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Presenter in studio: Many women fail to please their husbands because their families circumcised them when they were girls. Female circumcision still takes place, not only in the villages. For our show today, we talked with people from all levels of society. We went to clubs, to common places, and to the villages. Female circumcision exists everywhere. It exists in all strata of society, as well as in our minds and our tradition. In my opinion, female circumcision is a very barbaric act. It is barbaric because by performing it, we eliminate the woman’s sensation during [sex]. Let’s see, first of all, what people think in simple villages. Why do you circumcise your girls? How come, after all that’s been said in the media, and after doctors and religious scholars have met with you, you still insist upon circumcising your girls?

[…] Female villager: Circumcision is part of the Sunna of the Prophet. We used to bring a daya, and she would circumcise the children, but when the role of the daya was abolished, we stopped. Now we take our children to the doctor, and he circumcises them.

Interviewer: So it is the doctor who circumcises the girl?

Female villager: Yes. If a girl is not circumcised, she can’t stand it. When she is circumcised, she is calm and has self-restraint. The circumcision protects the girl and makes her clam.


Interviewer: Many people have appeared in the media, on TV, and have said that circumcision harms the girls. What do you think?

Villager: It doesn’t do us any harm. We are used to it

Interviewer: And it does not cause the woman any problems?

Villager: Not doing it is not normal.


Interviewer: Doesn’t it hurt the girl who is being circumcised?

Villager: No. She performs the circumcision, and the girl sits in warm water, and everything is fine.

Interviewer: The girl doesn’t scream and cry?

Villager: She does, but we hold her down and the woman cuts it.


Interviewer: When you hold her down, doesn’t it affect her psychologically?

Villager: It does, but then she calms down.

Interviewer: Don’t you think she remembers this when she grows up?

Villager: No, that’s it. She will be happy about it.


Villager sheik: They are used to this custom in the rural areas. But this is wrong. This custom is wrong.

Interviewer: You are not advising…

Sheik: I say not to do it, but they say: Our mothers did it and our grandmother did it.

Interviewer: Wasn’t your daughter circumcised?

Sheik: She was. Here’s my wife. She circumcised her behind my back.

Interviewer: Behind your back?

Sheik: Yes.

Source: Egyptian Villagers Explain Why They Circumcise Their Daughters.smile_sarcastic

Read it all: it’s really frightening. smile_cry

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This article is from March but it is really important to read

If any doubts remained about President Hugo Chvez’s plans for Venezuela’s destiny, they have been erased by his decree to “rescue” unproductive lands and assign them to “groups of the population” and “organized communities” from rural areas. Private property is history, so Chávez is proceeding to strengthen the failed agrarian reforms of socialist Venezuelan governments from the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, renaming them the “agrarian revolution.”

The new Land Law authorizes the government to expropriate land that bureaucrats consider underutilized and to do the same in those cases in which the government discovers an error in a title of land. Venezuelans already know the modus operandi of Chvezs bureaucracy. In trying to obtain a birth certificate, an identification card, a passport, a certified copy of any legal document and even in registering the elderly to receive pensions, each “mistake” represents a potential source of income for each official, and at the same time, a delay of several months for each citizen’s request.

TCS Daily : Technology – Commerce – Society

At the same time, you can read about the similarities between Ibero-American populism and fascism here:

The Iberoamerican nowadays populism have a lot of things in common with both Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. For example, the discredit of former regimes, the organization of confrontment groups (such as Bolivarian guards, associations of “owners of no-land”, “Cocalean Unionist Policemen”…) the racist retoric, the revolutionary militarization of the society, etc.

These tendencies are very dangerous because, using the motions of numeric control and the electoral manipulation, they only have one and only destiny: the the cult of the personality of the “supreme leader”. The closing of RCTV is another proving evidence that these iberoamerican supporters of populism have adopted the nazi-fascist methods. Their announced purpose to establish the model of the so-called “socialism of the XXIst century” to perpetuate themselves in power is another symptom of their totalitarian raptures.

At the same time: the Venezuelan channel Globovisión continues its critics against Chávez. Its president said yesterday that in Venezuela, the decadence of Hugo Chávez has begun. This is not the first time, Mr Ravell targets Chávez: when RCTV was closed he stated: “I prefer to die standing than to change only to satisfy Hugo Chávez“. Bolivarian President threaten then to close Globovision.

