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This is also a roundup, but a very important one -this is not funny at all-:

  1. About the Guadalajara’s fire (in which there were killed 11 firefighters): “The report, 110 sheets, made by an expert engineer, considers that the tragedy was a a very grave chain of negligences. In 13 points, it summs up the errors and the lack of coordination, before, during and after the tragedy: from the lack of preventive measures to the lapse of time (16 minutes) to activate the first firefighters’ equipements. The document considers that the firefighting in the area is faulty, irregular and chaotic and asks why the victims were sent to an area, totally unknown for them, in the worst moment and with the worst weather conditions”.”Also, there are new tapes which have been realeased from June 17th 2005 -where the fire happened-, in which it is shown the lack of extintion measures, the existing lack of coordination and the time (more than 10 hours) that the victims’ relatives had to wait for some kind of official communication of what had happened”.
  2. You know I have been writing about the Spanish UN peacekeepers/soldiers killed in Lebanon. Well, Zapatero (Spanish PM) told the father of the of the soldiers in the funeral: “What a pity! He had gone to Lebanon to buy himself a car, hadn’t he?“. Imagine the expression of the father’s soldier. And imagine mine when I read it.smile_baringteeth
  3.  The ex-Delegate of the Government in Catalonia -Eduard Planells, who has now a wonderful job at National Telecommunications Commision– has been detained in an operation against the Russian Mob in Spain. Also Eduard Figuerola, the General  Subdirector of Industrial Policy of the Generalitat (Catalan Government) has been fired after been discovered he had child porn.. From El Cerrajero. Don’t know if the latter was caught in the last “Against child porn operation”.
  4. Multinational Merck is going to change Barcelona for Madrid as its social address. This has enraged the Catalan nationalists who consider that Spain “is much too centralised“. Hehehe, imagine for example: Health care: EVERY DAMNED PART of it is a competence of the Autonomous Community. Education is also a competence -mainly- of the Auonomous Community -so you can see in the text books things like “Castilla y León had a relationship with the Romans“, when Castilla y León is a kingdom in the Reconquest and during Roman dominion it was under the same province: Lusitania, of the three that Romans made here (the other were Tarraconensis and Baetica). The Generalitat has passed a law creating a self-Tax Agency which will make in not a very distant future, everything related to taxes. Yeah, of course, very centralised. The problem is that a lot of people is beginning to leave Catalonia thanks to the pressure of the nationalists. And that hurts.
  5. After the invention of the Little Red Star -that only thinking about it, makes me shiver-, the young Spanish Socialists ask for the legalization of the euthanasia and the vote at 16 years-old. About euthanasia, I’m totally opposed: it cannot be undone. About the vote at 16: if we have so many idiot voters, just have some more, totally influenced by the Education for Citizenship -anti-militar, pro-homosexual -in the worst sense of the world-, pro-Socialist, pro-Alliance of Civilizations, etc-.
  6. Vice-President De La Vega has asked MSM not to informe about what they know if it has something to do with ETA. Yeah, it’s much better to have everything under the blanket, specially if we consider that French PM Sarkozy already has the ETA-Spanish Government negotiation’s papers. Oh and if someone thinks he is going to be a good guy and denounce PM Zapatero for the contents of those papers, just read this post by Mike -really good blogger 😀 – and then think again. No, he is just going to use it in the EU negotiations against Zapatero… sooo, against Spain.
  7. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas: inquired on corruption charges. They -and other famous people- have created a lot of societies
  8. to whiten funds from dubious procedence.

    About Ibiza I will write later, it’s very grave what it’s happening after the fuel from “Don Pedro” -a ship- began polluting all the sea.

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Soem days ago I wrote about Chirac not presenting again to the next Presidential elections. Later I found very amusing that Civitatensis had classified the post about Chirac under “corruption”. Today through The New Media Journal I get to this article in Telegraph: Chirac to face corruption charges.

When Jacques Chirac hands in the keys to the Elysée palace on May 16, he will also lose his presidential immunity and runs the risk of prosecution in at least four corruption cases.

Mr Chirac, 74, has been linked to a string of party funding and other scandals known as “les affaires,” which date back to his time as mayor of Paris from 1977 to 1995. Scores of former associates have been convicted for their involvement.


Cuando Chirac entregue las llaves del Palacio del Elíseo el 16 de Mayo, también perderá su inmunidad presidencial y corre el riesgo de ser perseguido en al menos 4 casos de corrupción.

