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Shut during holidays

I’m just shutting the blog because of holidays. I don’t know if I could blog when I get back. But comments will be opened to anyone who wants to comment.

If someone wants to contact me, just leave a comment here.

I hope that the 8-year-old boy about whom Crispal asked for a prayer will get better and if not, that God comforts his family in this hour of need. 

Greetings for my four favourite bloggers Kate, Chaim, Enzo y Mike. ūüėÄ Even if I’m not blogging when I return, I would try to read you four.

I will leave you with “Within Temptation” and “Stand my Ground“.

This is the American version song. The drawings are from Vampire Hunter D. [The differences between the two of them are not very much but the drawings are good, although a little bit dark for my taste… ūüėÄ ]

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