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 More on the liberation of South Korean hostages: remember the guy who was killed by 10 shots and whose death was blamed on natural causes? Well, really it was not because of natural causes, it was because he did not submit himself to Allah.

The youth pastor who was leading the group of 23 South Korean aid volunteers in Afghanistan was killed for refusing to convert to Islam, the head pastor of the church revealed after the final 19 former hostages arrived home.

Among the 19 hostages who returned on the second (of September), some were asked by the Taliban to convert and when they rejected, they were assaulted and severely beaten,” reported Park Eun-jo, pastor of the hostages’ home church, Saemmul Presbyterian Church in Bundang, just south of the South Korean capital Seoul.

I heard from the hostages that they were threatened with death,” he added, according to Christian Today Korea. “Especially it is known that the reason Pastor Bae Hyung-kyu was murdered was because he refused the Taliban’s demand to convert.”

Infidels Are Cool » Blog Archive » Convert or Die: South Korean Pastor chose death

Is there anything wrong about this??? Well, yeah, have you considered that there is no video showing us the faces of these hostages during their kidnapping asking for release?

But hey, what do you know?? There are idiots -this time is Canadian, but intelligence is not a consequence of nationality so tomorrow it would be from other country- saying that this should be the signal for other countries to start negotiating with the Talibans.

The hostage agreement reached last week between the Taliban and South Korea has profound implications for all countries fighting in Afghanistan. It puts the lie to those, including the current Canadian government, who say it is impossible or counterproductive to strike a deal with the Islamist insurgents. Clearly South Korea found the talks quite productive.

Hey, the Talibans are going to be exultant because of the results of their actions… What a moron!!!

Hehe: at least, one of the kidnappers has had what he deserved. He was already preparing an assault on a police post.


About the German plot: German police is searching for 10 more people, both inside Germany and abroad:

BERLIN (AFP) – German police have launched an international hunt for 10 accomplices of the three men held over a foiled Islamist plot to blow up airports and US installations in Germany, a top official said Thursday.

“Terrorist attacks need preparation. We are trying to identify all of those who were working in the shadows,” Deputy Interior Minister August Hanning told ARD television.

Police were searching for “the 10 people who were behind this” within Germany and abroad, he added.


The arrests were made at a vacation home, pictured, in Oberschledorn. The suspects had rented the house to store chemicals to make explosives, officials said, and were preparing to leave when security forces swooped in.

But there is more about the already detained:

Newspapers reported on Thursday that investigators believed Fritz Martin G. to have been the ringleader of the plotters.

He had been living in Neu-Ulm, a town in southern Germany seen as a hotbed of Islamist radicals, and was involved in a mosque there which German police have long believed to be a base for extremists planning attacks.

Investigators said an Islamic centre in nearby Ulm was among more than 30 places the police raided early Wednesday. Offices seized documents and computers they hope can point them to those who helped to organise and finance the well-advanced bomb plot.

The three main suspects, pictured in the press wearing blue prisoner overalls, appeared before an investigating judge in Karlsruhe in southwestern Germany on Wednesday.

The authorities have said the men gathered at their Sauerland hideaway on Sunday to start making bombs to use in “massive attacks” with the 12 drums of hydrogen peroxide (left) they had stashed in the garage. 

Sources close to the case told AFP the police were looking into the group’s plans to use military detonators to set off bombs because this could provide important clues in the investigation.

They also phoned British colleagues.

Several calls to British numbers are said to been made from mobile telephones linked to two of the men being questioned in Germany. One is said to have been a “known” number.

Remember that there were also 8 people detained in Denmark accused of preparing more Islamist terrorist attacks? Well:

“On August 31, 2007, the Islamist website {name removed}, hosted by SiteGenie LLC in Rochester, Minnesota, posted a document calling for “martyrdom [i.e., suicide] operations” in Denmark. The author, who identified himself as a member of Al-Qaeda, urged the Muslims not to forget the incident of the Danish cartoons, and promised the people of Denmark that the “brigades of martyrdom seekers are on their way… and will soon carry out blessed operations” in their country. He called on the Muslims to register on the site as candidates for these suicide operations.

Once again this means only one thing: they can go from one place to another and they can communicate to each other, very easily. And we are all menaced, whatever the policy our Governments make.


Elder of Ziyon has an appaling story which happened in London. A woman enters a café in Edgware Road near Marble Arch and asks for a juice. She sits down and waits for it, noticing she is the only female customer. When the waitress brings it to her, she complaints because it was fermented and tells the woman it needed to be conserved in a refrigerator.

