta posts about the attack on one Pakistani Buddha. AngryAt wits end

Suspected pro-Taleban militants have tried to blow up an ancient carving of Buddha in north-west Pakistan.

The area has seen a rise in attacks on “un-Islamic” targets in recent months.

Are we listening, UN??? Are we going to do something this time?

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Firstly, whatever Al Gore have said in the past, researches have discovered that the meltdown of Kilimanjaro glacier is not caused by global warming h/t Desde El Exilio:

Kilimanjaro’s ice has been melting away for more than a century, and most of that melt occurred before 1953, prior to the period where science begins to be conclusive about atmospheric warming in that region, according to Philip Mote of the University of Washington and Georg Kaser of the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

Also, as a tropical glacier, the processes governing ice melt on Kilimanjaro (located in Tanzania) are different than those on other mid-latitude glaciers located closer to the Earth’s poles.

Also there are incresing signs of discontented scientists with this theory h/t Relapsed Catholic.

Though the fear of man-made global warming has come to dominate our cultural discourse, the science behind the scare is looking increasingly uncertain. David Evans is representative of scientists who have become disillusioned with the theory that industrial carbon dioxide emissions are the root cause of global warming: as he points out, the computer models don’t seem to fit the data, while at the same time evidence is mounting in favor of alternative hypotheses, like the idea that climate change may be caused in large part by fluctuations in solar radiation. A series of articles by Lawrence Solomon, who has profiled prominent climate-change dissenters, demonstrates that Evans is hardly alone—and calls into question the often-parroted assertion that there is some sort of scientific “consensus” on the issue (whatever that might mean).

Read it all.

Lastly, we have (supposed) Presidential candidate Fred Thompson writing about the news that indicate that some planets of our solar system are also warming themselves. h/t O Inominável:

This has led some people, not necessarily scientists, to wonder if Mars and Jupiter, non-signatories to the Kyoto Treaty, are actually inhabited by alien SUV-driving industrialists who run their air conditioning at 60 degrees and refuse to recycle.

smile_teeth  😀  Yeah, right.

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So Darfur is even worse that it was some days ago. NYT looks very unhappy because the Southern rebels are trying to defend themselves from the Government forces. The article runs:

Instead Mr. Kabir, a field commander of the Darfur rebels fighting the Arab-dominated Sudanese government, found among the Sudanese soldiers his men had felled only the dark-skinned faces of southern Sudanese and Darfurians. He looked away in disgust.

“You see, they send black men to kill black men,” he said. “We are waiting for them to send Arabs for a real fight.”

This is the new battlefield in Darfur, a blood-soaked land in which at least 200,000 people have died since early 2003, many of hunger and disease, as a result of a campaign of violence the Bush administration and others have called genocide.

For the first time in more than two years, rebels fighting the government for more autonomy are making brazen, direct and successful attacks on soldiers, and are declaring that all previous cease-fires are no longer in effect.

The latest peace agreement, signed in May and heavily backed by the United States but approved by only one rebel faction and the Sudanese government, is in disarray.

The government vows to crush the rebellion, and as its military struggles to fend off attacks, it will likely turn again to Arab militias called janjaweed to wage its counterinsurgency campaign, analysts say.

Look that the Southern-Darfurians rebels are insurgents just as the terrorists in Iraq, accordingly to NYT. After all the people dead in those fields -some because of real blood-for-oil reasons, which has not been protested by any anti-war leftists-. The new Sudanese Government strategy is to send black Southern-Darfurians to battle agaisnt other Sothern-Darfurians. So the rebel commander is very clear:

“All of them are Sudanese, they are black people, they are our brothers,” Mr. Kabir said. “The government sent them here to kill us, but we pity them. The janjaweed don’t like to die and make war with us. They are cowards attacking women and children.”

The rebels had picked the camp clean of matériel, carrying off several senior Sudanese field commanders as prisoners, they said, as well as caches of heavy weapons, machine guns, fuel tankers and pickup trucks.

At a hide-out a few miles away, soldiers preened with their new weapons:Chinese-made rockets, grenade launchers and antitank guns.

We took this from Sudan, and we will use it to kill them,” boasted Salah Arjah Boush, a rebel fighter, cradling a small gray rocket like a baby in his arms.

