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Two other cases of catholic churchs vandalised and, just as the other one, no MSM mentions it.

According to the AINA news agency, two churches were attacked in the Baghdad district of Dora. At St. John the Baptist’s in Hay Al-Athoriyeen, several security guards who protect the church were killed, and St. Jacob’s in Hay al Asya was vandalized and forcibly turned into a mosque. St. Jacob’s had previously been attacked in October of 2004.

h/t American Papist.

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The Civil Guard has located today a car full of explosives in the city of Ayamonte (Huelva, South of Spain), according to sources from the armed institution.

The agency Vasco Press said that there were 100 of explosives and there were detonators, but a speaker from the Civil Guard in Madrid did not say what was the quantity.

Vasco Press informed that the car could have been abandoned by ETA, which ended the cease-fire this month and announced that it will begin a campaign “in all fronts“.

These last years, before the ceasefire, the band put several explosive devices in tourists resorts in their “summer campaing”.

Hallado un coche con explosivos en Ayamonte | Reuters.es

‘Gara’ dice que el Gobierno y ETA pactaron sus declaraciones sobre la tregua | elmundo.es

The Government and ETA agreed on the statement of the permanent ceasefire of the band, and of the announcement of the PM, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, on June 29th in the Congress, when he officialised the beginning of the contacts with the terrorists, according to what the “abertzale” left’s newspaper says in its edition of today.

The newspaper points out that any of the two initiatives were unilaterally made and that both questions were “largelly debated, matured and agreed” by the speakers of both sides between July and November, 2005.  it also adds that they also agreed the so-called “warranties” and the conditions on the next paragraphs.

According to “Gara”, the agreement to search for a peace process were held in a distant European country between July 2005, with the assistance of an ETA’s delegation and Government’s representatives.

‘Gara’ says that they subscribed compromises of “political importance” which were ratified 4 months later. The agreement also included the declaration of ETA’s ceasefire and the fundamentals of the message adressed by Zapatero, and some warranties about what “Gara” informed a year ago.

Among the warranties, Zapatero agreed with ETA that he would not detain any ETA terrorists during the ceasefire. We have both De Juana case and Otegi’s to know that this is basically true.

Today a ETA terrorist, Iván Apaolaza Blanco, has been detained in Canada. He is the responsible of killing the Major Coronel Pedro Antonio Blanco with 200 kilos-explosive-car. Mr Blanco had signed an agreement to give his organs when dead. ETA terrorists even forbid him his last will of generosity to his fellow human beings.

[En español]

But these last days, there has been some other facts to take into account. Thanks to Kate, from A Colombo-America’s perspective, who translated this for me. clap This post is about the constitution of the City Councils following May 27th elections.

[The rest of the post is mainly on capital letters. Please consider that she sent it to me to make the translation differ from the original. Don’t assume anyone is shouting at you 😀 ].


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No, Britain is not sorry. It is Margaret Becket who says Britain is sorry. Britain ‘sorry for upset’ over Rushdie honour – Yahoo! News h/t Power Line:

Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said Wednesday that Britain was “sorry” if people were upset over the award of a kinghthood to writer Salman Rushdie, but insisted it was given for his literary canon.

Standing alongside her, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said he thought it was “untimely” and his government “shared the views of many Muslims,” as angry protests continued in the Islamic world.

Obviously we are sorry if there are people who have taken very much to heart this honour, which is after all for a lifelong body of literary work,” Beckett said.

She stressed that Indian-born Rushdie was just one of many Muslims who had been recognised by the British honours system — something she said “may not be realised by many of those who have been vocal in their opposition.

People who are members of the Muslim faith are very much part of our whole, wider community… they receive honours in this country in just the same way as any other citizen.”

Zebari, asked to comment on the Rushdie row during a joint news conference with Beckett in London, said: “As for my government, in fact we share the views of many Muslims — Iraq is a Muslim country — but we believe that with all due respect to the knighthood, I think it was untimely. This is our view.

At the same time, we have known tha Spanish King Juan Carlos I has given the highest of Spanish honors, the Toison de Oro, whose origins can be traced to the Count of Bourgogne in the Middle Ages as a symbol of the defense of Catholic knighthood [*], and which was totally united to the House of Austria, to the Saudi King, Abdulah. The reason? The friendship between the two royal families.

[*] On of its requirements is not being heretic. King Adbulah is a Wahabi Muslim… totally heretic then. But he is named as “the Custody of the two Great Mosques“. Uaghhhhhhhhhhhh.

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Although I am not a CIA operative, this is just stating the obvious. We have to think that not only the Islamist countries -for example, Venezuela, ehem- are using our dependency of oil to fight back:

Jihad Watch: Oil dependency is fueling Islamic terrorism: ex-CIA head

Every time an American fills up his gas tank, he is helping to send an eight-year-old boy to an Islamic religious school in the West Bank or Pakistan where he will learn to grow up to be a suicide bomber, said former Central Intelligence Agency director James Woolsey.

Woolsey’s message at a recent fundraiser for the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research, was that reducing dependency on oil imported from Arab dictatorships may, in the long run, be the only effective means of stemming Islamic totalitarianism and radicalism.

[…] Woolsey warned against “lapsing into moral relativism” by accepting fundamentalist Islamic practices that are contrary to Western values, especially those that degrade women.

Sharia (Islamic religious law) is the camel’s nose under the tent that we need to oppose with every fibre in our being,” he said.

Woolsey said the West has to do more than simply defend itself against the terrorists.

He urged development as soon as possible of oil alternatives, such as electricity and other liquid fuels, for vehicles.

Women’s and human rights organizations also have to put the “absolutely horrible treatment of women in much of the Arab and Muslim world front and centre of their agendas,” he said.

Continue reading… it’s really worth it.

And to prove that this is a real important question: Iran says won’t rule out using oil as a weapon | Top News | Reuters.com

Iran will not rule out using oil as a weapon if the United States resorts to military action against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program, an Iranian oil official said in remarks published on Tuesday.
When the Americans say that military action in regard to the nuclear issue has not been put aside, Iran can also say that it will not put aside oil as a tool,” Iran’s OPEC governor, Hossein Kazempour Ardebili, told Iran’s Sharq newspaper.
Asked what would be the impact if Iran stopped its oil exports,
Kazempour Ardebili said: “Definitely the market will be faced with a
new shock and oil prices will increase strongly.”
He added that prices would climb above $100 a barrel.


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