But the waitress answers “No– English”. So exasperated, she shouts:

Is there no-one working here who speaks English? This is Paddington – this is still a London neighbourhood.’
A well-dressed man came over and said ‘I speak English.’ I thought he was going to intervene on my behalf but instead came out with this astonishing observation:
You are a racist! You are a racist ape! Look at you– you are an ape!’[…] Shocked, I glared at him, but he had to finish things off : ‘You want them to speak Hebrew, don’t you?

😯 This man has a problem with geography…

I got up from my seat and went over to him and at the top of my voice said I would be proud to speak Hebrew if I could, it being the language of the Torah and of an ancient culture going back six-thousand years. [Heh, imagine the face of the moron…:twisted: ].
He then embarked on a tirade at me about the ‘five million Indians’ slaughtered in genocide in America. [Of course, Muslims have never killed a poor fly in their whole history…]. Meanwhile, the men in the café were in various states of laughter at me, and exhibiting great admiration for him.
Believe it or not, the server had in the meantime brought me a fresh juice which I calmly drank with my very un-Hebrew ham and cheese sandwich, and then I left. I wandered over to the flower shop and found myself commiserating with what seemed to be two Englishwomen who lived in a permanent state of fear in a neighbourhood they had called their own for generations. They told me I must have been mad going into that shop, as ‘all the establishments in Edgware Road are off-limits to us now.’

😯 Not surprised then that the British are going abroad in something very similar to an stampede.


Once again all of these stories makes this come true:

ejem… I feel this is insulting for the poor pig…


NYT has run a story critisizing Mother Theresa, and feeling disgusted because normal US nationals know Calcutta not because of its beautiful buildings and educated middle class, but because of her. So what is the problem with her and the liberal media around the world?

As a doctor, I can only shake my head at those sophisticated critics that lament her hospices don’t meet the year 2000 standards of university hospitals. They ignore the question: If Mother Teresa’s hospice was not there, where would the people go? To other Indian hospices? To University hospitals, with private beds and gourmet meals?

… The rest off the criticisms similarly show a strange envy of the good. But why Mother Teresa? Why not slime American born Ram Dass and the Indian doctors and who helped wipe out small pox in India? Or slime Mother Wichiencharoen, a Buddhist nun, for her shelters in Bangkok?But we all know why, don’t we? The NYTimes doesn’t like Catholics.

It’s the sex stupid.

Mother Teresa opposed abortion and promoted chastity. How dare she impose her rigid Catholic morality on poor Hindus, (whose religion, by the way, also opposes abortion and promotes chastity).
But the editors of the NYTimes can’t have a rich American slime Mother Teresa, so they find an Indian born woman to do it.
So let’s destroy the reputation of Mother Teresa, and we won’t feel so guilty at our next cocktail party.

SC&A writes:

We are not all Mother Teresa. That said, because we are not all Mother Teresa, we ought not diminish her status so that we might be her equal. The ability to reach within and bring the very best of who we are isn’t easy. If it were, we’d all be heroes.

We live in a world that trivializes goodness and and character. The virtues of money, sex and inflexibility are celebrated and extolled. ‘Take no prisoners’ has come to define not only political agendas, but moral ones as well. Success often means trading in values that might actualize the very best of who we are, for values that will clearly enslave us.

We do have the ability to reach that part of ourselves that is the best of ourselves and if we choose, we can make that self actualization as natural as breathing. Who we are won’t change- in fact, we can choose to reach out to our own unique potential and evolve into our best selves. Each of us has within our grasp, the opportunity to be our own expression of Mother Teresa.

Read it all: it’s really worth your time.

I have said around the world because in Spain it was El País (yes, you all know how much I love that newspaper) the liberal MSM which was worried about how on earth someone with doubts could be made saint… because she had lost her faith. 😯 Of course, what the article’s writer did not know is that Nowak -secretary of the Congregation for the Saints’ Cause- said: “It is a phenomenon which happens to every great mistic and spiritual teacher, as Saint Teresa of Jesus or Saint Juan de la Cruz, called spiritual night or senses’ night.  They are special periods of the spiritual life of the people who feel themselves abandoned by a God who they feel is very far from them“.

😈 Oh, yeah, but they are independent and objective. Yeah, without doubt…

And, while these liberal media are critisizing and diminishing her so much, the Feast the Missionaries of Charity have given in her honor and her tomb were full of people to mark the 10th anniversary of her death. In the ocassion, Sister Nirmala Joshi, her succesor as Head of the MofC, said:

Only those of an advanced level of spirituality” experience this, Sister Nirmala said, calling it a sign of being close to God. It is like being close “to the sun and so blinded by the brilliance,” she explained.


