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The heads of seven men believed to have been kidnapped by the al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf group on a volatile southern island were delivered to a Philippine army detachment Thursday, the military said.

The men — six road project workers and a dried-fish factory worker (as you can see very dangerous tipes…) — were kidnapped at gunpoint in two separate incidents Monday near the town of Parang on Jolo island, where U.S. troops have been involved in counterterrorism training and campaigns to draw local support away from Muslim rebels (sic).

Maj. Gen. Ruben Rafael, commander of military forces on Jolo, said a group of civilians was ordered to take the heads to Parang by Abu Sayyaf commander Albader Parad, who operates in Jolo’s mountainous forests. Jolo Gov. Ben Loong and other officials confirmed the grisly delivery.

Source: Al Qaeda-linked militants behead 7 – CNN.com


Atención al paquete postal:

Las cabezas de siete hombres que se creía habían sido secuestrados por el grupo con vínculos a Al-Qaeda Abu Sayyaf fueron enviadas ayer a un destacamento del ejército filipino, según los militares.

Los hombres, 6 trabajadores de una companías de carreteras y uno de una de secado de pescado-, fueron secuestrados a punta de pistola en dos incidentes separados el pasado lunes cerca de la ciudad de Parang en la Isla de Jolo, donde los las tropas de EEUU han estado entrenando en contraterrorismo y realizando campañas para que los locales dejen de apoyar a los rebeldes musulmanes.

El Major General Rube Rafael, comandante de las fuerzas militares en Jolo, ha dicho que el comandante de Abu Sayyaf Albader Parad, obligó a un grupo de civiles llevar las cabezas a Parang. Albader Parad opera en los bosques montañosos de Jolo.

Otros militares confirmaron la entrega…

Also in Clarity and Resolve.


En español aquí.

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Traditionally leftists in Spain have had a constant love por Polisario and the Sahararuis, the reason being that, in the late years of Franco’s dictatorship, the Green March from Moroccan women, boys and old people, invaded the Spanish Saharan colony totally illegally -with some international support, they even waive US flag…-.

The Moroccan occupation of the Spanish Sahara has produced grave abuses against Human Rights with people tortured in the prisons, demonstrators beaten and so on. Morocco considers that it is a part of their territory and doesn’t want to even consider the possibility of a referendum. They have even given concessions to prospect the oil that exists in that territory, even when the UN has declared them illegal as Morocco does not own that territory. Happily today all of the firms have leaved those prospections.  Anyway, Morocco, just in case, had been sending coloners there to try to cast a vote in the referendum to modify the will of the great majority of the Saharan people for years. Even if the coloners would not be Saharauis…

So, being against Morocco was, in a sense, being against Franco AND people from center-right tendencies.  There were normally demonstrations by Socialists and Communists, blaming Morocco for that abuses and asking the alauí monarchy “to step out of the Sahara“.

Zapatero, being a supporter so brave of all independentists, and a “convinced red“, looked like at first as the marvellous solution for Polisario.

Eeh, no.

Zapatero has maintained a marvellous relationship with the King Mohammed VIth, in whom a lot of hopes where put about converting Morocco into a democracy but who had been so proud to show he would never do that. It’s so good to be a dictator. Zapatero even did not mind that the French President Chirac, and the French PM De Villepin insisted in consider M;ohammed as a key ally, when what they were asking for, was that Sahara had to be a part of Morocco.

Result? Zapatero, in the International Year of  Friendship with the Saharaui people, has stated that he would recognise a Sahara inside Morocco with a special statute of autonomy (a special study about this state of autonomy here in English pdf, un estudio sobre el nuevo estatuto de autonomía que pretende imponer Marruecos, lo teneis aquí) . Isn’t it wonderful? He is kissing the ass of all the independentists -he is allied in the Government with the far-left independentists of Catalan Republican Left and he is in talks with Batasuna since 2002, neither of whom had been independent since the Middle Ages-, but he won’t recognise the independence of another people living in a COLONY. I mean this is rather absurd…

Like praising Morocco for the “compromise” on Human Rights…

The Polisario has answered that they have their right to autodetermination recognised by international people.

