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If some weeks ago we saw that Google was urged to clean up YouTube’s Copyright Troubles, now the Association of American Publishers are also suing them:

“The publishing industry is united behind this lawsuit against Google and united in the fight to defend their rights,” AAP President and former Colorado Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder said in a statement. “While authors and publishers know how useful Google’s search engine can be and think the Print Library could be an excellent resource, the bottom line is that under its current plan, Google is seeking to make millions of dollars by freeloading on the talent and property of authors and publishers.”

This comes after Google removed 20.549 videos from YouTube (Spanish), after being sued by a Japanese holding who defends the rights of the authors, because of an infraction related with intelectual property (here in English from BBC, here from PC World and here from Tail Rank).

In Spain, SGAE (General Society for Authors and Editors) is planning to install a new tax on every hard disk (link in Spanish)-whether they are on computers or not- that you purchase just in case you are going to copy protected material in them. Tribunals have issued sentences against the old canon (link in Spanish)in which the hard disks and other high capacity devices were not included. SGAE won [not earned] €29 millions only in 2004 and it increased 30% in 2005. The percentage is decided on average estimations on what would the normal share of clients using those means to archive forbidden material. There are a lot of campaigns  and on line petitions against the canon in internet.

Básicamente lo que pasa es que Google después de haber sido obligada a retirar casi 30.000 vídeos de YouTube por la SGAE Japonesa, ahora ha sido demandada también por la Asociación americana de Editores, debido a su nuevo proyecto que intentaba subir a Internet los libros de diferentes universidades. Los editores quieren dinero a cambio de la millonada que se va a llevar Google.

En cuanto a España, como seguimos a vueltas con el canon de la SGAE, aquí teneis un vídeo de traca que he encontrado en Internet… smile_teeth

Aquí teneis el link del video.

UPDATE: Javier de la Cueva from Derecho de Internet points me another sentence which is more recent that the one I pointed to above, in fact, from Sept 26th, 2006. The Judge failed to recognise his rights to the consumer but later the Provincial Audience has revoked that, recognising againthose rights.

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This is a production of Apolo for antizp community. You have permission to repost this in your blog. 😉

Thanks to anghara’s blog.

Here there is an explanation about the video, I sent to Bosun after he asked for it.

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Here is his “message of love to the people of my Venezuela“. I do not know if this is to cry or to laugh…

This, for English-speaking readers, is what Chavez says in the video:

Always, I have done everything out of love.
For the love of trees and rivers, I became a painter (a painter? what? canvas or brick walls? did he exhibit somewhere?)
For the love of knowledge, studies, I left my dearest village, to study
For the love of sports I became a ball player
For the love of the fatherland I became a soldier
For the love of the people I became President, you made me President (who comes up with these lines? Besides, note the capital P in President which in Spanish is not required and which is a way to increase the symbolism of the job)
I have ruled these years out of love (Please!)
For love we did Barrio Adentro
For love we did Mision Robinson
For love we did Mercal
We have done everything for love (note that these 4 last lines are grouped together and represent the only three social programs that have found wide acceptance and some measure of real success even if the efficacy and real reach is more and more questioned)
There is a lot left to do. I need more time. (observe two important implications, Chavez implicitly acknowledges that this is all he has to show for, and that whomever wrote this should be fired: justifying 8 years on three “achievements” is rather lame, actually demeaning for the reader that is able of second thought process)

Found at Fausta’s blog, translated by Daniel from Venezuela News and Views. He remarks probably is a measure to encourage females’ votes, because in his rallies there are not a lot of women…

Trackbacked to The Dumb Ox and Basil’s Blog.

Para los que entiendan español: simplemente presionen el play… No sé si reír o llorar… Según algunos esto puede ser una estrategia para hacer que las mujeres le voten 😦

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Global Warming

The other day I saw this video in Ajopringue:

I have founded this post -marvellous one- about Global Warming from Darwin Catholic. Enjoy.


