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From ABC.es:


The special Police Corp Tedax (explosives experts) has de-activated an explosive device in an industrial loft in Lugo which belonged to the building firm Mon, according to policial sources.
The device was localised outside the building, situated in an industrial area in O Ceao, and consisted in a pressure cooker with explosive inside build mainly of screws and a detonator.
According to a policial speaker, if the device would have exploded, it would have been “a massacre”. Once de-activated, the device was carried away to the experts in de-activation of explosives to analyse their composition and search for possible leads.
The police received the call that alerted of the existence of the device around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. In the offices of two newspapers in Lugo some e-mails written in Galician-Portuguese “against the destruction, generalised resistence”.
The message contained a reference to the explosive device and also accused the building firm Mon as “responsible of urban damages” in the city of Lugo.

There has been more menaces against a PP member, now in Catalonia (yesterday I wrote that there has been several attacks in past days):

The candidate of Catalan Popular Party to be Major of Ulldecona, Isabel Salas, has denounced this Tuesday before the Civil Guard that she has received menaces against her and against the party she represents.
According to the popular candidate’s communiqué, on Monday night she received in the local office of PPC in Ulldecona a piece of newspaper where the aggressions suffered by a councilor on Basque Country were reported. With the photo of the beaten councillor, it is written “You will be the next” or “Isabel go to Spain“.In El Vendrell PPC has seen how since the beginning of the campaign, the propganda has been systematically torn apart.

But, without doubt, the worst of all the acts has been the one happened in the Madrid’s village of San Fernando de Henares. Some unknown people have written “ETA kill them” in a photo of PP’s candidate to Major in the propaganda shown in the streets (photo, left).

But in other photos of candidates, the PP candidates are called “murders”:
Some more menaces: to the candidate to Major of Mostoles: Parro, we are going to kill you:
So, what do this people want? A new Civil War? No opposition -that is, to begin a new dictatorship-? Riots?

The other important item has been the appearance of ANV (Basque Nationalist Action). This political party did not support the violence on 1978 but the next year it entered on the orbit of Batasuna-ETA.

The terrorist platform presented another party before: Abertzalen Sozialisten.

As I wrote here, a political party can be illegalised if it’s defending violence or supporting terrorism.

So the question was: Do ANV or AS defend violence or support terrorism?

The Supreme Tribunal consider totally against law all the electoral lists from Abertzalen Socialista and a great part of the ANV. In its resolution, the Magistrates from Special 61 considered that they could have anulled all the lists from ANV, if the Government had began the right process. The Tribunal considered that, as ANV was used as a fraud the right process was to declare totally void ALL the party. They also consider that ANV is the the heir of Batasuna.

There are protests scheduled for May 22nd whose objective will be to ask for the illegalization of ANV.

But the worst thing regarding Spanish politics, is that, after seeing bloody ETA terrorist De Juana Chaos in a video, broader and fatter, when PP has pushed in Parliament a vote to return him to prison, all parties except PP, have voted against it. They have voted for De Juana not to be in jail for the rest of his punishment. And they have done it before the victims, specially before Gerardo, one of the elite policemen from TEDAX corps, whose colleague Esteban del Amo was killed by a bomb put by De Juana. Genaro’s life was saved thanks to Del Amo’s heroism: knowing that he was going to die, Del Amo sprang and put his body between the bomb and Genaro. No body was found, just some little pieces.[We will be eternally grateful to British newspaper The Times for their photos about De Juana].

Gerardo after the bomb exploded. Thanks, The Times. And thanks, every one and to the last you cowards of Spanish Parliament. Do you see this man’s hands? Well, that is nothing to what happened to Del Amo: his remains were nowhere. What would happen if instead of them, would have been your sons and daughters?

Yes, I know that I normally do not write things like this. Normally I only write facts, but this is so grave, so insulting, so wrong…

The protest against PSOE for these acts has already surfaced Second Life:

The menaces to non-nationalists continue in Basque Country. Philosopher Savater has said: “we do not need human solidarity, we need political solidarity”. Well, seeing how the campaign is going, I see there is little human solidarity in some circles and politicians.