And what about the Communists? Hazte Oir.org has issued a warning to all people to send a letter to the General Coordinator of United Left, Gaspar Llamazares, to ask him if he was going to break with Zapatero -he is the 2nd ally of PSOE in Government-. He has answered that no (not surprinsingly) and that he is going to “show the Government his worry about the life conditions of the saharaui refugees [a lot of them live in refugee camps] and his lack of agreement with his policy of supporting Morocco in their campaign to substitute the referendum ordered by UN by an unknown process of autonomy that is, in reality an anexation plan“. Bla, bla, bla. Facts not words, God wants of you. No, facts, no than they are sooooo costly. ;D

Of course, Spanish FM, Moratinos -I do not have words strong enough for this individual entity…- has tried to support the critics to the new position of Spain on “the hot climate of Spanish policy” (here the complete article in Spanish).

Is Algeria in Spain? Well, according to this statement we could think that. Because Algeria and Morocco do not get very well with each other. So Aznar began a campaign to protect Sahara by making Algeria an ally. He revoked the contract with Morocco about natural gas (not oil) imports and began a new one with Algeria.

The new Spanish position has made the Algerian Government reposition itself … and Algerian gas prices: Algeria announces a raise in gas prices of a 20% when Spanish King and Queen are beginning an oficial visit to the country. Considering that Algeria is now the most important exporter of gas to Spain with a total amount of 451 million of € in 2006, you can try and see the problem by yourself… The total modification of Algerian gas prices would amount to 150 million €.

[There is another interesting news regarding Medgaz the firm which is going to build the megapipeline to unite Algeria and Spain: Gas Natural is going to enter the firm with a total share of 12%, the same amount as Endesa, the firm which Gas Natural want to buy with all the support from Spanish Government. Is this a way to pay Gas Natural the failure of Endesa’s public acquisition offer?]

Barcepundit considers the political opposition should do something in this matter. Yes, I also think so…

If you understand Spanish you can read: the tragedy of the Western Sahara, where they describe the wall built by Morocco to isolate it from the rest. I honestly did not know there was a wall… Morocco has put mines in their land and have bombed them with US bombs in Moroccan French Mirages…

On May, 25th 2005, the President of the Polisario Front Mohammed Abdelaziz declared, after Spain did not vote in UN Security Council and the vote was favorable to Morocco, that “Spain should do more, much more” and added that the Saharauis “were not going to wait for Morocco” and menaced with a new war. Since 1991, there is a truce between Morocco and Polisario.

But, there could be a much important danger now. Saharauis have not been Jihadis or Islamic radicals, but that does not mean that they have not been tempted. Western countries such as France and US have been traditional allies of Morocco. Spain, which traditionally was neutral -something wrong from my point of view, we should have supported Sahararuis- now also backs Morocco. If they consider that the problem is the support of the Western countries to an undemocratic and abusive state, the triumph of the Islamist-Jihadi will be complete. All of these things (and mainly the abuses to Human Rights) should be considered by Spain, now after Al-Qaeda is openly targeting us again

But Spanish position is even more stupid in this case, as we have been selling weapons to Morocco, specially since Zapatero was elected. A very curious thing to do, considering he defined himself as a pacifist… More about the weapons that recently Spain has sold Morocco here.

La Coctelera also has written about the Algerian decision.

Forum Libertas asks what are our objectives in foreign policy if we have made fun of Bush, insulted Merkel and now abandon the Polisario. Hmm, it’s a rather difficult question… I could not wonder.

Other related news:

You can also read Western Sahara, to see what the Saharuis think today of Spanish Government & Co.

[Hmmm, I wonder, what has Mohammed, apart from personal allure to convince our Government to do this? I do not like to wonder farther than facts, but this is a very curious position. And I cannot feel uneasiness…. Yes, it is only MY personal considerations. I do not have facts, do not have proofs…. ]

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An study from the prestigious Spanish think-tank Real Instituto Elcano confirms that (HT: Crónicas Bárbaras).I am going to post a summary of it translated into English, that I think covers the main aspects of the report. A report that confirms that running for danger is the WORST of all solutions. In fact Spain is now much more vulnerable to Jihadi terrorism that was three years ago.

