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Hmm, these are the kind of news that make me vomit. How on earth people can be sooooo brute???? I’m going to name this kind of news “World’s going nuts” ūüė°

A security video from an apartment hallway shows at least 10 witnesses ignored a woman’s cries for help for more than an hour as a man beat and sexually assaulted her, prosecutors in Minnesota said.

The surveillance video clearly showed men and women looking out their apartment doors or starting to walk down the hallway before retreating as the woman was assaulted for nearly 90 minutes, police spokesman Tom Walsh said.

Police said they responded to a call of drunken behavior and found Somali immigrant Rage Ibrahim, 25, and a woman lying unconscious in the hallway early Tuesday. The woman’s clothing had been pulled up and she had fresh scratches on her face and blood on her thigh, according to the criminal complaint.

‚ÄĘ Click here to visit FOXNews.com’s Crime Center.

Ibrahim says he is innocent and that the incident was a misunderstanding, according to Omar Jamal, the executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, who spoke on Ibrahim’s behalf.

FOXNews.com – Cops: Tape Shows at Least 10 Witnesses Ignoring Minnesota Woman’s Cries for Help During Sexual Assault – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

Ibrahim says he is innocent and that the incident was a misunderstanding“. Yeah, right. And I believe that.

More about this here: It should be noted that this Jamal slug was convicted of lying to immigration officials and should have already been deported. Law was not fulfilled and a woman was attacked. The every-day’s tale… ūüė°

And father of 7-Year-Old Boy accused of biting Son’s Toes. He bited his son “hard enough to cause deep bruising and crack his toenails“. My goodness, the world is going nuts… ūüė°

From Life Site.Net:

A peaceful pro-life witness was violently assaulted outside an abortion site on Tuesday. Police responded late to his 911 after he was beaten by an unknown visitor to the clinic.
Early on Tuesday morning August 21, three Rockford pro-lifers-Ken Plez, Pat Brady and Kevin Rilott-were praying quietly in front of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (abortuary) for an end to abortion. A large white truck pulled into the clinic parking lot, and without setting foot on the clinic property, Rilott approached and tried to talk to the people inside.
In a detailed account of the event Rilott described how the pro-choice man got out of his truck and approached him, saying, “You shouldn’t be here, you’re upsetting my wife.” He then began to hit Rilott in the chest, ribs, and stomach. Rilott did not strike back at the man, but managed to call 911. As he was being beaten, he begged for immediate police assistance.
He told his pro-abortion attacker that the police were on the way, but the man said he didn’t care. The assaulter also said that “after he bonded out” he would come back and get him. After breaking Rilott’s sign, the man then went into the abortion clinic.

In India, sex-selective abortions are rocketing. The reason?

A large portion of the Indian population believes that male children enable families to survive and ensure that their parents will be taken care of. Female children are considered a burden for whom parents will have to shell out expensive dowries, which leads many to elect to abort them.

On the other hand, a 2001 census revealed that there were 927 girls for every 1000 boys among children younger than age 7, as opposed to 945 in 1991. Last month, police discovered thirty bags full of aborted and newborn babies in a well near a clinic in eastern India.

Meanwhile, a huge explosion in India has killed at least 44 people. According to CNN, “militants” were responsible for it:

“These are things that will not be openly discussed … we can comment when the investigation is complete,” Home Secretary Shivraj Patil said at a news conference in Hyderabad.

In earlier news conferences, local officials placed the blame squarely on Islamic militants.

Available information points to Pakistani and Bangladeshi groups being behind the blasts,” Y.S.R. Reddy, chief minister of Andhra Pradesh state told reporters. The minister earlier said “this is definitely terrorist activity,” and urged everyone to stay calm.


Moroccan Islamists support pragmatism (well they are going to present themselves to the elections, so it’s better for them to seem moderate. Link in Spanish):

The Party of Justice and Development (PJD), the main Islamist party in the oposition, is going to present a program in which the daily worries of the voters will be the first objective instead of religion in the campaign for the parliamentary elections of September 7th, according to its leader.

Experts consider it’s possible the party will obtain more MPs and could be the main group in an election where more than 30 parties will concur to.

Observers see the result as a measure of the level of disillusion with the liberal and laic elites who have been in charge in Morocco for the last 50 years.

The Parliament only has limited powers in the North African country, where the King Mohammed VIth, controlls all the main sectors from the Army to the religious affairs, and can name the Prime Minister and “veto” laws.

