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Just read this and get frightened… 

It’s the capital’s fastest growing religion, based on noble traditions and compassionate principles, yet Islam can still be tainted by mistrust and misunderstanding. Here Time Out argues that an Islamic London would be a better place:

[…] In fact, Islam offers Londoners potential health benefits: the Muslim act of prayer is designed to keep worshippers fit, their joints supple and, at five times a day, their stomachs trim.

Alcohol is haram, or forbidden, to Muslims. As London is above the national average for alcohol-related deaths in males, with 17.6 per 100,000 people (Camden has 31.6 per 100,000 males), turning all the city’s pubs into juice bars would have a massive positive effect on public health. Forbid alcohol throughout the country, and you’d avoid many of the 22,000 alcohol-related deaths […]

For a look on alcohol in Islam read here. For the UK plans to make drinking as socially unnacceptable as smoking read The Devil’s Kitchen. [I do not drink at all, I do not like it, but that’s my own personal decision, for God’s sake…] In Spain Government tried to impose a law about that but they had to retire after the protests were generalised. Spain is the country with more extentions dedicated to wine plantation, so there were a lot of votes lost if that law was passed.

But we continue with the Islamic London: how ecologically friendly would be London in that case [Al Gore would be very happy]:

we could expect more public parks under Islam, but halifa also applies to recycling: in 2006, 12,000 Muslims attended a series of sermons at the East London Mosque explaining the theological evidence for a link between behaving in an environmentally sustainable way and the Islamic faith.

Yeah, just see the report by Channel 4 to see what they really preach [Note: Google video has censor the video, but it is still seen on Daily Motion].

I also remember a cleric blaming global warming in lack of faith in Allah.

But we go on:

[…] If Islam became the dominant religion in London the same ethos could be applied to schooling across swathes of underprivileged and deprived areas of the city. This could have a revolutionary effect on educational achievement and, perhaps just as importantly, general levels of discipline and self-respect among London’s young people. While controversy rages over faith schools, there are 37 Muslim schools in London. As of 2004, only five were state schools, but there is growing pressure to bring more into the state sector which, according to Alam, will ‘help raise achievement for many sectors of the Muslim community. Many private Muslim schools are under-resourced and if they can be brought into the state sector this valuable experience can be extended to more children.’

smile_thinking You only have to read about Pakistan and the fight Pakistani girls are maintaining each day for their right to go school, among threats from radicals:

As militancy surges in Pakistan’s remote tribal areas, girls’ schools have become targets. Despite the threats, girls’ enrollment has continued to rise.

Pakistani girls’ schools in radicals’ sights

But we continue with the Times Out London:

Application of halal (Arabic for ‘permissable’) dietary laws across London would free us at a stroke from our addiction to junk food, and the general adoption of a south Asian diet rich in fruit juice, rice and vegetables with occasional mutton or chicken would have a drastic effect on obesity, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorders and associated public health problems. As curry is already Londoners’ and the nation’s favourite food (see our Brick Lane food feature), it would be a relatively easy process to encourage the adoption of such a diet. Not eating would be important as well. The annual fasting month of Ramadan instils self-discipline, courtesy and social cohesion. And Londoners would benefit philosophically and physically from even a short period when we weren’t constantly ramming food into our mouths.

And simply switch to another kind of food, without converting to Islam? And there are not enough digestive and eating dissorders to have Ramadam fast implemented?

Roman Catholics have also the 40 days before Easter for fasting (from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday). Is going UK to be converted to Roman Catholicism just to instil self-discipline, courtesy and social cohesion? The man who writes this is so idiot I think this has been written by a Muslim robot smile_teeth.

But it goes on:

Inter-faith relations

In an Islamic London, Christians and Jews – with their allegiance to the Bible and the Talmud – would be protected as ‘peoples of the book’. […] Although England has a long tradition of religious bigotry against, for instance, Roman Catholics, it is reasonable to assume that under the guiding hand of Islam a civilised accommodation could be made among faith groups in London.

Oh yes, just read about inter-faith relations in other Islamic countries: Lina Joy in Malaysia, non-Muslim situation in Turkey, Muslims killing Hindus, even killing people from their own family because of not being good Muslims. And of course, we can always consider the three options given by Islamic thugs in Baghdad to Christians h/t The Bulldog. Or Darfur genocide. Oh, yeah, the interfaith great relationship under Islamist (the political side of Islam) rule….

But the worst best is yet to come:

Some of the finest art in London is already Islamic. The Jameel Gallery at the V&A houses ‘ceramics, textiles, carpets, metalwork, glass and woodwork, which date from the great days of the Islamic caliphate of the eighth and ninth century’ up until the turn of the last century. Or take a free daily tour of the Addis Gallery of Islamic art (at the British Museum). London-based Nasser David Khalili, an Iranian-born Jew, has amassed what is considered to be the world’s largest private collection of Islamic art. Islamic influences have also flourished in other areas of the arts, with novelists, comedians (Birmingham-born Shazia Mirza was an instant hit on the London circuit), and music (from rappers Mecca2Medina on, to the less in-your-face Yusuf Islam).

Of course, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace or the London’s National Gallery, for speaking about the most famous, at least in Spain, art resources in UK are not considered. And besides, all of those things mentioned have been built in recent years, are not traditional or culturally linked to UK.

But what makes me laugh is the praise to Yusuf Islam, because he even has financed terrorists and is tied to radical clerics. He supported Salman Rushdie’s fatwa for the Satanic verses, including his murder. You can also see this comment by Debbie Schlussel.

Social justice

Each Muslim is obliged to pay zakat, a welfare tax of 2.5 per cent of annual income, that is distributed to the poor and the needy. If the working population of London, 5.2 million, was predominantly Muslim this would produce approximately £3.2bn each year. More importantly, everyone would be obliged to consider those Londoners who haven’t shared their good fortune. London would become a little less cruel.

Source: Dhimmi Watch: London paper: Wouldn’t an Islamic London be great?

READ ALL!!! smile_sad

At the same time, Il Corriere was reporting yesterday that the Iraqi cleric Al Sadr was imposing the veil to all the women in Iraq, including Christians. If not they should stay at home:

Iraq: Al Sadr «impone» velo alle cristiane
Lettera dell’imam radicale sciita: le donne cristiane irachene devono indossare il velo se no saranno obbligate a stare in casa

Iraq: Al Sadr «impone» velo alle cristiane

Hmm, how less cruel an Islamic London would be!

Of course, they are also not saying anything about female broadcasters being killed because of airing songs which could be deemed as un-Islamic. Or about Iranian crash (1, 2 y 3)

And of course, no mention to the poll which showed that:

nearly 25% of British Muslims believe the UK government was behind the 7/7 London bombings that killed 52 commuters on the London transport system, and 60% believe that Muslims played no part in it.

h/t EN.

A very important symptom within English Muslim community, specially when not long ago there have been more arrests about a plot to commit new terrorist attacks. Of course, there were errors on security but the main responsibles of the plot where the Muslims involved in it, who had connections with the 7/July bombers.

Michael van der Galien thinks is a parody. Hot Air and LGF are considering it as real.

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