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If you are using Linux you can download the new Google Desktop for Linux.

h/t El Mundo.es.

More information here.

It does not have the sidebar though -at least not in my PC 😀 -… 😦 But for the rest it goes right.

And Apple has released a new version of its Safari for Windows, that goes better that the last one. But if you are going to write comments in Spanish, it’s better that you do nottry it yet, as if you write an accent they are going to be cut!! 😉 But, in general, it goes smooth and it does not have major problems…

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WOW! It’s great!

I have found a way to try Ubuntu, without having to erase Windows. I have installed Wubi, a new program that installs it and if you don’t like it, you can unistall it from your install/uninstall applications from Windows.

I haven’t have any real problems. Even the printer – a normal HP printer-, prints normally. It recognises all the files I have on Windows. And it’s password protected.

Hmm, I only have some problems with .wma archives -as they are from Windows Media Player- but I believe I am going to solve it one way or another… 🙂 [Solved also].

I haven’t had any problems installing it, and by now it is functioning right.

Ohh, I forgot: it has pre-installed Open office, Firefox, Evolution Mail, Gaim and some programs to play music and films/DVD, mainly. I have added some others like Akregator for the RSS feeds

I have to search for a blog editor, though. I was so used to Windows Live Writer…. 😀

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