Some analysts say that in any case the elections will help to revitalise some aspects of the body of the governing elite.

“Our agenda is inspired without doubt in our Islamic surrounding, but in an Islamic surrounding linked to the voters’ needs”, told Reuters the PJD’s leader, Abdelilah Benkiran.

[…] “Frankly, the citizens won’t vote for us if we go to the elections to impose the veil on women, the bears on men and to all the people to make them go to the mosque”, he added.

Just let them take power. After four or five years, we speak about this.

About children abuse: Kids forced into domestic servitude in Haiti:

Evans Antoine wakes at 7 a.m. and dusts himself off from his night on the floor. While other children in his middle-class neighborhood overlooking the Haitian capital head to school, the 15-year-old puts on toeless sneakers and gets to work washing dishes, scrubbing floors and running errands at the market. He also works in the yard and sometimes wields a scythe in the family’s fields.

There is little reward for his toil, except for food and a roof over his head. And often, the quality of his work isn’t good enough; his caretakers sometimes hit him with a switch or slap him on the back of the scalp. Once they tied his hands and put a bag over his head before beating him with a stick.

This has been his life for the past three years.

Read it all. Specially interesting is this paragraph: “Haiti revolted against French colonial rule and became the first “black republic” in 1804. With newly emancipated slaves in power, it also became the first nation to outlaw slavery. Dependent on coffee and sugar, however, Haiti kept the plantation system after the revolution, requiring “mandatory labor” of many citizens. The masters were no longer white, but working conditions improved only marginally“.

The proof that changes sometimes don’t change anything really. Just another people step on charge.

More news from Iran: as ever not very promising:

Iran vowed Sunday to use a new 2,000-pound “smart” bomb against its enemies and unveiled mass production of the new weapon, state television reported.

The government first announced development of the long-range guided bomb Thursday, saying it could be deployed by the country’s aging U.S.-made F-4 and F-5 fighter jets.

“We will use these (bombs) against our enemies when the time comes,” Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said on state television Sunday.

Iran often announces new weapons for its arsenal, but the United States maintains that while the Islamic Republic has made some strides, many of these statements are exaggerations.

In China they continue with their magnificent view of Human Rights:

A prominent bishop of the underground Catholic Church in China was arrested on August 23, apparently to prevent him from distributing the Pope’s message to the Church in China.

Bishop Jia Zhiguo of the Zheng Ding diocese was taken into custody on Thursday morning, the US-based Cardinal Kung Foundation reports.

The bishop’s arrest came after several days of tight surveillance in his residence. The Cardinal Kung Foundation reports that visitors to the bishop’s home were held and interrogated by police before being released.

But religious persecution does not only exist in China. In Uzbekistan:

When seven police officers with a video camera raided his home on Sunday morning, 29 July, Nikolai Zulfikarov was away. But this did not stop prosecutors launching a criminal case to punish him for “illegally” organizing a religious community, with a possible sentence of five years’ imprisonment. The small Baptist congregation that meets in his home in the eastern Namangan Region refuses on principle to apply for state registration. One local Baptist told Forum 18 News Service that prosecutors wanted to sentence Zulfikarov immediately, but now there is “total silence”. He added that “it is not clear if this means they will abandon the attempt or if they are moving stealthily behind the scenes”.

More worrying news for Musharraf:

Another defeat for President Gen. Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan’s Supreme Court has narrowed the options for the U.S.-allied military leader as he seeks to extend his rule.

Thursday’s ruling that his arch rival, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, whom Musharraf ousted in a 1999 coup, can return from exile leaves the general vulnerable at home and abroad ahead of crucial elections.

Talks with another ex-prime minister on a pact that would keep Musharraf in office are proving tough. And U.S. impatience with his failure to eliminate Taliban and al-Qaida strongholds near the Afghan border is growing.

Driven by a clamor for the restoration of democracy, the military-led government has responded with calls for national reconciliation.

But Musharraf “is hardly talking from a position of strength,” the Dawn newspaper said in a weekend editorial. Talks with his opponents “must have a one-point agenda: a truly free and fair general election.”

In Brussels they are forbidding Sept 11th’s demonstration against Islamic terrorism, and yet they are letting a Pro-Hizbullah group’s demonstration:

The Arab-European League (AEL), a pro-Hezbollah organization of Arab immigrants in Belgium and the Netherlands, is rallying its members to march in Brussels on 11 September ‚Äúagainst Islamophobia and racism in Europe.‚ÄĚ The AEL demonstration is a response to the request by the Danish-British-German organization Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) for permission to demonstrate on 9/11 in front of the European Union‚Äôs buildings in Brussels against the introduction of Sharia laws in Europe.