At the same time, Opposition leader Manuel Rosales and other Venezuelan democrats will take RCTV closing to the Interamerican Court for Human Rights and to the Hague Tribunal.

Also see this two videos posted by The Devil´s Excrement, in which we see the National Guard blocking the students to prevent them from demonstrating for freedom of expression.

See also the Bolivarian V-P saying: “Of course, we want a dictatorship, the dictatorship of democracy, of the Government of you and of us. We want to build a new country“. Found here.

Looking at Bolivia, I posted that Evo Morales was imitating Chávez,  and, as a result there is a grave crisis involving Bolivian judicial power. Well, among critics from judiciary system, Evo has continued his bullying on the Judicial power:

Morales, far from changing his position in front of the strike announced for last Tuesday by the Judicial Power, has said that with this measure a “new unjustice is made upon the Bolivarian people”.
The Bolivian President condemned the actions of the Judicial Power and said that it normally resolves for the people “with money” and very rarely by those who don’t have money.

Demagoguery in pure style…

Ecuador’s President Correa has also menaced with judicial measures against the newspaper Diario la Hora, which had accused him of governing with “tumults, sticks and stones”. The President of Diario la Hora has announced that he will not ask for forgiveness to Correa, who has asked for a compensation of $5 million, while questioning his fellow countrymen where should be invested. He said he is not interested in money, but that “he is really disturbed by impunity and bank abuse. We have them furious and I am not going to abandon to impunity this matter, but I will do with the money what you want, fellow countrymen“.

It is not rare then, that Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela are the targets of the Interamerican Society for the Press. Ricardo Trotti, its director, said:

A lot of or several State Chiefs are trying to divide the society, of making the people live in confrontation, and they have blamed this confrontation on the MSM, specially in their owners and on the journalists, who have already problems in those countries.

Related News: Bolivia, infiltrated by Islamists according to Bolivian politician José Brechner, who has had to fled Bolivia due to security concerns.

I had forgotten to post this:


h/t American-Israeli Patriot.

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 After Lina Joy has been denied the right to convert from Islam to Christianity, and has been transferred to a Sharia tribunal -with the huge joy of the extremers and the result, as Ms.Song pointed to me in comments’ section: “she has been disowned by her family and cannot marry her fiance, a Christian because Syariah laws make it compulsory for him to convert to Islamsmile_baringteeth -, now Malaysia is going against freedom of expression –not surprisingly-:

Malaysia has banned 37 books and other publications on Islam, saying they contain “twisted facts” that could undermine Muslims’ faith.

Che Din Yusoh, a senior official of the Publications and Quranic Texts Control Division, said in a statement Wednesday that 21 of the items were English-language publications from the US, UK and Jordan, and 16 others were in the Bahasa Malaysia language, published in Malaysia and Indonesia.

O Insurgente » Blog Archive » Liberdade de expressão em toda a sua plenitude

Go on and continue reading. smile_angry 

Why don’t they publish books confronting those theories that could undermine Muslims’ faith? Why don’t they use reason for once?

And I keep questioning: Where is the international community? Who is critisizing Malaysia for this?. I have read critics towards Poland because of an article pro-Israel Pilar Rahola wrote in which she maintains the idea that Poland was one of the main supporters of Holocaust. Polish Prosecutors have called for judicial measures against Spanish newspaper El Pais, which was the one who published it. Even if that criticism is justified, when is the international community going to condemn an Islamic country for having a much more fierce censorship? when are those same MSM who are all day critisizing Polang to critisize also Islamic repression?

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A curious “debate” is growing rapidly among a number of Western-based analysts about the “impossibility” of the existence of Syrian Jihadi-Salafist links. More particularly, some analysts went to the extent of describing the existence of links between the Syrian Mukhabarat and the group Fatah al Islam operating in North Lebanon as “hazy.”

Ironically this mounting trend meets the current Syrian diplomatic and media campaign halfway, as Damascus is deploying extensive efforts to deny “any link whatsoever” with Fatah al Islam. In fact, Assad shut down the passage points in northern Lebanon just a few hours after the Jihadists began slaughtering the Lebanese soldiers. Interestingly enough Syria has not closed entry checkpoints to Lebanon since 1976, even though Tripoli’s skies were burning during many battles between militias and factions.

Was Assad too fast in denying his backing of Fatah al Islam, as with his instant denial of his regime’s role in the Hariri assassination?

