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The Muslim minority in Spain will be very little involved in these Local and Autonomous Communities’ elections, because only 10% of the total amount of Muslims living in Spain have the right to vote: the Spanish converted to Islam and the foreigners who have acquired Spanish nationality.

But they all will vote for the left.

So it’s said in a report published by Spanish newspaper ABC.es this Sunday, where Jesús Bastante also writes about the position of some of the leaders of the Muslims community.

The previous speaker of the Islamic Federation of Spain, Yusuf Fernández, considers that “ the Muslims do not have any other option than to take active part in politics supporting progressist forces (like Socialists, Communist, Coalition for Melilla and others)”, among other reasons to combar the “islamophobia“, that, in his view, is based specially in PP.

Also Mansur Escudero, president of the Islamic Council, considers that PP members show themselves as “very hostile” to Muslims.

Lastly, the Islamic Spanish Commission said it very clear last Wednesday: “We should consider who have been tripping up us and preventing our children from having Islamic religion in the schools and who had been the ones who had been supporting us in our equal right to religious teachings”, in clear reference to PP and PSOE.

In Spain, there are approx. one million one hundred Muslims, the majority of which are foreginers, although there are communities of converted Spanish of some importance in Andalucía.

Source: El Semanal Digital.

[En Español]

Results here.

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Luis, Spanish blogger, from Desde el Exilio (From Exile) -he writes on Spanish, dudes- wrote about what Islam should do to get rid of a supposed Islamophobia. Well, apart from not abuse physically, its supporters could begin by support rational criticism and not asking for the erase/crackdown on private blogs that fight against Islam. Spanish blogger Yahel tells us about Europenews, who has been deleted on charges of supposed xenophoby, nazism-extremism and supposed infractions on author’s rights.

Its provider blogg.de has erased the blog, an striking move, considering that the author Holger Dansk, did never comment the news, only published them with no self-comments. He linked to several German newspapers, such as “Die Welt” and “Taz”. If his posts are considered as nazis or extremists, then the culprit are the MSM newspapers from which he got the information.

The blog’s readers have also explained that the real reason has been only the wide and unconventional information offer about the subject in Europe. Several Muslims have complained to the blog provider, Blogg.de, de Europenews.

you can write to blogg.de to protest at info@blogg.de. The answer everyone gets is very important because, depending on it, some people are proposing an international boicot on the platform. In the 1st critical meeting at Wertheim on June 2nd they are going to speak about this subject.

Muslim censorship appears to be the first cause of the deletion of the blog, that was very informative for German readers. It had several subjects such as: Sharia law, mutilation of women’s genitals, Turkey, Turks in Germany, Killings due to honor issues, Women and Islam, Jihad, Terrorism, there was even a section specialized on Spain: Islam and Al-Andalus.


This is not the 1st European blogger accused of xenophobia for critisizing Islam. Early this year we have also the case of Finnish blogger Mikko Ellilä.

There is also the case of Bill Warner, who has been reported by Pamela from Atlas Shrugs:

Blogger sued and facing an injunction to cease and desist publishing stories about Muslims linked to terrorism

This is a serious threat to First Amendement rights of Freedom of Speach for bloggers and news reporters everywhere, and if I lose the law suit and the injunction is enforced, it will set a precedent for future law suits and injunctions to be imposed on any blogger or news reporter who writes about Muslims linked to terrorism. 

Bill Warner

n 5/21/2007 I was served summons of Complaint and an Injunction by the Mcintrye Law Firm of Tampa Fl who represent Abdul Raouf M. Dabus in a Defamation Law Suit against myself and my company for supposedly linking Mr. Dabus and his company VIP Motors in Tampa with shipping vehicles to the Middle East for resale in support of terrorism and that Mr. Dabus had worked at the Islamic Academy of Florida with Sami Al-Arain (The School that Terrorism Built) as an instructor from 1999 to an unknown point and that Mr. Dabus was linked to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and that such information is posted on my web site www.wbipi.com .


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La Razón.es:

This time it’s false that there is no winers and losers, even if it is only for the psicological charge of the results of the electoral night. The autonomic and local elections held yesterday leave a political panorama with some important data for next year’s general elections and related to the constitucional change, the possible change in the Navarra’s Government and the future of the Basque Country and more especifically, in Álava. From a global perspective and after and agonic counting, PP wins the elections in votes against PSOE, circumstance that has not happened in the last 7 years because since the absolute majority achieved in 2000, PP had not won against the socialists. Considering these elections as it were “primaries” and considered by the main party in opposition as a referendum about the Government’s policy, and more specifically about the negotiation with ETA, the simbolic valor of this victory is great, even if it is only achieved by a little number of votes, more than 150.000 as it already happened in 1999 -before PP absolute majority– and in 2003 -before PSOE won the elections although not by absolute majority-. With the 99.81% of the total vote counted, PP is the party that has received more votes (7.906.064), 35.62 % of the votes, with 23.348 councillors; while PSOE has obtained 7.746.862 votes, 34.9 %, with 24.021 councillors.

This is the first defeat of Zapatero in this term and the closing of the difficult moment which began for the PP after the dramatic and traumatic defeat on March 14th, 2004; on the other hand, this lets Rajoy’s party held to the past sequences of votes which tells that the party which wins the local elections is the winner of the next general elections, even if yesterday’s growth is not translated in a growth in autonomical power.

The Autonomous Community results are (PP=Popular Party, center right; PSOE=Socialists; IU= United Left; Communists):


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