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Martha Colmenares quoted in her blog US Subsecretary of State, Mr Burns, saying that “Iran is the first world bank of international terrorism” and that it is possible that “South-America is one of the places chosen by Al-Qaeda terrorists to place their terrorist activities“.

Today I was reading Fausta’s blog and one of the preferred places is … Venezuela:

The group, the Saudi arm of Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network, claimed responsibility for a thwarted February 2006 suicide attack on the world’s largest oil processing facility at Abqaiq in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province. The group also is believed responsible for other attacks against the Saudi energy sector.

Last week’s message is contained in Sawt al-Jihad (Voice of Jihad), the group’s online magazine. A feature article, titled “Bin Laden’s Oil Weapon,” encourages al-Qaeda operatives to continue to follow directives from Mr. bin Laden to strike oil targets not only in Saudi Arabia, but elsewhere, according to a translation by the SITE Institute, a non-profit U.S. group that monitors terrorist websites.

Three western countries are singled out in the call-to-arms — Canada first, followed by Mexico and Venezuela. Would-be attackers are instructed to target oilfields, pipelines, loading platforms and carriers.

As Fausta says, Al-Qaeda’s terrorists are not very moved by the Bolivarian revolution.

(Read Fausta’s link: shortage of doctors, mid-class people fleeing from Venezuela, drug trafficking… A very interesting summary of the real portrait of Venezuela today).

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July, 1994. A bomb explodes in Buenos Aires and 85 are killed and 151 hurt. Objetive: Jewish-Argentine Mutual Association (AMIA) community. Result: the 7-floor building is totally destroyed.
Now, the prosecutor of the case has asked for the international capture of the ex-president of Iran, Alí, Akbar Hashemi Rasfanjani and other 8 Iranians, The list also includes Alí Akbar Velayati, Iranian FM; Alí Fallahijan, Minister of Information and Security; Mohsen Rezai, ex-security chief of the Revolutionary Guard, Imad Fayed Moughnieh, ex-security Chief of the Security service of Hizbullah; Ahmad Vahidi, ex-leader of Quds Forces; and Moshen Rabbani and ahmed Reza Ashgari, both civil servants from Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires -diplomats-.
In the report it is said: “It was a decision taken by the highest authorities of Iran, who gave the job to the terrorist group Hizbullah.
His report has been considered as very good and to the point, and as a result, it’s been considered that Argentina should “denounce this situation in all international forums and specially should be asking for sanctions in UN”.
Of course, Iran has denied the charges, considering it a …, yeah you guessed it, a Zionist plot.

Mr Hoseyni [Iranian FM spokesman]said the charges were intended to divert “world attention from the perpetration of crimes by the Zionists against women and children in Palestine”.

The Center Simon Wiesenthal has issued a statement asking also for international orders against these same leaders.

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Tomorrow will be held on EU Parliament a session to the ZP’s dialogue with ETA terrorists.

Today ETA has robbed 350 pistols, ammunitions for them and other weapons in France after kidnapping the owner, his wife, theVista de la nave de la empresa Sidam donde se produjo el robo de armas. (Foto: EFE)ir son, their daughter in law and their grandson, a child aged 9 years of the factory where they were made (right, the factory), after telling the Government they were not going to get more weapons. PP has said that this is a political statement. In my view, it’s just the proof that they are just using the peace process to get weapons and prepare themselves to kill again, as in the past truces, even if the Basque Socialist Patxi [his name is plainly Francisco López, as you see very Spanish, but he has basquenated it to achieve more sympathies between independentists] considers that “we should admit some of the reasons of the other part“, the other part, being ETA -thanks to El Cerrajero-.

Spanish leftist media even said Catholic Church supported the ETA-Government talks. But this morning, the Madrid’s diocese delegate for the relationship with MSM, Manuel Bru, has declared (tip: El Cerrajero) that “they are attributing a real support of Benedict XVIth to the peace process that is entirely false”. He also added that the Church’s position has not changed since the Pastoral Instruction of 2002, in which it was rejected that ETA, “a terrorist organization incompatible with Catholic doctrine” could be considered as a valid part in the negotiations.

But Spanish Justice has acted well: Otegi, the leader of Batasuna, the ETA’s illegal political party, and the rest of the leadership (other 40 people) are going to be charged with the crime of belonging to terrorist organisation ETA. In the judicial resolution there are sufficient connections between herriko tabernas (sort of bars/pubs where they make money for the band, by i.e. receiving the “revolutionary tax“, that is the quantities people and firms are obliged to pay ETA to maintain it) and the terrorist thugs.

Lastly, as Spanish citizen, I have to thank Chilean Parliament and Government for their support for the autodetermination, that is, independence of the Basque Country (thanks to Espiando a mi vecina). Only Aznar asked for explanations, but Chilean Senator and Demochristian Adolfo Zaldívar, said “What Aznar or any other people thinks just does not matter to us at all. We are interested in this, and what moves us to support this democratic decision of sovereignty from the basqeu Country, is our aim to support any just process in any place and much more in the Basque Land“. Well, I would like this Christian to tell that to the victims who had been killed, to the people maimed, etc. Spanish people should take this into account for future relations with the South American country.

Bachelet, Socialist, who even promised Venezuelan President Chávez, to vote for him at UN -later she quarrelled with red gorilla because of the latter’s insults and did not vote for him-, makes another move in support of the revolutionary.

