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h/t Stefania (1 y 2):

And a woman is beaten for not dressing Islamic way:

Ahmadinejad said that women’s rights were more respected than mens’. Seeing these images we can see that women’s rights are as unrespected as mens’.

Kamangir posts about the reaction this brutality has caused on Iranian bloggers.

Serendip also quotes another Iranian blogger:

The sound of the rod on the body of Iranian children has torn asunder the ears of heaven. But their fathers and mothers are only aloof spectators and pass their days. The heavy shadows of Whips go up and down everyday. And all of us are spectators behind the curtain…Indeed, “nations and people get the government they deserve”.

Keep watching the whips until you feel it palbable on your bodies…and then that day you will realize that it’s too late. Indeed, who is to blame. The oppressor or the victim that accepts the oppression?

I would never blame the victim more than the opressor…

At the same time, the little mermaid in Copenhaguen has appeared with a Muslim veil in her hair. h/t En Defensa de Occidente.

Right with these photos, and to consider the European future, you can see again the program of Channel 4 made with a hidden camera that proofs the extremist Islamist teachings in mosques in UK. I wonder what would happen in Spain if something like that would be done.

But the socalled feminists continue in silence, without protesting against all this violation of Human Rights.

UPDATE: Iran detains 87 homosexuals, 17 are still in prison:

Up to 17 men remain in detention after being arrested at a private party in Esfahan province, central Iran on 10 May. They may have been tortured or ill-treated and remain at risk of such abuse.

Hmmm, where is the worldwide protest about this? If the Catholic Church do not want to marry homosexuals, we have un aproar of rage from the homosexual lobby. But if Iranian ayatollahs imprison and torture people who were just in a party, they say nothing. Once again we can see the double standards of some people….

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