Two weeks ago the SIOE demonstration was banned by Freddy Thielemans, the mayor of Brussels. According to Mr Thielemans the SIOE demonstration is a criminal offence because it ‚Äúincite[s] to discrimination and hatred, which we usually call racism and xenophobia. [This] is forbidden by a considerable number of international treaties and is punished by our penal laws and by the European legislation.‚ÄĚ

Of course, Hizbullah’s members are peaceful, respectful of other people’s lifes and caring. As I said, the world’s going nuts…

Hillary Clinton’s remarks about terrorism are just very similar to the ones made by James Clayburn about Iraq:

“There are circumstances beyond our control, and I think I am better able to handle things I have no control over,” she said. “It’s a horrible prospect to ask yourself ‘What if? What if?’ But if certain things happen between now and the election, particularly with respect to terrorism, that will automatically give the Republicans an advantage again, no matter how badly they have mishandled it, no matter how much more dangerous they have made the world,” she said. “So I think I’m the best of the Democrats to deal with that as well.”

Nigeria: From Gateway Pundit: Angry Muslim Mob Storms Prison to Lynch Homosexuals. A prison guard has been injured. Will all the Gay Pride’s organisers say something about this? Eehh, no, that’s only said if they are Christian and preferably Catholics the ones who critisize the right to marry. That is an offense grade A. But if fundamentalist Muslims do it, ehh, welll, then it’s only an offense grade Z, at the most…

More about HuT and the Global Caliphate: Hyscience. And it’s not the only group claiming for it: specially in Internet, this kind of ideas are proliferating.

Ten people arrested in Russia over Politovskaya’s death.

70% of Iraqi suicide terrorists are Saudis. And Iraqis protest about this:

More photos on the link.

And now for some Catholic news:

Pope Benedict XVI explains last Sunday’s Gospel:

The way to eternal life is narrow because it is demanding, requires commitment and denial of one‚Äôs own selfishness, Pope Benedict XVI said today in his Sunday angelus address. He was referring to today‚Äôs Gospel in which Jesus calls on his followers to strive to enter the ‚Äú‚Äėnarrow gate‚Äô to eternal life, because many shall seek to enter in, and shall not be able‚ÄĚ.

‚ÄúWhat does the ‚Äėnarrow gate‚Äô mean?‚ÄĚ, the Pope asked pilgrims gathered in the courtyard of his summer residence at Castel Gandolfo. ‚ÄúWhy do many not succeed in entering through it? Is the way reserved for just a few elect?‚ÄĚ

The Pope said it is often a trap and a temptation to interpret this passage as a reference to religious practice as a source of privilege or security. But in reality, ‚Äúthe message of Christ is actually quite the opposite‚ÄĚ, the Pope explained. ‚ÄúAll can enter eternal life, but for everyone, the door is narrow. They are not privileged. The path to the eternal life is open to all, but it is narrow because it‚Äôs demanding, asks for commitment, abnegation, and the mortification of selfishness‚ÄĚ.

As a result of the stress and lack of tranquility of modern life:

More and more Italians, tired from the routine and noise of the city, are opting to spend their vacations in monasteries and convents that offer them a time of reflection and contact with nature.

Many religious communities‚ÄĒeven cloistered convents–have opened their doors to young people and families to join in their daily life of prayer and activities, as well as to listen to their concerns and provide them spiritual guidance.

I think I’m going to book a holiday like that… when I have time for it! ūüėÜ

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This poll appeared on Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia some days ago. it was made by Maryland University in Morocco, Pakistan, Indonesia and Egypt.

Summing up the data:

  1. Only 35% of the Moroccans say they are sure that the culprits of the Sept 11 terrorist attacks belong to Al-Qaeda. In general, 21% rejected to answer, 31% says he is not sure, 38% considers they are sure and 10% very sure.
  2. The majority of Muslims opposed to terrorist attacks against civilians perpetrated by Al-Qaeda, but they support some attitudes of the Bin Laden’s net against USA, and they also share its final goals. When asked if Al Qaeda fights for the dignity of the Muslims, 75% of Moroccans answers affirmatively.
  3. In Morocco, the 67% of the people interviewed things that establishing a Global Caliphate is a target of the terrorist organization and 71% is also supporting that objective.
  4. 76%  of the polled subjects also support the strict application of Sharia Law in theis countries.
  5. Asked if the terrorist attacks are justified, Moroccans answer in 34% that they are never justified, 19% not often justified, 19% excuses them often and 16% justifies them usually.
  6. For 84% of Moroccans, the terrorism is a “little problem” and only 13% considers it as a subject of great dimensions.

