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The negotiation of Spanish Government with ETA has only been taken away of the first line of Spanish news by another topic: illegal immigration. There are a lot of stereotypes about immigration: “immigrants come because of misery, because of hunger, because of the wars in their countries of origins...”

Without denying that these can be some of the problems, there are some causes who are not been quietly examined: for example, First World is sending every year money to these countries. But -at least- citizens in the so-called First World do not know really where this money is going. There is no control over this funds. Are the hospitals/schools/etc. been built? Is really the help for culture, women development, doctors, etc. reaching these places? Well, Spanish politicians are not very worried about this particular matter, but are insisting on the mentioned topics.

But if this is particularly appalling, the stories of illegal immigrants being transported over Spain, without any knowledge of the authorities of the place where are taken are just shameful. Because these illegal immigrants are just thrown into unknown cities, without any knowledge of the language, without perspectives of a legal job, because they are illegal and without any health control. As a result, medical authorities are beginning to find some diseases who had been declared eradicated from Europe some time ago: smallpox, scarlet fever, scabies and even some varieties of hepatitis, who can be transmitted by drinking from the same glass, as they are not destroyed by the traditional means of washing with detergents.

El Confidencial Digital described the arrival of a group of 22 immigrants to the Galician City of Lugo:

August 22, 20:00. Bus station ofLugo. A furtive arrival of 22 immigrants of Lord knows where.

At that hour, people are waiting in the bus station and they see how a bus enters the station at great speed. Quickly 22 immigrants descend from it. The driver encourages one of them, who looks like their leader, to disperse as soon as possible, without forming a group. Then the bus goes at high speed again and disappears.

Some of the immigrants change their shirt in the surroundings. Some others waive at each other as a goodbye and go alone through the streets of the city.

A neighbour speaks with a worker about the scene: “Looks like today Lugo has more inhabitants”. And the worker answers: “Nowadays they are peaceful, but there has been more “arrivals” with Africans. You can see that this is not happening in Barcelona or Bilbao”-

Their lives are been endangered by some politicians who have no scruples to lie. Mr. José Blanco, commonly known as Pepiño, Secretary of Organization of Socialist Party, has said that “with Socialists, immigration is legal and organized“.

Now, they are coming from Pakistan to Canary Islands. Just as a note: Pakistan is between India and Afghanistan. Spanish Government is trying to repatriate them. But this is the third ship since August that brings “Asiatic” immigrants to Spain. Senegalese Police and Antiterrorist Forces are investigating nearly fifty Islamists in Dakar, its capital, accused of being linked with Islamic terrorism. And this is the other reason of why we should worry of the lack of control in the immigration flaws: since some time ago, Intelligence forces are worried about the presence of Al-Qaeda in Africa.

The immigrants vision is somewhat troubled, by propaganda. Moroccan immigrants think they are going to be given the legal papers three years after they arrive, by the King. “This is the law in Spain, that is what the King wants“, says Mohammed, an illegal immigrant from Morocco, to an Italian journalist covering the problems of the illegal immigrants in Canary Islands. Of course, the notion of a democratic Government -even one as wrong as Socialist Government is now- does not cross his mind: “Spain is a Monarchy as Morocco, where a Monarch administers as he wants the happiness and the sufferings of his subjects“.

But the best is how he sees Europe: “France is a racist country. Italy, on the contrary is ideal. If you work without bothering, Police just leaves you alone. In Spain, by contrast, if you are detained, you are thrown into jail“. If you ask why this kind of accusations for France -not forgetting last November riots in France-, there are another news regarding this: France has accused Spain of creating a “calling effect” for immigrants. Sarkozy declared in French Public TV Channel, France 2: “This calling effect is the cause of the incapacity to control the secret immigration nets. Just watch what is happening in the Canary Islands”.

The problems in Canary Islands are growing each day: there are 300 “illegal immigrants” by each policeman –there are nearly 8.000 illegal immigrants only in Canary Islands of which nearly 4.000 are from Senegal-, so if there is a violent “incident”, they can be unable to contain the “illegals”. If they see Civil Servants from Senegal working with Spanish police they sing “Spain, Spain, Spain” and “Repatriation to Senegal, no“. Senegalese Civil Servants are beginning to feel panic also. They are collaborating after Spain has paid Senegal 8 million of euros: they were even blocking the operative to control the “cayucos”, but now, with the money in their pockets detentions have begun … by Spanish Policemen in Senegal. A difficult job in a country where the new “aristocracy” is formed by the families of the immigrants who have reached Spanish soil. There are even parents encouraging their sons to make the trip.

Vicepresident De La Vega says the Government “working without resting“, shouting and very altered at Parliament. Looks like she is working a lot and suffering from a lot of stress. But I do really not know if the Government as a whole is working to control and diminish immigration or just for the contrary. Because the massive regularization and expressions like “immigrants do not read the State Official Bulletin” -where the laws are published-, said by the Ministers of Labour and Social Matters, Mr Caldera, are just some of the examples we can point out of the disastrous policy of the Government.