Chinese rockets! What a surprise! [Well, not for me at least] Sudanese Governement is also being helped by Chadian rebels, while Chadian Government is helping Sudanese rebels.

Because Sudan’s large army is mostly made up of non-Arab foot soldiers who are unwilling to carry out brutal counterinsurgency tactics on fellow non-Arabs, the government has used Arab militias as ground troops in Darfur, paying them in cash and loot from the villages they raid. But now the fighting appears to be entering a new phase, in which the rebel groups, somewhat unified militarily under the banner of the National Redemption Front, are making increasingly brazen direct attacks on government troops.

The government is likely to respond to this new boldness with familiar tactics, said Colin Thomas-Jensen, Africa advocacy and research manager at the International Crisis Group, an independent organization that seeks to resolve armed conflict.

Clearly Khartoum is still intent on pursuing a military solution, and just because the latest offensive seems to have hit a roadblock doesn’t mean they are going to give up,” Mr. Thomas-Jensen said. “The strategy in the past has always been to arm and train and support local militia groups. In all of this the consequences from a humanitarian standpoint are devastating. In Darfur it is ultimately among the civilians that there will be the greatest cost.”

And what will be that military solution? The events which have happened on the latest hours show that it is going to be really hard. Khartoun has expelled Jan Pronk, the UN envoy who -for once- has had a very important role in denouncing the atrocities at Darfur (Sudan Watch):

The highly unusual expulsion of a UN official is likely to sour relations between Khartoum and the UN, which were already tense because of Sudan’s refusal to accept a security council resolution calling for 20,000 troops to move into Darfur to protect civilians. Ironically, Mr had made it clear he personally agreed with Sudan’s position that African Union troops could do the job just as well, provided they had proper funds and equipment. He was also a critic of the Bush administration for its confrontational line towards Khartoum.

Mr Pronk, 66, had a reputation for being outspoken as a minister in two Dutch governments but he took the unusual step of writing a regular weblog after his appointment as Mr Annan’s special representative in Khartoum two years ago. This seems to have been his main sin. The weblog in which he often described the war in Darfur in graphic terms without the usual caution of a diplomat became required reading for everyone watching Sudan’s war-torn western region closely. […]

The Sudanese government has admitted suffering two recent setbacks on the battlefield, at Um Sidir to the north of the main town El Fasher, and again near the Chadian border two weeks ago. But Mr Pronk’s weblog gave new details. “The losses seem to have been very high,” he wrote.

“Reports speak about hundreds of casualties in each of the two battles with many wounded and many taken as prisoner. The morale in the government army in north Darfur has gone down.

Foreign ministry spokesman Ali al-Sadiq explained the expulsion as resulting from “the latest statements issued by Mr Pronk on his website regarding severe criticism of the Sudanese Armed Forces and the fact that he said the government of Sudan is not implementing the Darfur peace agreement“. [NOTE: see he has been expelled BECAUSE he critisized the Government!!!!].

Mr Sadiq said rebels would consider Mr Pronk’s comments as encouragement to continue their military campaign.

Mr Pronk also annoyed the army by crossing frontlines and meeting rebel leaders in Darfur this month, although he made it clear on his weblog that he urged them to accept a ceasefire and think about signing the peace deal brokered in May.

Koffi Annan has asked Pronk to return to USA for consultations, and while the Sudanese Governemnt has asked Pronk to go before next Wednesday,

Jajweeds have begun to attack villages yesterday and reaped two girls, aged 16 and 18. “Government troops are also mobilising in this area, and we are prepared for an attack” (from Sudan Watch). Darfur rebels have added this will began a new campaign: this time using chemical weapons.

The NRF strongly denounces the callous decision of the Government of Sudan to expel UN Envoy Jan Pronk from Sudan. It is not a simple coincidence that this decision has been made at the very moment when the new offensive of the Khartoum regime in Darfur has been launched. Following successive defeats of its forces at the hands of NRF, the Regime in Khartoum is now resorting to the use of chemical warfare to reverse its luck. Few days ago, a Janjaweed led battalion moved out of Alfahir heading towards Tina. The force consists of over 60 vehicles armed with chemical weapons. In line with his cruel habit of sending poorly trained troops to their early graves, Albashir’s new militias are to use chemical weapons that they have never seen before. This is what explained the rush to drive Mr. Pronk out of Sudan. Having neutralized the AU, the Government is now determined to render the people of Darfur totally voiceless. Mr. Pronk’s departure will enable the Regime in Khartoum to carry out its genocidal acts behind a thick curtain.