Just the same day, ex-US ambassador in UN, John Bolton was interviewed by right-wing newspaper La Razón: an excerpt:

-Spain has suffered two terrorist attacks on Lebanon and Yemen. Is Spain and Al-Qaeda objective or they just attack where they can?

-I really believe they are targeting Westerners, and that is why there should be much more cooperation between Europe and US. A lot of people in Europe and some people in the US think that only US is a terrorists’ target. Or only United Kingdom because of its pro-Israeli policy or in Iraq. This is a great error because Al-Qaeda’s long-term objective is to finish West off. Every part of the world is vulnerable.

-Ben Laden and its terrorist organization have reclaimed a lot of times the liberation of Al-Andalus. Should Spanish Government take this threat seriously?

-Yes, Ben Laden and many other radical Islamists really believe that they should revert the course of history in Spain, in the east and center of Europe and everywhere. This is not a hypothetical position. They also are looking very close to the immigration through the north of Africa as a part of their reconquest plan.

-So the idea of restoring the caliphate is a part of their working plan.

-They are very serious about this, because for them the caliphate is an order which comes directly from Mohammed. In their vision of the world there is no diference between the political and religious life. Everything is the same. The caliphate includes both the political and religious legitimation which emanates from the prophet.

By the way, the Spanish wounded tourist in Yemen’s attack, has died this last night. She had been declared as “brain dead” some days ago and the doctors have openly spoken against her being transferred to Spain as her wounds were so grave. With Mar√≠a Asunci√≥n Vitorica’s death, the total toll of Spanish dead in Yemen is eight.

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 Police has detained today in Barcelona three Moroccans, two of them this morning and the third in the afternoon, with alledged links with Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb.

The first detained were 23-year-old Mohamed Laksir and 27-year-old Moulay Lahoucine Miftah Idrissi. The two are accused of an alledged crime of belonging to illicit association to prepare and commit terrorist attacks. The two belonged to a cell which made the job of recruiting, proselitising and taught the radical teachings of Islam.

The objective was to travel to the training camps of the African region of Sahel.

The investigations were began in Dec. 2005, after the dismantlement of a terrorist structure which had roots in Spain with a close relationship with Salafist groups.

In fact, Moulay Lahoucine Miftah Idrissi is the brother of Mohamed el Idrissi, one of the last Islamists accused by Judge Garzón two weeks ago. Mohammed was impeached, but not accused because of an alledged relationship with March 11th bombings, because, according to the investigation, El Idrissi carried a mobile phone to the families of one of the terrorists who fleed, Mohammed Afalah, to let him speak before dying in Iraq.

Source: Arrestan en Barcelona a dos islamistas presuntos miembros de Al Qaeda | elmundo.es

Al Qaeda for the Islamic Maghreb had already menaced Spain before.

Ceres Televisión

Dos detenidos en Barcelona por su presunta relación con Al Qaeda
Antena 3 TV – Hace 1 hora
La Polic√≠a Nacional ha detenido en Barcelona a dos j√≥venes por su presunta relaci√≥n con una c√©lula de Al Qaeda de captaci√≥n y reclutamiento de terroristas, seg√ļn inform√≥ el Ministerio del Interior. Mohamed Laksir, de 23 a√Īos, y Moulay Lahoucine Miftah
Detenidos dos marroquíes presuntamente relacionados con Al Qaeda Madridpress.com
Detienen a dos presuntos islamistas en Barcelona Reuters América Latina
Libertad Digital – Fuerteventura Digital – Periodistadigital.com (Suscripci√≥n) – Cadena Ser
y 29 art√≠culos relacionados ¬Ľ

Related posts:

  1. AlQaeda cells in Catalonia.
  2. European Council: antiterrorist fight stigmatises the Muslims. [in Spanish].

The third one alledgely related to Al-Qaeda:

The police has also detained this noon in Barcelona to Mohamed Akazim, 32-year-old, Moroccan, accused of belonging to the organization of Al Qaeda for the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb, according to the Interior Ministry.