[NOTE: Both the underlining and the bold letters are mine and also the structure of some paragraphs. My comments in blue].

There are two main reasons to suspect another major Jihadi terrorist attack in Spain in a near future.

First, on July 2006, Ayman Al Zawahiri stated, when defining Jihad, that “it has as objective, the liberation of Palestine and all the territory that was Muslim once, from Al-Andalus to Iraq“. This aggressive and atemporal statement can be considered as Al-Qaeda considering Spain as a preferential target (hmm, that’s right, ehhh? And what is the reason now? Iraq again?).

Just some days ago, on February 2007, Al-Zawahiri stated again: “I pray to Allah that he will give you strength in your feet to be strong enough to obey him and victory and glory, so as to free the Islamic Maghreb and you [could] raise the Jihadi flag to be victorious on that land and that Allah will grant you the favour of walking with your pure feet the stolen ground of Al-Andalus” (remember there were people living in Spain and Portugal BEFORE Islamic religion was even created??, just in case…)

These statements position Spain as a main target and also can be considered as the instigation or even that Al-Qaeda is easing the terrorist attacks in Spain. The reasons for this are several:

  1. these have to be combined with other hostility statements again Spain, such as the one made on Dec 2006 against the “Spanish occupation of Ceuta and Melilla” in a message shown by Al-Jazeera TV.
  2. there are also global menaces to some other Western countries, and among them Spain, for example, to the Spanish troops in Lebanon and Afghanistan.
  3. the idea of violently re-conquer Al-Andalus is in the ideology of the North-African Jihadi-terror nets and specially in the Algerian Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat’s one. Recently, this group has mergered into Al-Qaeda, re-naming itself as “AlQaeda’s Organization for theIslamic Maghreb”. This is good for both organizations: Al-Qaeda has away to introduce into Europe and specially Spain, while SGPC has a cover for their operations.

This situation is worsened because of the rate of North-African jihadis in Spanish prisons. A 79% of the people who entered in Spanish penitentiary institutions between 2001 and 2006 as suspected of belonging to Jihadi Salafism were from North Africa. In fact, 77.77% come from Maghreb: 39,7% from Morocco y 31.4% from Algeria.

Consequences in terms of national security:

  1. there is continuity of the possibility of suffering new terrorist attacks that can have grave consequences for the constitutional stability and the cohesion of an open society.
  2. they can affect severely to critical infrastructure or main strategical interests.
  3. the way to carry out the attacks can change in a drastic manner. In fact there is much more probable a suicide attack today than was 3 years ago(I wonder why…).

¿Cuál es la amenaza que el terrorismo yihadista supone actualmente para España? (ARI)

En julio del pasado año, Ayman al Zawahiri, preeminente subalterno de Osama bin Laden desde hace más de una década, emitió un comunicado en el que, al precisar el sentido de lo quedenomina “yihad por la senda de Alá”, añadió literalmente: “una yihad cuyo objetivo es liberar Palestina, toda Palestina, y todo territorio que fue musulmán, desde al-Andalus hasta Irak”. Además de intentar por enésima vez entrometerse en la cuestiónpalestina y de enfatizar la centralidad que para al-Qaeda tiene lacontienda iraquí, sus palabras implican una declaración agresiva e intemporal de España como blanco preferente, en la medida en que la práctica totalidad de su suelo ha de ser recuperado, como parte sustancial de un imaginario nuevo califato que unifique al mundo islámico, mediante actividades de guerra santa. Además, en ese mismo comunicado sostiene que los musulmanes son “hijos” de, entre otros, Yusuf Bin Tashfin, emir almorávide que aglutinó los reinos de taifas peninsulares para incorporarlos a su dominio norteafricano y en 1086 combatió victoriosamente a las tropas deAlfonso VI de Castilla.