We’ll come back to this matter later. But first let me examine the arguments in the claim stating that Fatah al Islam is al Qaeda, and therefore it cannot be backed by the Syrian regime.


Intelligence and Counterterrorism experts are familiar with the weapon known as “intox” from the root word intoxication. It is a form of deception used by powers throughout history and developed as a special skill by the Soviet KGB during the Cold war. Later on various Jihadi networks, both Iranian and Salafist, have improved this method via the use of Khid’a (deception) and the historically rooted concept of Taqiya (dissimulation tactic).

The bottom line is that regimes and organizations, Islamist and ultra-nationalists (i.e. not sanctioned by domestic checks and balances) can use all deceptions possible and don’t have to be transparent. In the War on Terror or the Terror War against Democracies, do not expect — naively — these radicals to tell you the real story. Hence do not expect either the Syrian regime to declare that it is supporting Fatah al Islam at this point, or expect the latter to declare that they are coordinating with Damascus as they are announcing they have pledged to al Qaeda. Reading short of this complex reality would only mean that you have been the victim of “intox,” the enemy’s Khid’a at its best.

The Syrian-Jihadist “Highway” in Lebanon

Read also “Syria’s Useful Idiots: Why so many commentators denying the obvious about Lebanon?” an article who has also been pointed out by Fausta:

At the moment, it is clear that Syria hasn’t stopped meddling in Lebanon’s internal affairs. The Security Council only created its tribunal after efforts to establish a similar tribunal within Lebanon were stymied by Syrian allies. Indeed, to understand what is at stake in the Lebanese crisis today, flip through the report released last April by the U.N. commission investigating the Hariri assassination.

The commission, led by Belgian prosecutor Serge Brammertz, now assumes that Hariri’s assassination was tied to his political activities, particularly his preparations for the summer 2005 legislative elections. This sets up a key passage in the report: “A working hypothesis is that the initial decision to kill Hariri was taken before the later attempts at rapprochement got underway and most likely before early January 2005. This leads to a possible situation in the last weeks before his murder in which two tracks, not necessarily linked, were running in parallel. On one track, Hariri was engaged in rapprochement initiatives and on the other, preparations for his assassination were underway.”

At the same moment, Blacksmiths of Lebanon reports that a new terrorist cell has been broken up:

Sources in Lebanon have revealed that State Security agents have broken up a terrorist cell near the town of Zahleh. According to some sources the cell was made up of three fundamentalist Sunni individuals, according to all sources, they were in possession of large quantities of weapons and explosives. The suspects are now being interrogated.
Zahleh is a predominantly Christian town in the country’s Bekaa valley. It is only a few minutes’ drive from the Syrian border and the main highway to Damascus, while also lying just to the south of the city of Baalbek (where a truck carrying weapons was intercepted late last night – see below for details).

Read it all:

Palestinian gunmen of Ansar Allah in the refugee camp of Ein el-Hilweh, Lebanon on Tuesday, June 5, 2007.

(AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari)

We must also take into account the Iranian connection:

Iran often praises the Palestinians for what it says is their resistance against Israeli occupation. Tehran also described the war last summer between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel as a victory for the Iranian-backed group.

Hmm, are they doing something also in Lebanon now?

Also from Demediacratic Nation h/t Right Truth: Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei noted that:

“while the Islamic Republic was the fruit of Shia teachings, the political system goes beyond any sectarian identity and that is why the Sunni Muslims of Palestine and the Shia Muslims of Lebanon have both pinned their hope on the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Read it all.
Dr Sanity points out an important fact h/t Tigerhawk:

Violent clashes between the Lebanese government and al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in Palestinian refugee camps have left many civilians dead in Lebanon. But the mainstream media has been relatively silent about this fierce Arab/Arab violence compared to the fuss made whenever Israel or the West is involved. The Squad discusses why this is so, what’s behind the battles, and whether Vladimir Putin means what he says when he threatens to point his nuclear weapons at Europe.

Christian Science Monitor writes about a family’s allegiance to Hizbullah and how the 9 sons (out of a total of 13) are raised as fighters. Hmm, no they are raised as terrorists:

“Naturally, we love the resistance,” says one son. “We predicted there would be a war, and always our salvation was Hizbullah. We count on them to save us; since childhood it is in our minds.”

But he didn’t join the Hizbullah fighters like his other brothers. And he had a hard time convincing his father – before his death – that he should avoid the front and help with food and evacuating the women. The father wanted all five sons to join the war.