It is not very striking then that some of the related Ministers are eluding the “invitations” to speak about the problem at Parliament. It is not the public opinion, it is not the work of the opposition, it is not the reality what they are fearing. El Pais, the newspaper from Prisa holding, the supporter of the Government, has criticized it about the chaos of the immigration. For a moment I thought they were ashamed. No, they are just fearing the unemployment row.

One last remark: according to a poll, Britain is a worse today than 20 years ago. Can you imagine why? One of the causes is immigration: 430,000 Eastern Europeans in two years –Conservative estimations rise it to 600.000– make people think about the impact of this phenomenon in British life. There is only one differences: their immigration is legal.

In Spanish:

Nuevo Digital:

  1. Emigration creates an “aristocracy” in Senegal with families who have succeeded in sending one of their youths to Spain.
  2. Terrorism and crime made British consider their country “worse for living” than 20 years ago amid a strong debate about an immigration”out of control”.

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He flew into Egypt at the start of the trip which will also take him to Ghana, South Africa and four other countries.
Deals for oil, copper, timber and other resources are expected to be discussed. Chinese manufacturers are also seeking new markets, correspondents say.
Trade between China and Africa rose to $40bn (£22bn) last year.That total has quadrupled in the last five years.
Mr Wen will also visit Congo-Brazzaville, Angola, Tanzania and Uganda during his visit.His trip comes at a time of growing Chinese interest in the continent.
But critics in the United States and Europe say Beijing is blocking international efforts to put pressure on what they call oppressive regimes in Sudan and Zimbabwe because of its desire for economic deals.

BBC NEWS | Africa |

It is curious he is not going to Sudan, where he has so many interests. Ehh, can it be because all Chinese interests are well protected in Sudan?


You can read also Luo Minatti's post on this subject (HT: No Pasarán)

UPDATE: Go over to Causes of Interest and read UN hears of mass Darfur Killings.

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Spanish Interior Ministry is paying around 300 euros to inmigrants when they are outed from Spain to Africa to prevent them from rioting when they are landed in their country of origin, according to El MUNDO’s police sources.That ws what happened in the flight to fly thtm to Guinea-Bissau that took place last Friday, in which 33 citizens were outed.

The policemen who went with them in the flight only were paid 120 euros for this service, less than half that was given to the illegal inmigrants, as denounces the Spanish Police Confederation (CEP) in Canary Islands.

The flight, with 33 citizens of Guinea-Bissau, 26 coming from Las Palmas and another 7 from Málaga, was early an odyssey. The agents found the airport shut, had to make a stop in Senegal and, after heavy negotiations, they succeeded and the authorities opened the airport to land the illegal inmigrants.

When they landed, each inmigrant was given 300 euros. Normally in these flights, inmigrants are not told about their destination and are lied telling them they are going to be flown to another Spanish city. To diminish their deception, Police give the inmigrants normally quantities between 100 and 300 euros.

Interior paga 300 euros a los subsaharianos que expulsa para evitar disturbios a su llegada | elmundo.es

The Government is carrying the inmigrants from Canary Islands, mostly to cities who voted for Popular Party in last elections mostly. Numbers are:

  • Madrid, 3.527 subsaharans.
  • Andalucía :Algeciras, 120; Málaga, 880
  • Catalonia 350
  • Murcia (282) y
  • Comunidad Valenciana (241)

Except Algeciras and Catalonia, the rest of Autonomous Communities and cities are ruled by Popular Party.

We have to take into account Canary Islands have received in six months more than 7.500 illegal inmigrants, 2.700 more than last year in full.

State Secretary of Inmigration Consuelo Rumí denied that there has been 3.527 inmigrants flown to Madrid and said this number refers to foreginers who have being flown by Madrid to another destination. But she failed to answer whn asked about their destination or the number of inmigrants which have being flown to other cities.

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From the Washington Post:

The Pentagon’s annual report to Congress on China’s military power, released this week, reveals that Beijing’s buildup has advanced well beyond what most analysts considered likely just 10 years ago. Some highlights: The new arsenal of the People’s Liberation Army includes more than 700 missiles deployed opposite Taiwan, a fleet of sophisticated diesel electric submarines, a growing nuclear submarine capability and advanced destroyers armed with lethal anti-ship cruise missiles. By making the potential cost of any U.S. intervention in the Taiwan Strait extraordinarily high, Beijing has accomplished its decade-long goal of establishing a credible military threat to Taiwan — as well as a deterrent to the United States. The question is, what next?

The report points to some answers. With a growing dependence on oil imported from the Middle East and Africa, Chinese strategists are talking about creating a blue-water navy to secure Beijing’s energy supply lines. The military may be reconsidering its nuclear “no-first-use policy” and examining ways to secure China’s territorial claims in the South China and East China seas. Simply stated, as China’s military power has grown, so too, it appears, have the strategic tasks that it may be assigned. This shouldn’t be surprising. Our own history teaches that as a nation’s power grows so do its ambitions.

