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Uribe won the elections in Colombia last Sunday with a 62.2 per cent of all the votes. Those are good news, taking into account the consequences of elections in other parts of Latin-America.

But looks like there are also bad news from Colombia: from HazteOir.org:

La Corte Constitucional de Colombia ha determinado que “no se incurre en delito de aborto, cuando con la voluntad de la mujer, la interrupción del embarazo se produzca en los siguientes casos : a) Cuando la continuación del embarazo constituya peligro para la vida o la salud de la mujer, certificado por un médico; b) cuando exista grave malformación del feto que haga inviable su vida, certificada por un médico; c) cuando el embarazo sea resultado de una conducta, debidamente denunciada, constitutiva de acceso carnal o acto sexual sin consentimiento, abusivo, o de inseminación artificial o de transferencia de óvulo fecundado no consentidas, o de incesto”.

So the Colombian Constitutional Court has determined that “it is not abortion and therefore not a crime when with the woman’s consentment, the pregnancy interruption is produced in any of these cases: a) when the continuation of the pregnancy is a danger for the mother’s life or health, certificated by a doctor; b) when there is a grave malforming of the foetus that makes makes him/her impossible to die; c) when the pregnancy is the result of a conduct that rightly denounced, constitutes the result of a sexual act without consentment, abusive, or of artificial insemination or fertilized ovule with no consentment or derived from incest.

Those are the same -nearly a copy- of the 3 causes for abortion we have in Spain (link in Spanish). -And, unluckily, we are the country in which abortions grow quicker -.

Hazteoir.org brings everyone the possibility to sign a petition who will be sent to UN, Human Pro-Life International, and several Latin-American and European pro-life associations that are fighting for this cause. If you read this and you are a pro-lifer, please sign the petition, it’s free and it’s written in English and in Spanish.

This cames after the UN has declared they are supporters of abortion for Latin-America (link in Spanish).

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Blogging is a very curious experience. When I began blogging a long time ago, I confess I never thought I was going to have so many readers. Yes, this blog is not a very good example, but if you sum up, the visits from all my blogs (Las Noticias de Eurabia, Eurabian News, Eurabian News II, The Anti-Jihad Pundit and the last Anti-Jihad Pundit -the only one in which I really write lately-), you can see that in less than a year we (my companions at EN are also included) have been quite prolific.

There are sometimes in which blogging has been very good both to read different point of views and also to get to some conclusions about the subjects in which I have been reading and writing.

In Spain, though the right-wing blogosphere is somewhat developed, I cannot say that we have had so much importance as in US. Internet is not used in such proportions, although I really think the number of Internet reading and users is growing.

Anyway, whatever our importance is -at least, some are very important- we are not journalists. That is why I was so surprised when I read so much controversy about some news which were very shocking: the Iranian Dress Code. The news were that Iran was going to impose Badges on Non-Muslim people and it resulted in a hoax. As a result the Canadian National Post, the paper which published it, suffered severe critics.


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I read some time ago about a girl aged 11 who was pregnant and who smoked constantly in My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. I was totally shocked. Imagine what I have felt when I read this: WorldNetDaily: Pedophiles launch own political party:

Pedophiles in the Netherlands are registering a political party to press for lowering the legal age of sexual relations from 16 to 12 and allow child porn and bestiality. On its website, the Charity, Freedom and Diversity Party declares: “We are going to shake The Hague awake!” The party, which plans to register tomorrow, says it eventually wants to get rid of the age limit on sexual relations, Reuters reported.

“We want to make pedophilia the subject of discussion,” he said. “We want to get into parliament so we have a voice. Other politicians only talk about us in a negative sense, as if we were criminals,” Van den Berg told Reuters. Although the Netherlands already has liberal policies permitting prostitution and same-sex marriage, opinion polls show the public isn’t ready for a pedophile party. In a survey published today, 67 percent believe promoting pedophilia should be illegal, and 82 percent want the government to do something to stop the party’s formation. “They make out as if they want more rights for children. But their position that children should be allowed sexual contact from age 12 is of course just in their own interest,” anti-pedophile activist Ireen van Engelen said, according to Reuters.

