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A year ago, Spanish Parliament passed a law which forbade smoking in public places, except where the owners told the public that it was not forbidden. I discussed the measure with some people, because I was not very against it. But Lord Acton told me something that made me think: he told me -more or less- that there were some bars or cafeterias that did not let you smoke (for example, Starbucks) and that normally they were full -yes, that is true, Starbucks is one of the most important growing non-smoking cafeterias in Spain-. So, in my view, what the law should have said is “we are going to help places where smoking is forbidden”.
After that, they “advised” Burger King not to make publicity about XXL burger because it contained a lot of bad ingredients for health. Results? More publicity for the burger and more people who went to eat it, just to contradict the Government.
Anyway, we have known in later days that the Government is going to present to Parliament a new law in which they forbid to drink any substance with more than 1,2º. The result is that they are going to forbid every alcoholic drink from vodka to beer. The prohibition is going to be so tough that, according to the law project, it will be forbidden for a father to give his 17-year old son a cup of cava.
So wine producers were angry about this new measure, because wine business employs a lot of Spanish people and is one of the most flourishing ones in Spain.
Some of my colleagues over at “Cómo ser de derechas y no morir en el intento” (translation: How to be a right-winger and not die trying) posted a comical video about this measure.
Mr Rodríguez Zapatero has said that he is not going to present that law if the affected sectors do not agree with the text. The producers have said that they trust him but I do not see them very convinced about it.
But the prohibitions continue: they also want to forbid the use of 4×4 cars in rural ways, because they pollute a lot. The curious thing is that these cars are made to circulate through these particular places…
And lately I have been aware that the EU also forbids to grow some species if they are not registered, thinking they are protecting the environment but really … damaging biodiversity.
The question is: is there something they are not going to forbid?
(Thanks to Cheska, And Englishman’s Castle, for the interesting links).

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