[…] “As long as there is an enemy, the idea of martyrdom is there, like Imam Hussein,” says the older one.

That enemy has been Israel and the proxy South Lebanon Army (SLA) militia that it created during its 18-year occupation of south Lebanon that ended in 2000. One brother from this family and a cousin were forced to join the SLA. The brother was taken away as a recruit in 1993 by the SLA directly from high school where he was taking an exam to enter college. In less than a month he escaped: angry and ready to join Hizbullah.

“They became Hizbullah in their blood,” says one sister. “Every human loves freedom, and the freedom has come through Hizbullah.”

[…] The family matriarch laughs when asked if her aim has been to raise martyrs. But her daughter replies, “Of course I would feel proud to marry and have children, if they die for their village, their family, their beliefs; I would feel proud.”

How on earth they can back people who back Hizbullah? This must be another case of “Syria’s Useful idiots” we talked before.

Fight on, Lebanon:

It is worth mentioning in this context that the Syrian intelligence militia, camouflaged under the name of  “Fatah  al-Islam,” was behind the bus bombing crime in the town of Ain Alaq in the North Meten Lebanese region that killed innocent Lebanese civilians this past February.
The LCCC holds the Syrian regime and the Lebanese opposition in all its factions fully responsible for the bloody clashes and demands the Lebanese and international judiciary prosecute its leadership for the attacks it has committed on the legitimacy of the Lebanese State, obstructing the operation of its constitutional institutions, creating a state of security anarchy, undermining the Lebanese economy and impoverishing the Lebanese people and pushing them to emigrate

Related posts:

  1. Lebanon vs. Al-Qaeda-Fatah al Islam.
  2. Lebanon vs Al-Qaeda-Fatah al Islam (II).
  3. As UN approves the creation of a special tribunal to try suspects, Hezbulah and Syria take positions.
  4. Lebanon keeps up siege on militants in Palestinian camp.

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As I posted some weeks ago, there are reports that point out to a Turkish incursion into Iraq. Turkey has just denied it:

Turkey has denied reports that its troops have launched a major incursion into northern Iraq, targeting Kurdish militants. News agencies quoting unnamed Turkish security officials say there’s been a “limited cross-border” military operation. A US State Department spokesman urged Ankara to be cautious. An estimated 4,000 rebels of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK, are said to be hiding in Iraq. Turkey’s foreign minister Abdullah Gul described reports of a 50,000-strong invasion force “disinformation”. Meanwhile the new Frenc President, Nikolas Sarkozy plans to obstruct attempts by Turkey to join the European Union, saying the vast country does not belong in the bloc.

Turkey: “no incursion into Iraq”

But the incursion was first pointed out by Turkish officials:

Three Turkish security officials said troops crossed the border Wednesday. But they described the operation as just a “hot pursuit” raid that was limited in scope, and one said the soldiers left Iraqi territory by the end of the day.

The officials, all based in southeastern Turkey, spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to journalists.

Turkish authorities rarely acknowledge such military operations against the PKK, but the army has conducted brief raids across the border in the past.

Despite the dispute over whether an incursion happened, the reports were likely to heighten anxieties over whether Turkey is planning a large-scale invasion. The last such operation was in 1997 and involved 50,000 soldiers.

Turkish leaders have said they are considering an offensive, and have sent more troops and equipment to the frontier. But they hope the U.S. and Iraqi Kurds will stage their own crackdown on the separatists, who raid southeast Turkey after resting, training and resupplying in Iraq.

For a fair reasoning, read The Moor Next Door on this matter h/t The Belmont Club:

All this Kurdish fuddleduddle seems to me to be at the same time dangerous and insincere. Dangerous because it damages the stability of our allies (i.e. Turkey) and other already unstable states (i.e. Syria). Insincere because the United States is not a revolutionary power; it is a status quo power and only half supports revolutionary movements, and generally tries to preserve regional boundaries. The Kurds will not find a Kurdistan in America. They will find themselves offered up as tools for destabilizing Iran and then abandoned (as they were against Iraq in the 1970’s; and without remorse by the American Congress) to be locked up, butchered or worse. I call it fuddleduddle because I see no long term benefit to allowing the Kurds to let their friends blow themselves up in Turkish cities. The Kurdish region of Iraq is beneficial in the short term, but if it persists in being a launch pad for PKK attacks, I am forced to ask who is the more valuable ally, the Turks or the Kurds? In this respect, I see that the Iraqi Kurds express no concern for the national interests of their neighbors (even as those neighbors are the allies of their patrons), or of their supposed country men (the Arabs of Iraq to their south, for whom Kurds interviewed consistently express a mixture of contempt and indifference). What kind of ally can a Kurdistan really be?

