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According to Spanish leftist newspaper El Periodico de Cataluña, AlQaeda is recruiting lots of youths in Catalonia:

A person in charge of the Brigade of Information of the National Body of Police (CNP) -the speaker in question is Rodrigo Gavilán- talked about “a constant dripping” of resident Muslim volunteers in Spain who give themselves to yihad international. “Yearly, the number of Spanish mujahidines oscillates between the 30 and 40 people who disappear in radical surroundings or who are detected in Iraq or in route towards countries with terrorist campings“, affirmed.

The person in charge of a foreign secret service alerted that “Catalonia is the place of origin of many of them, due to the influence that radical salafi circles have in that region“.

The preeminence of Catalonia over other Spanish regions was specially clear, as in the last two years in Vilanova, Santa Coloma, Barcelona and Girona, three important networks of recruitment and shipment from young people to Iraq has been dismantled. After Catalonia, the other seed plots of radical islamists in Spain are mainly Madrid, Ceuta and Melilla.

[…] Two methods of recruitment of voluntary young people have been detected. First one occurs in districts with great presence of Muslim immigrants. There, individuals pertaining to radical cells approach teenagers and young people with strong problems of marginalization and uprooting.

“”Salafis” means recruiters, some come from France and of Belgium, that works of traveling form moving by all Spain“, a person in charge of counterterrorism explains. The boarding can take place during religious classes in mosques and pray rooms, although also in cafeterias and in the middle of the street.

They are summoned in floors, in the back of butchers or similar places, wherever at midnight or at daybreak those recruiters chat with them on yihad.

The other route of recruitment takes place in Internet, where young that has been radicalized by themselves visit forums, chats and radical webs and are contacted there by pick up networks that first request an economic aid to them and later offer them the possibility of going to Iraq.

[…] Once chosen, those young people are obliged to leave the studies and other occupations are offered to them. “The network offers them work in building companies owned by Moroccans“, added east police control. In those companies the indoctrination work continues. When the network considers that the young person is ready, manages its transfer to Iraq or, if she is a person specially enabled, to a field of training.

Those sources indicated that “one of the main routes by which it is sent to voluntary young people to Iraq they manage extremist cells Pakistanis that operate in Ceuta and Melilla“.

[…] Those transfers are financed thanks to the traffic of hashish coming from Morocco and to the obtained drug trafficking money with enterprise activities like the computer science construction, services and the forging of clothes and clocks.

The recruiters are salafist who have come from France or Belgium.

For example in 2005 one of the accused of March 11th bombings flee to Iraq using this method.

But there is more:

As the recruited ones in Spain lack military formation, knowledge of explosives or urban guerrilla, mainly “are sent for kamikaze actions“, or “are instructed” in military actions. “the danger, as both sources from the National Police and of the Civil Guard have pointed out – is that, once formed as terrorist in those fields or trained in combat in Iraq, the recruit is sent back to Europe to stay latent until the order arrives to them to activate“.

But the Catalan Interior Conseiller, Joan Saura (Socialist), known for having said that he is for the legalization of all the drugs, denies that Al Qaeda is operating so importantly in Catalonia. More here:

I do not know of any Jihadist focus in Catalonia“. But he added that “the fight against Islamist terrorism is the most important concern in the Western world, and also here, and more since Al-Qaeda menaced Al-Andalus.

I hope he is not considering Catalonia outside of the Western world…

And of course, I hope that the fight against Islamism is not a concern but a priority.

Also we have to remember that back in 2003, 16 Islamists were detained accused of plotting to commit terrorist attacks with explosive and chemical devices. Place where they were staying? Catalonia. When Aznar announced it, leftist groups in the parliament mocked him, because the Islamists have washing powder branded “Dixan”. The terrorist commando was then, named Dixan. On 2007, 5 of them had been condemned to 13 years in prison each. The substances that they had, though they weren’t enough to make explosives, could be used to build explosive devices, combined with the right electronic devices, devices which they had. They weren´t condemned by possesing explosives but by only belonging to terrorist network and forging documents.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s office confesses that the Islamist terrorism is the first concern with more than 56 detained Islamists [alleged ] in 2007.

Update: Catalan newspaper LA Vanguardia reports that while the lider of CiU (Catalan moderate nationalists) has blamed the Government of the Generalitat for this rise in the Catalan jihadis, the CiU’s candidate to Major of Barcelona has stated that he does not consider Islamism a priority and that the city’s major problems come from common delinquents. “ I am dedicating myself to Barcelona, not to problems of the rest of Spain“. Hmm,

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From EL Diario Exterior:


Todo empezó en abril de 1996 cuando una paciente con una “fiebre innominada” ingresó en un hospital en la provincia central de Henan en China donde trabajaba Gao. La mujer imploraba, “ịNo quiero morir! Mi esposo y mi hijo no pueden vivir sin mí”.