By the way, this is the hour, that neither the Socialists, Communists or Nationalists have condemned the menaces and harrasment of PP or Ciutadans candidates.

To foreigners who do not like Spanish politics, and consider that ETA should not be considered, because it’s just a “Spanish issue“, just tell them, that De Juana had gone on hunger strike twice last year, that he achieved what he wanted (2nd penitentiary grade, while having a magnificent share of penitentiary priviledges). Well, 14 of the Islamists who are accused of Madrid March 11 bombings are on hunger strike:

The accused on hunger strike are the accused of being the material authors: Jamal Zougam and Basel Ghalyoun; the accused of belonging to terrorist organisation: Mouhannad Almallah Dabas, Mohamed Larbi bem Sellam, Otman el Gnaoui, Rachid Aglif and Abdelilah el Fadoual el Akil; and the accused of collaborating with terrorist organisation: Hamid Ahmidan y Mahmoud Slimane Aoun.

We also have to add the two ideologues: the Egyptian and Mouhamed Belhadj, who is also the ideologue of the hunger strike.

But Judge Bermúdez has warned them he is not going to stop the process, just because they are feeling bad as a result of the hunger strike -some of them are also not drinking liquids. In his words:

We are informing the accused that if they continue with this attitude they are going to be expelled temporally or definitively from the oral phase and the process will continue in their absence. So, the process will not be suspended by that motive. But some measures can be reinforced such as issue an order to make them drink water or have food with or without their will.

The message is clear: if De Juana is out in the streets, why we cannot? If Zapatero is negotiating with ETA why not with us?

Barcepundit also notes this puts the Government in a rather bad situation. Situation that would be worse if opposition (=PP, the rest of the groups are no opposition at all), would also point out the obvious fact…

And the fact that the pericial report has not pointed out what kind of explosives were used does not help…

Other news:
The murderer of Tomás y Valiente, ex-President of the Spanish Constitutional Tribunal, Bienzobas -below-, has been condemned to 30 years in prison. Let’s hope he is not given the 2nd grade tomorrow, because, well, let’s be pacifist for a while and we must speak with anyone.





Jon Bienzobas, durante el juicio en la Audiencia Nacional. (Foto: EFE)

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Some days ago I spoke with my friend Kate from A Colombo-Americana’s Perspective, about Colombian President Uribe. She had written about Nancy Pelosi not considering even considering a meeting with Uribe, although afterwards she had to reconsider it and meet him. Considering that the so-called Plan Colombia is helping the country to combat the narco-lords and to bring peace to the country, this position is, at the very least, idiotic and stupid. The Counterterrorism Blog has a very good analysis of the situation:

[…] according to both long-time critics of Plan Colombia (the multi-billion dollar U.S. aid package to Colombia) and long-time supporters the trip was apparently a debacle. The Democratic congress is not keen on Plan Colombia or a U.S.-Colombia Free Trade pact. The Democrats have been accused of using revelations of human rights abuses as a fig leaf for doing the AFL-CIO’s bidding and killing the Free Trade Agreement. This is not entirely fair, as the human rights situation in Colombia is abysmal (although it has been abysmal for decades now). There have been a steady stream of revelations about high-level contacts between the military, the para-militaries, and politicians close to Uribe. Uribe himself has remained popular.

The Democrats should consider their next moves carefully. It is easy to bash Republican policies (although Plan Colombia was initially formulated under the Clinton Administration.) Only a decade ago, Colombia was on the verge of being a failed state, now the situation has stabilized. But much remains to be done, and it is entirely conceivable that the situation could take a turn for the worse.