El sr. Chirac, 74 años, ha sido acusado en una red de financiación de su partido y otros escándalos, conocidos como “los negocios“, que datan de cuando era alcalde de París desde 1977 a 1995. Bastantes de sus antiguos asociados han sido condenados por su implicación.

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Government vows to curb Chinese spying on Canada

Canada’s foreign affairs minister says he wants to crack down on Chinese spies who are stealing industrial and high-technology secrets at a tremendous cost to the economy. “It’s something that we want to signal we are prepared to address and continue to raise with the Chinese at the appropriate time,” Peter MacKay told CTV. MacKay raised concerns of the release earlier this month in China of the RedBerry, an imitation of Canada’s BlackBerry handheld device, made by Research in Motion based in Waterloo, Ont.

Daimnation, examinating the raise in military expenditure, also links to an article in the Washington Post in which they quote James Mann, the author of The China Fantasy, who maintains that foreign critics of China’s abuses on Human Rights are told to be quiet:

After all, there is no point in hurting Chinese feelings or making the Chinese authorities dig in their heels. Mann is particularly scathing about what he describes as the “Lexicon of Dismissal.” Criticism of China is dismissed as “bashing,” “provocative” or “anti-China” (a favorite of the Chinese themselves), and any such censure always runs the risk of turning China into an enemy.

In his anger over this muzzling trend, Mann comes close to seeing a conspiracy by well-meaning but self-serving American elites — with, of course, the happy acquiescence of the Chinese communists — to keep the United States investing in and trading with China.

El Ministro de Exteriores Canadiense John Kay, ha dicho que quiere perseguir y detener a los espías Chinos que están robando los secretos industriales y de alta tecnología con un coste tremendo para la economía. “Queremos señalarlo especialmente ahora que estamos preparados para dirigirnos e incrementar [la colaboración] con los chinos en el momento apropiado”, dijo Peter McKay a la televisión canadiense. MacKay hizo que se incrementasen las preocupaciones como consecuencia de la presentación del Redberry, una imitación de la Blackberry canadiense, hecha por “Investigación en marcha”, con sede en Ontario (Canadá).

Pero si esto es un crimen, aún lo es más el silencio que se impone sobre los abusos [muy graves] de los Derechos Humanos en China. Sobre esto -entre otras cuestiones-, trata el nuevo libro de James Mann, La Fantasía China, en el que su autor critica el que si se denuncian los abusos, se considera que se está usando un lenguaje anti-chino -je, je, ¿a qué me suena esto?…-, provocativo… Así, apunta también a que en un futuro próximo China será mucho más poderosa y mucho más rica que hoy, pero que es muy probable que también incremente su autoritarismo.

Fantastico, ¿ehhh?

Related about Chinese military: China update, Beijing feeds the hype, Chinese new arsenal.

More about technology and military for China: technology disputes and weapon sales.

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Newsvine –

Former Russian diplomat who once led the United Nations’ powerful budget oversight committee was convicted Wednesday of conspiring to launder hundreds of thousands of dollars obtained from companies seeking U.N. contracts.

Vladimir Kuznetsov, 49, was convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering. The jury in U.S. District Court deliberated for less than a day. Kuznetsov was charged in 2005 after an internal U.N. investigation of Alexander Yakovlev, a Russian who worked in the U.N. procurement office. [And one of the people who were accused of … the Oil-for-food scandal…].

Yakovlev, who testified against Kuznetsov, pleaded guilty in 2005 to soliciting a bribe, wire fraud and money laundering. He admitted accepting nearly $1 million in bribes from foreign companies seeking contracts to provide goods and services to the United Nations. Both men face up to 20 years in prison.

Prosecutors said Kuznetsov established an offshore company to hide Yakovlev’s criminal proceeds, and in 2000 established his own offshore company to hide the transfer of criminal proceeds to himself from Yakovlev’s account.

Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan waived Kuznetsov’s diplomatic immunity at the request of U.S. authorities.

More in Boston Globe.


El diplomático ruso que estaba encargado del Presupuesto de la ONU ha sido condenado por blanquear cientos de miles de dólares obtenidos de las empresas que querían negociar con la ONU.

Vladimir Kuznetzov, según los fiscales, estableció un compañía offshore para esconder las actuaciones criminales de Alexander Yakovlev, uno de los principales implicados en el escándalo Petróleos por Alimentos. Yakovlev se autoinculpó de las acusaciones de soborno, fraude y blanqueo de dinero en 2005 y admitió haber cobrado 1 millón de dólares en sobornos.

Ambos podrían enfrentarse a 20 años de prisión.

Pero es mucho más interesante la condena de Libby ¿eh?

Barcepundit ha tratado también el tema.

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