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Catholic nun against Venezuelan police when the latter where shooting tear gas at demonstrators. Found here.

roseShe really deserves it.

Because this is what Chávez’s policemen made to a student with a pistol. CAUTION! VERY DISAGREEABLE IMAGES. BUT THEY SHOULD BE SEEN. h/t le Guerre Civile.

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Into the West

This is one of my favourite songs. And the video is also very good with scenes of the film “The Return of the King”, 3rd part of the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings. Enjoy it!



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And after ETA has said that it was ending by itself  the ceasefire, police sources are fearing a great blast and what is better than Madrid and its financial heart:

All the sources consulted by City FM related to antiterrorism fight have been very clear about what could be ETA’s next targets, “ETA would like to do an attack wuthout victims to exhibit its operative capacity and to raise the chaces of intimidation and blackmail”. Considering different informations, antiterrorism experts from the Interior and Defense Ministries have reached the same conclusion: ETA is going to attack again and perhaps imminently.

In this scenery, the Antiterrorists Forces have informed to this radio station that there are more that suspicions that ETA terrorist band will seek as a target the zone of the 4 towers in the old sport city of Real Madrid and in which the Torres Espacio burned when the Spanish selection of basketball was celebrating the triumph in the world championship of Japan. This zone of the Spanish capital is known as the “Four Towers Business Area”. This new financial district, located in the north part of the city, is one of the most important urban developments of the city: the Real Madrid sold that space for more than €450 millions in 2001. The Business Area includes 4 buildings whose height is taller than 200 meters: the SyV tour (from Sacyr Vallermoso), the Cristal Tower (from Mutua Madrileña), the new Corporative offices of  Repsol YPF and the known as Torre Espacio (from Villar Mir Group). This financial zone represents the Spanish economical power and is considered by ETA as one of the first targets in its aim to attack directly Spanish business and economical interests. Antiterrorist Forces confirm that ETA is searching for its Twin Towers.

The level of alert and vigilance in this area of Madrid will be increased in hours.

City FM Radio

Zapatero’s speech: a total rubbish. More appeasement. And a calculated ambiguity.

At the same time, that Socialist smile_nerdcalled Pepe Blanco (ironic mode on: he was missed… terribly! ironic mode off) is blaming PP about ETA’s end to ceasefire, and, of course, not blaming ETA terrorists for it:

José Blanco stated that, of the end to the negotiations, “the only culprits were the ETA terrorists”. After stating also his support for the Security Forces, Judges and prosecutors, he said his party maintains that “those who use violence should pay for it“. smile_yawn[Of course…]

Then, he said that “it is not a moment to reproach anything” because the most valuable instrument to face terrorists “is the unity of the democrats” and announced the Socialists are “for doing what is needed to recover unity”. But after that he blamed the PP supporters and politicians because there have been several “irresponsible statements” that “have charged against the Spanish Government”  [irresponsible to critic this Government? … don’t make me laugh…]. And he demanded Rajoy and PP not to “pursue on that path” and that they should show “loyalty”. The fight against terrorism, he said, should not be an “element of confrotnation between democrats” (oh, but PP wasn’t the extreme-far-right-dictatorial and all that?) and should not be used as an “opposition weapon“.

Of course, of course, after the electoral campaign we have had, of the Tinell pact (by which all the political parties compromised themselves not to ally never with PP) and all that, now they want to recover unity… So they can call us murderers, assasins, genocidal…. because the Iraqi war was supported by PP, and we supported PP some because of that, others not considering that. But if you are critical with their way of handling terrorism, you are considering terrorism as an “opposition weapon” and not feeling loyalty to them.

I disagree entirely, Mr Pepiño, Spanish people should be loyal to Spain and in these matters, they should be loyal to principles, such as no to the negotiation with terrorists (whoever they are) and backing the protection of the innocent citizens against the menaces of those same terrorists. If you negotiate with someone who pretends to impose his/her vision, not with reason but by force, we would be going back to the future: the past would happen again in the future. Violent people would impose their will on peaceful ones. And that is unacceptable.

