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I was reading the email today and got struck by this piece of news: Eursoc: Iran “targets European nuclear centers”.

Claude Moniquet, director of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Centre said that “We have serious signals that something is under preparation in Europe… Iranian intelligence is working extremely hard to prepare its people and to prepare actions.”

Moniquet said that there is evidence of increased numbers of Iranian agents at work in Europe, possibly planning to target “British citizens on the streets of London… just as they kill British soldiers in the south of Iraq.”

The meeting with MPs from all parties took place in the British House of Commons this week. Conservative MP Patrick Mercer told colleagues that Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett “had acknowledged worries about Tehran backing terrorist activity inside Britain” in a debate last year. The UK’s Security and Intelligence Committee, which reviews the work of MI5 and MI6 had also warned “worries about Tehran backing terrorist activity inside Britain.”

Hmm, no, don’t worry they are here for having a little bit of fun… Tourism, and all of that smile_sad

Mark My Words: ABC News pushes for military strike on Iran. This is very good:

Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran (thanks to HotAir)

The CIA has received secret presidential approval to mount a covert “black” operation to destabilize the Iranian government, current and former officials in the intelligence community tell the Blotter on ABCNews.com.

The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the subject, say President Bush has signed a “nonlethal presidential finding” that puts into motion a CIA plan that reportedly includes a coordinated campaign of propaganda, disinformation and manipulation of Iran’s currency and international financial transactions.

A published covert operation. Hmm, sounds logic. For the journalist, this seems to be a gossip. The bad thing is that, if this operation really existed, ehem, it is no more a secret. 😦 The cuestion is: who is telling this to MSM? smile_sarcastic

Read all the post… hmm, looks like Mark has all the logic the journalist has been deprived off smile_shades

And just the same day: IAEA says Iran building atom program, defying UN. Do not worry, they are just going to come to Europe on a pleasure trip. 😦

US Navy sends carriers near Iran.

Meanwhile, the mother of Haleh Esfandiari has tried to visit her:

Fanny Esfandiari, a 93-year-old great-grandmother with heart disease and bad eyesight, made a desperate trip to Iran’s notorious Evin Prison earlier this month.

“I have to find my daughter,” she told relatives reluctant to drive her. None thought it would be productive — or worth the risks. A nephew finally agreed. He stayed in the car as Esfandiari slowly shuffled on her cane up to the hulking white stone compound in Tehran where Iran’s kings and theocrats have incarcerated their most famous political prisoners as well as their toughest criminals.

Esfandiari asked to see her daughter, Haleh Esfandiari of Potomac, a scholar once described as the “gold standard” of Middle East analysts, who was detained by Iranian intelligence on May 8.

The elder Esfandiari was told to try the prison’s high-security wing — the infamous Ward 209. There, however, she was turned away, and slowly made her way back to her nephew’s car.

Of course, a 93-year old woman with a delicate health condition cannot see his daughter and is turned away.

But Iranian Government is angry. Why? Because of the Iranian film at Cannes:

Iran has protested to France over the screening at the Cannes film festival of an animated film about a woman growing up in revolutionary Iran, slamming the movie as a “political act”, local media reported on Monday.

Persepolis, which stems from a best-selling comic book series by Iranian emigre Marjane Satrapi and is competing for the prestigious Palme d’Or, shows its heroine struggling with the authorities in the early days of the Islamic revolution.

The Cannes film festival has selected a film about Iran which presents an unreal picture of the outcomes and achievements of the Islamic revolution,” said a letter to the French cultural attaché in Tehran carried by the press.

The achievements of the Islamic Republic???smile_angryHmm, yes, 16-year-old girls hanged for having pre-marital sex [while stating that hanging is less cruel than stoned to death…], beating peaceful young protesters in the street and women not-dressed Islamic way, detaining dogs for being Un-Islamic and beating (130 lashes) to a Norvegian-Iranian for drinking two beers, obliging the shop-keepers to saw off the mannequin breasts, etc, etc..

Hmmm, yes, I can see the achievements

(UPDATE) Read more comments about 16-year-old hanged for having pre-marital sex at Velvet Hammer.

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This post could also be titled as BBC Watch, because it is very funny how they write about the situation in the refugee camp:

Thousands of people have used a night-time lull in fighting between troops and Islamist militants to flee a refugee camp in northern Lebanon.

Palestinians in Nahr al-Bared had been trapped for three days as Lebanese army troops exchanged fire with Fatah al-Islam fighters holed up in the camp.

At least 50 soldiers and militants have died. The civilian toll is unknown.

UN head of humanitarian affairs John Holmes appealed to the warring sides to allow aid supplies into the camp.