Falleció 10 días más tarde. Durante más de una semana, el marido de la mujer durmió junto a su tumba en un acto de contrición: Había aprobado una transfusión de sangre años antes mediante la cual Gao determinó que la mujer había contraído el SIDA.

“Estaba asombrada de descubrir que la sangre contaminada había provenido de un banco de sangre,” declaró Gao. “Si un banco de sangre ha sido contaminado con HIV, ịciertamente debe existir más de una sola victima!”

Estaba en lo correcto.

En los años 90, los bancos de sangre “no oficiales” florecieron y los campesinos chinos fueron alentados a vender su sangre a fin de recolectar el plasma. Las “clínicas”, en ocasiones dirigidas por políticos locales o militares, debían superar la renuencia de muchos campesinos a dar sangre. Así, se volvió normal reinyectar a los donantes con sangre desprovista de plasma que era extraída de un fondo general. Esa sangre no era examinada para ver si contenía SIDA.

Nadie sabe cuán difundido está el problema resultante.

[…] Según la revista The Economist, “Las Naciones Unidas estiman que a finales de 2005 existían 55.000 donantes comerciales de sangre y plasma infectados con HIV en China….Un experto chino en SIDA, Zhang Ke, informó en 2004 que la cifra para la provincia de Henan…podría ser más de 170.000. El Dr Zhang estimaba que unos 130.000 adicionales en Henan obtuvieron el virus de transfusiones en los hospitales”.

China has now, in these days a grave problem with AIDS. During the 1990’s flourished the blood banks in the countryside. Peasants did not like to give away their blood, but political and medical bodies wanted them to sell it in order to have more plasma. Then they injected repeatedly again the blood-with-no-plasma in the donor’s circulatory system. As these funds did not have any health control, and as the blood was reinjected after been mixed with all the other donors’ blood in a general fund, if one part of it was contaminated everything of it was.

This terrible secret has been discovered by an old woman, Gao Yaojie. This 80-years-old lady, is defying all the Communist Party whose leaders do not want China to meet another scandal in the eve of the Olympic Games.

But the scandal could be monstrous, and the Communist Party is practising a police of “good cop, bad cop“, harrasing her some times and praising her others. For example, she has been placed under house arrest some days to prevent her to go to New York to receive a prize. But the same days one of the leaders of the local Communist Party, stepped by and a photo was made of them both, photo that later was published in the local Communist Party newspaper. The reason? Next year Oympic Games, for obvious reasons.

According to Gao, everything began back in 1996 when a young woman was received in the hospital where Gao was working with “an unknown fever”. The woman began screaming that she did not want to die, because she had a husband and a son. Nothing could be done and the woman died 10 days later. The husband blamed himself because he had approved a blood transfusion several years before. Through the normal procedure, it was determined she had been infected by the blood in the fund.

So Gao says “a lot more people could be infected”.

And she was right. According to The Economist, “UN estimates that in the end of 2005 55.000 donors of blood and plasma were infected with AIDS in China… A Chinese expert in AIDS, Zhang Ke, informed in 2004 that only in the province of Henan…there could be more than 170.000. Dr Zhang estimated that another 130.000 in Henan obtained the virus through transfusions in the hospitals”.

Today NYT has published that 2 activists have been placed under house arest and barred from leaving China:


The police barred Hu Jia, 33, and his wife, Zeng Jinyan, 23, from departing from Beijing on a trip to Hong Kong and several European countries, Mr. Hu said. The couple had planned to call attention to what they described as a neglect of AIDS patients and to defend other Chinese campaigners for human rights who had been prosecuted in recent months.

Mr. Hu said the police told him that he and Ms. Zeng were suspected of “endangering national security” and would be required to stay in their home under police watch for an indefinite period.

“Officials are worried that we would set off opposition to Beijing’s hosting of the Olympics,” Mr. Hu said. State security officials almost never offer any information about their activities, but the city is the venue for the 2008 Summer Games and intends to use the event to present China as a sophisticated, modern country that is open to the outside world.

In another indication of the sensitivity of the Games to China, Yang Jiechi, the country’s new foreign minister, on Friday denounced efforts in the United States to link support for Beijing’s serving as host of the Olympics to its policies in Sudan.

China has been criticized for giving strong financial and diplomatic backing to the government of Sudan, which the Bush administration and critics worldwide say has practiced genocide in its southern Darfur region while waging a war against secessionists there. “There is a handful of people who are trying to politicize the Olympic Games,” Mr. Yang told reporters. “This is against the spirit of the Games. It also runs counter to the aspirations of all the people in the world.”

But in recent times it has been the UN and not USA the one who has blamed China -and Russia- about Darfur. Croydonian has more about Chinese involvement in Darfur.

Other South-Asian news:


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