Iranian 40.000 human bombs. See the video inside (in English). Is this what gender equality means for the Iranian aytollahs?


Lastly, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said he was “shocked and humbled” by a visit to a refugee camp in Sudan’s strife-torn Darfur region. Hmm, for someone who has been for so many years in the UN, saying that is errr, well, not very trustful… How on earth he did not know this? For a complete roundup of news regarding this, you can read Passion of the Present.

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Detectives investigating the failed car bombings at Glasgow airport and in London have arrested two more men, Strathclyde Police have said. The arrests of the men, aged 25 and 28, take the number of people held over the attempted bombings to seven.

Houses are being searched in Houston, near Paisley, Merseyside, and in Staffordshire, where one of two doctors arrested in the inquiry lived. Police are linking the failed bombings and the UK remains on high alert. Police said the arrests of the two men, who are not believed to be of Scottish origin, were as a result of “intensive police operations in the Paisley area last night”.

Assistant Chief Constable John Malcolm, of Strathclyde Police said: “This continues to be a fast-moving investigation and I am grateful to the public for their perseverance and support during these difficult times. He added: “I would continue to urge people to be vigilant.”

On Monday, Staffordshire Police closed off Priam Close, in Bradwell, not far from Chesterton, where one of the people being held, Dr Mohammed Asha, lived. Dr Asha, who worked as a junior doctor at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford, was arrested on the M6 in Cheshire on Saturday night.

BBC NEWS | UK | Two more held over bomb attacks

From CNN:

Authorities suspect the two men who rammed an explosives-laden vehicle into Glasgow’s airport on Saturday are the same people who parked two car bombs in central London a day earlier, security sources told CNN.

British police said on Monday they had arrested two more people as part of their investigation into the failed terror attacks that have put the country on its highest state of alert.

The two were arrested in the Paisley area of Glasgow, police said. The men were aged 28 and 25 and believed not to be of Scottish origin. That brings the total number of people arrested to seven.

Other than one suspect who was severely burned, no one was seriously hurt in Saturday’s incident at Glasgow. The car bombs in London did not detonate.

Police investigating the car bombs in London were tracking the two men even before the attack in Scotland, sources told CNN.

It is certainly very less likely that they are of Scottish origin, and even less possible they are Buddhists on a rampage campaign… smile_sad

Doctors probed over failed bombings
Guardian Unlimited – 25 minutes ago
Two of the people being quizzed by police over the failed car bombings in London and Glasgow are believed to be doctors. One of them is Dr Mohammed Asha, 26, of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, who was arrested on the M6 in Cheshire.

The second doctor is thought to have been one of the two men who drove a blazing Jeep packed with gas canisters into a terminal building at Glasgow Airport.

He was seen wearing a stethoscope at his rented home in the village of Houston, near Glasgow Airport, letting agent Daniel Gardiner said.

It is believed the doctor worked at Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital.

One of the two men is now under armed guard in a critical condition at the hospital after suffering terrible burns in the attack.

Police carried out a controlled explosion on a vehicle in the car park of the hospital. Strathclyde Police said the car was connected to the airport attack.

Suspect on run as US says Glasgow was known target Scotsman
Doctor among terror cell arrests Times Online
BBC NewsCambridge Evening NewsForbesABC Online
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Two more arrests over British terror alert UPDATE
Forbes – 38 minutes ago
GLASGOW (Thomson Financial) – Police investigating a weekend car bomb attack at Glasgow airport have arrested two more people, according to a police spokesman.
Britain at maximum alert Canada.com
Britain fears new attack Independent Online

Amid fears of a new Al-Qaeda-style attack, the goverment also called a new meeting of its so-called COBRA crisis cell, the fifth in four days, to discuss the latest developments.

Reuters.ukSeattle TimesBloombergReuters
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Seven suspects detained over British plot: Brown has said he believes those behind the botched attacks were associated with militant group al Qaeda. No, Al-Reuters, they are not militants, they are nurses spreading the love around the world. smile_sad

Time: How secure is Britain?