Also from the above post from The Belmont Club:

There are rumors Turkey has made an armed incursion into Kurdistan and the news is well covered by Pajamas Media. Iraq’s neighbors do not seem to treat it as a state. The Syrians, Iranians and now the Turks feel free to cross its borders and attack it’s nominally sovereign territory with impunity; to attack Kurdish guerilla bases, snatch British sailors or attack American troops according to preference.

Ironically, neither Iraqi, British nor American troops are on any account allowed to cross the border the other way. No sir. That would constitute a breach of international law. That frustration with the limitations of international law or rules of engagement limiting counterinsurgency inevitably tempt commanders to indulge instead in war by proxy. And there we are with ethnic instability again.

This creates a situation pregnant with danger. Turkey, Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia are precisely the countries which diplomats hope will guarantee Iraq’s internal peace and security once America withdraws. But in absence of an exteranal guarantor, the nonexistence of a de facto Iraqi state will mean every part of its carcass will be up for grabs. If news of the Turkish incursion are true, the buzzards are already taking their first tentative pecks.

It is true that PKK is considered as a terrorist group even by USA. The problem here is that both Kurds [which does not mean every Kurd is a PKK admirer] and Turks are US allies. Which of them will US back? If they back the Kurds, they can lose Turk support in a more than delicate moment. And if they back the Turks, the Kurdish support can vanish into thin air, something also very delicate, considering that they are US coalition main allies throughout Iraq. And that Kurdish support can also be very important inside Iran, as there is also an important Kurdish community there, that is basically anti-Mullah and admirers of PKK.

Both solutions are not good, in fact they can be very wrong.

You can also read A Blog for All, Noisy Room.Net, Epaminondas, Outside the Beltway,.

UPDATED: Al-Qaeda Threat to Kurdish Converts:

“We are hunting those who have converted to Christianity or Zoroastrianism as we consider them renegades and God’s punishment must be implemented by killing them,” the Islamist terrorist group said in a statement released on the internet on April 22.

Related with Turkey: Sarkozy will not block Turkish accession to EU talks. Hmm, wasn’t Sarko the one who opposed so fiercely during electoral campaign to it? Yes, and that’s why Gallia Watch critisizes him, among other subjects, like EU constitution.

Also the Orthodox Patriarc Bartholomew I wants Turkey’s Christians to share the same rights as Muslims both in that country and in all Europe h/t Custos Fidei.

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His return to Aranjuez, prison in which he was till March 1st, happens a day after the ETA’s announcement of the end to ceasefire. The terrorist band’s statement has not been alien to the measure applied to De Juana,who only a week ago was asking to be freed and go back to his house in a soft prison regime which had been granted to him last February.
But yesterday, after ETA’s statement was known, Interior Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, assured that De Juana “in any case” was going to be given the soft prison-home regime, as has been speculated this last days.

ABC.es – De Juana Chaos ingresa en prisión al desaparecer “el riesgo para su vida”.

The Interior Minister has tols to leftist Radio Cadena SER, this Wednesday: “Circumstances have changed”. That is they have changed again. They changed when the State General Prosecutor asked his subordinates to take into account “the new situation” about ETA dialogue. And now they also change –but not 6 months ago, with the murder of Palate and Estacio–, because of the [supposed] pacts’ end. The minister Bermejo spoke in advance about this last change and Rubalcaba has confirmed it, sending De Juana back to prison. The T-4 terrorist attack [where both Palate and Estacio were killed] was no more than a “tragic accident” for the Government.

Libertad Digital: Rubalcaba justifica el regreso a prisión de De Juana: “Las circunstancias han cambiado”

The main problem is they are not underlining, not even telling us, what circumstances have changed now. That without considering that laws are not changed only by a change in circumstances. There are procedures to be met to change them. smile_angry

But for the Government and Socialist party, the culprits are not ETA terrorists -who are no more than poor communists a little bit confused- nor the Government -who has been kissing their asses repeatedly for the last year-. The culprit, of course, is the Popular Party, that is the only one who opposed to the ETA’s negotiation.