These guys have not heard about the maturity? Did they do not imagine that for consenting to maintain sexual relations -even if you are not religious- you have to understand and like to maintain them?

So they have just behaved shamefully with Hirsi Ali (her citizenship was revoked, she said she had to go to US, although afterwards looks like they were not going to revoke it…) and now they are permitting a pedophile party!!!

According to Italian newspaper Reppublica this political party is also proposing the legalization of all drugs, the abolition of the Senate of the Prime Minister and the sex with animals, among other things…They also maintain that all people must interpret a porno film when 16 (HT Unpolitically Correct).



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From BBC:

France and Morocco have agreed to work together to combat terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal immigration.

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy agreed the deal with his Moroccan counterpart, Chakib Benmoussa.

Mr Sarkozy was in Morocco as part of an African tour, widely seen as a prelude to his presidential bid next year.

He has already visited Benin and Mali, where there were street protests over his tough immigration policy, designed to keep out “unskilled” foreigners.

French MPs have already backed Mr Sarkozy’s immigration bill but it can only become law after it has been passed by the Senate.

Wow! This is marvellous. I am very confident in them working together. They are just going to send more inmigrants to Spain, that’s all. From Spain Herald:

Saharan human rights activist Aminetu Haidar said yesterday in Seville that prime minister Zapatero’s support for his own Alliance of Civilizations project is “incompatible with permitting the tortures that the Moroccan government inflicts on the Saharan people.” After speaking before the Andalusian regional parliament, Haidar said that if the Spanish government does not act in favor of self-determination for the Western Sahara, “it will be responsible for the genocide and massacres that are going to begin, if they have not already…Spain and France are the two governments that support Morocco’s state terrorism against the Saharan people.”

She called Zapatero’s proposed Alliance of Civilizations “a makeup job that the administration applies to its face while it turns its back on the Saharan people, who have not received any support from this government, despite the strong support that the Spanish people have given us.” Haidar added, “Morocco does not respect the Saharans.”

Aminetu Haidar also called on Spain to accept “its historical and legal responsibility with respect to the Sahara, and recognize the crimes committed against the Saharan people.” Therefore, she said, “Spain should take a clear position on self-determination.”

I think that we are more indebted with this people that with American indigene population. While our American domination was ended because of an independence war, Saharan people were left alone after Franco’s death and Morocco, with international support or at least not much critisizing of their position, invaded their territory.

But the aggressions to Saharan people continue: you can see photos here. The problem is that most of the documents are in Spanish. Anyway,there has been arbitrary detentions made to Saharan activists since the Moroccan invasion. The problem is that with the new antiterrorist measures, they are detained as Islamists or terrorists, being none of that (someone has heard of a Saharan terrorist? ehh, … NOPE).


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It appeared in an Italian television…

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From BBC:

A senior United Nations official has met Burma‘s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, sources close to the military rulers say.

The talks between Ms Suu Kyi and UN Under Secretary General for Political Affairs Ibrahim Gambari lasted for about an hour, the sources say.

Ms Suu Kyi has been in prison or under house arrest since 2003.

The last foreigner to see the Nobel Peace laureate was UN special envoy Razali Ismail in 2004.

Ms Suu Kyi and Mr Gambari met in a government guesthouse, the sources say.

A spokesman for Ms San Suu Kyi’s opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) later confirmed that the meeting took place, according to the AFP news agency.

In Burma:

Military-run enterprises control key industries, and corruption and severe mismanagement are the hallmarks of a black-market-riven economy.

The armed forces – and former rebels co-opted by the government – have been accused of large-scale trafficking in heroin, of which Burma is a major exporter. Prostitution and HIV/Aids are major problems.