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El Rincón de la Libertad:

Last Saturday the Leganés’ Town Hall, of which the Socialists are in charge, made with United Left, a act of support to 5 Cubans who are in prison in the USA for spying and organising acts of sabotage against military instalations in south Florida. This 5 also wanted to be admitted in the Cuban dissidence in exile, and had, as had been proved in the processes, a high responsibility in the knocking down of a plane from “Brothers to the Rescue”, which were flying in search of Cuban dissidents to rescue them from the waters.

Cuba democracia y vida has more. The event was presented by Spanish actor (another titiritero, word which describes normally an errant minstrel of the Middle Ages, but now it’s used pejoratively to describe the actors of the anti-Iraqi campaign and pro-PSOE/United Left ideology) Juan Diego Botto.

Para los lectores españoles: ¿a qué les suena esta viñeta?

Bien, pues forme parte del cartel del acto en el que se pidió la liberación de los espías del régimen castrista cubano…. Si es que además tienen poca imaginación 😉

Vídeo buenísimo sobre Cuba y cómo la ha dejado Castro -la música también lo es-, que deberían haber puesto en el festival a ver si dejaban de decir estupideces (ht El Café Cubano):


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Venezuela is running for a UN Security Council, after defeating Guatemala in Monday’s elections for five open UN Security Council seats.

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, up for reelection in December, has campaigned hard for the seat in 2007-2008, sending assistance to Latin American countries as well as contributing to food aid in Africa.

And Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro left no doubt during a visit to the United Nations last month his government sees the race as one against the United States.

“Our debate is not with Guatemala,”‘ Maduro told reporters. “Our debate is with Secretary of State of Condoleezza Rice. We are calling for an end to the unipolar world that has been so damaging.”

According to a report of Forecast International (link in Spanish), consulting firm of the militar industry and global intelligence, the self-named “revitalization plan” of the three components of FAN (Venezuelan National Force in Spanish), could cost around $30,700 millions during the period 2006-2012. The cost can double itself if it continues till 2020 and Chávez is still on power, according to a study by Brazilian newspaper O Estado. This way Venezuela would lead the list of countries buying weapons in this decade. smile_sad

Among all the equipment, Chávez is searching for, there are 150 supersonic airplanes, between 10/15 missile-launchers’s submarines, 138 ships, radar defense systems and around 600.000 bombs, both commons and intelligent, guided by lasers and GPS.

The Venezuelan Government has already spent $3.000 millions as part of this revitalization plan, for the acquisition of, among other equipment, war-airplanes Sukoi, 100.000 Russian rifles AK-103 and AK-104 and a tridimensional radar system of Chinese fabrication, which cost $150 millions.

Chávez has defended in his program “Aló Presidente” (Hello, President) of last week, this plan to revitalize the Venezuelan Army, saying that the program is basically defensive and that is just a consequence of their sovereignty, because of the “possible” invasion of the country by USA.

Opposition candidate, Rosales, has remarked that this could be a foolish act, taking into account the levels of unemployment and poverty nowadays Venezuela has. 

There are also experts who point out that Venezuelan purchases of weapons are far greater than the ones made by Colombia, Brazil or Chile, what can lead to a arm race in the region.

So where is the love?

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Here is his “message of love to the people of my Venezuela“. I do not know if this is to cry or to laugh…

This, for English-speaking readers, is what Chavez says in the video:

Always, I have done everything out of love.
For the love of trees and rivers, I became a painter (a painter? what? canvas or brick walls? did he exhibit somewhere?)
For the love of knowledge, studies, I left my dearest village, to study
For the love of sports I became a ball player
For the love of the fatherland I became a soldier
For the love of the people I became President, you made me President (who comes up with these lines? Besides, note the capital P in President which in Spanish is not required and which is a way to increase the symbolism of the job)
I have ruled these years out of love (Please!)
For love we did Barrio Adentro
For love we did Mision Robinson
For love we did Mercal
We have done everything for love (note that these 4 last lines are grouped together and represent the only three social programs that have found wide acceptance and some measure of real success even if the efficacy and real reach is more and more questioned)
There is a lot left to do. I need more time. (observe two important implications, Chavez implicitly acknowledges that this is all he has to show for, and that whomever wrote this should be fired: justifying 8 years on three “achievements” is rather lame, actually demeaning for the reader that is able of second thought process)

Found at Fausta’s blog, translated by Daniel from Venezuela News and Views. He remarks probably is a measure to encourage females’ votes, because in his rallies there are not a lot of women…

Trackbacked to The Dumb Ox and Basil’s Blog.

Para los que entiendan español: simplemente presionen el play… No sé si reír o llorar… Según algunos esto puede ser una estrategia para hacer que las mujeres le voten 😦

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From BBC (HT: NoisyRoom.Net):

Tens of thousands of people have marched through the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, in support of the main opposition candidate, Manuel Rosales.

Mr Rosales will face President Hugo Chavez in December’s presidential poll.

The march, which filled the main avenues of the city centre, was the biggest opposition rally Venezuela has seen since early 2004.

Remember Chávez accused Rosales of trying to kill him some weeks ago, before accusing Bush of trying to do the same.

Venezuelan journalist Martha Colmenares has some more photos about this demonstration:


avpar4.jpg Impressive, eh?

Big Pharaoh is very happy at these news. Me too.

This week Chávez has also been accused of fanning the flames of anti-Semitism and his relation with air-death squads has been uncovered (HT: Publius Pundit). Not a very good week for Chávez.

UPDATE: Chávez will oblige the Venezuelan senators to learn Marx theories in the Experimental University of the Armed Forces (HT: Batiburrillo).

Also blogging about this: Morning Coffee. Also Right Truth, Jihadi du Jour, Red Hot Chuppa politics. Free Thoughts.
En español:

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