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Continuing with the British terrorist plot:

The seven men are physicians, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, while the lone woman, the wife of one, is a laboratory technician. The police are now working to unravel links and prior contacts within this far-flung expatriate medical circle.

For the British public, the prospect of highly educated professionals as terror suspects is a chilling departure from the home-grown Muslim terrorists, many with family roots in Pakistan, who have been implicated in previous conspiracies here. It may also prompt a debate over whether Britains health system should have tightened its regulations for hiring foreign doctors before last year, when it was possible for doctors to move here and practice without a work permit, provided they established their medical credentials.

Clearly, it will be debated, said Soroosh Firoozan, an Iranian-born cardiologist who practices near Oxford.

There has already been a bit of a move to exclude foreign doctors from training in the U.K. Britain remained jittery on Tuesday, with the police evacuating parts of Londons Heathrow Airport after a security scare, stranding hundreds of passengers in a rainstorm. They also carried out controlled explosions near a subway station here and outside a mosque in Glasgow.

 The police arrested two more men on suspicion of terrorism after reports that canisters of gas were delivered to an industrial site in Blackburn, in northwest England. Officials would not say whether these arrests were linked to the incidents in London and Glasgow, in which gas canisters were also used.

7 Doctors Tied to British Plots – New York Times

More in Sugiero and in Freedom’s Cost:

A photo of Mohammed Asha,the “brilliant doctor,” provided
by his family during an interview on Monday in Amman
(Photo from: International Herald Tribune)

Terror inquiry officer flies out to quiz man held in Australia


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May 2nd, 1808

The charge of the Mamelukes, Goya.
[The Mamelukes were an elite corps formed by Turks serving Napoleon]
Execution of the Madrid’s defenders, Goya.

To the popular heroes of the May 2nd, 1808, who quarrelled in this same place for the first time against Napoleon troops. Círculo de Bellas Artes. 1908.

Today is the anniversary of the rebellion of the Spanish patriots against the French invaders, which is considered as the beginning of the Peninsular War. As snipfer writes, this makes everyone -oops, I had written it wrong…- thinks … a lot.

Democratic Union of Students (UDE) considers that May 2nd, instead of the Madrid Autonomous Community Holiday, should be National Day, as “it is the 1st demonstration of the Spanish national sentiment“. I agree, although I would like to make it compatible with the holiday of October 12th, which actually is the National Day.

Others remembering: Prevost.

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Terra reports that Irene Villa, a symbol against ETA terrorism, is leaving public life -although she will keep on her collaborations with the Terrorism Victims’ Association (AVT)-, because she feels “hurt, mistreated just for reclaim some rights“.

She was hurt by ETA terrorists on October 17th, 1991, when she lost her two legs and three fingers of one hand, at 12 years old. Her mother lost 1 leg and an arm. That same day ETA killed the Land Army Colonel Francisco Caballar and maimed gravely the Artillery Commander Rafael Villalobos.

Irene Villa, after the terrorist attack

Her appearance in all demonstrations against Zapatero’s negotiation with ETA and her public appearances and speeches on the radio had made of her a symbol for “memory, dignity and justice“, the slogan that AVT chose for the anti-negotiation demonstrations.

Both her and her mother are going into exile to Colombia and Canada, respectively.

Irene Villa, today, in one of the demonstration against the negotiation with ETA.

HT: Daniel Tercero.

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Idoia Rodríguez Buján was killed this morning after a high-explosive mine exploded in Shindand (south of the Afghan province at Herat, see map below), while they were giving assistance to an Italian convoy. She is the first Spanish woman killed in foreign military missions. She was born in Friol, Lugo and belonged to the Light Aerotransported Brigade placed in Figueirido. Her father Constantino Rodríguez has said that no one could imagine the pain, as she was an only child.

Everything happened at 12:00 in the morning (Spanish hour) where they were travelling in an armoured millitary ambulance as shown below:

In the attack another two army men were hurt: César Muñoz Pantoja and Jorge Riaño del Río.

All of them will be flown back to Spain tomorrow.

As a tribute (from Tecnoliberal):

Others remembering Idoia: Elentir, En defensa de Occidente, Es la libertad de expresión, idiotas, Liberales Irredentos, Por España me atrevo, Sueños de un estudiante.

Other MSM: Libertad Digital, BBC, Breaking News.

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