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My friend Kate has sent me this conversation with one of her friends who is in Caracas:

Subject: conversation with my friend who is at UCAB in Caracas — if anyone can help get this to int’l media, please let me know!

2:50 PM . .: Kate theres a lot of police man surrounding my university

the situation its very very tense and surreal

me: hola, Julia

. .: hello,


keep an eye on UCAB

check the news

call univision

make someone publish something

me: have been watching it as much as possible today

2:51 PM . .: the students need support

we are kidnapped

me: where are you right now?

at the univ?

. .: at my university

inside an office just near by the entrance

where everything is happen

i have my hands painted with white

me: ok, am going to see what has been posted online just now

2:52 PM . .: the people is going out

or trying i think


2:53 PM I gotta come back outside to see whats going on

me: fuck, next wk i won’t be able to check a lot bc i’ll be in mexico on business

. .: seems like they are letting the people get out

me: yes, go

i’ll be here for another few hrs

i can give you my cel phone if you need anything, am more than happy to help

. .: right now , i just need international support right now

me: believe me, am working on it

. .: i have your skype, dont worry

gotta go

me: ok, perfect

talk with you soon

cuidate, chama

2:54 PM . .: no s{e ni por que{´te hable en ingles

estioy muy tensa

me: sisas, me imagino.. pues contactate conmigo cualquier cosas que necesites

This is an alert. Please, if you value freedom, repost this alert: Venezuelan Government has kidnapped the students inside the University. No one can enter or exit -from the above link-:

A police barrier of the Military Police is forbidding the students of Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) to get out of it as they wanted to demonstrate in front of the National Parliament. The Military Police has said that the students should wait till a MPs Commission who will receive a document. In these moments there are more groups of students who are getting to the area in support of the rest.

The students have announced they will demostrate today at 11 in the La India Sq. to march till the Parliament. Major Bernal has announed them they do not have any permission to do that, but they have answered they will concentrate themselves just the same in the pavements without having the traffic interrupted. Globovisión has informed jsut now that Chávez’s supporters have just now began to get to the place and they have even set up some tents, from where they want to call on others to defend the revolution. But the students have begun to march whatever the menaces and protests and the advices from the Major about being forbidden.

UDPATE: the students have desisted and had not march to the Parliament. From the link above. They have accepted the mediation of the Catholic Church in the conflict. The students of UCAB were released but had to pass through the police, after being informed they could not march without autorization from the Caracas’ Major. But the students insisted they were going to march to the Catholic Brishops’ Conference.

manifestación de estudiantes por el cierre de RCTV


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So after Spanish homosexual moobat Zerolo wants Poland out of European Union for investigating if the Teletubbies are homosexual -homosexual or not, they are rubbish if we compare them with TV programs for children 25/30 years ago-, now Britain wants Catholic Church’s schools closed. 

From LifeSite

Catholic schools in Britain are under attack by the government at the urging of homosexual lobbyists for refusing to bow to pressure to implement “anti-homophobic” bullying policies in schools. A report by a Commons Select Committee to the Department for Education and Skills singles out Catholic schools for refusing to implement regulations.
Education Secretary Alan Johnson told gay activists that the government is preparing guidelines for schools to address what was identified in the report as “faith-based” homophobic bullying. At a meeting with Stonewall, the gay lobby group that brought about the notorious Sexual Orientation Regulations passed earlier this year, Johnson told activists that he hopes to make a presentation at the group’s upcoming conference in July.

The Cafeteria Is Closed: Homosexual activists want Catholic schools closed

smile_whatchutalkingabout Hmm, Europe. I wonder: Are our leaders going to be so tough with Islamic shools, or this is only for Catholic schools? Are we turning into a global dictatorship?

So, after Catholics have been discriminated in Britain for centuries, because they were considered as Papists, now we are going to be considered anti-gay? If you just speak against a practice, are you hating the people that practices it? If you consider that everyone should do as his conscience tells him -as Catholic Church has said since St. Thomas of Aquinas, although we all know not has practised that every time…-, is that going against others? And if you teach people to throw homosexuals off high buildings, what are you going to tell them? Ohh, I know: it’s all freedom of expression:

The book advocates violence against women and killing gay people. Gay people should be thrown head first off high buildings, it says. If not killed on hitting the ground, they should then be stoned to death, the book suggests. [hmm, what a peaceful and lovable death. Are we all going nuts????]

