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 And Lebanese war against Al-Qaeda continues:

The terrorist seized by Lebanese security agents last week has been identified as Ahmad Merhi, the coordinating officer between Syrian intelligence and Fatah al-Islam terrorists and that he has confessed to smuggling fighters into Lebanon from Syria. (Gateway Pundit)

Pajamas Media: Big Al-Qaeda Fish Caught in Lebanon

Also read this post by Victor Davis Hanson.

At the same time, the fighting intensifies inside the camp, with four Lebanese soldiers killed. From Balanced News Blog:

In a series of skirmishes that began Sunday afternoon, fighters of the Islamist group Jund al Sham opened fire on Lebanese army soldiers. The firefight that followed left numerous houses inside the camp ablaze and ultimately resulted in the death of the four men, military officials said.

Meanwhile, 60 miles north at the Nahr al Bared camp, Lebanese troops continued their offensive against another militant group, Fatah al Islam, directing machine gun fire and artillery shelling into the camp for much of Sunday and early today. At least 114 people have been killed in the siege of the camp, which began when security men raided an apartment in Tripoli seeking bank robbers.

[…] Palestinian factions held talks with the Lebanese army command in Sidon this morning, as heavily armed Jund al-Sham fighters agreed to cede their positions to militiamen from other Islamist groups at Ain al Hilwe, where more than 47,000 refugees live.

UNRWA knew for months that heavily armed foreigners were moving into the Palestinian enclave [of Nahr el-Bahred] but were helpless to stop them. h/t Media Backspin:

The extremists of Fatah Islam, who local reports say hail from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Bangladesh, apparently entered the camp, just north of Tripoli, several months ago. They are thought to have arrived in a group, not individually.

Officials of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) could not say how a large band of foreigners carrying what has been described as mortars, rockets, explosive belts and other heavy weapons were able get past the Lebanese army soldiers stationed outside the camp.

 Also today, two Lebanese Red Cross workers have been killed by Fatah al-Islam (more here) h/t Tears for Lebanon.

Tears for Lebanon also has photos from a rally in Tripoli in which citizens supported the Lebanese Army.

Posters of soldiers killed in the Lebanese army offensive against
Islamist terrorists are seen during a rally supporting the Lebanese
army in the north city of Tripoli, Lebanon.

You can see more photos here.

rally in Tripoli

About Syria’s involvement read From Beirut to the Beltway:

Assad’s war on Lebanon received a new title today with the creation of the “al-Qaeda organization in Lebanon”, announced by al-Qaeda’s alleged Iraq branch. The announcement coincided with a declaration by pro-Assad Islamist Fathi Yakan– who has been “mediating” between the Lebanese army and Fatah al-Islam– that his “mediation” efforts failed because the conflict in Nahr El Bared is now in “the hands of al-Qaeda”.

Yakan, who split from the Sunni al-Jamaa al-Islamiya after the Hariri assassination to form his own pro-Syrian Islamist group, had been shuttling between Damascus and Nahr El Bared camp well before Fatah al-Islam attacked the army. The preacher was also used as a Sunni cover by Hizbullah, which picked him to lead prayers in downtown Beirut at the beginning of their occupation of the city.

Yakan’s announcement was described by security sources quoted in An-Nahar as an attempt to cover up for the Assad regime’s involvement in the war.

[…] Reports also emerged today that the ranks for Fatah al-Islam swelled after numerous Islamists and pro-Syrian Palestinian factions joined the fight against the army.

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Yes, that’s what The Englishman tells us in two posts: Lunatic Global Warming and All your data belong to us.

The latter is very important: in England they are beginning a “Green PC“, a Government’s huge PC to:

[work] by hosting functions such as office applications, email and internet surfing on data centres rather than on individual computers.

This is worrying: store my personal emails, archives, etc. on a Government’s huge PC? Never. And that’s not only a matter of privacy. Some people are considering that a way to control Jihadi types. I don’t know why, but I fear these guys are not going to store anything in that database.

There are other questions to make, though: are they going to oblige each citizen to enter its data there? What they are going to do if you do not want? By now, the program is still beginning and its not compulsory, but what about afterwards? What about the data’s security? Will the Government be able to access it?

This matter about security and intimacy is really important. Countries with huge amount of abuses to HR can consider that the environment is not a reason but a pretext to even reduce further the rights of theis citizens. Take for example, China: after USA announced in G8 meeting its intention to organise next autumn a new meeting of the most important countries regarding carbon emissions (h/t RDM20), China, one of the most important countries in violation of freedom of expression and bloggers’ rights (I posted yesterday about it and you can read more about China’s environment here) said that “economy came first and then the environment“. I wonder what Chinese authorities would think about this British measure. They are nowadays targeting bloggers but I really haven’t heard about anything like that. But, I bet that, if they just consider applying this measure, the international environmental community would applaud them.

Don’t know but this kind of measure seems to me not far enough from Iran’s process to open a blog. The only difference is that, now, in UK the sending of data to this “Green PC” is not compulsory, while in Iran those measures are.

The question is: with international praise to Al Gore -who, by the way, to continue with his hypocritical stand, did not vote in favor of making “more ecollogically friendly” Apple computers, whose board of directors he belongs to, even when he had promised to do so-, for how long that difference will stand?

Other related news:

  1. Barcepundit reports that Google has erased from their archives the video “An Inconvenient Truth: The Great Warming Swindle” with subtitles in Spanish.
  2. Batiburrillo reports also that the NGO Greenpeace has presented their new Noah’s ark, to remind people about the devastating effects that can have the global warming on the Earth.

More information about this measure: Monster and Critics.

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If yesterday I wrote about the HR abuses found in a brickworks in China, in which 31 workers were living as slaves and the police had done nothing before because they owner was the son of a local boss of Communist Party, today a syndicate of Unions have denounced the use of children or under-payed or forced workers (that is, slaves) in the production of merchandising for the Olympic Games to boost sales:

International Olympic Committee said it supported ethical (¡!) practices

But in Britain, where the IOC is due to meet on Tuesday, trade unionists said tougher action was needed to make sure that the 2012 Games in London were not tarnished by similar accusations.

Investigators’ report – entitled “No medal for the Olympics on labour rights” – cites “gross violations of basic labour standards… including adult wages at half the legal minimum, employment of workers as young as 12 years old”.

It also highlights alleged labour rights violations, such as forced overtime, workers being instructed to lie about wages and conditions to outside inspectors and poor health and safety conditions.

Shame on the Olympic Committee for supporting this unethical practices.

But don’t even consider that the Olympic Games are going to be suspended, over this or other abuses on HR such as Chinese relations with Sudan.

Anyway, Costa Rica has announced it ends its traditional relationship with Taiwan to back Chinese idea of “only one China“, but this decision, as President Arias told the press, has nothing to do with ideology or geopolitical causes, but just to “Elementary realism” and to an “awakening in an international context” to consider China as one of the most important economies in the world. Costa Rica considers that Chinese commercial relations and inversions can make it more “prosperous and developed”. I just hope Chinese methods about HR are not imported into Costa Rica.

it would also be useful to know Costa Rica’s people support for this measure. And I wonder why this decision is not commented, considering that Taishi tao tiananmenwan is running out of friends in international relations, while China is gaining them.

[En español].

Reporters without borders has asked China to free from prison the journalist and poet Shi Tao (photo), imprisoned since 2005 because of publishing information about Tiananmen in the web.

UDPATE: Shi Tao’s mother has called on Yahoo! to be punished for giving Chinese authorities the information they needed for his conviction. he is serving a 10-year sentence. h/t China View.

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