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 Oh, yeah, militants for AlReuters are Islamic Jihad members…

Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip infiltrated into Israel at a key border crossing on Saturday, igniting a fire fight in which one gunman was killed.

The Israeli army said four to five militants entered Israeli territory near the Kissufim crossing in the first major cross-border raid since Palestinian militants captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit near the Gaza border a year ago.

Israel will respond by continuing the raids into Gaza it has stepped up since a surge in rocket and mortar attacks on its towns began last month, a military spokesman said.

Saturday’s daytime attack was carried out jointly by Islamic Jihad and a unit of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an offshoot of President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction.

Militants riding in a jeep crashed into the crossing gate at Kissufim as mortar bombs and rocket-propelled grenades provided cover, said Abu Ali, a spokesman for the al-Aqsa unit. Israel said the gunmen blew a hole in the fence and then infiltrated.

Gaza militants infiltrate Israeli crossing | International | Reuters

But if that is just normal, you have to read this h/t Lamplighter:

Abu Marzouq retorted that, in reality, the situation was just the opposite: “It is the first time since the Oslo Accords that a Palestinian government supports the resistance [i.e., terrorism], does not go after the resistance operatives, does not arrest them, and does not hinder their activity”. Abu Marzouq even boasted of “quality” terrorist attacks perpetrated in Israel (“the Zionist entity”) during the Hamas government’s term.
As part of the above criticism, Moussa Abu Marzouq was asked about the drop in the number of suicide bombing attacks ( al-‘amaliyyat al-istishhadiyya ) during the Hamas government’s term. In his reply, Abu Marzouq admitted that “[carrying out] such attacks is made difficult by the security fence 1 and the gates surrounding West Bank residents”.

But then there are some thinkers who consider that the security fence goes against the dialogue, as Spanish blogger José Cohen criticises in that post. I don’t know you, but I really do not consider mortar bombs, rocket-propeller grenades and blewing holes in security fences as being part of normal dialogue.

[En Español].

By the way, on the Spanish Reuters edition, they point out that the attack was made with a jeep disguised with a UN signal… something which has also pointed out Klovs.

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Eeeh, how can I say this? Oh, yeah, I will imitate John Wayne, I must be considered in these moments as a hard man….

The Government’s President, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has reassured he will be “implacable” against ETA’s menace and supported unity against the terrorist band, because “if democrats are not ready to pay a political price for the violence’s end, they should not pay the price of separation“.

Zapatero was referring to announcement of the end to ceasefire of the terrorist band before the Federal Committee of PSOE, who has met in Madrid to analyse, among other things, the results of the local and autonomical elections of last May 27th.

In a hard speech, the Executive chief underlined that to reach an agreement with all (also with the terrorists?) in anti-terrorist fight he won’t state any conditions or rectifications (no, Mr. President, the only one who has to rectify from past behaviour here is you). “That’s how -he said – the consensus is built, that’s the way to show the will to reach an agreement”.

Zapatero insiste en que será ‘implacable’ con ETA y aboga por la unidad | elmundo.es

WOW, I’m impressed! What a hard man! So, why on earth he has waited 3 years to be hard against ETA? Couldn’t he have begun a little sooner, for example, when he was negotiating with ETA while also negotiating with Aznar the Antiterrorist Pact?

aznar con ZP

Zapatero’s loyalty to anti-terrorist pact (Montoro para la Razón):

Zapatero: “Uy, I am going to get my pen, it has fallen again“.

Aznar: “This is the 25th time it has fallen. You look like an idiot, José Luis“.

ETA terrorist under the table: “I would much more say that he is too clever by half“.

I laugh not to cry. smile_angry

I totally agree with this:

In normal circumstances the Otegi’s detention, a despicable human being, would make me joyful. At this point, it makes me feel worried. Those of us who consider that the institutions should be credible and worthy can’t but consider as deplorable the irresponsibility with which Zapatero is using them -specially Justice- at his will, as if they were modeling clay, as if they were his own.

So now, it looks like De Juana has begun eating after he was again transferred to Aranjuez’s prison 2 days ago (why now he is eating and in the last hunger strike he did not? ). Eeh, well, no, my Times’ moonbats friends, don’t be worried about his present state of health: he has been eating also these two last days:

According to sources consulted by Cadena COPE Radio, the reality is that the [bloody ETA terrorist] has not been on hunger strike these last days but that have been eating from tin/can meals bought on the prison’s shop.

Yes, my Times’ moonbats friends, Spanish prisons have the option that, if a bloody terrorist doesn’t want to eat the normal prison meal, he can go to the prison’s shop and buy whatever he wants. While his victims (25) are now in their graves. But of course, their lives are NOT interesting to you, right? They are only victims. No interest in them. De Juana is much more interesting.

This same day we will have the abertzale left marching throughout San Sebastián to support Arnaldo Otegi, who was considered by Zapatero a “man of peace” but who has now being imprisoned (what a hard man, so implacable):

Otegi, detained yesterday by police in San Sebastián, entered Martutene’s prison at 13.00 p.m. The arrest was made after the Supreme Tribunal decided to confirm the punishment of 15 months in jail for terrorism’s apology.
The Supreme Tribunal says in its resolution that “the casation appeal was by no means accepted for breach of law and for law’s infraction or for the non-compliance with the constitutional principle pointed out by Arnaldo Otegi”. The resolution will be published shortly.
Representants from the Basque Government, Basque Nationalist Party, Basque Socialists, Popular Party and others and also for several unions, will take part in a demonstration which will be held today in Bilbao under the slogan ‘It’s our right: peace and freedom. ETA NO.

Another march will be held in Pamplona with the same slogan.

While in both Basque Country and Navarra, all of them are out in a demonstration, Zerolo -that politician whose only virtue is having converted his own homosexuality in the only reason to be on politics-&Co. continue to consider equal ETA terrorist band and Popular Party.

Girauta in an article for Libertad Digital:

Both the concessions and the renounces are very clear, we don’t need any king of tricked mirrors: has the ETA supporters been presented at the past May 27th elections? Has Butcher-De Juana received any favour treatment? Has Batasuna -also a terrorist organization- been able to act publicly? Has a debate about the “territory” or the “autodetermination” been considered (with those or other names)? Has the Prosecutor’s office adapted his measures to the “new conditions”? Did Patxi López -Basque Socialist- speak about understanding the enemies’ reasons? Did or not say the President that some terrorists were supporters of peace -I add one of them was Butcher De Juana-? By the way, an affirmative answer to these questions would result in a devastating moral concession: the legitimation of terrorism as a method to achieve political objectives.

Also read The Infantile PM h/t O Insurgente.

UPDATE: My Spanish friend Crispal reaches the same conclusions about this matter that I have. And it’s curious because he is in Saudi Arabia, blogging from there as an infidel.

You have given them everything they have wanted. You have let them rearme themselves, reorganise themselves, present themselves to Spanish elections, etc. And now you say, ZP, that you are going to fight them as they are not trustful people. So Aznar was right. Or you have run out of disposition? –Zapatero insisted on his electoral campaign “yo tengo talante”, that is “I have disposition”. People who did not like him asked then: but that disposition is good or bad? Of course, he never answered…. –

You are the most irresponsible leader Spain has had since there is democracy here. Your idiocy has driven us to an abyss.

[En Español]

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