Earlier in April another book available at El Tawheed mosque, ‘Fatwas of Muslim Women’, caused uproar when it emerged it backed the idea of female circumcision and beating women who lie to their husbands. [a fair treatment of the women, yes of course…]

You know, other cultures… Yes:

The Amsterdam city council did not want to contravene “the freedom to express opinions.”

Of course, and I am Muhammad Ali…smile_sad

But the Sharia continues to take hold on Britain but, no please, the Catholics are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad…

(UPDATE): More on Londonistan in Londonistan Calling by Jeremayakovka.

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Despite the loss of a NATO Chinook helicopter this week with seven servicemen aboard, a British-led thrust to drive the Taliban from strongholds in Helmand province is yielding success, Western military officials said on Friday.

“We’re creating pockets in which the Taliban are caught. We’re just squeezing them,” Lieutenant-Colonel Charlie Mayo, a spokesman for British forces in Helmand, told Reuters.

A force of 2,000 troops, including 1,000 British and 500 Afghan National Army soldiers backed by Danes, Estonians and elements of the elite U.S. 82nd Airborne, launched the operation two days ago to trap Taliban militants north of the Sangin Valley and in the Kajaki dam region, officials said.

Improving security in Helmand, a vast province of deserts, fertile valleys and towering mountains that is the heartland of ethnic Pashtun sympathy for the Taliban, is the aim of “Operation Lastay Kulang,” or “axe-handle” in the local Pashto language.

Western forces say squeeze Taliban in Afghan south – Yahoo! News

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[En Español

Considering the inminent exit of ETA terrorist José Ignacio de Juana Chaos from the hospital of San Sebastián in which he has been after his hunger strike, the Unified Union of Policemen (SUP) has sent a press note to the MSM reclaiming his immediate return to prison. A place, he never should have left, as the SUP remembers.

In the same press release, the organization ratifies that he should never have left jail, and “not because of the punishment of 25 murders, of which he had never shown any repent, but because he has been fighting the State of Law, fight which has concluded with his exit from prison“.

El Semanal Digital

El Confidencial publishes that the Government asked the Hospital not to release any of these news before the past elections, something we were all fearing was going to happen:

Achieved target. Rodríguez Zapatero called a member of the Basque Government of Ibarreche to ask them to release the information after May 27th (elections day). The motive: he did not want PP to use De Juana’s exit from hospital as a weapon during the electoral campaign.

Spanish newspaper La Razón writes an article about De Juana:

The prison “development” of the ex-chief of ETA “Madrid commando” has been al the way critisized by the priviledges he has obtained in prisons and hospitals. – When he was “near death” [I love The Times], he was the main role in a sex continous story of bed, shower and meals in the Madrid’s hospital “Doce de Octubre“.

For a retrospective on sex stories of ETA bloodiest terrorist, while international MSM were considering him near death (then I am dead already), see my post here.

With some other interesting accounts:

A worse destiny than him have suffered some other terrorist victims who saw him at hospital. As he is free to move along the hospital, he run into three victims who belong to Covite [another ETA terrorism’s victims’ association]. In the same floor De Juana is staying there is a widow of a man murdered by an ETA commando. This woman has leucemia.

The three other victims just go into hiding, as they have taken part in the demonstrations outside the hospital to protest for the liberation of the ETA terrorist.

But there is more:

The investigations that have taken part about the telephone numbers, 2 Spanish and 2 French, that was carrying with him the ETA terrorist Juan Carlos Yurrebaso, member of «Hanes», the “negotiation apparatchik” of the ETA terrorist band, have brought some trails that had let the investigators stablish that they could have been used by members of the Basque Socialist Party.

Very important: El juez Marlaska reabre una causa a Otegi por enaltecer a ETA en contra del criterio del fiscal.

The judge of the National Court Fernando Grande-Marlaska has reopened, against the Prosecutor’s will -what a shame a prosecutor that does not prosecute-, a process against Otegi, Batasuna’s speaker, and other 22 members of this party because of their participation in the hommage of the ETA terrorist Arkaitz Otazua, dead in a cross-fire with Ertzaintza, Basque Autonomous police.

The case was shut provisionally last March by Grande-Marlaska because he had no proofs, but the reception in the Judge’s office of a TV recording with Otegi’s participation in the act has made him reconsider his decision as his speech at it could constitute a crime of terrorism’s apology.

Hehe, that photo describes terribly well this ETA terrorist himself who was released in 1978’s amnesty.

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[En Español]

Well, I am nearly terrified to what can be the results of this negotiation:

The chief of the European diplomacy, the Spanish Javier Solana, and the Iranian negotiator, Ali Larijani, have assured at the end of their meeting yesterday that their conversations had been “constructive” but that Iran will not halt their uranium enrichment, “a question that was not in the table”, Larijani said. [so what were they speaking about].

