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I know I am not writing lately, but I have received this piece of news from my very good friend Freedom for Egyptians and, I think, it is really important:

Egyptian Blogger Abdel
Kareem Nabil
is a 22 year old Alexandrian who has a blog under Karim
Amer. He was dismissed from Al-Azhar university as punishment for his
critical writings on Islam according to his own readings of history to
Islam. His writing on his blog also focused on women and Copts’ rights.
As a witness to Alexandria sectrian violence, he reported violence
against Copts.
However, revenge now extended to
include charging him with lethal charges like religions’ disdain,
insulting the president of Egypt and inciting sectarian violence.

He has been detained now for over 2
months under very inhuman conditions in a solitary cell. This Thursday,
January 25, 2007, a court session will be convened to charges him. He
is expected to get a 9 year sentence.

You can also read AP, CNews, NYT.

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