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North Korea has finally received millions of dollars at the heart of a dispute that stalled nuclear disarmament negotiations, and must quickly shut down its only reactor, the U.S. envoy to the negotiations said Tuesday.

About $25 million in North Korean funds were frozen in a Macau bank blacklisted by the United States over allegations of money-laundering and other financial crimes. The financial dispute halted nuclear negotiations for more than a year, and the U.S. approved the release of the money this year to help end the standoff.

“My understanding is that today it was deposited in a North Korean account in Russia,” U.S. envoy Christopher Hill told reporters in Tokyo.

“I think this is the time when everyone needs to kind of quicken the pace and work very hard” toward disarmament, he said. “We’re going to really have to pick up the pace if we’re to get back on our timelines.”

Hill told reporters that the transfer involved “the total amount” of disputed North Korean funds, and said it was “something like $23 million.”

It was not clear why the amount was different from previously reported.

Hill, on a regional tour to Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo, had said he hoped to see a shutdown “within weeks, not months.”

Russia’s Interfax-China news agency cited an unidentified North Korean official on Monday as saying Pyongyang plans to shut down the reactor in the second half of July.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, plans to send inspectors to North Korea next week, possibly as early as Monday, to discuss how to monitor and verify the shutdown of the Yongbyon nuclear reactor, as agreed to by Pyongyang under a February agreement.

Hill said he said he has been in contact with the IAEA and it understands the “need to move quickly.”

Under a deal reached in Beijing with China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the United States, North Korea had pledged to shut down the reactor by the middle of April. No new deadline was set, however, after Pyongyang missed the first deadline due to the banking dispute.

South Korean officials said, meanwhile, that North Korea had fired a short-range missile toward waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan but the test — the third since late May — would not hinder the disarmament negotiations.

The officials said the range of the missile was about 62 miles and the launch was believed to be part of “routine drills.”

North Korea fires short-range missile: NHK | Top News | Reuters.com

North Korea has fired a short-range missile towards the Sea of Japan, public broadcaster NHK said on Tuesday.

Quoting a Japanese government source, NHK said one missile was fired earlier in the day, adding that it was not a ballistic missile.

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h/t Confessions of a Closet Republican.

Also read the Project of the Muslim Brotherhood h/t Desde el Exilio and the Turkish Islamist party’s project for Europe h/t Free Thoughts.

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From Google Blogoscoped:

The Google cache of web pages is one of those features known to be widely blocked for Chinese users thanks to China Mainland internet service providers, outside of the responsibility of Google. The missing “cache” link however is now in the responsibility of Google. It’s another form of self-censorship Google has committed to in China, and the reasoning for this may be similar to previous forms of Google.cn self-censorship; Google may argue they aim to provide a better user experience with that feature removal, as people clicking on the cache link before weren’t ending up on the actual web page cache. This also means that indirectly – and whether or not the Chinese gov’t actively pressured Google to remove the feature – it’s another step in Google.cn becoming the kind of search engine the Chinese government (more precisely, its ministry of information) would like to see. Through control of one side of the technology – ISPs – the gov’t exerts indirect control over Google, as going by Google’s logic of “we need to shield Google users in China from broken links/ services“**, they can block certain features of Google to then have Google remove them on their end, too.

h/t Status of Chinese People.

The Google slogan: Don’t be evil:

Don’t be evil. Much has been written about Google’s slogan, but we really try to live by it, particularly in the ranks of management. As in every organization, people are passionate about their views. But nobody throws chairs at Google, unlike management practices used at some other well-known technology companies. We foster to create an atmosphere of tolerance and respect, not a company full of yes men.

This is a looks-like-to-be a marketing campaign from Google in MSNBC.

See more about it in Wikipedia:

Some products and actions by Google are seen by some to be in contradiction to their Don’t Be Evil ethic. These include allowing advertisers to make nominative use of competitors’ trademarked keywords in AdWords advertisements, lack of diligence to prevent click fraud,[citation needed] copyright issues related to their Google Print Library Project, the inclusion of ethically-questionable content in Google Groups (computer intrusion instructions and password trading, for example), and the exclusion of some content from local search results in Germany and China that is restricted by local governments. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both have strongly condemned Google’s China policy[1], calling it a form of self-censorship.

Read also: China, you’ve got some explaining to do. Debbie discusses why China should be denied the Olympic Games. A good reason also would be the slaves who have been discovered lately.

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Evo Morales has said that his main enemies are the media who are opposing the process of change the country needs, except “my friend journalists who most of them belong to the MAS [Movement to Socialism, Morales’ party]”. He also has told the intelectuals their mission is to create a popular conscience about the “importance of the values of life and not of the capital, the egoism and the individualism“.

Among the conclusions of the V Summit pf the Intelectuals and Artists in Humanity’s Defense’s Net, wants to build an observatory against private MSM and a tribunal to control them.

Some speakers at the Summit:

For the Venezuelan Carmen Bohórquez, coordinator of the Net, it is “necessary and a priority to show the illegitimacy of the actual system wheere the MSM are at the powerful’s service, and remember all that there is a great antidemocratic concentration and that there is a worrying power of the financial capital over MSM“.