Also read:

  1. Muslims just want back their stolen land, says captured jihadist. Asked where the hatred of the west came from, Abu Dujana replied: “Many lands owned by Muslims have been taken away by our enemies. America is part of it, like in Palestine and other places. “We demand those governments return those lands and let us put Sharia law in place.”
  2. Call for descendents of Muslims expelled from Spain in the seventeenth century to be given preferential terms for Spanish citizenship. Read the comments by Sheik Yer’mami on Winds of Jihad.

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Do you remember this? Well, the sentences are out:

The first instance Tribunal of Marrackesh (south) condemned this Friday 7 Saharui students to 1‚Äďyear prison punishment for attending an independentist demonstration, as reported by Saharaui Association of the Victims of Grave Abuses of Human Rights, -in Spanish, Asociaci√≥n Saharaui de V√≠ctimas de Graves Violaciones de los Derechos Humanos (ASVDH)-. Amog those students is Sultana Jaya, the 20‚Äďyear-old Saharaui student who lost en eye when hit by a policeman stick in the brutal police charge used to end the demonstration in Marrakesh University on May 9th.

Marruecos condena a penas de hasta un a√Īo de c√°rcel a siete estudiantes saharauis por participar en una manifestaci√≥n – Libertad Digital.

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According to Spanish leftist newspaper El Periodico de Catalu√Īa, AlQaeda is recruiting lots of youths in Catalonia:

A person in charge of the Brigade of Information of the National Body of Police (CNP) -the speaker in question is Rodrigo Gavil√°n- talked about “a constant dripping” of resident Muslim volunteers in Spain who give themselves to yihad international. “Yearly, the number of Spanish mujahidines oscillates between the 30 and 40 people who disappear in radical surroundings or who are detected in Iraq or in route towards countries with terrorist campings“, affirmed.

The person in charge of a foreign secret service alerted that “Catalonia is the place of origin of many of them, due to the influence that radical salafi circles have in that region“.

The preeminence of Catalonia over other Spanish regions was specially clear, as in the last two years in Vilanova, Santa Coloma, Barcelona and Girona, three important networks of recruitment and shipment from young people to Iraq has been dismantled. After Catalonia, the other seed plots of radical islamists in Spain are mainly Madrid, Ceuta and Melilla.

[…] Two methods of recruitment of voluntary young people have been detected. First one occurs in districts with great presence of Muslim immigrants. There, individuals pertaining to radical cells approach teenagers and young people with strong problems of marginalization and uprooting.

“”Salafis” means recruiters, some come from France and of Belgium, that works of traveling form moving by all Spain“, a person in charge of counterterrorism explains. The boarding can take place during religious classes in mosques and pray rooms, although also in cafeterias and in the middle of the street.

They are summoned in floors, in the back of butchers or similar places, wherever at midnight or at daybreak those recruiters chat with them on yihad.

The other route of recruitment takes place in Internet, where young that has been radicalized by themselves visit forums, chats and radical webs and are contacted there by pick up networks that first request an economic aid to them and later offer them the possibility of going to Iraq.

[…] Once chosen, those young people are obliged to leave the studies and other occupations are offered to them. “The network offers them work in building companies owned by Moroccans“, added east police control. In those companies the indoctrination work continues. When the network considers that the young person is ready, manages its transfer to Iraq or, if she is a person specially enabled, to a field of training.

Those sources indicated that “one of the main routes by which it is sent to voluntary young people to Iraq they manage extremist cells Pakistanis that operate in Ceuta and Melilla“.

[…] Those transfers are financed thanks to the traffic of hashish coming from Morocco and to the obtained drug trafficking money with enterprise activities like the computer science construction, services and the forging of clothes and clocks.

The recruiters are salafist who have come from France or Belgium.

For example in 2005 one of the accused of March 11th bombings flee to Iraq using this method.

But there is more:

As the recruited ones in Spain lack military formation, knowledge of explosives or urban guerrilla, mainly “are sent for kamikaze actions“, or “are instructed” in military actions. “the danger, as both sources from the National Police and of the Civil Guard have pointed out – is that, once formed as terrorist in those fields or trained in combat in Iraq, the recruit is sent back to Europe to stay latent until the order arrives to them to activate“.

