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French justice has opened an investigation after discovering 2 illegal immigrants working in the renewing works of one of the official residences of the President Nicholas Sarkozy, some days after being seeing in a video as if he was under the effects of alcohol.
2 workers from Mali who had false residence documents were detained in la Laterne, a mansion located near the Versaille palace, in the outskirts of Paris, according to Judicial sources.
According to newspaper La Parisien, Sarkozy and even more than him, his wife Cécile, are enchanted with it and could convert it into their continous residence.
The Versailles’ Procurator, Michel Desplan ordered an investigation within the frontier police to “understand what is the origin of the false documents“. The firm who hired their services did it not knowing anything and has not been charged.
The mansion depends from the General Secretary of the Government.

Now come here and tell me this has nothing to do with the fact that tomorrow is the 2nd tour. And with the fact that the French left is absolutely desperate.

And oh, I don’t believe that Presidents should about the laboral situation of all the workers that work for them….

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Power Line: Intelligence: China Supplying Terrorists In Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan

New intelligence reveals China is covertly supplying large quantities of small arms and weapons to insurgents in Iraq and the Taliban militia in Afghanistan, through Iran. Some arms were sent by aircraft directly from Chinese factories to Afghanistan and included large-caliber sniper rifles, millions of rounds of ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades and components for roadside bombs, as well as other small arms.
According to the officials, the Iranians, in buying the arms, asked Chinese state-run suppliers to expedite the transfers and to remove serial numbers to prevent tracing their origin. China, for its part, offered to transport the weapons in order to prevent the weapons from being interdicted.
U.S. Army specialists suspect the weapons were transferred within the past three months.
The Bush administration has been trying to hide or downplay the intelligence reports to protect its pro-business policies toward China, and to continue to claim that China is helping the United States in the war on terrorism. U.S. officials have openly criticized Iran for the arms transfers but so far there has been no mention that China is a main supplier.

If this is confirmed they are indeed dangerous news. But why it does not surprise me?… And then there are people who speaks openly about ending weapons’ embargo to China

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The Palestinian Civil War in the Gaza Strip has ended with Hamas defeating Fatah, its long time rival. The fighting over the past six days resulted in over 110 reported deaths, and these are the numbers that can be confirmed. The highly motivated Hamas fighters immediately seized upon the victory to declare its Islamic State, with all the trappings of a strict interpretation of sharia, or Islamic law.
By the few first hand accounts available from inside the Gaza Strip, the situation has degenerated into a cross of Lord of the Flies and Escape from New York. In less than a week’s fighting, Hamas ran roughshod over the numerically superior, long established and better armed Fatah security forces. Hamas attacked and killed women and children for merely being affiliated with Fatah. Captured Fatah officers were frog marched through the streets in various states of undress, and beat and executed their rivals. Fatah fighters were thrown from roofs of buildings. Executions of Fatah members are said to be ongoing, although Hamas offered an amnesty.
Hamas is now engaged in an orgy of looting. “An AFP correspondent witnessed dozens of Palestinians taking everything they could carry from Dahlan’s villa — furniture, plant pots and even the kitchen sink, complete with the plumbing fixtures… masked gunmen rode on the back of armoured vehicles taken from Abbas’s presidential guard… Windows, doors, toilets, furniture, taps, even the light bulbs were gone.”

The Road to Hamastan (The Fourth Rail)

Go on reading: it’s a very good summary of what’s going on in Gaza.

Because of the international support for Abbas, which has grown in the last days, Newswine consider that the Hamas victory can be a pyrric one. But we should not forget both Syria and Iran who are the main contributors to Hizbollah in Lebanon and to Hamas in Palestine.

The possibility of implementing Sharia Law is one of the first worrying of both the International Community -specially Israel– and of some Palestinians who are not very keen about the posibility.

The Arab league has called for an end of violence, assuring they want “to serve to the Palestinian cause and not to one faction“. But its call sounds as hypocritical as Haniyah’s words, who has denied giving a coup d’état, considering that “we are not against legitimacy because we ARE the legitimacy“.

Last news are that USA has promised to end the embargo to the Palestinian Government if it breaks with Hamas. And that this morning Fatah gunmen have stormed the Palestinian Parliament: they have tried to to seize the Palestinian Legislative Council’s second deputy speaker, Hassan Khuraishah, but staff intervened.

UPDATE: Hamas bids for total control: h/t Committees of Correspondence. [read the whole post].

They’re firing at us, firing RPGs, firing mortars. We’re not Jews,” the brother of Jamal Abu Jediyan, a Fatah commander, pleaded during a live telephone conversation with a Palestinian radio station.

[En español]

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Suicide bomber kills 4 in Afghan capital – Houston Chronicle

Suicide bomber kills 4 in Afghan capital
Houston Chronicle – 40 minutes ago
By RAHIM FAIEZ AP Writer © 2007 AP KABUL, Afghanistan – A suicide car bomber attacked a convoy of American contract workers and military personnel in the Afghan capital on Saturday, killing at least four civilians, officials said.

Maj. Sheldon Smith, a U.S. spokesman for troops training Afghan
police and army soldiers, said American contract workers and military
personnel were in the convo
y. A spokesman at the U.S. base at Bagram
said workers with DynCorp, who are helping train Afghan police, were

Smith said the coalition “never intentionally
endangers the lives of innocent Afghan civilians” but that the Taliban
routinely and intentionally uses explosive devices in heavily populated

Taliban spokesmen have warned Afghan civilians to
avoid military convoys, but suicide bombings commonly kill or wound far
more civilians than military targets — a fact NATO repeatedly points

The Amerian soldier in a Humvee “mistakenly” opened
fire on the crowd after the suicide attack, killing one civilian and
wounding three
, said Zalmai Khan, deputy Kabul police chief.

Afterward, a crowd of 50 to 100 people gathered, with some chanting “Death to America” and jabbing their arms at police.

man in the crowd, Atta Mohammad, said the civilian killed by the U.S.
soldier was just trying to buy credit for his cell phone. “Nobody among
us was doing anything wrong,” Mohammad said.

They are against us, they are against Afghans,” said another, Abdul Rahim.

Look at the logic eh? A suicide bomber kills four civilians at least. Totally intentionally. A soldier after the attack kills mistakenly 1 and hurts 3. And the crowd doe snot chant “death to the Talibans, they are against us“, but “Death to America, they are against us“. Isn’t life wonderful…
Suicide Bomber Kills 4 Bystanders in Afghanistan New York Times
US convoy targeted by suicide bomber in Afghanistan KOLD-TV
Monsters and Critics.com – People’s Daily Online – Voice of America – Gulf Times
all 364 news articles

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As I told you some days ago, I downloaded Safari for Windows [before using Linux, 😉 je ].

Apple® today announced that more than 1 million copies of Safari(TM) for Windows were downloaded in the first 48 hours since the free public beta was made available on Monday. Safari 3 is the world’s fastest and easiest-to-use browser, and is available as a free download at www.apple.com/safari.

Safari for Windows Public Beta Downloads Top 1 Million in First 48 Hours

Well, I wrote about the problems that I have with it. I also have read people have uninstalled from their system. I haven’t: I’m curious as how it’s going to evolve…

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