US wants the Burmese Government to be referred to the Un Security Council. I agree with US this time: they have even tried three youths for writing a poem and:

have been tried behind closed doors inside the local prison, without having access to legal representatives. The three, Aung Aung Oo of A20 Computing Business, Zeya Aung of King Star teashop and Aung Than, are currently detained in Pegu Prison.

Related information in Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma), Burma Net News,


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From Spain Herald:

Police union spokesman Rodrigo Gavilan said yesterday that the administration canceled a flight that would have carried 90 officers to Grand Canary island in order to proceed to the deportation of 180 illegal immigrants to Mauritania and Guinea. However, those two countries were not willing to accept the deportees. Gavilan added that, as it is not possible to deport the immigrants, “all those that arrive are transported to mainland Spain, five thousand so far.”
Deputy prime minister María Teresa Fernández de la Vega said that due to the mass arrival of open boats carrying illegals to the Canary coasts, that all illegal immigrants would be repatriated. She also announced agreements with the illegals’ countries of origin to return them. According to Gavilan, however, reality is very different.


With the Canary Islands struggling to cope with a stream of would-be immigrants from Africa, the Spanish government has launched a diplomatic offensive to bring the situation under control.

On Thursday, foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said a special ambassador and a team of diplomats would begin “three to six-month” missions in Africa from Sunday. He said the diplomats would operate in Senegal, Gambia, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Niger. Almost 7 000 people have survived the maritime odyssey to reach the Canaries in makeshift vessels so far this year. Moratinos, speaking a day after Madrid called on African governments to help stem the number of arrivals, said the diplomats would “work jointly with the countries to face up to the migratory flux”.

Thursday saw dozens of more arrivals, with 57 immigrants picked up at Los Cristianos port in southern Tenerife.The immigrant hopefuls added to the 278 who landed on the island in “cayucos”, makeshift boats from Senegal and Mauritania, on Wednesday.

6 785 illegal immigrants have arrived so far

Moratinos said the Spanish cabinet would approve the “immediate” sending of an ambassador to Mali on Friday. Malians make up a large proportion of the immigrants coming to Spain. He said: “Spain will set up a bureau for the centralisation of all efforts (to deal with the immigrant issue) in sub-Saharan capitals.”

In fact they are so much that they are overflowing Canarian facilities, whatever Vice-President De La Vega says (By the way, she was proposing that Spanish people should use an “inhabitant solution of only 30 m2 while she has built for herself one of 505 m2. What a good example of equality! Just like the Chinese one I was referring to in this post).


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Who would guess someone was going to take advantage of the physical similarity of Che and Aznar?

Well, at first no one. But Converse’s poster designer, the Polish Andrej Dragan, has infuriated the far-leftists in Spain with this new campaign (poster: right). Because for them Che, is so opposed to Aznar that this is an insult. And they are seeing both united in one photo.

For them, Aznar is the one who caused March 11th terrorist attacks -just forgetting about the real authors of it-. They have just changed his support, more moral than real, for Iraqi intervention, into the leit-motiv of their oposition.

But I really think it is going to be somewhat difficult to make Ché and Aznar the same thing. Che was nothing but a intelectual terrorist and Castro supporter who defended :

hate as a fight factor; intransigent hate against the enemy, who impulses human being to a place far beyond his limitations, and makes him a violent and cold killing machine”.

I really can not imagine someone who made Spain rise above the corruption scandals and the dirty war against ETA, saying or even thinking, something like that.

But that Polish designer, has accomplished what he wanted: that people talk about his campaign.

Note: Trackback sent to Carnival of Trackbacks.

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Tha Canadian National Post published some news about a law that would make Christians, Jews or Zoroastrians wear different colors each. Anyway, it looks like it is not true, BUT there are reports that says that this and other measures could have been at least thrown around or considered. I have written about it here.

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Interior minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said yesterday that the administration “has not yet reached the conviction that ETA wants to put an end to violence…although the process has solid foundations.” After the interview with two masked terrorists published in the ETA-front newspaper Gara, which made it clear that ETA had not renounced any of its objectives, and the report from the French police that ETA is still stealing cars in the south of that country, Rubalcaba backed off the Zapatero administration’s former optimism.