Mucho más recientemente, en febrero de 2007,casi a un mes de cumplirse el tercer aniversario de los atentados deMadrid, Ayman Al Zawahiri reiteraba esa fijación suya con al-Andalusque implica la demarcación del territorio español como parte de los objetivos últimos de la yihad neosalafista global y señaliza a España como blanco. En esta ocasión lo hizo tras una referencia a la evolución de los grupos y organizaciones yihadistas en el espacio del Magreb, mostrar su respaldo a los “leones” que batallan en esos denominados márgenes occidentales del islam y añadir exactamente esto: “pido a Alá que os conceda que mantengáis vuestros pies firmes para obedecerle y que os conceda su ayuda y su victoria, y así liberéis elMagreb islámico e icéis el estandarte de la yihad para que ondee victorioso sobre su tierra, y que Alá os conceda el favor de pisar pronto con vuestros pies puros sobre el usurpado al-Andalus”. Aquí se indica cuál continuará siendo el principal foco de la amenaza que el terrorismo internacional supone para ciudadanos e intereses españoles, tanto dentro como fuera de nuestras fronteras, además de que posiblemente se esté instando a no demorar en exceso la comisión de atentados en suelo peninsular.

[…] Esas alusiones, que se corresponden con una señalización de blanco y la instigación o incluso posible facilitación de atentados terroristas contra España, adquieren particular significación en la actualidad por tres razones.

  • En primer lugar, porque se combinan con otras muestras específicas de hostilidad hacia nuestro país, como la que el propio Ayman al Zawahiri hizo en diciembre de 2006 sobre la “ocupación española de Ceuta y Melilla” en un mensaje emitido por el canal de televisión al-Yazira.
  • […]En segundo lugar, los señalamientos de España como blanco del terrorismo yihadista a través de las alusiones a al-Andalus tienen un especial significado porque se combinan con una serie de amenazas genéricas igualmente proferidas por los líderes del terrorismo global y que incumben a nuestro país.Como cuando al-Qaeda amenaza a los países con tropas desplegadas en Afganistán o Líbano, donde hay destacados centenares de soldadose spañoles.
  • En tercer lugar, porque la idea de recuperar violentamente al-Andalus ha permeado ya el discurso de las redes norteafricanas del terrorismo yihadista y, en concreto,del Grupo Salafista para la Predicación y el Combate (GSPC), de origen argelino, que cambió recientemente de nombre para adoptar el que corresponde a una extensión regional magrebí de al-Qaeda. En un comunicado fechado el 9 de enero de 2007, a poco de anunciar elcambio en su denominación, el GSPC se pronunciaba así: “abrazamos la yihad para cumplir con un precepto divino ineludible que se nos impuso desde la caída de al-Andalus y la venta de Palestina, y desde que se nos dividieron las fronteras que inventaron los invasores”. Apenas una semana antes, su máximo dirigente se había dirigido solemnemente a los musulmanes argelinos también como “nietos de Tarek ben Ziyad” e “hijosde Yusuf bin Tashfin”.

[…] [La situación resulta agravada porque] un 79% de cuantos individuos han ingresado en centros penitenciarios españoles entre 2001 y 2006 como sospechosos de estar implicados en actividades de terrorismo yihadista proceden del norte de África, perohasta un 77,7% lo hacen del Magreb. En concreto, el 39,7% ha nacido enMarruecos y un 31,4% es originario de Argelia. Pese a que el número de inmigrantes marroquíes en España es más de 10 veces superior al de argelinos, la sobrerrepresentación de estos últimos está relacionada con los casi tres lustros de trayectoria que el terrorismo islamista tiene en el país del que proceden y la difusión de su urdimbre en la otra orilla del Mediterráneo.
Así,no resultará extraño que las organizaciones terroristas relacionadas con al-Qaeda que han venido constituyendo un especial motivo de preocupación para la seguridad interior en España sean, precisamente,el Grupo Islámico Combatiente Marroquí (GICM) y el Grupo Salafista para la Predicación y el Combate (GSPC).
[…] Y es que el GSPC ha culminado recientemente su proceso de internacionalización, pasando de ser una entidad afiliada con al-Qaeda a fusionarse con dicha estructura terrorista para convertirse en una extensión regional de la misma e incluso cambiar de nombre y denominarse ahora, con el beneplácito expreso de Osama bin Laden, Organización de Al-Qaedaen el Magreb Islámico.
Es un arreglo de mutua conveniencia con implicaciones para la evolución del terrorismo global tanto en el Magreb como al sur, este y norte de ese ámbito. El GSPC adquiere una cobertura que seguramente favorecerá su acceso a recursos económicos y humanos,compensando así la relativa debilidad en que se encontraba tras numerosas operaciones contraterroristas desarrolladas durante losúltimos años en el norte de África y en Europa occidental. Por suparte, al-Qaeda dispone por fin de una plataforma para introducirse en el Magreb y en el Sahel, así como posiblemente una mayor ascendencia sobre redes argelinas introducidas en algunas naciones europeas, incluida España.

