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I normally don’t do roundups, but these links are soooo good -and have, besides that fact, so little in common- that I ought to do a roundup:

  1. In this clip, Michael Moore is yelling at someone… In fact Michael Moore is yelling at Wolf Blitzer, and asking for an apology from the MSM because everything he says comes true… but they are not giving him too much credit… smile_teeth My friend Mike has posted CNN’s response to Moore. Heh. :mrgreen:
  2. From Blame Bush! Haditha Butchers Swiftboat Jack Murtha. This is a blog that laughs at the Republicans’ stereotype by the leftists…
  3. Porn star to become [Episcopalian] priest: “He [Boyer] was tired of performing in sex movies, but even now doesn’t condemn it. “Not one time did Jesus refer to pornography, or homosexuality,” he observed on the Internet show, which he began as a co-host in May. “Jesus could have commented. He didn’t.Well, I am sure there were homosexuals when Jesus lived (Greek general Epaminondas lived before and yet he was homosexual…), but I am totally sure there was no porn-movies back then.. This Jesus was no profet… 😀 This people are so idiot that… ehhh… well, they make me laugh, at least…
  4. Beware of suspicious medicine men” about the recent bombs in UK and Glasgow, a stupid journalist called Gary Keillor writes: “It may seem craven to say so, but a person really had to wonder at the inability of trained medical personnel to hook wire A to battery B to alarm clock C and detonate a car loaded with gasoline and nails in London. An then having to resort to the rather amateurish alternative of crashing a Jeep Cherokee into the Glasgow airport terminal – the suicide bomb alumni association must be shaking their heads“. smile_whatchutalkingabout
  5. Nobel Price Winner Saramago wants Portugal to be a province of Iberia, in a union with Spain. This man is the perfect example of an idiot with a Nobel Prize. Totally antisemitic and against Aznar -who he considers a mixture between the Antichrist and the Demon-/anything on the right, globalisation, free-market…., he is totally in love with Zapatero -normal consequence-. Look here, we have a problem with Basque nationalists, with Catalan Nationalists, with Galician Nationalists and it looks like we are going to have it also with Andalucian regionalists. So, just please, we don’t know how to live Spanish people together, imagine with Portuguese, toutes ensembles, in a new country called Iberia. I just laugh at the perspective. There is another question though: if a right-winger ever wins again in Spain, would he maintain his project or would then reclaim the independence? smile_teeth
  6. Bin Laden’s son (27) marries a British grandmother (51). “I just married the man I fell in love with — to me he is just Omar,” she told The Times. “I hope people will take a step back and think what it is like when they fell in love.” smile_zipit

Lastly, I want to use this post to thank Kate for her praise here. It’s been a very hard week-end (among other things, my grandmother is not well) and that has helped me really. present

Oops, I was forgetting: Jason, a reader, about whom I do not know anything but the email, has asked me about the photo of Benedict XVI “rock on Papist, dudes” in my blogroll. I found it on American Papist in the sidebar -a very good Catholic blog-.

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The situation is heating up between Europe and Russia. After months of diplomatic conflict between Russia and USA because of the missile defenses -the last episode was the announcement of the Russian missiles moving to Kaliningrado, a portion of Russian land, strategically situated between Germany and Poland, the independence of Kosovo and the Russian energetic policies-, now Russia has also announced that it is suspending the Russian participation in the treaty that limits the amount of Armed Forces in Europe. According to Yevgeny Volk, chief of the think-tank Heritage Foundation has stated that it’s probable than the Russian menaces will rise.

The Kremlin announced that Putin have signed it because of “reasons of national security“.

As I said some days ago -in the Spanish blog-, United Kingdom has asked for the extradition of the murder of Litgovoi, the alleged killer of Russian ex-spy Litvinenko but Russia has denied it, considering the International Law principle by which a country is not obliged to extradite its own nationals. United Kingdom is angry about this and has announced it is going to expell several Russian diplomats, although BBC considers more probable they are intelligence officers.

Como ya dije también entonces, el Reino Unido ha pedido la extradición del asesino del ex-espía ruso Litvinenko y Rusia se lo ha negado, basándose en el principio de Derecho Internacional de no entregar a nacionales. El Reino Unido se ha enfadado y ha expulsado a varios diplomáticos rusos, aunque la BBC piensa que seguramente son oficiales de inteligencia.

Mr Miliband said Moscow’s refusal to extradite Mr Lugovoi had been “extremely disappointing” and said both the UN and EU had reported concerns that the law in Russia was applied selectively.

Co-operation reviewed

He told MPs the four diplomats would be expelled and said international agreements had been reached that would allow Mr Lugovoi to be extradited to the UK if he travelled abroad.

Mr Miliband added: “We shall review the extent of our cooperation with Russia on a range of issues, and as an initial step we have suspended visa facilitation negotiations with Russia and made other changes to visa practice.”

The British embassy in Moscow later said that the visa process would only change for applications submitted by the Russian government, not those from ordinary Russians.

The foreign secretary denied it was a “rush to judgment”, but said: “A UK citizen has suffered a horrifying and lingering death.

Also read La Russophobe and Siberian Light.

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