The Government of Southern Sudan has also protested the expulsion claiming the Sudanese Government has not consulted them on this issue. US has protested the action by the Sudanese Government.

If you want to view his blog, click here.

This is a post made to denounce even more -if it can be- the outrageous situation Darfur is now in, without any type of support from the world and, of course, Europe. Some days ago, Mauro, from Italian blogs from Darfur, wrote a comment here about an important campaign Italian Blogs are making: they are denouncing the MSm for not giving any information about the tragedy that it is developing there. Go there and read it. It will worth your time.

Los últimos hechos en Darfur se están desarrollando muy deprisa. Durante el último mes, los rebeldes han infrigido al Gobienro sudanés 2 derrotas consecutivas en las que ha habido muchos muertos, heridos y mutilados. El Gobierno sudanés ha recurrido a otra estrategia: mandar a gente de Darfur a luchar contra sus propios vecinos. Pero como eso no ha resultado ha expulsado a Jan Pronk, el enviado de la ONU en Darfur.

El diplomático holandés había cometido el terrible disparate de contar la verdad en su blog particular, sobre las derrotas sudanesas, lo que le ha valido la expulsión por “criticar al gobierno sudanés”. SI quereis verlo aún está operativo aquí. Son muy interesantes sus fotografías.

Y la venganza del Gobierno sudanés no se ha hecho esperar: ayer ya atacaron de nuevo los janjaweeds una aldea y violaron a dos niñas una de 14 y otra de 16. Los rebeldes afirman además que el Gobierno sudanés ha enviado camiones con armamento químico hacia Darfur.

Por eso, es importante que denunciemos lo que está ocurriendo en Sudán. El blog Italian Blogs for Darfur tiene por misión criticar la cobertura mediática del conflicto, que como no es Irak, y EEUU no se ha metido allí, no es interesante. Así, señalan:

300 mil muertos, 2 millones de personas sin hogar, 200 mil refugiados

Una tragedia que dura más de 3 años. Pero los muertos de Darfur no llenan los titulares.

Firma la petición on-line para que la RAI, Mediaset y La7 den más espacio televisivo para la ifnormación sobre Darfur y otras crisis humanitarias.

“Escribo para protestar por el poco espacio dedicado por su televisión al genocidio que está teniendo lugar en Durfar (Sudán).

En Darfur, durante más de 3 años, las personas están mueriendo pero la alarma que ha sido declarada por organizaciones humanitarias y militantes por los derechos humanos siguie sin ser oída por mucha parte de los medios italianos. Hata ahora, 300 mil muertos, 2 millones y medio de personas sin hogar, 200 mil refugiados han sido contabilizados, pudiéndose considerar la crisis tan grave como para considerarla un genocidio.

Todos los días las TVs alcanzan a mucha parte de la población de la península como la primera fuente de información, si no la única. La TV retiene el poder de información, incluso los periódicos pueden, aunque en una más pequeña proporción, contribuir a informar a los italianos sobre lo que está pasando en Darfur. Normalmente lo que no se dice en los medios de comunicación de masas no existe para una gran parte de las familias italianas.

Si los medios estuvieran informando conscientemente del genocidio de Darfur, esto ayudaría a parar las atrocidades que están teniendo lugar en la región.

POr esta razón, os pedimos un incremento en el espacio de información del genocidio de Darfur, para parar así las graves acciones contra los Derechos Humanos y la dignidad de la humanidad.

Como un consumidor de estos servicios públicos y privados, le pido por favor que de más importancia a esta tragedia actual, mediante programación que dé espacios, incluso diarios, sobre dossiers e informativos sobre el genocidio de Darfur.

Apreciaría inmediata atención en la materia”.

¿Qué tal una carta parecida para Telecinco, A3, Pedrojota, Luis María Ansón, Prisa, etc…? Es una proposición, pero creo que merecerá la pena. También podríamos hacer un blogroll o algo parecido. Si alguien tiene alguna idea -a ver si alguien comenta algo…. 😉 – que la ponga en comentarios.

