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 Very bad news:

Hamas militants in Gaza posted an audio tape of a captive Israeli soldier on the Internet on Monday, just hours before their rivals for power among the Palestinians were to hold a summit with Israel.

As Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas flew in to Egypt’s Red gilad shalitSea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to meet Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Sergeant Gilad Shalit was heard asking for medical treatment and urging Israel to free Palestinian prisoners.

A spokesman for Hamas militants, who routed Abbas’s secular forces in Gaza this month to split the coastal enclave from Abbas’s larger stronghold in the West Bank, said it was up to Israel to make a deal to free Shalit, a 20-year-old conscript. He was seized a year ago to the day by militants who tunneled up to his border post and killed two other soldiers.

Abbas, leader of the long-dominant Fatah faction, and Israel have both sworn to isolate Hamas in the Gaza Strip while pressing on with efforts to set up a Palestinian state. But the release of the anniversary tape showed obstacles to such a settlement with 1.5 million Palestinians, one in three of the new state’s potential citizens, now living under Hamas rule.

The only beneficiary of these summits is the Zionist enemy,” Mushir al-Masri, a member of the Hamas majority in the now moribund Palestinian parliament told Reuters. “It is surprising that at a time when Abbas has shut the door on talks with Hamas he is running and begging for a meeting with Olmert.”

Shalit, whose only previous contact with the outside world was a handwritten note nine months ago, said: “I regret the lack of interest of the Israeli government and military in my case. “Thousands of Palestinian detainees have mothers and fathers whose sons must be returned to them.”

An aide to Olmert said Shalit’s plight would not become a central issue at the meeting in Egypt. The prime minister said he hoped his summit with Abbas, accompanied by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Jordan’s King Abdullah, would instead project a new spirit of peace after Hamas’s takeover.

But Olmert cautioned, in a speech in Jerusalem, against expectations of any breakthrough at the four-way meeting.

Hamas posts Israeli soldier tape before summit – Yahoo! News

More in BBC.


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Now, look for another cause of the death of 6 Spanish soldiers, aged 19-21 years old:

The Spanish Defense Minister, José Antonio Alonso, has confirmed that the car bomb which killed 6 Spanish “blue helmets” in Lebanon contained 50 kilos of explosive and has admitted that the Spanish armoured vehicle BMR in which they were travelling did not have frequency inhibitors, a system that blocks the explosion of devices by radiofrequency. [But politicians’ cars have this device, haven’t they?].
jose antonio alonso libano 150x150Alonso has also informed that on Nov 9th, the Defence Major State ordered that all the armoured vehicles in missions were given the frequency inhibitors. The purchasing process begun then and it is in the vehicles that will be sent to Afghanistan, but not to Lebanon, where they will be included right away”.

So, what is it? Let’s tell the terrorists in Afghanistan they can kill the troops this way? Why this devices were not included from the beginning?

And above all, where is the Alliance of Civilizations, you morons?


[left: Hizbullah fans, right: one of the hurt Spanish soldiers in Lebanon, yesterday].

Note: of course, the first and main responsibles of the death are the terrorists. But the Defence Ministry has the obligation to provide the troops with the appropriate material to fight. If they have said they were in alert, how in earth this was not considered????

Popular MP, Gustavo de Arístegui, has also said that “he does not believe Hizbollah rejection and condemnation of the attack, because they have five or six thousand men in arms in Lebanon and a lot of supporters. The people there are collaborators or are feeling threatened by Hezbollah“. He added that “some Lebanese leaders have told them that the terrorist attack has an objective: send a very clear message to international troops“.

UPDATE: Profile of the dead soldiers:

Jeyson Alejandro Castaño Abada

Jeyson Alejandro Castaño Abadía

Colombia, 20-year-old.

He lived in Madrid, where his sister, Sandra, also lives.

Johnattan Galea GarcíaJonathan Galea Garca

Born in Madrid, 18-year-old. He lived in Algete (Madrid).

The Major of this city, Inmaculada Juárez, and the President of Madrid’s Community, Esperanza Aguirre, have declared two days of official mourning.

Manuel David Portas Ruiz

Manuel David Portas Ruiz

Sevillano, 19-year-old. He was hurt in the attack and died some hours later when doctors were treating him. He had gone straight from school to the Army. He was formed in Alcantarilla (Murcia) as a parachuter. He had been 4 months in Lebanon in his first mission, and he was scheduled to return on July, 9th.

Yhon Edisson Posada Valencia

Colombian. He was 20-year-old.