Well, he must be the only optimist in Spain after the televised interview of two ETA members I wrote about here. But there is more: looks like Mr. Zapatero is going to ask the Congress an authorization to negotiate with ETA.

Rubalcaba also said that there won’t be bringining together all the ETA prisoners in Spain. Well, I really do not believe him…

As ElenaB writes in her blog, there are people who say openly that we, people who are for the defense of freedom and justice and, so, against any treatment that means a negotiation with ETA, we do not want its end. Yes, that is a very normal and common “theory”, but really that is NOT true. We want peace, but not a peace that means surrendering to criminals who only intend to impose their political projects by terror.

Meanwhile, Mexico is going to extradite 6 ETA terrorists (whatever the link says they are no activists).

By the way, what has to do South Africa in Spanish Affairs? I do think that anything. But they do not:

The African National Congress is encouraged by prospects for a peaceful and lasting resolution to violence in the Basque region of Spain, it said on Thursday.

This was after a meeting between the Basque political party Batasuna and the ANC in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

The ANC was represented by secretary general Kgalema Motlanthe and Batasuna by Urko Aiartza Azurtza, the ANC said in a statement.

In March Basque separatist group ETA announced a permanent ceasefire.

“The ANC is further encouraged by the stated intention of Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and the Spanish Socialist Workers Party … to seek a peaceful and just outcome,” the ANC said.

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Even if the last post that I wrote was about Morales, I think he deserves another one. looks like he is not only accusing Spain of breaking aid promise and nationalising the oil and gas sectors but now he is also going to review the contract with the Spanish firms AENA and Abertis, united in SABSA, which is in charge of the management of Bolivian airports (link in Spanish). The workers of the firm has denounced it because, apparently, it has not done the investments at first it promised.

Even if I really do not know if they have really made the investments or not, it is somewhat similar to the nationalization of oil companies. The last news are that Morales has said Bolivia was not going to pay anything also to BBVA, who was obliged to turn over the shares in Andina (background). According to EL MUNDO, he said

there is nothing to compensate, we are not nationalising, we are just recovering what belongs to Bolivian people”

Hmm, yes of course. Now, just a bit a reasoning: if you take something without the will of his proprietor and without paying him/her its price, how on earth that action should be named? Exactly: STEALING.

But the link goes on:

Solbes [Second Vicepresident and Economy Minister] has said in Spanish Cadena Ser [left-wing] that “taking goods from someone without compensation is utterly unnaceptable. But if they are only deprivin them of the management, then we will see what is the compensation. In any case, we have to study it very carefully”.

I totally agree with Sandmonkey:

Nationalization doesn’t help Faisal, and capitalism isn’t the problem. It’s a difference in approach. Trust me when I tell you that capitalists don’t want poor people in the world, because the more people with money there is the more goods they buy and more money they make. It’s just how we see things. For example, socialists see that a good way to help poor people is to give them welfare. Capitalists disagree, because welfare doesn’t really improve the person’s life, it just helps make it more tolerable. Capitalists for example champion micro-banking and micro-financing: Lend the people money to start their own businesses and not need your charity to live. We want the people to live with dignity, and welfare checks from the government is anything but dignified, and the door is always open for its abuse. Look at China: Capitalism helped move 300 million chinese from the poverty they lived under during the days of communism. When has socialism ever done that?

It is very interesting that even Alejandro Toledo, Peruvian President, and also an Indian reasons against the nationalization:

“If you do not have clear rules for the game, capital is not
going to come. If there is no capital, there is no growth. If there is no growth, there is no employment. If there is no employment, there is no income. If there is no income, there is nothing to invest more in nutrition, health and education, which are the most powerful weapons for reducing poverty,” the Peruvian president said.

Hmm, can you please tell all this to our President Mr. Zapatero? I’m sure he hasn´t know it yet…

So, in Spain, people are claiming for yet another boicot (Catalans are boycotting Castillian products and viceversa) against Morales.