Yet if the terrorists who targeted Glasgow and London lacked the technical and planning skills to succeed, any hopes that their attacks were the work of crazed individuals have evaporated. Instead, a picture is emerging of a well-coordinated operation stretching from Scotland to southern England — with the hallmarks of a plot inspired by al-Qaeda. It has also revealed the manpower limitations of the country’s electronic surveillance system. David Capitanbchik, a terrorism expert at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, also suggests the attack in Glasgow may be in response to last week’s elevation to the post of Prime Minister of Gordon Brown, who is a Scot and from Glasgow, and is a wake-up call to Scotland which has traditionally seen itself as immune to terrorism, a view based in part on strong historical ties with Northern Ireland during the height of Britain’s conflict with the IRA. Yesterday’s attack, on the first day of the Scottish school holidays and possibly timed to coincide with the Queen’s official opening of the Scottish parliament shows that “Scotland has to be as much on alert as the rest of the UK,” he said.

More in:


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The Civil Guard has located today a car full of explosives in the city of Ayamonte (Huelva, South of Spain), according to sources from the armed institution.

The agency Vasco Press said that there were 100 of explosives and there were detonators, but a speaker from the Civil Guard in Madrid did not say what was the quantity.

Vasco Press informed that the car could have been abandoned by ETA, which ended the cease-fire this month and announced that it will begin a campaign “in all fronts“.

These last years, before the ceasefire, the band put several explosive devices in tourists resorts in their “summer campaing”.

Hallado un coche con explosivos en Ayamonte | Reuters.es

‘Gara’ dice que el Gobierno y ETA pactaron sus declaraciones sobre la tregua | elmundo.es

The Government and ETA agreed on the statement of the permanent ceasefire of the band, and of the announcement of the PM, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, on June 29th in the Congress, when he officialised the beginning of the contacts with the terrorists, according to what the “abertzale” left’s newspaper says in its edition of today.

The newspaper points out that any of the two initiatives were unilaterally made and that both questions were “largelly debated, matured and agreed” by the speakers of both sides between July and November, 2005.  it also adds that they also agreed the so-called “warranties” and the conditions on the next paragraphs.

According to “Gara”, the agreement to search for a peace process were held in a distant European country between July 2005, with the assistance of an ETA’s delegation and Government’s representatives.

‘Gara’ says that they subscribed compromises of “political importance” which were ratified 4 months later. The agreement also included the declaration of ETA’s ceasefire and the fundamentals of the message adressed by Zapatero, and some warranties about what “Gara” informed a year ago.

Among the warranties, Zapatero agreed with ETA that he would not detain any ETA terrorists during the ceasefire. We have both De Juana case and Otegi’s to know that this is basically true.

Today a ETA terrorist, Iván Apaolaza Blanco, has been detained in Canada. He is the responsible of killing the Major Coronel Pedro Antonio Blanco with 200 kilos-explosive-car. Mr Blanco had signed an agreement to give his organs when dead. ETA terrorists even forbid him his last will of generosity to his fellow human beings.

[En español]

But these last days, there has been some other facts to take into account. Thanks to Kate, from A Colombo-America’s perspective, who translated this for me. clap This post is about the constitution of the City Councils following May 27th elections.

[The rest of the post is mainly on capital letters. Please consider that she sent it to me to make the translation differ from the original. Don’t assume anyone is shouting at you 😀 ].


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Indonesia Captures Head of Islamic Militant Group – ABC News

An image of the leader of Southeast Asian militant group Jemaah
Islamiah (JI) Zarkasih is displayed during a news conference at the
national police headquarters in Jakarta June 15, 2007. Indonesia has
captured Zarkasih, the chief of the country’s anti-terrorist unit said
on Friday.  (Dadang Tri/Reuters)

“He is the emergency head of JI. He is above Abu Dujana and
was captured on the same day,” said Suryadarma Salim Nasution,
who leads Detachment 88, the country’s anti-terrorist unit.

Asian and Western authorities blame JI for a series of
attacks in Southeast Asia, including the 2002 bombings that
killed more than 200 people on Indonesia’s resort island of

Although there has been no major bomb attack since 2005, in
raids in March police said they had found a huge cache of
weapons, explosives and chemicals that could be used to make a
bomb even bigger than the main device used in 2002

At the news conference, police showed video testimonies
from Zarkasih and Dujana, in which the former said he was
acting head.

