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Il Corriere della Sera  tells us the story of the wife of Imam Trabelsi, condemned on terrorism charges, who will declare with burqa.

[I will translate it from Italian. If something is not correct, please leave a comment correcting it].

Both in the market, at work, but also before the Tribunal for the trial of her husband. Rigurously in burqa and black gloves. Ora Monia Mzoughi, the wife of Mourad Trabelsi, the ex-imam of the Mosque from di Cremona, condemned by International terrorism (the cell he belonged to, had planned terrorist attacks in Cremona and in Milan), has arrived to the trial for appearing with the integral Islamic veil in public. This is the first case of this type in Italy. The Chief Procurator Adriano Padula will accuse her of violating the article 5 of the Law 152 from 1975, because in «a public place and without justified cause she was wearing a veil that makes it difficult her recognition by police».

The case began in Sept 2005, when people began talking about the “Islamic woman in burqa who carried her son to school“. The school began receiving calls from worried parents of other children, who asked the school to do something about it. The local police intervened, asking and obtaining that Monia should lift her veil for recognition. Some days after, in application of the law presented by Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu, the Republic’s Prosecutor have decided to proceed by the hard line: women wearing burqa in public places will be denounced. Some time later, Monia Trabelsi was isncribed in the register of denounced people. In those months, his husband was prosecuted by international terrorism. With 5 other people, he was accused of having planned terrorist attacks both in Cremona and in Milan. Accusation which evolved into punishment, confirmed some weeks ago in appeal.

Sat in the benches, Monia has been observing the process against her husband; covered from head to toe, with black gloves, the women entered the Justice Palace. Here, the agents have invited her to make her recognisable. This last subject, has been the cause of her own process. The first audience will be on Jan 30th 2008. Monia Trabelsi, 37-years-old, born in Cremona, can be condemned to two years of reclusion and to a fine of approx. 1000 €. But before the Judge she will be with her face uncovered, no burqa.

 We will see what happens in the end.

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