[En Español]

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The Intelligent Services suspect that the terrorist organization ETA has in this moment some infraestructure inside Basque Country. Just the same as happened with Donosti commando, this infraestructure has been leadered, during the cease fire, by some “free” members of the band and some other legal (does not have been detected by police), with infraestructure and waiting for receiving orders, informed to Europa Press antiterrorism sources.

The activity of inside Spain during ceasefire had as main facts, the detentions of the Vizcaya “commandos“, last December, and “Donosti”, last March. In both cases, there were discovered a great quantity of explosives and material, to build car-bombs, or to put limpet-bombs in the car’s lower parts.

Spanish police

With the operation against Donosti, a “free” member and other 9 legal members were detained. But the investigations made afterwards made possible the identification of another dozen of terrorists with links to the detained. One of them is specially dangerous, according to Security Forces. His name is Ekatiz Aguirre Goñi, ‘Ehun’ or ‘Oskarbi’. With him, the chief of Donosti command had a meeting on march 24th in Aizkorri, between Alava and Guipúzcoa.

The coordinator of ETA commandos, Garikoitz Aspiazu, ‘Txeroki’, has asked Lerín to meet ‘Ehun’ to give him some orders. What Security Forces think is that ‘Ehun’ could be making just now the same funcitons that Lerín in Guipúzcoa, but in other basque Country’s areas. The ‘Ehun’ fingertips were in the documents that Basque Police Ertzaintza found in terrorist hands when they flee from Vizcaya after being discovered the “hiding place” of Atxondo on December 23rd, 2006.

The same sources underline that the terrorists will probably come from France to kill here, to “celebrate” the ceasefire, as it happened on Dec 30th. According to them, they underline the ease ETA has to introduce a car loaded with explosives, abandon it with a temporiser and go back to France, before it explodes, not to be caught by Security Forces.

MSN Noticias

Previous post: ETA announces that it ends the “permanent ceasefire”.

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ETA terrorist band announced last night that ends the “ceasefire” since this last night. The terrorists say in a communiqué that publishes Berria in its web page that “there are not the minimum conditions to achieve the negotiation process” and that Zapatero’s Government “has answered with a hault in the armed actions with detentions, tortures and presecutions».

Ha also critisizes Basque Nationalist Party, about whom he says that he “has lost the mask” and accusses of “lying when it has to defend Euskal Herria». The band reiterates the need to carry on «a liberation process that ends with an indenpendent process and denounces that the freedom of the people has as enemy the treason» [That’s why you kill always shooting people at the back,ehh].

ETA made effecive this «truce» on March, 24th, 2006. Since then, in a year and a month, it was responsible for the ETA terrorist attack on Terminal 4 of Barajas Airport murdering 2 people. (There is another one, an old man who was killed by the kale borroka).

After ETA has succeded in entering the councils -more than half of the ANV’s candidatures- ETA is pressing more the Executive, as an ultimatum.

Experts had been considering the elections of March 27th as a D Day, which could bury the yet agonising process, or, on the contrary, reanimate the next colapse. This uncertainty, the threaten of new ETA terrorist attacks in the electoral campaign and the possibility of an electoral Socialist failure, made the Government’s representants to have some talks with them on April. Talks which were a total failure. 

ABC.es: nacional – terrorismo – ETA anuncia que da por finalizado el «alto el fuego permanente»


Just in case, I am not happy that the negotiation is over. I am angry because we have been saying it for months. And the Government hasn’t even considered to listen to us. You, idiot appeasers.

Even the Government had been informed that the process was going to end and that the terrorist band, as it has happened this night, was going to announce the definite end of the truce. On Monday, the sources consulted by Europa Press stated that they were pessimistic and pointed that the truce was going to be broken at any time, because of the “irreconceivable differences of concept” between the Executive and the terrorist band. There is sense then in the information given by newspaper El País about an inminent terrorist attack [or near the next year’s general elections].

Here what BBC has written about it.

Now for the bloggers’ reaction:


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