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Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey reports about Bahaa El Din Al Akkad (photo), an Egyptian Muslim, member of Tabligh and Daawa -organization to spread Islam-, who converted to Chistianity afterwards, has been imprisoned 18 months now under the charge of “blasphemy against Islam”. He writes:

After contacting a couple of people who are involved in such cases in terms of human rights, the word came back that this story is actually true, that they have known about it for a while now, and have been in contact with this guy’s lawyer and plan on coming out to the public with it soon enough, with their own statements. So I figured I would tell you guys first. This is for real. The guy got arrested for converting to christinaity and have been rotting in prison for the past 18 months for it. I don’t think I need to tell you how much of a violation to his rights this is, but then again, this is Egypt, and we really have no rights to speak of.

Also in persecution.org.

Also the kidnappers of an Italian photojournalist are asking for Abdul Rahman, the Afgan who converted to Christianity and faced the death penalty for that and now exiled in Italy, or they will kill the photographer (tip: relapsed Catholic).

El blogger egipcio Sandmonkey informa de que Bahaa El Din El Akkad (foto de arriba), que era miembro de Tabligh and Daawa -organización cuyo objeto es extender el Islam-, ha sido encarcelado por convertirse al cristianismo bajo la acusación de “blasfemia contra el islam. Ya lleva 18 meses en el calabozo y varios grupos de derechos humanos están intentando sacarle de allí.

Además, los secuestradores de un periodista italiano han exigido que se les entregue a Abdul Rahman, el afgano que se convirtió al catolicismo y se enfrentó a la pena de muerte por ello, o si no matarán al periodista-fotógrafo.

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Yesterday there was a Government’s control session in Congress. Spanish right-wing newspaper LA RAZÓN writes about it:

Nicholas Sarkozy, French Interior Minister, Otto Chilly, German Interior Minister; Rita Verdonk, Dutch Immigration Minister; Dominique de Villepin, French Prime Minister; Nicholas Schimit, Vicepresident from Luxembourg; Günther Beckestein, representative of the Interior Ministers from the German Länder; Wolfgang Schuable, Federal German Interior Minister and Franco Frattini, European Minister of Justice and Security. There can be foreign responsibles that speak about some sort of EU’s problems, but not with such unanimity and in such a contusive manner as these responsibles have been doing these past weeks about the Spanish immigration policy. And not to praise it. The long list of critical voices was shown yesterday in Congress by Mariano Rajoy.

But Mr Rajoy also extracted two political consequences:

The first, that the credit of the Spanish Government “could certainly be better”; and the second, that it’s “impossible to understand how the Minister for Labour and Social Matters (Mr Caldera or “immigrants do not read the laws”) has not been dismissed”.

The answer from Mr. Zapatero was that he:

did not admit any lectures from nobody of EU, and less from Sarkozy, remembering the riots who were “caused by citizens of foreign extraction in Paris”.

He could have charged against any other European minister critical with his Government, that there a lot, but he chose the French Interior Minister -right-, the principal defender of a harder European immigration policy. Zapatero does not support Sarkozy, but integration and multicultural pluralism seriously questioned in some countries of EU. He is so sure about this that the lectures of European politicians are not valuable for him. “They could be valuable for you” -he shouted at Rajoy- but not for this Government,  and they are not convenient for this country”. He added that “there haven’t been any critics. The European Governments and the European Commission try to cooperate in front of this challenge that for some countries has a great range”.

Surprised at the answer, Rajoy censured Zapatero for denying evidence, and demanded him a little humility to recognize his errors, and to take a look at the PP’s proposals regarding immigration. After that, Acebes showed the most shivering figures about immigration: for each illegal immigrant returned to their country of origin, 7 remain in Spain; thousands of them are not even taken to temporal living centers as they are too crowded; the calling effect has already taken to Spain 690.000 illegal immigrants and only 12.000 have been returned to their countries of origin.

Pride is one of the seven capital sins and this laic Government of us have a good proportion of it. The reason why he charged against Sarkozy can be that he is coming to Spain to participate in an interministerial conference on immigration matters. I would like to know what it is said on it… it would be funny.

The Madrid’s Autonomous TV Channel showed a report in which some immigrants were escaping easily from the temporal living center in which they were held. That same day we were told that Interior Minister has instructed Policemen not to write down or make any statistics about the immigrants who escape from those centers. When questioned yesterday about this order, the Government did not contradict it. Vice President Fernández de la Vega only answered that now immigration is more “human and noble“.