Lastly, Barcepundit has written also about this. He reproduces a Fake photo of Morales and Spanish FM Moratinos (right). He has seen this image in Spanish Blog Zapaterías Rimadas, whose author writes the news in poetry.

In fact this image is very appropriate because looks like Spanish Administration is divided over Bolivian nationalisation: while Solbes does not agree with it and says it does not sound good:

foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said, “It’s just a change in the management of the titles.” Bolivian president Evo Morales answered Solbes, “There’s nothing to indemnify. We’re not expropriating anybody.”

I think however that the image is not correct: Morales is not punching on Moratino’s nose, but on the one of the workers and shareholders of these frims… and his own people, because of the lack of credibility, his country is going to have in the future.

But this is not all: According to Spanish blog Zetapolleces, Bolivia will also nationalize all the improductive large states. I do really believe that nationalising is not the solution at all. Firstly, they would have to examine WHY these states are improductive and provide a solution. And I expect that the proprietors are given some money in return….

You can read also DOCE DOCE comments, in which he remarks that the Leftists European MPs applauded Evo when after he said he was not going to compensate the firms. Hmm, what a wonderful world…

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From Iranmania:

Visiting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said in case of a military attack against Iran, no country in the world would have access to crude oil, according to IRNA.

Chavez made the remark at a press conference, adding, “As Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has reiterated, if Tehran would come under attack, oil would get scarce for everyone.”

He also said that the US President George W. Bush should be put to trial at the international court of justice for having launched genocide in Iraq.

The Venezuelan President added, “For all the horror it has created around the globe in the course of the past century, the United States’ war machine should be dismantled, since under the current conditions it is a threat against the entire mankind, particularly against our children.”

HT: Noisy Room.Net.

UPDATE: I posted yesterday that Chávez was not going to meet Blair. If you read the BBC’s news, I posted upon it was Chávez who did not like to meet Blair. looks like it’s the other way round (HT DOCE DOCE, in Spanish).

UPDATE 2: E-nough quotes Chávez saying:

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez said at the Vienna “social forum” that he, Evo Morales, and Fidel Castro “would continue being the bad boys of the empire, the axis of evil.”

Do you know who where there?

Among those president were Spanish communist leaders Gaspar Llamazares and Paco Frutos.


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Spain Herald:

Spanish prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Bolivian president Evo Morales met on Friday for about 45 minutes in Vienna at the EU-Latin American summit there. Zapatero said the meeting had been “positive, sincere, and clarifying,” but did not mention any advantage over the agreement previously negotiated by a Spanish delegation in La Paz.

He did announce that Morales had sent an official letter praising Spain’s cooperation, in contradiction of the harsh accusations Morales had launched last Thursday. Morales’s letter said that he had never accused Spain of not fulfilling its commitments to Bolivia, but instead expressed hope that aid to development and debt forgiveness “would soon be a reality.” Meanwhile, PP leader Mariano Rajoy demanded that Zapatero defend Spanish interests in Bolivia and that Morales obey the law and international agreements.

And so he is putting into effect the cooperation: Spain Herald

Bolivian president Evo Morales said yesterday that his nationalization of Bolivian fossil fuel resources “does not expel or expropriate anyone,” to the applause of the Euro-MPs. Meanwhile, the Bolivian government announced that Spanish bank BBVA must turn over the shares in Andina, Repsol’s Bolivian subsidiary, that it manages through a pension fund, within three days.

“These pension funds will be closed down in three days if they do not obey the decree. That’s it,” said Bolivian vice president Alvaro García Linera, who signed a further decree allowing Bolivia to “take absolute control” over the fuels industry.

BBVA and Zurich Financial Service have managed two Bolivian pension funds since 1997. They were created with the government’s shares resulting from the partial privatization of Bolivian state companies in strategic sectors carried out during the 1990s, which attracted a great number of foreign investors.