At the same time, Real Madrid has asked for special security measures. Something very clever specially considering what is the area in which it’s more probable to have a terrorist attack now.

Jesús Cacho in El Confidencial.com:

ETA has not surprised anyone. Who has again surprised till the shame has been Rodríguez Zapatero. According to his statement this morning [he is writing about yesterday’s statement by the President], ETA is again wrong, not him. Without any autocritic, without any kind of rectification or correction intent, his statement has all the ingredients of the so-called “Alicia way-of-thinking” [this is a line of thought which is referred to Alicia in Wonderland]: “Spanish society has shown that its pain does not weaken its strength” And??? Even more serious than anything, because it shows the precarious intellect of the President, is when he says “Basques future depends on themselves”, an statement which makes dissapear something so elemental as is, according Spanish Constitution’78, that the sovereignty of Spanish nation resides in the Spanish people as a whole and not in Basques, Galicians or people from Murcia considered isolated from the rest.

So it would be ALL Spanish people the ones who, as the holders of Spanish sovereignty, the ones who should say what they want to do with Spain, Basque Country included. It’s obvious that Zapatero has not given to the terrorist band everything the latter demanded, because if not, we would be speaking about Basque’s independence. But it is equally obvious that the independence was the final step of this negotiation, the target that the band wanted to acquire as they decided to attend all the calls that Zapatero’s aides gave them since the moment he was named President. And it is obvious that the band has not abandoned any of its objectives, has not renounced to violence, has continued demanding the revolutionary tax, defying the State of Law, rearming itself

Prevost: ZP The Hard: Chaos comes back to Madrid. smile_teeth


As it’s normal it was a trap ceasefire, with an evident objective: rearming itself, to recover economical means and to form its integrants. The first one in pointing it out as PP ex-Interior Minister, now in European Parliament, Mayor Oreja. All the things have happened as he told since the first moment of the ceasefire: from the first one till the last. “With ETA there is no possible negotiation, this is another trap truce”, he said on several occasions. PSOE members called him names back then.

Aquiles, as ever writes a very good post about the end of the truce who really did not exist.

Pandemonio criticizes the leftist journalists (and bloggers) who do not know what to say about the truce’s end.

Outside Spain there have been bloggers who have written about the ETA’s truce’s end: EURSOC, Gateway Pundit and Outside the Beltway. The latter writes:

Interesting, as I had at one point thought that 9/11 and the 7/11 Madrid bombing might have taken the political viability out of political violence for ETA.

Well, in fact the political violence has never dissapeared: business obliged to give the revolutionary tax, the deads of the T4 terminal, the repeated attacks on PP, PSOE and Basque Nationalist Party members during past elections, all the weapons stolen from a French factory after kidnapping its owner’s family… I don’t think that’s taken the political viability out of political violence. The reason? in Zapateroland the violence gives you political strenght as a result from negotiation. Unfortunately

Victoria Prego h/t Disculpen las molestias.

Spanish people have never denied their Government its citizen support to confront murderers. And they can do it again. Another thing is the trust that Zapatero can give the citizens in this hour. He can always gain it.

For my part, it’s very difficult to support him as this stage: the term has been entirely a mess. Both international and national politics are not focused on important things, such as the next economical crisis, which could become a reality next autumn, specially caused by lower expectations related with the building market.

The trust is Zapatero is so low big at this stage that there are people considering that even the truce’s end is a result of the negotiation and that they are just preparing to stage the next step in the negotiation. Zapatero wants to win the next elections and a hard stand towards ETA now, can give him the votes he needs.

Portuguese blog O Insurgente also wrote about this.

Como se previa, de nada serviu a política de apaziguamento levada a cabo pelo governo de Zapatero. É também provável que a ETA tenha aproveitado este periodo para se reorganizar e reamar (recordam-se da armas apreendidas em França?).

“As was forseen, the appeasement policies of Zapatero were worth nothing. And it also proves that ETA has used this period for reporganising and rearming itself (do we remember the stolen weapons in France?).

There is something I should say though: I’ve been surprised because all of them called ETA terrorists by their name: TERRORISTS. Something which I must thank after reading international MSM which named them as separatists as the hardest name of all (CNN called them separatists and BBC independentists smile_cry Well, considering that Iraqi terrorists for this MSM are insurgents, I really think we can thank God for not reading they have written freedom fighters instead).

UPDATE: You should read what JM Guardia aka Barcepundit has written for Pajamas Media.

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