[…]Al incremento de la amenaza terrorista para nuestro país que se derivaría del redimensionamiento de las redes magrebíes insertas en la yihad neosalafista global hay que añadir algunos otros elementos de creciente preocupación.Por ejemplo, el que nos remite a individuos ligados a organizaciones paquistaníes afiliadas con al-Qaeda y que se han introducido en comunidades inmigrantes de su misma procedencia asentadas en España, especialmente en Cataluña.

Implicaciones de seguridad nacional
Elcreciente señalamiento de España como blanco por parte de al-Qaeda y elconcomitante redimensionamiento de las redes norteafricanasincorporadas a esa estructura terrorista, unidos a otros peligros enevolución con los que ambos se relacionan, tienen implicaciones en términos de seguridad nacional.
  • Por una parte, debido a la continuada posibilidad de que se perpetren nuevos atentados susceptibles deincidir gravemente sobre el orden constitucional o la cohesiónde una sociedad abierta que, por cierto, es crecientemente plural precisamente como consecuencia de la inmigración y en especial de la que procede de sociedades mayoritariamente musulmanas, a las cuales tienen por su población de referencia los actores del terrorismoyihadista.
  • Por otra, debido a que esos posibles actos de terrorismo internacional pueden afectar muy seriamente infraestructuras críticas o intereses estratégicos fundamentales para nuestro país.
  • Finalmente,debido a que el estilo de los atentados que traten de ser cometidos contra instituciones o ciudadanos españoles, dentro o fuera de lasfronteras nacionales, podría registrar algunas alteraciones respecto los procedimientos y modalidades hasta ahora considerados como más probables. (En concreto) […] resulta actualmente más verosímil de cuanto lo era hace dos o tres años que un nuevo acto de terrorismo internacional en España adopte la modalidad del atentado suicida.No sólo porque se acomoda a las preferencias operativas del directoriode al-Qaeda, sino también porque el GSPC ha justificado explícitamente ese tipo de actos desde febrero de 2005 y nada impide que individuos reclutados en nuestro país para llevar a cabo misiones suicidas en Irak o en otros lugares puedan cometer atentados así pero en territorio español.

Conclusiones: España es hoy más blanco de al-Qaeda que antes de los atentados del 11 demarzo de 2004 en Madrid. Incluso es probable que nuestro país sea ahoramás blanco del terrorismo internacional que nunca antes y, por lanaturaleza de los indicadores que lo ponen de manifiesto, en modoalguno se trata de una situación pasajera. Que Ayman alZawahiri insista en la violenta recuperación de al-Andalus como parte de un nuevo califato panislámico, consiguiendo que su discurso impregne la narrativa de los grupos y organizaciones norteafricanos relacionadoscon aquella estructura terrorista equivale a convertirnos en blanco permanente de los actores individuales y colectivos que forman lasredes multinacionales del movimiento de la yihad neosalafista global ensu conjunto. Esto, en sí mismo, obliga a repensar la amenaza que el terrorismo internacional supone en la actualidad para nuestro país y que conlleva señalizaciones más precisas, como las relacionadas con la presencia de soldados españoles en territorios musulmanes o la demarcación de Ceuta y Melilla como zona de conflicto.

