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I have been blogging today with the Updated version ( of Flock. I will review it when I have some free time. But the worst thing I ‘m seeing is that it does not let you modify the colors, and does not have a trackback option.

The rest of the things are more than reasonable.

The RSS service is also much better than the one it had before this update.

In the Flock page they are announcing the first beta of this browser based in Mozilla.

For the people who like better Performancing, there is the possibility of using Flock’d to transform every extension made for Firefox into a Flock extension. It functions perfectly.

UPDATE: There are other other two not very agreeable things related with the “edit published post”.

  • It only lets you edit directly the posts that had been posted with Flock.If it has not been posted with Flock you must copy the entire post again, then choose, in the dialog window to choose categories and technorati tags, edit post. The other blog editors that I know, let you modify all past blog posts (Qumana, Blogdesk, Bloggar) or only the last ones (Performancing) but with no selection on whether you have posted those posts with Flock or with other blog client. I must add that, with the previous Flock, this feature was not present at all, you were unable to edit ANY blog post.
  • There is no underline button, you have to do it modifying the source code.
  • When you edit a post, the technorati tags are missed. You have to write them again. This is not very useful. And the system does not let you enter for example “Blogging client” as a technorati tag, but “blogging” and “client” separatedly.

Anyway, I like that the blog editor appears in a different window than that of the browser and the source tab, for modifying the source code. I’ve been unable to modify the colors though.

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Hello world!

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