What this woman does not take into account is that Chávez is now the powerful and is doing exactly the same thing she is critisizing: building huge media to protect him.

On the other hand, Abel Prieto, Culture Minister of Cuba -oops, is there culture in Communist Castro’s Cuba? Art and Culture needs freedom, totally inexistent in that country-, supported the creation of this observatory because it will “let a real evaluation of the media works, not only local, but also national and of the great machinery of disinformation in the great media of enourmous worldwide influence“.

But Morales’imitation of Venezuelan Chavez goes beyond: Bolivian VP has already spoken of the Socialism of the XXIst century.

In Bolivia it has been the VP Alvaro García who used the expression and said that “the socialism of the XXIst century is going to be impulsed not by the State but by the communities and the social movements“.
he spoke at the summit “Alternatives to Neo-Liberalism” in Cochabamba, where he stated that “in South America there is a process of pluralism, who has the Indigene people and other social movements as main actors. These same people will build the socialism of the XXIth century“.

Imagine the socialism is to think of the enourmous capacities that the Indigene peoples have, as they fight for be given back their natural resources and better life quality“, according to the Government’s news agency ABI.

We are finding ways to exit from neo-liberalism. The capitalism is going through one of the worst moments in its history due to the Indigene people, communities and other social organisations, who have risen at said No more! Stop!

For a retrospective on García Linera, click here.

There have been some miners’ revolts in Bolivia: they have even destroyed houses with dynamite. And they are prepared for more if the new Decree on mines’ exploitation is passed:

To reclaim installations from foreigners is easier that to defy independent miners, who are decided to put their short and difficult lifes at stake to defend their part in the mines’ benefits.

If we go all there [to La Paz], all the miners, we can kill the policemen with dynamite because we are prepared for that“, says Taboada, 23-year-old, during and interview in the profound parts of the Cerro Rico (Rich Hill), near the historic mining city of Potosy.

The crisis with the Judicial Power has aggravated also:

The Government and the Governors have accused each other of being the culprits of the unsuccesful summit, who had as main target, to put to an end the judicial crisis began in Bolivia as a result of the decision by Evo Morales to accuse of corruption to 4 Judges of the Constitutional tribunal.

The meeting between Morales and the nine Governors ended without results last Saturday at midnight in Cochabamba, center part of Bolivia. The Governors, six of which are political opponents to Mr. Morales, have asked for the meeting to end the crisis.

[…`] We dont’t see a reason to judge the magistrates, we have asked Morales to respect State of Law because democracy is debilitating itself, but the meeting was unsuccesful as we were unable to find consensus because of the totalitarian views of the Government”, said the host Manfred Reyes Villa.

The crisis arose when the Constitutional Tribunal declared illegal the extension of the temporal terms of 4 magistrates of the Supreme Court who had been named by Morales. Also Correa has problems with Ecuador’s Constitutional Tribunal.

Other news:

  1. Anger Echoes in South America After FIFA Bans Games at Altitude.
  2. Chile rejects Bolivia’s “gas for sea” proposal.

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The Muslim minority in Spain will be very little involved in these Local and Autonomous Communities’ elections, because only 10% of the total amount of Muslims living in Spain have the right to vote: the Spanish converted to Islam and the foreigners who have acquired Spanish nationality.

But they all will vote for the left.

So it’s said in a report published by Spanish newspaper ABC.es this Sunday, where Jesús Bastante also writes about the position of some of the leaders of the Muslims community.

The previous speaker of the Islamic Federation of Spain, Yusuf Fernández, considers that “ the Muslims do not have any other option than to take active part in politics supporting progressist forces (like Socialists, Communist, Coalition for Melilla and others)”, among other reasons to combar the “islamophobia“, that, in his view, is based specially in PP.

Also Mansur Escudero, president of the Islamic Council, considers that PP members show themselves as “very hostile” to Muslims.

Lastly, the Islamic Spanish Commission said it very clear last Wednesday: “We should consider who have been tripping up us and preventing our children from having Islamic religion in the schools and who had been the ones who had been supporting us in our equal right to religious teachings”, in clear reference to PP and PSOE.

In Spain, there are approx. one million one hundred Muslims, the majority of which are foreginers, although there are communities of converted Spanish of some importance in Andalucía.

Source: El Semanal Digital.

[En Español]

Results here.

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As it is Friday afternoon:

From Not Ready for my Burqua.

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Today I read that the Saudi Women, oppressed by their husbands, turn to stripping in Internet chat rooms.

Crispal wrote some days ago: consequences of forbidding the women the right to drive (link in Spanish). Instead of blaming the driving interdiction, they all blame the parents for not guarding them appropriately. As they are not allowed to drive, their parents should appoint a chauffeur. And they just fall in love with them. He also tells the story of a girl who fell in love with her chauffeur. His parents separated them both and he was jailed. She later had twins -a boy and a girl-. Although the chauffeur wanted to marry her, they were not allowed. He is still in prison.

She states: "I feel badly for what I did. I wasn’t right but I wanted to marry him. My family did not accept it. I was wrong. I would like to go backwards".

But not only women are having bizarre behaviour. Also the young men are making thinks that are worrying the authorities in Riyhad: free highway skating.

But as someone said: at least these ones are not being Jihadis…:

Lastly a cartoon:


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