Os dieron a elegir entre la guerra y el deshonor.
Habeis escogido el deshonor y tendreis la guerra.
Winston Churchill.

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Three years

In memoriam of the 192 victims of March 11th terrorist attacks in Madrid (full list of victims by Barcepundit), the best thing to do is to denounce the campaign of blaming the victims of anything possible if they are not of the same ideas as the Government. Just read this article by Robert Latona.

The King and Queen of Spain have opened the monument to remember the victims (LD, El Mundo -with video-, ABC.es).

You can read: Le Figaro (Fr).

Also remembering the victims Civitatensis, 1972 (who also writes about yesterday’s demonstration), Il cielo sopra Kabul, Gabbiano Urliante. Also in República de Guadalmecín, Foro Liberal, Estamos hartos de ZP,

About the polemic of the preconstitutional  flags: looks like the dependent from PSOE diary of the morning has included a photo that was taken the last Feb. 3rd when another demonstration took place… In fact it was published before the yesterday’s demosntration in the blog of one PSOE’s supporter. (NT: Caballero ZP). 

Y ahora un chiste:

Soluciones del PSOE para los etarras:

para Lasa y Zabala, cal.

Y para De Juana, cal-dito.

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blonde sagacity: Woman Sues Abortionists for Child Support

Jennifer Raper gave birth to a baby girl in December of 2004. She thought she had successfully aborted that daughter in April of that same year for “financial reasons”. She is now suing two doctors at Planned Parenthood for “child-rearing costs”.

“Dr. Allison Bryant, a physician working for Planned Parenthood at the time, performed the procedure on April 9, 2004, but it ”was not done properly, causing the plaintiff to remain pregnant,” according to the complaint. Raper alleges in the suit that Planned Parenthood and Bryant were negligent for failing to end her pregnancy and that Eleonu was negligent for failing to see she was still pregnant.

Woman pleads guilty to using baby to hit boyfriend – World – smh.com.au

A woman in the US has pleaded guilty to swinging her four-week-old son like a bat to hit her boyfriend, fracturing the infant’s skull. Chytoria Graham, 27, of Erie, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child in a plea agreement with prosecutors. The charge carries a minimum sentence of five years in prison because the child was under the age of 12. The charges stem from an October 8 incident in which Graham returned from a night of drinking and began arguing with her boyfriend, Deangelo Troop, authorities said. The argument progressed to shoving and, as the infant, Jarron, lay in bed wrapped in a blanket, Graham grabbed him by the feet and swung him at Troop.(More here and here)

In Spain a gypsy has been condemned on charge of minor abuse, because he, being 19-years-old, has married a [presumably] 11-year-old. He said that he does not know her age, because she is not in any registry.

The wedding has been planned by the families. In Spain, any sexual relation with a girl before she is 13, is considered as unconsented abuse. He won’t go to prison, because he does not have criminal record.

Spanish Civil Code does not allow marriages between people younger than 13-years-old.

Eye On The World: Muslim Religious Teacher Sentenced For Raping His Six Daughters

SINGAPORE – Three Muslim mothers who persuaded their daughters to have sex with their father wept in a Singapore court when the rape victims pleaded for leniency for the women, news reports said on Thursday.

The three “wives” are charged with abetting the 46-year-old businessman and religious teacher in committing incest between December 2003 and June 2005.

Letters written by the daughters were read out in district court on Wednesday, The Straits Times reported. The three mothers pleaded guilty and will be sentenced on March 21. The father is serving a 32-year jail sentence with 24 strokes of the cane for raping his young daughters.


Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Lee said the husband told his multiple wives and scores of children that according to the Quran, a father “owned” his children and this extended to having sex with his daughters, the report said.