“In 2004 there was a leadership vacuum and there was
pressure to fill the vacuum. A body was set up to fill the void
so we set up a caretaker body. My colleagues appointed me to
lead the body,” the grey-haired Zarkasih, 45, said on the

More links from Google News:

Indonesia Captures Head of Islamic Militant Group
ABC News – 35 minutes ago
An image of the leader of Southeast Asian militant group Jemaah Islamiah (JI) Zarkasih is displayed during a news conference at the national police headquarters in Jakarta June 15, 2007.
Indonesia ‘holds militant leader’ BBC News
Indonesia raids net terror leaders San Jose Mercury News
CNNThe AustralianAsia Times OnlineAKI
all 582 news articles

They have already captured Abu Dujana, the leader of the terrorist Al-Qaeda linked group, as Australian FM Alexander Downer announced some days ago. We will see what they do with them. I am not very confident.

NOTE: It’s curious to see that they are called militants...

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Well, it’s not rare, considering what it’s happening

Mahmud Hams/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The charred home of Jamal Abu al-Jediyan in northern Gaza. Mr. Jediyan, part of the Fatah leadership, was killed Monday by Hamas fighters.

that the Palestinians flee from their houses: from Jihad Watch: Fatwa forbids PA Muslims to emigrate

Alarmed by the growing number of Palestinians who are emigrating from the Palestinian territories, the Palestinian Authority’s mufti has issued a fatwa [religious decree] forbidding Muslims to leave.

Sources in the PA Foreign Ministry told The Jerusalem Post that some 10,000 Palestinians have filed requests to emigrate from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year. They said the requests had been approved.

[…] The sources said most of the applicants were young men seeking work abroad. They said the majority of them wanted to move to the US, EU and Canada.

Abid Katib/Getty Images (left).Hamas fighters in Nusairat, in the Gaza Strip, defended a national security headquarters they had seized from Fatah Tuesday.

NYT writes:

That agreement to govern jointly, negotiated under Saudi auspices, put Fatah ministers into a Hamas-led government in an effort to secure renewed international aid and recognition and to stop what was already serious fighting between the two factions.

But the new government has failed to achieve either goal, and it appeared to many in Gaza that the gunmen were not listening to their political leaders. Mr. Abbas is under increasing pressure to abandon the unity government he championed and to try once again to order new elections, which Hamas has said it will oppose by any means.

Hmm, of course not…

14 Palestinians have also been killed in the Gaza Strip.

Fighting on the streets of Gaza, June 13, 2007.

Mahmud Hams / AFP-Getty Images (right)
Fighting on the streets of Gaza, June 13, 2007.

From Newsweek:

June 13, 2007 – As gun battles continue to roil the Gaza Strip this week, militants from Hamas are tightening their grip on power. The Islamists have already taken over several hospitals and a number of key Fatah security installations. In the meantime, more than 50 Gazans have been killed, dozens more wounded. Militiamen executed rivals by throwing them off the roofs of high-rises, and masked gunmen set up checkpoints throughout the territory. Even some aid workers are finding themselves caught in the cross-fire. Two Palestinian employees of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) were shot to death on Wednesday, and the agency announced that it would temporarily suspend most of its Gaza operations. (UNRWA distributes food and offers health services to Gaza’s 1 million refugees; some essential aid will continue.)

And then there is an interview to the UNRWA delegate (UNRWA is responsible for the refugee camps both in Lebanon and Palestine). And of course, who should show restraint:

Q: How do you judge Israel’s response to all this?

A: We just hope that everybody shows restraint. This is first and foremost the responsibility of the Palestinians. Israel has legitimate security concerns, but they have to find solutions without adding to or compounding the problem here. Israel, in our view, can significantly contribute to stability by finding a solution to the issues at the border crossings which allow the borders to function. In economic collapse, there’s fertile ground for extremism. Peace is a dividend of economic wellbeing.

So, it’s not rare that Palestinians blame Israel for the clashes: This is not civil war, it’s a prison riot.:

The conflict started as a power struggle between Hamas and Fatah – with Fatah being under immense pressure from the United States and Israel to strip Hamas of its power. But Palestinians also know that now the fighting has gotten out of hand. Neither Hamas nor Fatah has much success maintaining any ceasefire as frustrated youths, born in the Gaza pressure-cooker with no future prospects and no hope in sight, take over the streets. My cousin described it best: “This is not a civil war. It is a prison riot.”

At the same time h/t Jihadi du Jour:

Because of the worsening security situation and infighting in Gaza, “Hamas fires its rockets to kill Israeli women and children, while cynically trying to provoke Israel’s reaction and…thereby blame the common enemy of the Palestinian people, which – as Palestinians are brainwashed from childhood to believe – is Israel.

Time says this is a blow for US policy. I really think this is teaching what the real nature of Hamas is.

