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As it is Friday afternoon:

From Not Ready for my Burqua.

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Saudi officials have arrested a man in Mecca for being a Christian, saying that the city, which Muslims consider to be holy, is off-limits to non-Muslims.Nirosh Kamanda, a Sri Lankan Christian, was detained by the Saudi Expatriates Monitoring Committee last week after he started to sell goods outside Mecca’s Great Mosque.

After running his fingerprints through a new security system, Saudi police discovered that he was a Christian who had arrived in the country six months earlier to take a job as a truck driver in the city of Dammam. Kamanda had subsequently left his place of work and moved to Mecca.

The Grand Mosque and the holy city are forbidden to non-Muslims,” Col. Suhail Matrafi, head of the department of Expatriates Affairs in Mecca, told the Saudi daily Arab News. “The new fingerprints system is very helpful and will help us a lot to discover the identity of a lot of criminals,” he said. [Note: if you are a non-Muslim entering Mecca you’re a criminal…]

Similar restrictions apply to the Saudi city of Medina. In a section entitled, “Traveler’s Information,” the Web site of the Saudi Embassy in Washington states that, “Mecca and Medina hold special religious significance and only persons of the Islamic faith are allowed entry.”

Highway signs at the entrance to Mecca also direct non-Muslims away from the city’s environs.

Saudis arrest Christian for entering Mecca | Jerusalem Post. h/t El Rejunte.il.

Hmm, yes, I know of those signs. There are several Spanish in Saudi Arabia writing blogs. They are very informative about a country that releases so little information. For example, Destructor, from The fucking croquetacroqueta is a very well-known meal in Spain, although I do not know how to translate it; if someone knows he/she can leave it in comments– has a post about this sign:


A very clear image… So, he says:

Do you imagine this in Europe? We would have to bear thousands of absurd complainings from the friends of the Muslim Humanity. I support the idea of beginning a platform not to let Muslims enter in Saint Places like Rome, Santiago de Compostela, Santiago, Liébana, Valladolid, etc.

 I would only announce it, saying that this is a reciprocity matter.

Crispal, from In Partibus Infidelium, writes about Saudi Arabian violations of Human Rights:

A detailed report by the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) on the state of human rights in Saudi Arabia has cited violations of the rights of women, prisoners and workers as well as injustice in law courts, discrimination against non-Saudis and forced confessions from those detained by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. The report also noted that domestic violence had reached an alarming level.

The 67-page report by the nongovernment body was released two days ago and is the first to be published by a human rights body in Saudi Arabia. It is the result of extensive studies carried out in the Kingdom since the NSHR’s establishment on March 9, 2004.

According to the organization, over the past three years, it has received over 8,570 complaints from citizens and residents.

An NSHR spokesperson said that its report was based on findings related to complaints it had received, reports in the media and reports submitted by foreign human rights organizations. The violations listed in the report were against both local and international treaties which the Kingdom has signed.

Go on reading. It’s ahem, a shame.

And lastly, but not least -there are others, that I would link other day– there is Stuck in Riyahd. He posts about how Spanish -whatever some Catalanists say – soccer team Barça is very famous over there. They have posters of it, but with the crucifix conveniently removed, as Equisese says “for preventing the loyals to Islam from being contaminated”:

barça en arabia

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Through one Iranian blogger, plateau, who left a comment here, I have come across this post that explains the image above:

The above photo was taken by Pars News photographer who was invited to the torture parade in order to photograph and disseminate the images all across Iran and the world. The images at the top show a young man with Marlon Brando looks and his free spirit shown by his Colombia football jersey and long hair, being pushed, thrown on the ground and his forehead getting bloodied in order to force him to put a device in his mouth which is used in toilets to wash excrement. The image below shows a clean cut man with western style shirt and trousers being subject to similar humiliations in front of photojournalists and the public on the streets of Tehran. There are people in the west who still say: “Why do the Iranian people not revolt against the regime?” I want to ask these people: When will western oil companies stop buying oil from the Ayatollahs and when will your governments stop making deals under the table with the Islamic regime?

A very interesting question.

Continue reading the post.

These photos were taken the same day these others were -as a matter of fact, both of them were already in some of those photos-.

There is something I do not agree with the post though: a lot of people is not going to see them. Firstly, not all people reads internet. Secondly, if you are interested in other subjects you’re not going to see it either. And lastly, there are people that only get informed by TV, and I can tell you that in Spanish TVs these horrible acts by Iranian Government are not shown.

Italian blog Il paracadute has also something linked to the agression a woman suffered for not being veiled:

Sempre in Iran è stato affisso un cartello che esplicitamente invita le donne iraniane a non vestire in maniera occidentale, e lo fa spiegando che le donne che non portano gli abiti tradizionali sono coloro le quali vanno in cerca di malintenzionati. Ecco di seguito la traduzione dell’ammonimento che si legge sul cartello (che porta come intestazione “Abbigliamento e personalità”) a fianco al disegno di due ragazze simil-occidentali: <<E’ colpa nostra se incontriamo problemi per strada, stiamo cercando problemi>>. La teocrazia persiana ammette il comportamento animalesco di qualche ometto che perde l’autocontrollo di fronte a una ragazza che abbia il collo scoperto? Mi sembra una concezione un po’ limitata di libertà, o quanto meno a senso unico.

There is in Iran a poster where the Iranian women are told not to dress themselves Western-style, and it is done by telling them that if they do, they are going to be the subject of bad intention people. The poster reads: “We are the culprits if we find problems in the street, we are seeking for them“. This is the poster:

More about the Women in the Islamic Republic in Iran by velvethammer.

Disregarding their international commitments, the mullahs have shown no qualms about executing women of all ages; from 13-year-old adolescents like Fatemeh Mesbah, Maryam Ghodsi-Maab, 16; Ezzat Mesbah, 15; Mojgan Jamshidi, 14; and Nooshin Emami, 16; to 70-year-old grandmothers like Ettesamossadat Karbasi; Arasteh Qolivand, 56; Soqra Davari, 54; and Massoumeh Shadmani, 50.

Mina Mohammadian was executed on February 29, 1987, on political charges. She was held in solitary confinement for eleven months prior to her execution. During that period, she went through forty interrogation sessions, during which she was subjected to the most horrendous tortures. She was repeatedly raped by the regime’s Guards. She was 22 at the time of her execution.

Women political prisoners are kept in so-called “residential units” (cement cages, 50 cm square), with their heads cramped down onto their knees, for months at a time. They are beaten regularly, up to 50 times a day. Another common torture of women political prisoners, besides systematic flogging, is suspension for hours from the ceiling by the hands, or upside down, by the feet. In some cases, the torture leads first to paralysis, then to the woman’s death. Nahid Shahrokhi- Mahalati, a 22-year-old teacher, was suspended from the ceiling for a prolonged period. She died under torture.

I have no words. And then Ahmadinejad says that women’s rights are respected… What a bastard!! Human Rights are all crashed in Iran, whether they are women’s or men’s…

And the firms, … smile_angry

You can also read American Thinker: Islamic Democide in Iran h/t NoisyRoom.Net.

There are no words in Entish, the Tongue of Men or Elves to describe this villany“, the Ent Treebeard to Merrit and Pippin after seeing the destruction of the part of Fangorn forest outside Isengaard. J.R.R. Tolkien.

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