Amazing… I do  not have words…


Noticias (si no fueran trágicas, hasta darían risa):

  1. mujer demanda al médico abortista porque, no practicó bien el aborto. Resulta que le dijeron que el bebé tenía malformaciones y abortó. Pero el aborto salió mal y tuvo una niña SIN malformaciones que ha sobrevivido, aunque con alguna lesión a causa del aborto. Pregunta: ¿por qué no habrá dado en adopción a esa niña? Pienso en el bebé y me preguntó: ¿cómo le dirá que cobró dinero porque ella había vivido?
  2. mujer pega a su novio cuando volvía borracha y mientras discutían con el hijo de ambos de 4 años. Traduzco: “El niño estaba en la cuna arropado y ella lo cogió por los pies y le dio pegó al  novio como si fuera un bate“. ¿Resultado? El niño se fracturó el cráneo y sufrió hemorragia cerebral leve.

En fin, algo va mú mal.

Condenado un joven gitano por casarse con una menor | El Periódico de Catalunya | Lleida

Un joven de 19 años de etnia gitana de Lleida aceptó ayer una condena de 21 meses de prisión por haber mantenido relaciones sexuales con una menor de 13 años, con la que está casado por el rito gitano desde el pasado año. La Fiscalía de la Audiencia leridana solicitaba una pena de cuatro años de cárcel para el acusado, al que imputaba un presunto delito de abusos, pero finalmente rebajó la petición, al comprobar que el joven desconocía que estaba incumpliendo la ley.

El acusado, A. P. H., y su esposa, que al contraer matrimonio tenía 11 años, se casaron el año pasado por acuerdo de sus familias. La boda, según la tradición gitana, la habían pactado previamente los padres, a pesar de que el Código Civil español prohíbe casarse a los menores de 13 años. Los usos gitanos contemplan como normal que las chicas contraigan matrimonio a edad muy temprana si ya menstrúan.

Singapur: profesor de religión musulmana viola a 5 de sus 6 hijas (y tenía 3 mujeres, para que luego digan que la solución a la pederastia es que la gente se case…). Convenció a sus 3 mujeres diciéndoles que el Corán mandaba que las hijas pertenecieran a los padres y que, por tanto, también les pertenecen en el terreno sexual. El padre está cumpliendo una condena de 32 años de cárcel y las tres madres se han declarado culpables y están a la espera de la sentencia firme.

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bandera de luto

As Foro de Ermua has told us to do, till Justice is made in Spain.

I do not have time now, but I will post about new developments later.

Thanks to Desde el Exilio and La resistencia a ETA.

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From CNN:

The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Saturday to slap North Korea with trade, travel and other sanctions as punishment for its claimed nuclear weapons test.
President Bush described the U.N. action as a “swift and tough” message that the world is “united in our determination to see to it that the Korean Peninsula is nuclear-weapons free.”
He said North Korea has an opportunity for “a better way forward” and promised help to the impoverished country if it verifiably ends its nuclear weapons program.
North Korean Ambassador to the United Nations Pak Gil Yon said Pyongyang “totally rejects the unjustifiable resolution,” calling it “coercive … while neglecting the nuclear threat” he said was posed by the United States against his country.
After the 15-0 vote for Resolution 1718, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said it sent a “clear and strong message” to North Korea, whose claimed nuclear test on Monday poses “one of the gravest threats to peace and security” the council has ever confronted.
Bolton said the resolution calls on Pyongyang to end all nuclear weapons programs. It forbids U.N. member nations from North Korean trade involving nuclear and weapons of mass destruction. North Korean government officials known to be involved in WMD efforts are banned from traveling to member states. It also includes a North Korean ban on “luxury goods.”
If confirmed, it would be the first nuclear weapons test since Pakistan’s underground blast in 1998. The claim has renewed fears of a regional arms race and that North Korea might aid terrorists with nuclear materials or technology.

And why the luxury goods?

The luxury goods mentioned in the sanctions is directed at North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, who has a long, documented record of living a life of luxury while his people wasted away in famine. On Friday Bolton said, “The North Korean population’s been losing average height and weight over the years, and maybe this will be a little diet for Kim Jong Il.”

The NKorean Ambassador left quite angry BEFORE the vote. In this video we can see US Ambassador to UN, John Bolton, speaking about this and be questioned about the actions USA was going to take if NKorea test a second nuclear device:

Video found at Atlas Shrugs. Go and read her post. It’s really important.
Flopping Aces has the video in which NKorean representative says that this new resolution is gangster-like


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