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h/t E-nough!: Islam’s war against the West

Speaking at an Islamic rally in Niger, Libya’s Colonel Muammar Qaddafi claimed that Jesus was not crucified, and that Christianity is not a true world religion. “Christianity is not a faith for people in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas,” Qaddafy said. He said that Islam is the only faith that is destined to have worldwide application, and “all those believers who do not follow Islam are losers.”

The Libyan leader said that Jesus was a prophet sent to the people of Israel. He was not crucified, Qaddafy claimed, because another man with a similar appearance was executed in his place. Qaddafy said that he was hoping to correct popular misunderstandings about the history of religions, to demonstrate that only Islam is true.

Just read it all in the link above.

Other quotes from Khadaffi:

  1. Compensations for going non-nuclear.
  2. Khadaffi wants to be compensated (to stop immigration in Europe).

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If some months ago I wrote about Gadaffi wanting compensation to stop immigrants coming from Europe, today Gadaffi wants compensation for Lybia being non-nuclear:

Col Gaddafi says the West has not properly compensated his country because it has failed to transform its nuclear weapons programme into nuclear power.

Speaking to BBC diplomatic correspondent James Robbins, Col Gaddafi said this meant the West had lost bargaining power with countries like Iran and North Korea.

“This should be a model to be followed, but Libya is disappointed because the promises given by America and Britain were not fulfilled,” he said.

“And therefore those countries said ‘we are not going to follow Libya’s example because Libya abolished its programme without any compensation’.”

Mr Gaddafi said that the US and Britain had a duty to help Libya develop civilian nuclear power plants.

“They said if you abolish your war programme we will help you to develop your nuclear abilities into peaceful ones. This has not happened.”

Our correspondent says the Libyan leader may have been bargaining for foreign investment, but a return to hostility does not seem to be on the cards.


But ¿is North Korea disarming itself or not? Ehhh, well, we don’t know. What we know is that they are going to began receiving the benefits for their disarmament. The United States, for one, has trashed its previously assertive position with the north and is now considering early provision of fuel aid. The south, meanwhile, will eventually be resuming rice and fertilizer aid as soon as the deadline for disarmament passes. I am sure the aid is not going to reach the needy -in Russian- (thanks to military photos -in English-).

And Iran wants Russia, China and … Turkey to help them because they are hoping US will just leave them to have their bombs.

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has been authorized by the Teheran regime to form a series of alliances that would neutralize any new sanctions imposed by the United Nations. Mottaki’s focus has been Iran’s neighbor Turkey, led by an Islamic government that has become increasingly anti-American.

Mottaki (Iranian FM) with lovable and loyal Erdogan

Mottaki wants to form strategic ties with Turkey based on Teheran’s huge crude oil and natural gas reserves. Borrowing a leaf from the book of Iraq’s late Saddam Hussein, Mottaki has offered Ankara a deal: energy for illicit trade that would bolster Teheran’s military and strategic programs.
Last week Mottaki outlined Iran’s offer in talks with Turkish leaders in Ankara. The foreign minister was blunt. Teheran would immediately increase trade from the current $6.7 billion by another $10 billion through the sale of Iranian energy to Turkey.

Hmm, yes, that convinces me more to deny Turkey entry in the EU.


Gadaffi pidió hace unos meses a Europa 10.000 millones de euros anuales para África, considerándolo la única manera de que se pudiera parar la inmigración masiva. Ahora ha dicho a la BBC que Libia no fue compensada lo suficiente por dejar su programa nuclear y que esto es lo que hace rechazar las propuestas de desarme a Corea del Norte y a Irán.

Ehhh, pero ¿no habíamos quedado que Corea del Norte se estaba desarmando? Lo del desarme no está claro, pero ya se sabe que USA Y Corea del Sur van a empezar a pagar por el desarme nuclear norcoreano. USA está pensando (ya) enviar una ayuda de combustible y Corea del Norte pronto mandará arroz y ayuda en fertilizantes. Estoy segura que no a la población no le llegará esa ayuda.

Pero, sin duda, lo peor es que Irán está intentando que TURQUÍA le ayude como Siria apoyó a Sadam. Si lo hace, Teherán le ha prometido a través de su Ministro de Exteriores Mottaki, un inmediato aumento del comercio mutuo de 6.7 billones de dólares al año a 10 billones por la venta de energía iranía a Turquía para que la venda al resto de Europa.

En cuanto a la relación Irán-Arabia Saudí, era algo cantado desde que visitó Arabia Saudí Ali Larijani y después el Príncipe Saudí Bandar al Sultan fue de visita oficial a Irán.

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