But the Catalan Interior Conseiller, Joan Saura (Socialist), known for having said that he is for the legalization of all the drugs, denies that Al Qaeda is operating so importantly in Catalonia. More here:

I do not know of any Jihadist focus in Catalonia“. But he added that “the fight against Islamist terrorism is the most important concern in the Western world, and also here, and more since Al-Qaeda menaced Al-Andalus.

I hope he is not considering Catalonia outside of the Western world…

And of course, I hope that the fight against Islamism is not a concern but a priority.

Also we have to remember that back in 2003, 16 Islamists were detained accused of plotting to commit terrorist attacks with explosive and chemical devices. Place where they were staying? Catalonia. When Aznar announced it, leftist groups in the parliament mocked him, because the Islamists have washing powder branded “Dixan”. The terrorist commando was then, named Dixan. On 2007, 5 of them had been condemned to 13 years in prison each. The substances that they had, though they weren’t enough to make explosives, could be used to build explosive devices, combined with the right electronic devices, devices which they had. They weren¬īt condemned by possesing explosives but by only belonging to terrorist network and forging documents.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s office confesses that the Islamist terrorism is the first concern with more than 56 detained Islamists [alleged ] in 2007.

Update: Catalan newspaper LA Vanguardia reports that while the lider of CiU (Catalan moderate nationalists) has blamed the Government of the Generalitat for this rise in the Catalan jihadis, the CiU’s candidate to Major of Barcelona has stated that he does not consider Islamism a priority and that the city’s major problems come from common delinquents. “ I am dedicating myself to Barcelona, not to problems of the rest of Spain“. Hmm,

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From LD:

The Association of relatives of imprisoned and disappeared Saharaui people alerts the International Community of the wave of repression against Saharaui students by the Moroccan authorities in the Universities of Agadir, Marrakech, Casablanca and Rabat. The Polisario points out that we are in front of facts that had no precedent in the past because before the violations of Human Rights were only against the Occupied Sahara (Western Sahara). Among the 30 Saharaui students gravely beaten, the most hardly beaten has been Saltana Khana, 20-years-old (photo, right), who lost an eye after she was beaten by the Moroccan police.
She was just a peaceful demonstrator at the Marrakech University. She was beaten by a police with a stick in the eye. With blood all over her face, she lost conscience and in the floor she was again menaced with death by some other police members. But instead of carrying her to the hospital, she was detained and carried to a police station, her sister has said.

She will be imprisoned again“, Brahim Gali, the representant of Polisario in Spain has said. “This is only a consequence of the anger Moroccan officials have, after the right to determination has been recognised even by UN, without excluding independence“, he added.

No Spanish official has condemned these agressions, but Zapatero has said in the past that Morocco “was heading to democracy”. There has been another expulsion of PSOE campaign acts because of supporting Sahara: a young man shouted his support and was expelled from the building.

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They were trying to flee from the police.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | New explosion rocks Casablanca

Two suicide bombers have set off their explosives in the centre of Casablanca, police in Morocco say. The police are quoted as saying the bombers killed themselves, and there are reports that a woman was injured. Saturday’s blast comes days after three suicide bombers blew themselves up and a fourth was shot dead in the city.

The three were wanted in connection with a 11 March bombing at an internet cafe in Casablanca. Fears of violence There are unconfirmed reports that three people have been arrested following Saturday’s suicide bombings in the city. One of the suspects was reportedly wearing an explosive belt Saturday’s explosion happened in Boulevard Moulay Youssef.

A US cultural centre and US consulate are on the same street. An AFP report quoting security officials said one of the two bombers asked a policeman for access to the cultural centre when questioned further the pair blew themselves up.

Dos terroristas se suicidan en Casablanca para escapar de la policía Р20minutos.es

Dos terroristas se suicidaron hoy al hacer estallar las bombas que llevaban adosadas a sus cuerpos cuando la polic√≠a les persegu√≠a por el centro de Casablanca, informaron fuentes policiales marroqu√≠es. En estas explosiones no ha habido v√≠ctimas mortales, seg√ļn las fuentes, pero una transe√ļnte ha resultado herida, aunque su estado no reviste gravedad. Un tercer terrorista que huy√≥ del lugar de los hechos, en el bulevar Mulay Yusef, de Casablanca, est√° siendo buscado por la polic√≠as. Los dos terroristas, dos hombres j√≥venes, hicieron estallar las bombas tras se√Īalar con el dedo al cielo, en un gesto que alude a Dios, relatataron varios testigos.

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