What has really happened is that Hamas has seized armored personnel carriers. h/t New Media Journal.

Last developments:

  • At least 200 gunmen of the Fatah-allied Bakr clan surrendered to Hamas in Gaza City, clan elders and witnesses said
  • An explosion wrecked the Khan Younis headquarters of the Fatah-linked Preventive Security force, killing five people
  • There were clashes in Gaza City near a local
    Fatah commander’s home and in high rise buildings for control of sniper
    posts. Six militants were reported killed
  • Hamas gunmen gained control of Gaza’s main north-south road
  • And Hamas said it had taken control of the border in the south between Gaza and Egypt.

  • Palestinians carry a wounded man during clashes between security members and militants from the Hamas Islamist movement in Gaza City, 13 June 2007. MAXPPP / LANDOV

    EU has condemned Gaza Strip violence, while thousands of Palestinian security officers loyal to Fatah are under Hamas siege at their last bastion.

    The Gaza doctors, in the middle of the struggle. More here.

    But has this terrible struggle ended terrorism? No, Le Monde reports that a pregnant woman, mother to 8 children, and her cousin, mother to 4 children, have been detained before committing suicide and killing in Israel. They had been recruited by the Palestinian Jihad. Klovs: “I do not believe that nobody condemns Palestinian Authority for using humanitarian permissions for entering Israel“.

    Remember the attack on an Israeli key border crossing on Saturday? As you know they used a car disguised as if it were from a TV. Well, journalists have condemned the attack because “the new tactic would make their jobs significantly more dangerous” h/t O Insurgente. 😀 Well, then, we will see if that makes them give more accurate picture of what it’s happening.

    Related news:
    Shimon Peres has been named President of Israel.
    Bargouti: if only Israel would meet us half the way”.
    Human Rights Watch denounces “war crimes” committed between Al Fatah and Hamas.

    Also blogging about this: Gateway Pundit, SC&A, Klovs (in Spanish).

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    Eeeh, how can I say this? Oh, yeah, I will imitate John Wayne, I must be considered in these moments as a hard man….

    The Government’s President, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has reassured he will be “implacable” against ETA’s menace and supported unity against the terrorist band, because “if democrats are not ready to pay a political price for the violence’s end, they should not pay the price of separation“.

    Zapatero was referring to announcement of the end to ceasefire of the terrorist band before the Federal Committee of PSOE, who has met in Madrid to analyse, among other things, the results of the local and autonomical elections of last May 27th.

    In a hard speech, the Executive chief underlined that to reach an agreement with all (also with the terrorists?) in anti-terrorist fight he won’t state any conditions or rectifications (no, Mr. President, the only one who has to rectify from past behaviour here is you). “That’s how -he said – the consensus is built, that’s the way to show the will to reach an agreement”.

    Zapatero insiste en que será ‘implacable’ con ETA y aboga por la unidad | elmundo.es

    WOW, I’m impressed! What a hard man! So, why on earth he has waited 3 years to be hard against ETA? Couldn’t he have begun a little sooner, for example, when he was negotiating with ETA while also negotiating with Aznar the Antiterrorist Pact?

    aznar con ZP

    Zapatero’s loyalty to anti-terrorist pact (Montoro para la Razón):

    Zapatero: “Uy, I am going to get my pen, it has fallen again“.

    Aznar: “This is the 25th time it has fallen. You look like an idiot, José Luis“.

    ETA terrorist under the table: “I would much more say that he is too clever by half“.

    I laugh not to cry. smile_angry

    I totally agree with this:

    In normal circumstances the Otegi’s detention, a despicable human being, would make me joyful. At this point, it makes me feel worried. Those of us who consider that the institutions should be credible and worthy can’t but consider as deplorable the irresponsibility with which Zapatero is using them -specially Justice- at his will, as if they were modeling clay, as if they were his own.

    So now, it looks like De Juana has begun eating after he was again transferred to Aranjuez’s prison 2 days ago (why now he is eating and in the last hunger strike he did not? ). Eeh, well, no, my Times’ moonbats friends, don’t be worried about his present state of health: he has been eating also these two last days:

    According to sources consulted by Cadena COPE Radio, the reality is that the [bloody ETA terrorist] has not been on hunger strike these last days but that have been eating from tin/can meals bought on the prison’s shop.

    Yes, my Times’ moonbats friends, Spanish prisons have the option that, if a bloody terrorist doesn’t want to eat the normal prison meal, he can go to the prison’s shop and buy whatever he wants. While his victims (25) are now in their graves. But of course, their lives are NOT interesting to you, right? They are only victims. No interest in them. De Juana is much more interesting.