Just a few minutes previously, Morales told the European Parliament, “Any company that invests in my country has the right to recover its investment and make a profit, but not to have control. They will be partners, not the owners of our natural resources.” He added, “Without social security, there can be no legal security.”

EL MUNDO reports:

they will have to hand to Bolivian state the shares they are managinig in the oil companies Andina (48%), which belongs to Spanish-Argentinian Repsol YPF; Transredes (34%), from the US Enron and the Dutch Shell, and Chaco (48%), from British Petroleum. These companies were created with the division of the State Company Bolivian Fiscal Oil fields (or Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos), which will recover control over them. They represent (approx.) 700 of the $1,600 million which this fund has.

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The Spain Herald

Two masked ETA members, interviewed by the pro-ETA newspaper Gara, confirmed on Sunday that its extortion letters sent to Navarrese businesses were mailed out after its declaration of an “indefinite cease-fire,” contradicting prime minister Zapatero‘s claim that the letters had been mailed before the declaration. The terrorists said, “There are economic needs in order to carry on the struggle, and today the struggle for liberation continues, causing these needs, including economic ones.” The etarras stressed that the truce is conditional, depending on whether the Zapatero administration accepts ETA’s political price, self-determination and the annexation of Navarre. The two showed no sign of the “flexibility” and “correct path” that the administration had attributed to ETA. According to the terrorists, ETA has already done its part to promote the peace process by declaring the cease-fire, and they insinuated that further steps would be taken if the administration made its commitments specific.

So really there are no truce: they are only trying to impose themselves on all the other Spanish people. And Zapatero has lied… again.

EL MUNDO (in Spanish) adds –this is new– that “France says this is an Spanish issue. They are lying: this is also a French issue “. Otegi also paid homage to the ETA prisoners dead in the French prisons. But the French press has not published anything about this issue. The site of the French Government does not say anything either.

But there are also good news: Alcaraz reelected president of AVT – The Spain Herald

Francisco Jose Alcaraz was reelected president of the Association of Victims of Terrorism on Saturday by 601 votes in favor to 43 against. There were nine abstentions. Opposing candidate Pablo Broseta pulled out of the race after the AVT’s assembly approved the association’s budget. The PP praised Alcaraz’s reelection because “the victims want to be in the center of the process to put an end to terror.”

Alcaraz said at a press conference, “The results make it very clear that the previous board of directors was supported by the majority of the members.” He added that some members had asked him to continue working in favor of psychological aid for the victims of the March 11, 2004 bombings in Madrid. Alcaraz promised that the new board of directors would “fight for memory, dignity, and justice toward the victims of terrorism.”

I agree.

UPDATE: VIA Pajamas Media, I read Barcepundit has written about this topic.

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Fistful of Euros writes about it:

Rondot made inquiries, consulting Lahoud, and concluded that the allegations were baseless. That was when things began to get weird, though, as the lists and a CD-ROM were sent anonymously to Renaud van Rumbeyke, the judge investigating the long-running urtext of French political corruption, the Taiwanese frigates affair. But the lists were not quite the same lists as those shown to General Rondot. Instead they included accounts in the thinly disguised name of Sarko, but also the Socialist Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the hard-right Alain Madelin, and the centre-left semi-gaullist Jean-Pierre Chevénément, as well as top Thales and EADS executives.

[…]It must have seemed a perfect opportunity to whack Sarko, destabilise the Left with a scandal that would worsen their coalition fighting, punish Madelin for straying from the Gaullist core of the Right and Chevénément for voting against the European Constitution (or something), eliminate obstacles to Forgeard’s elevation, and perhaps even get Van Rumbeyke off their case…literally.

UPDATE: From Adam Smith Institute Blog:

President Chirac declared that 2006 would be “a useful year for France.” He may be right, in that it seems to have discredited the government there. With France still licking its wounds from last year’s street conflagrations by the economically excluded, this year has seen the riots which saw off France’s very modest efforts at labour market reform. (Clue: it’s because the rioters always win that they always do it).

Awful… And even harder times are yet to come…

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