Jefferson Vargas Moya

Colombian, 21-year-old. In an statement to Caracol Radio, his mother, Sofía Moya, explained that he was sending money for her and his sister. She also said that since three years ago, he has not seen her but he called her “nearly every day” and had scheduled a trip to Colombia on July, 2oth, after ending his term in Lebanon. She also asked for his body to be returned to Colombia.

Juan Carlos Villora Díaz

He was borned in Lanzahíta (Ávila) 20 years ago. He lived in San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid) with his mother and his 17-year-old sister. 7 years-ago he wanted to be a priest and lived in the Seminars of Valencia and Santander. He was literally wearing the priest outfit, when he repented and abandoned the religious career, according to his father. He entered the Army 1 year and a half ago. He was in Lebanon since 3 months ago. He had plans to marry his girlfriend. The village where he was born (1.000 inhabitants) has decreed 3 days of mourning.

I will keep on informing.

UPDATE 2: TV has reported that the two other soldiers are badly wounded. They have heavy burns in face and arms. They can be blind for life.

Death is not the end: a traditional Spanish hymn to honor the killed in war:

The song’s letter is:

When the sorrow reaches us/ for a lost brother,/ when the paining goodbye/ searches on faith its hope/ in Your word we trust/ with the certainty that You/ have already returned him to the Life/ have already sent him to the Light“.

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 Weren’t we told he was going to be released immediately?

The kidnappers of BBC correspondent Alan Johnston have released a new video of him in which he is wearing what he says is an explosives vest. In the tape, Mr Johnston says his captors have said they will detonate the vest if force is used to try to free him. It is the second such video released since Mr Johnston was abducted in Gaza on 12 March.

The BBC renewed its appeal for Mr Johnston’s immediate release. In a statement, the corporation said: “It is very distressing for Alan’s family and colleagues to see him being threatened in this way. “We ask those holding Alan to avoid him being harmed by releasing him immediately. “We are keeping his family fully informed and offering them our continued support.”

Mr Johnston’s father, Graham, said: “My family and I are obviously most concerned and distressed at this latest development. “Our thoughts, of course, are with Alan in his present predicament. We earnestly request his abductors to release Alan, unharmed in any way.

imageBBC NEWS | Middle East | BBC captive in ‘bomb vest’ video

Hope that he will be released without harm. But seeing the photo is enough to see that he is in a rather bad situation…

More from AP-Yahoo!:

Johnston appeared wearing a white and blue belt around his torso with black shoulder straps over a dark red sweater in the undated video filmed against a black background. The 45-year-old Briton looked tired, but unharmed.

I do appeal to the Hamas movement and the British government not to resort to tactics of force in an effort to end this. I would ask the BBC and anyone in Britain who wishes me well to support me in that appeal,” he said in the one minute video.

Ismail Haniyeh, the prime minister of the Hamas-led government sacked by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah, said earlier on Sunday his group has not used force to free Johnston at the request of the British government, fearing he might be killed or injured in the process.

Johnston said negotiations to seek his release were thwarted by what his captors told him was a plan by Britain and Hamas to use force to secure his release.

Captors tell me that very promising negotiations were ruined when the Hamas movement and the British government decided to press for a military solution to this kidnapping.”

The answer is to return to negotiations, which I am told are very close to reaching a deal… They (captors) say they are willing to turn the hideout into what they described as a ‘death zone’ if there was an attempt to free me by force,” he added.

On June 17 a spokesman of the Army of Islam said negotiations had been underway for the release of the Scotsman, but said Johnston would be killed if the group was trapped. Wearing a black face mask he insisted in a video that at least part of the group’s demands be met.

The captors want Britain to free Muslim prisoners, particularly Islamist cleric Abu Qatada, in exchange for the reporter’s release.

Hein??? Abu Qutada en Wikipedia (ES):

“Name: Omar Mahmud Othman, born in Jordan in 1961. Terrorist linked to Al Qaeda. image

Considered the high responsible of Al Qaeda in Europe. He is accused of using his fatwas to call for the murder of different people, specially in Argelia. He is also linked allegedlly to Salafist Group to the Preaching and Combat -now, Al Qaeda in Maghreb more here– and to the Armed Islamic Group.

He has links with Sept.11 terrorist attacks because his videos and preachings were found at the Hamburg‘s appartment of the suicide pilot Mohamed Atta. He can have also relations with the authors of the March 11th bombings in Madrid considering his connections with Jamal Zougam, Srerhane Ben Abdelmajid and Imad Eddin Barakat.”

Well, even if the false proofs and the huge mess the process of the March 11th bombings is -we don’t know even what kind of explosive was used-, just in case, this is not the kind of guy I want to see set loose in the streets. The question is: is he maintaining his incitement to murder preaching activity now, or not?

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