    This same day we will have the abertzale left marching throughout San Sebastián to support Arnaldo Otegi, who was considered by Zapatero a “man of peace” but who has now being imprisoned (what a hard man, so implacable):

    Otegi, detained yesterday by police in San Sebastián, entered Martutene’s prison at 13.00 p.m. The arrest was made after the Supreme Tribunal decided to confirm the punishment of 15 months in jail for terrorism’s apology.
    The Supreme Tribunal says in its resolution that “the casation appeal was by no means accepted for breach of law and for law’s infraction or for the non-compliance with the constitutional principle pointed out by Arnaldo Otegi”. The resolution will be published shortly.
    Representants from the Basque Government, Basque Nationalist Party, Basque Socialists, Popular Party and others and also for several unions, will take part in a demonstration which will be held today in Bilbao under the slogan ‘It’s our right: peace and freedom. ETA NO.

    Another march will be held in Pamplona with the same slogan.

    While in both Basque Country and Navarra, all of them are out in a demonstration, Zerolo -that politician whose only virtue is having converted his own homosexuality in the only reason to be on politics-&Co. continue to consider equal ETA terrorist band and Popular Party.

    Girauta in an article for Libertad Digital:

    Both the concessions and the renounces are very clear, we don’t need any king of tricked mirrors: has the ETA supporters been presented at the past May 27th elections? Has Butcher-De Juana received any favour treatment? Has Batasuna -also a terrorist organization- been able to act publicly? Has a debate about the “territory” or the “autodetermination” been considered (with those or other names)? Has the Prosecutor’s office adapted his measures to the “new conditions”? Did Patxi López -Basque Socialist- speak about understanding the enemies’ reasons? Did or not say the President that some terrorists were supporters of peace -I add one of them was Butcher De Juana-? By the way, an affirmative answer to these questions would result in a devastating moral concession: the legitimation of terrorism as a method to achieve political objectives.

    Also read The Infantile PM h/t O Insurgente.

    UPDATE: My Spanish friend Crispal reaches the same conclusions about this matter that I have. And it’s curious because he is in Saudi Arabia, blogging from there as an infidel.

    You have given them everything they have wanted. You have let them rearme themselves, reorganise themselves, present themselves to Spanish elections, etc. And now you say, ZP, that you are going to fight them as they are not trustful people. So Aznar was right. Or you have run out of disposition? –Zapatero insisted on his electoral campaign “yo tengo talante”, that is “I have disposition”. People who did not like him asked then: but that disposition is good or bad? Of course, he never answered…. –

    You are the most irresponsible leader Spain has had since there is democracy here. Your idiocy has driven us to an abyss.

    [En Español]

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    His return to Aranjuez, prison in which he was till March 1st, happens a day after the ETA’s announcement of the end to ceasefire. The terrorist band’s statement has not been alien to the measure applied to De Juana,who only a week ago was asking to be freed and go back to his house in a soft prison regime which had been granted to him last February.
    But yesterday, after ETA’s statement was known, Interior Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, assured that De Juana “in any case” was going to be given the soft prison-home regime, as has been speculated this last days.

    ABC.es – De Juana Chaos ingresa en prisión al desaparecer “el riesgo para su vida”.

    The Interior Minister has tols to leftist Radio Cadena SER, this Wednesday: “Circumstances have changed”. That is they have changed again. They changed when the State General Prosecutor asked his subordinates to take into account “the new situation” about ETA dialogue. And now they also change –but not 6 months ago, with the murder of Palate and Estacio–, because of the [supposed] pacts’ end. The minister Bermejo spoke in advance about this last change and Rubalcaba has confirmed it, sending De Juana back to prison. The T-4 terrorist attack [where both Palate and Estacio were killed] was no more than a “tragic accident” for the Government.

    Libertad Digital: Rubalcaba justifica el regreso a prisión de De Juana: “Las circunstancias han cambiado”

    The main problem is they are not underlining, not even telling us, what circumstances have changed now. That without considering that laws are not changed only by a change in circumstances. There are procedures to be met to change them. smile_angry

    But for the Government and Socialist party, the culprits are not ETA terrorists -who are no more than poor communists a little bit confused- nor the Government -who has been kissing their asses repeatedly for the last year-. The culprit, of course, is the Popular Party, that is the only one who opposed to the ETA’s negotiation.

