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 No, not to him…. Not the most important hypocrite in centuries to come…. Well,yes, it has been him.

Even when there are scientifics and academics who questioned him, Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” has been awarded the Spanish Crown Prince prize to International Cooperation. The documentary has been considered as “demagogical, efectist and alarmist”.
Gore won lastly over the other 4 finalists, the NGO Intermón, the European Universitary Institute, the World Meteorological Organization and the British economist Nicholas Stern.
The jury in charge of the Spanish Crown Prince awards has underlined Al Gore’s “great merits“, “his leadership” and “his decisive contribution to progress in the search of solutions to problems related with climate change which make strictly necessary the international cooperation“. The jury’s president, Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo, read the final verdict in Oviedo this noon. The verdict also underlines that “his leadership has contributed to make both governments and societies more sensible to this noble and trascendental cause“.


Hmm, but he has already been payed 600.000€ for the exhibition of his documentary in Spain. Isn’t that enough? smile_sad

global warming

h/t snipfer. smile_teeth

UPDATE: Greenpeace wants to shut down all the Spanish nuclear electrical centrals. They consider that necessary because there has been 47 accidents. We want the data of all those accidents… h/t Alianza entre Mamones.

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