We hope to reach an agreement“, Solana said.

huelvainformacion.es – tu información en tiempo real

In fact, this meeting have taken place in Madrid… ehem… where there had been no demonstration against Iranian negotiator Larijani, that I know of -if not, I would have been there. Well, there has been one although not very significative against Rice’s visit to Spain. Not at lot of people, in fact only 200…:

The protest, which went on for more than 1 hour outside US Embassy, had as logo “Condolezza, go home. Out of Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan [Spain has troops also in Lebanon and Afghanistan], among flags of Spanish Communist Party (PCE) and Cuban flags with the image of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and the logo of “Till victory, ever.

They also exhibit banners with the word “NO” with a photo of the US State Secretary and with logos such as ‘Stop Bush‘, ‘No more deaths by the Empire‘, ‘USA and Israel are terrorist States‘, ‘Ilegal war, deaths, ruin, chaos, booties, peace now in Iraq, ‘José Couso, murdered by US troops. SHAME‘ ó ‘We want the truth about Sep. 11‘.

During the demosntration, they shouted ‘murderers‘, ‘this embassy is on blood’, ‘Imperial war, all criminals’, ‘Zionist State, terrorist State’, ‘yankee needs Vietnamese medecin‘, ‘OTAN NO, Bases out’ or ‘For a more healthy Madrid, let worms die‘.

Hmm, these guys are very pacific … and (thank God) so few…

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 Yes, I think so:

Lastly, in general terms, this country is divided in two in ideological terms. We already knew it, but I repeat it to underline that the consideration of one of these sides, imposing on the other is very stupid and not very bright.

The decision to search the peace and pact above all things was not stupid. In Spain there is no other way. There isn’t.

Anyone who searches for other thing, will crash himself against the facts.

Yesterday we saw it. Again.

Todos contentos, todos frustrados | elmundo.es

Amont the old people there is a sentiment of not wanting to go back, never. Of course, there are some stupid who aren’t brighter as a result of their age. But in general they recognise that the Civil War was a great error. As Lord Wellington said after Waterloo, “In a war there are no winners. All are losers“. But multiplied as a result of being a civil war, when brothers killed brothers or neighbors denounced neighbours as collaborationists, where there were only housing problems.

But with the fail of Socialist party after all the corruption scandals of the 90’s and the GAL deaths, and after having promised 100 years of truthfulness, the rise of the Aznar’s PP was a reality. The international situation, with the failure of USSR and the breaking of Berlin’s wall, were not helping González’s position either, even if they nominally had made public rejection of Communism.

So in the last elections that González won (1992), they began again with “la derechona viene“, which can be translated as “There come the hard rightists“. In any other country, these words would have caused laughter among the majority of people. But in Spain after 40 years of Franco’s dictatorship, some people even now hear them.

Aznar won the elections in 1996, with no absolute majority, and then in 2000, with absolute majority. His first statement after the latter victory was: “aquí se acaba la Guerra Civil“, something like, “Here finishes the Civil War“.

He was wrong: the reality is that there are people that still consider PP as the heir of Franco’s dictatorship, when PSOE is full of descendants of important civil servants and politicians from the regime. Of course, that is not told, just in case someone thinks about it…

Even the PSOE’s ads back at that time, where PP was pictured as a barking and agressive dobermann, apart from the obvious manipulation, made the party look as a despicable and horrible party.

Zapatero made a PSOE’s banner the fight against the Franco regime -nearly 30 years after his death and while his own father was an important lawyer in Leon during the dictatorship-, specially stressing once and again that his grandfather was killed by Franco when it seems he actually was a double agent for both contenders at war. He is just continuing a leftist thesis by which right-wingers cannot enter the Government because they are illegitimated by their own ideology -In 1934 the right won the elections but was forbidden to enter Government because of that reason-.

And 70 years later we are in the same point. It’s very difficult that another Civil War takes place -just in case someone thinks otherwise, that is good-, but Zapatero’s intention of winning a war, lost 70 years ago, can lead us to a total failure in State and to a total conflict between Spanish people. It is in this context, we should evaluate the negotiation with ETA or the international relations. If Aznar did something, it was illegitimate, because of being a right-wing policy. So let’s us do exactly the opposite.

The only different thing (I think) is that the right is not remaining silent. For now. Because the support for Chávez’s position does not make me feel confident at all.

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