    At the same time, Real Madrid has asked for special security measures. Something very clever specially considering what is the area in which it’s more probable to have a terrorist attack now.

    Jesús Cacho in El Confidencial.com:

    ETA has not surprised anyone. Who has again surprised till the shame has been Rodríguez Zapatero. According to his statement this morning [he is writing about yesterday’s statement by the President], ETA is again wrong, not him. Without any autocritic, without any kind of rectification or correction intent, his statement has all the ingredients of the so-called “Alicia way-of-thinking” [this is a line of thought which is referred to Alicia in Wonderland]: “Spanish society has shown that its pain does not weaken its strength” And??? Even more serious than anything, because it shows the precarious intellect of the President, is when he says “Basques future depends on themselves”, an statement which makes dissapear something so elemental as is, according Spanish Constitution’78, that the sovereignty of Spanish nation resides in the Spanish people as a whole and not in Basques, Galicians or people from Murcia considered isolated from the rest.

    So it would be ALL Spanish people the ones who, as the holders of Spanish sovereignty, the ones who should say what they want to do with Spain, Basque Country included. It’s obvious that Zapatero has not given to the terrorist band everything the latter demanded, because if not, we would be speaking about Basque’s independence. But it is equally obvious that the independence was the final step of this negotiation, the target that the band wanted to acquire as they decided to attend all the calls that Zapatero’s aides gave them since the moment he was named President. And it is obvious that the band has not abandoned any of its objectives, has not renounced to violence, has continued demanding the revolutionary tax, defying the State of Law, rearming itself

    Prevost: ZP The Hard: Chaos comes back to Madrid. smile_teeth


    As it’s normal it was a trap ceasefire, with an evident objective: rearming itself, to recover economical means and to form its integrants. The first one in pointing it out as PP ex-Interior Minister, now in European Parliament, Mayor Oreja. All the things have happened as he told since the first moment of the ceasefire: from the first one till the last. “With ETA there is no possible negotiation, this is another trap truce”, he said on several occasions. PSOE members called him names back then.

    Aquiles, as ever writes a very good post about the end of the truce who really did not exist.

    Pandemonio criticizes the leftist journalists (and bloggers) who do not know what to say about the truce’s end.

    Outside Spain there have been bloggers who have written about the ETA’s truce’s end: EURSOC, Gateway Pundit and Outside the Beltway. The latter writes:

    Interesting, as I had at one point thought that 9/11 and the 7/11 Madrid bombing might have taken the political viability out of political violence for ETA.

    Well, in fact the political violence has never dissapeared: business obliged to give the revolutionary tax, the deads of the T4 terminal, the repeated attacks on PP, PSOE and Basque Nationalist Party members during past elections, all the weapons stolen from a French factory after kidnapping its owner’s family… I don’t think that’s taken the political viability out of political violence. The reason? in Zapateroland the violence gives you political strenght as a result from negotiation. Unfortunately

    Victoria Prego h/t Disculpen las molestias.

    Spanish people have never denied their Government its citizen support to confront murderers. And they can do it again. Another thing is the trust that Zapatero can give the citizens in this hour. He can always gain it.

    For my part, it’s very difficult to support him as this stage: the term has been entirely a mess. Both international and national politics are not focused on important things, such as the next economical crisis, which could become a reality next autumn, specially caused by lower expectations related with the building market.

    The trust is Zapatero is so low big at this stage that there are people considering that even the truce’s end is a result of the negotiation and that they are just preparing to stage the next step in the negotiation. Zapatero wants to win the next elections and a hard stand towards ETA now, can give him the votes he needs.

    Portuguese blog O Insurgente also wrote about this.

    Como se previa, de nada serviu a política de apaziguamento levada a cabo pelo governo de Zapatero. É também provável que a ETA tenha aproveitado este periodo para se reorganizar e reamar (recordam-se da armas apreendidas em França?).

    “As was forseen, the appeasement policies of Zapatero were worth nothing. And it also proves that ETA has used this period for reporganising and rearming itself (do we remember the stolen weapons in France?).

    There is something I should say though: I’ve been surprised because all of them called ETA terrorists by their name: TERRORISTS. Something which I must thank after reading international MSM which named them as separatists as the hardest name of all (CNN called them separatists and BBC independentists smile_cry Well, considering that Iraqi terrorists for this MSM are insurgents, I really think we can thank God for not reading they have written freedom fighters instead).

    UPDATE: You should read what JM Guardia aka Barcepundit has written for Pajamas Media.

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