So the country who jails protesters (HT Free Thoughts) and bloggers and do not respect Human Rights at all has a new arsenal … to secure its energy supply lines. And that “No more blood for oil”?


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From BBC:

France and Morocco have agreed to work together to combat terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal immigration.

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy agreed the deal with his Moroccan counterpart, Chakib Benmoussa.

Mr Sarkozy was in Morocco as part of an African tour, widely seen as a prelude to his presidential bid next year.

He has already visited Benin and Mali, where there were street protests over his tough immigration policy, designed to keep out “unskilled” foreigners.

French MPs have already backed Mr Sarkozy’s immigration bill but it can only become law after it has been passed by the Senate.

Wow! This is marvellous. I am very confident in them working together. They are just going to send more inmigrants to Spain, that’s all. From Spain Herald:

Saharan human rights activist Aminetu Haidar said yesterday in Seville that prime minister Zapatero’s support for his own Alliance of Civilizations project is “incompatible with permitting the tortures that the Moroccan government inflicts on the Saharan people.” After speaking before the Andalusian regional parliament, Haidar said that if the Spanish government does not act in favor of self-determination for the Western Sahara, “it will be responsible for the genocide and massacres that are going to begin, if they have not already…Spain and France are the two governments that support Morocco’s state terrorism against the Saharan people.”

She called Zapatero’s proposed Alliance of Civilizations “a makeup job that the administration applies to its face while it turns its back on the Saharan people, who have not received any support from this government, despite the strong support that the Spanish people have given us.” Haidar added, “Morocco does not respect the Saharans.”

Aminetu Haidar also called on Spain to accept “its historical and legal responsibility with respect to the Sahara, and recognize the crimes committed against the Saharan people.” Therefore, she said, “Spain should take a clear position on self-determination.”

I think that we are more indebted with this people that with American indigene population. While our American domination was ended because of an independence war, Saharan people were left alone after Franco’s death and Morocco, with international support or at least not much critisizing of their position, invaded their territory.

But the aggressions to Saharan people continue: you can see photos here. The problem is that most of the documents are in Spanish. Anyway,there has been arbitrary detentions made to Saharan activists since the Moroccan invasion. The problem is that with the new antiterrorist measures, they are detained as Islamists or terrorists, being none of that (someone has heard of a Saharan terrorist? ehh, … NOPE).


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You can read here and here. Just another humanitarian crisis caused by clashes between Islamic fundamentalism and secular forces. Hmm, let’s hope UN finally proves useful to some extent.
I have written “hope”, not “believed”.

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As I wrote earlier, the situation in Somalia is very unstable:

From Interested-Participant

After 15 years without a national government, Somalia is a battlefield. Tribal militias and Islamic fundamentalists, allegedly tied to al-Qaeda, are struggling for control and many people are dying.

From KhaleejTimes.com:

Islamic militiamen and secular fighters battled Wednesday for control of Somalia’s capital despite promises of a cease-fire, as the death toll rose to at least 90, with nearly 200 others wounded.
The sounds of heavy weapons echoed through the city, but the fighting was not as intense as it had been in the previous three days. The battle between the Islamic Court Union and the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counterterrorism has centered on the northern neighborhood of Sii-Sii, with neither side gaining an advantage.

BBC NEWS | Africa | Truce collapses in Somali capital

An alliance of warlords and an Islamist militia have fought each other over the past four days in northern districts. Islamic militia leader Sheikh Sharif Ahmed called a unilateral truce on Tuesday in response to appeals from those affected by the violence. But his opponents said the truce was called because of a lack of ammunition. The United Nations has appealed to both sides to halt the clashes. “The indiscriminate use of heavy machine guns, mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and artillery in and between urban areas is unacceptable,” said chief UN envoy to Somalia Francois Lonseny Fall.

Can a humanitarian crisis happen in Somalia (again)? BBC NEWS | Africa | Somalis flee as city battle rages

The alliance of warlords has accused the Islamists of indiscriminate shelling, designed to provoke fear among the civilian population. The fighting between the Islamists and a group of warlords has killed some 120 people, in the worst clashes for years. Many Somalis accuse the US of backing the alliance of warlords. The BBC’s Mohammed Olad Hassan in Mogadishu says this belief is fuelling the violence.

Ein? So they want the Islamists to win? But there is more:

A United Nations team says the Islamist alliance had gained ground since the fighting began last Sunday.(so the fighting began last Sunday and we only have known about it in the middle of this week?) Our reporter says several new parts of Mogadishu have come under attack, but the front line of the main battle has hardly moved from the northern suburbs where the fighting started.
Most of those killed in the fighting are civilians caught in cross-fire or hit by stray bullets or shells, he says.

So with this bad situation is probable than the smuggling of Somalis will boom and hence increasing the possibility of a very grave humanitarian crisis.
You can also read NoisyRoom.Net, who links to an article from The Counterterrorism Blog.

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