He said it was outrageous that a relief convoy which had entered the camp on Tuesday had been forced to turn back after shells exploded near its vehicles.

There are two very interesting things in this part of the news:

  1. the Islamist terrorists are called militants and fighters, as if they were some kind of wonderful saviors. As I posted yesterday, the people are turning these terrorists affable murderers to the authorities. They are there ONLY because the troops are not allowed inside the camp and are using Palestinian refugees as human shields. I make the same question as yesterday: Why this is not told by BBC? -yesterday it was Yahoo!-Reuters-.
  2. And the second is even more outrageous: the aid supplies were bombed by the fighters who were trying that the Palestinians did not get out of the camp. They even did not want the evacuation of the wounded.

From Beirut to the Beltway has written about the last events in Lebanon (h/t Blacksmiths of Lebanon):

The Lebanese army is acting to “finish off” the terrorists in the Nahr El Bared refugee camp, after receiving a green light Monday from the Lebanese cabinet, and political cover from the Palestinian factions, who are now concerned about the civilian death toll. The army is now reportedly moving into the camp and arresting some of the terrorists.

[…] According to As-Safir, an ISF investigation into a bank robbery accidentally led the police to an apartment in Tripoli that members of Fatah al-Islam used as a base. The Islamists reacted to the police operation by attacking a Lebanese army post near the Nahr El Bared refugee camp, slaughtering 17 Lebanese army soldiers in their sleep, and ambushing others on leave in Qalamoun and Koura. The terrorists’ weapon of choice: suicide attacks. As-Safir said the ISF and the Army intelligence had been monitoring the movements of Fatah al-Islam for months. They succeeded in apprehending over a dozen members, but the camp was off limits to them.

The terrorist group, implicated in a terrorist attack last February, and reportedly charged with killing politicians and attacking UNIFIL troops, as well as killing “crusaders and Zionists”, had been trying to extend its zone of influence to the international highway connecting Lebanon to Syria. The group often clashed with other Palestinian factions, especially Fatah, which accused it at various points in time of being controlled by Syrian intelligence. There have been attempts by local camp leaders to hand over suspects in the Ain Alaq bombings to the Lebanese authorities, but these attempts failed.

Read all the post. Nothing to do with BBC coverage…

Finally the UN and Red Cross convoys have entered and they keep on being shot by terrorists militants. There are 4 dead.

And attention to this comment:

Beirut mood report: Today the traffic was very light, people are scared, they fear leaving home and not coming back, there’s a tense mood in the air. It was calm. People noticed a change in the tonality of the Palestinian parties, this caused fears, yesterday the Palestinian parties said they want to end the terrorist group, but today rallies were held in the camps against the government of Saniora and the Leb army. The word on the street is that Damascus put enormous pressure on Palestinians especially Hamas to change the tonality of their statements…God Help Lebanon

Hmm, not surprising. These terrorists militants have been killing Palestinians (even using them as human shields!!) and, instead of confronting them, they are confronting the Lebanese army…

And this other one about the Fatah al-Islam leader asking and obtaining help from Syria.

You can go and read the comments. They are very interesting.

Global Voices Online has a roundup on Lebanese bloggers and their view on the situation. Read all of them. There are opinions of all sorts. 😉

Here there is more about the Aschrafief bombing.

The American Thinker writes about the leader of the group:

al-Abssi was sentenced to death along with al-Zarqawi in Jordan for assassinating the United States diplomat Laurence Foley, he was freed from a Syrian jail where he had spent three years for plotting terrorist attacks there. Released last fall, he made his way immediately to the northern Lebanese refugee camp Nahr el-Bared where he began to recruit not only Palestinians but also Arab fighters and jihadists from as far away as Chechnya.

A very good and peaceful guy. A true alliancetor [Zapatero’s registered trade mark 🙂 ]

More in Good neighbours Blog. h/t Extreme Centre.org.

And last news are that… UN condemns Lebanon for disproportionate response. Hmm, no mention to the human shields also, a very important thing, because if someone is shooting you from behind a woman, what would you do? And what would you do if that same someone is shooting to other civilians from behind the same woman?

Blaming the troops for that is very easy, but from my point of view is not the solution. The first condemnation -and the most important one- should be given to the terrorists and their blackmail of innocent civilians. But the UN Secretary General does a good work on considering the Lebanese Army equal to the terrorists. I am not the least surprised. I have had a very bad opinion of Ban Ki-Moon since he was elected and I knew his position of Kim Il Jong. Appeasement in full extent…

(UPDATE): You can also see the video Chaim links. Attention to Abbas’s permission to enter the camp…

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