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If yesterday, we knew that the Government wants to sanction Foro Ermua for convoking some demonstrations -when he didn’t-, today we have known that the bloodiest of all ETA terrorists is going home, with an electronic device in his wrist, as had been announced. The decision comes after the elections and has provoked a real uproar in Spain. Lately he was going out of the hospital on a daily basis, costing the security of those strides 120€ daily in security.

Meanwhile, the PSOE negotiator with ETA, Eguiguren, the man who was condemned for beating his wife, is now counselling Zapatero to make a pact to lead Navarra’s Government’s with ANV, ETA-Batasuna’s party at last elections, telling him “you will be remembered for ending terrorism“.

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The United Nations Security Council has approved the creation of a special tribunal to try suspects in the killing of Rafiq Hariri, Lebanon’s former prime minister.

UN sets up tribunal over Hariri killing

Cars drive along on the road in Beirut May 31, 2007, where former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri was killed by an explosion in February 2005. (Mohamed Azakir/Reuters)Reuters – Syria could spark trouble in Lebanon in response to a U.N. Security Council vote to set up a tribunal to try the killers of Rafik al-Hariri, the former prime minister’s son said on Thursday.

Syria may trouble Lebanon after U.N. vote: Hariri (Reuters)

But the situation turns out to be ridiculous when you see that both Hezbullah and Syria have accused the new tribunal of violate the Lebanese sovereignty, when even the Lebanon Government have asked twice for the existence of the tribunal.

Today also another Lebanese soldier has been killed, with shots coming from inside of the camp.

Christian Science Monitor reports that inside the camp the population is turning over the Islamists. The subtitle says blames the recent battles between Lebanese police and Fatah al-Islam for the anger of the residents. But you continue reading you see that is not exactly true:

Tripoli, a traditionally conservative Sunni Muslim city, has long been fertile ground for the growth of Islamic radicalism. And analysts and religious leaders here say that dozens of foreign militants – many of them veterans of the war in Iraq – have relocated to Tripoli in recent months, some of them joining Fatah al-Islam, a new Al Qaeda-linked faction bottled up in the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp, 10 miles to the north.

The presence of foreign fighters and the week-long battles between the Lebanese Army and Fatah al-Islam are giving rise to concerns that groups inspired by Al Qaeda are seeking to take advantage of Lebanon’s political turmoil to establish a foothold here.

“I used to say that there was no Al Qaeda in Lebanon. And I believed that until last week. Now I am convinced that Al Qaeda is here in Tripoli and northern Lebanon,” says Sheikh Omar Bakri, a cleric who runs a religious library in the Abi Samra district of Tripoli.

So, how many time the preparation of this has taken Al-Qaeda?

In line with this, yesterday was arrested a high-rank member of Al-Qaeda in a Beirut hotel:

According to this reliable source, this very dangerous terrorist had illegaly crossed into Lebanon from Syria overland. He had come over the weekend to coordinate with Fatah al Islam militants currently barricaded in the Nahr el Bared Refugee Camp and battling the Lebanese Army.

Go over and read it all (You can also read Gateway Pundit). It’s worth to see another reason why Syria considers illegal the Tribunal…

Just to see how unhappy Lebanese are with UN resolution, Jim aka Gateway Pundit posts this photo:

Young Lebanese men dance to celebrate the U.N. resolution on the Rafik Hariri tribunal in the predominantly Sunni area of Tariq el-Jadidah in downtown Beirut, Lebanon Wednesday, May 30, 2007. Supporters of slain former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri cheered and wept — and some even danced in the streets — late Wednesday to celebrate the U.N. Security Council approval of the international tribunal to prosecute suspects in his killing. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

You can also check Chaim’s Blog:

Mahmoud Khalil Taha, 85, who fled the Nahr el-Bared camp in the morning, is checked by a nurse on his arrival at a school turned center for the displaced in Bedawi refugee camp where many residents of the besieged Nahr el-Bared refugee camp have sought shelter, near the city of Tripoli in Lebanon – Tuesday, May 29, 2007
(Photo from: Yahoo)


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