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I do not have much time but I think there has been some very important developments:

  1. ETA, feeling its power after the behaviour of Mr. Zapatero, has now written -again- to French authorities, stating that, “the “Basque Conflict will go on, if France does not recognise Euskal Herría”. According to the communiqué, France imposes “censorship and silence for the conflict not to be known“. They reclaim France also to suspend the “attacks and violations of human rights against Basque citizens and Euskal Herría“.
  2. Spanish Vice-President, Fernández de la Vega (you know, “don’t know why they are demonstrating against terrorism, if there is no terrorism in Spain“), has answered that is not realistic to involve other State.
  3. And France has answered that “a pacific solution is a matter of Spanish sovereignty” and that “they support Spanish authorities in that process“. France denies there is any French Basque country, whatever the words of the terrorists are. French MSM have said nothing about it. The only reference I have found to Spain in the French Media is this title: “Des Espagnoles se mobilisent pour éradiquer le foootball“. Or Spanish women are mobilizing to end football matches”. Well, I have not heard about them, really… But I doubt that they are going to be succesfull. 😉
  4. Also today, the Association of Firms in Navarra has denounced the letters Eta has sent them, asking them for money, after the truce. The Government has said that they had no knowledge these letters had been sent.
  5. As a result, PP has answered that dialogue “is not appropriate yet“.
  6. Los dos etarras, en la primera sesión del juicio por la muerte del edil José Luis Caso. (Foto: EFE)In the National Court a very important criminal process is being held: the one against ETA terrorist “Txapote” and his girlfriend (image) accused of kidnapping and killing, among others, Miguel Ángel Blanco, and the PP Ermua Councilman. He is also accused of the murders of José Luis Caso, Councilman in Rentería; PP Cpuncilman, Gregorio Ordóñez; Chief of the Local POlice of San Sebastián, Alfonso Morcillo; of PSOE Councilman Fernando Múgica; of the Spanish Army Brigade Mariano de Juan. He is also accused of the bombings against the military barracks in Loyola and against Txitxarro disco Pub, which was owned by the family of José María Korta, also killed by ETA in 2000. The first day in Court, they quarreled with the Police. In the second day, they had been expelled from the Court Room, because of the lack of respect they have shown to the Tribunal. Yesterday they sat giving their back to the Tribunal.
  7. If yesterday Rajoy and Piqué were insulted and slapped, today Acebes has been the object of these aggressions. They have called him fascist and have shouted at him “We are a nation”. To avoid this scenario, PP had changed the place in which the act was going to be held. But the nationalists have found it . In his speech, Acebes La diputada del PPC Ángeles Olano.has insisited in denouncing the plan that Zapatero, has according to him, that consists in “maintaining a coalition between leftists and nationalists to expell PP from public and political life“. There has been no clear condemnations of these acts from the rest of the political parties. What is more, they have justified them in the “provocative attitudes of PP“. (Must we remind people in the Basque country back in the 80’s justified the murder of people saying “they must have done something to merit that death?”).
  8. One of the members of PP in Catalonia, Ángeles Solano, has received an envelope that contained salt and drawing paintign her as target.
  9. Aznar, in a conference in FAES titled “World situation: a new geopolitical environment“, alerted about the losing of competitiveness of the Spanish economy which is provoking problems with the rest of the associates of EU. He said he is worried about “some articles that say Spain can be expelled from euro-zone”. He also remarked Spain has a very high inflation and that the public expenditure is going to rise enormously in the next months to come. Here is the summary from FAES.

You can see the thoughts of Spanish bloggers: Radikales libres, Diario de las estrellas, Carmelo Jordá, Ajopringue, Batiburrillo, Liberalismo.org, Libre para Pensar, El blog de John Galt, El paraíso perdido, Prevost, Indrackia, Anghara,

Lastly a video I have found here:

NOTE: the music is from the Spanish song of the summer “Opá, yo viazé un corrá” (Daddy, I am going to make a stockyard”), but the music is as if Mr Rodríguez Zapatero would sing it.

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It appeared in an Italian television…

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