Tell that to the approximately 5.000 immigrants who have died in the trip. Tell it to the immigrants who are not granted even a health control when they are held to provide them with medicines and appropriate diagnose and treatment. Finally, look into the eyes of normal people and tell them that an invasion of nearly 1.400.000 (the 700.000 who were legalized last year and the 690.000 who have come because of the calling effect) without any control, job or even perspective of having one (if an illegal immigrant is employed by Spanish firms, the responsibles of the latter will have to face criminal punishment, aggravated by socialist laws, so they have it very difficult to be admitted in one), are not going to cause any type of security problems, not only to citizens but also to legal immigrants.

And after everything happens, laments are not necessary. Politicians should know they are experimenting with people’s lives, dreams, desires, families, jobs, etc. So please before any type of “I’m so good and clever, my critics are idiot and are not worth even the time I am dedicating them“, think a little bit. I think, so I am, said Descartes. Several political figures today do not exist -as they do not think at all-, but they harm citizens and societies a lot for being non-existent human beings from Descartes perspective.

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Sarkozy in Senegal

French Interior Minister, Mr. Sarkozy, is in Senegal. Le Monde – after reminding the “drames of Ceuta et Melilla“, that is, the dramas of Ceuta and Melilla – makes clear what is the new “treaty” between France and the African country about illegal immigrants:

  1. Senegal accepts, respecting human dignity, the return of its nationals who are residing there in an irregular situation.
  2. France only obliges to help in the creation of profitable activities in Senegal, promising a sum near 2,5 million of Euros to “microprojects“.

Le Monde insists in the fact that Senegal rejected the return of the illegal immigrants who arrived at Canary Islands, because of “bad treatments“. But it forgets to add that Spain paid Senegal 8 million euros, more that three times the sum promised by French Government.

The most interesting part of the article is this one:

Ni l’Europe ni la France ne peuvent recevoir tous ceux qui rêvent d’un eldorado, a déclaré M. Sarkozy. Une ouverture générale des frontières entraînerait en peu de temps une déstabilisation des sociétés européennes et l’arrivée au pouvoir de partis xénophobes. Cela, personne ne le souhaite.” La visite de M. Sarkozy à Dakar intervient au lendemain de la réunion à Tampere (Finlande) des ministres européens chargés de l’immigration, où il avait refusé de se rendre, mettant en cause le laxisme de la politique espagnole de régularisation.


Nor Europe nor France can receive all the people who are dreaming about El Dorado“, declared Mr. Sarkozy. “A general openning of all frontiers will cause in little time a desestabilization of European societies and the rise to power of xenophobes parties. That is what anyone wants“. The visit of Mr Sarkozy to Dakar was the day after the meeting at Tampere (Finland) of the European ministers in charge of immigration, which he did not attend, because of the soft -laxa- Spanish policy of regularization.

And the plan of Socialist Government was to reintroduce Spain in Europe, helped by France and Germany… My goodness.

Now that French Government has had to pay, Chirac has united himself to Spain (Mr. Zapatero), Portugal (Socrates), Greece (Caramanlis), Prodi (Italy), Cyprus (Papadopoulos), Malta (Gonzi), and Slovenia (Jans), to write a letter to Finnish Presidence. In it, they assure immigration problem should be reveiwed in a European level, “especially in terms of financial help and resources“. We will see the results.

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I wrote yesterday about immigration but Gadaffi’s words are worthy of a post. I read in DOCE DOCE -I translate it- that the Lybian dictator

is surprised of the “reactions” European countries are showing regarding illegal immigration. But he added that they were ready to solve that problem if European countries payed them 10.000 millions of euros (1 euro is nearly $1.30).

He also stated that “Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and Kiti-Cola are made with essences that come from Africa, and as a result, multinationals must compensate us accordingly“.

Marvellous, eh? And I figure they are not letting us, in case we were so idiot as to pay that sum for a problem they are creating in their own countries, any control over those funds. What happens, Gadaffi? Is your Swiss account not great enough? Or are you spending more than you thought?

But I fear that European bureaucrats will end by giving them some funds for something -controlling illegal immigration- which should be an obligation of these countries. Just because of the differences between both sides of the Gibraltar strait.

What are the citizens of these countries witing to ask their own Governments a compensation for lacking justice, freedom and equality?

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