At the same the FARC remains a major concern, a well funded terrorist group with both the desire and the capability to wreak havoc not only in Colombia but throughout the hemisphere (for more read this report on the FARC’s hemisphere-wide reach.) While the paramilitaries are absolutely loathesome, they are not expressly political (they were formed when the state proved unable to secure large sections of the country). Despite conventional wisdom that the FARC are really just about drug trafficking, at least some parts of it remain a Maoist guerilla movement that explicitly seeks to overthrow the Colombian state and spread its radical ideology. The FARC needs to be kept under pressure – failure to do so will destabilize Colombia and its neighbors.

Finally, bashing Uribe sends the wrong message to Latin America. If the U.S. turns on its closest, most loyal regional ally, other leaders will not be tempted to support American initiatives. […]

This last point is without doubt very important for the US. Especially because at the same time, Pelosi wanted to have a chat both with Ahmadinejad, who cannot be considered as a Human Rights’ supporter, and with Chávez, whose last deed has been to close a TV opposed to his Bolivarian regime and whose treatment of the press has been criticized by two reports recentlysomething which can lead to a new crackdown on disidents-.

Another reason to consider the stupid position of Mrs. Pelosi is the fact that Uribe’s popularity has risen to an astounding 75% of the Colombian people.

Of course, the picture of the Colombian-US relations should be finished by pointing out that the same people who are supporting the Dems’ position, demonstrated heavily against Bush when he visited Colombia some months ago.

The accusation against Uribe is that some of his closed collaborators have some kind of linkage to paramilitaries. As I did not know a lot about them, I asked Jaime Restrepo from Colombian blog Atrabilioso to enlighten me on this subject:

The paramilitaries appeared as an answer from peasants and rich land owners to the abuses of the FARC and the guerrilla in general, as the absence of the State in a lot of Colombian regiones was hugh: till 2002, more than 200 villages (more or less 20% of the total number of villages in Colombia), did not have police, nor teachers, judges nurses or any other civil servant.

Those peasants organised themselves or sponsored some movements of self-defense. Even the State (from 1970 till 1990) promoted them or supported the organization of these movements using the Army for that. In the mid-80’s, the narco-market appeared in Colombia and step by step the so-called Medellín’s cartel begins to control those groups of self-defense not only to defend themselves from guerilla, but also to steal lands, make their enemies and informants disappear and to eliminate in general every suspicious body.
The first thing to consider is that we cannot speak of a paramilitary structure alone, because there are some organizations that appear in different regions, independently, without an organised command and without unified criteria: in practice that is kept till today, as the peace process with the paramilitaries was made with many of these groups, but not with all of them. They were operating without a unified command and only achieved a sort of union for negotiation with State. But they also penetrated the State and involved some corrupted politicians, with no scruples and criminals in their cause.
Of all of these groups that were not in the peace process, the 3rd generation of paramilitaries is created (in 1992 they made another negotiation in only one region of the country that resulted had been a sham). Some weeks ago one of their leaders was captured and the guy shouted that as long as the FARC exist, the paramilitaries will also exist: I believe that this is what a lot of Colombians consider about this, because they consider that the FARC are the main generator of violence and death. The FARC also nearly succeded in coming to power in a sort of peace process made between 1998 and 2001 Distension Zone from San Vicente del Caguán.
Of course, people know that the paramilitaries, like FARC or ELN, have not done any good: in their history they have only caused death and destruction. For me, the difference is that the FARC are the cause and the paramilitaries are the consequence, but this can only explain the facts and never the justification, because the blood split has none.

I have translated what he wrote to me as I think that it is very important to read the people who live in the country without any kind of intermediaries.

Although the situation has really being improved, the FARC are now focusing on kidnapping children. This year alone 27 children have been kidnapped, that is to say that the 22% of the kidnappings which happened this year have been against minors. They are now the favorite target of the criminals, even greater that the businessmen, who are the most affected group by this crime. In 2006, 110 children were kidnapped, while 95 businessmen, 57 employees and 6 civil servants.

Related news:

This is a production for Atrabilioso: freedom for all the kidnapped in Colombia.

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From LD:

The Association of relatives of imprisoned and disappeared Saharaui people alerts the International Community of the wave of repression against Saharaui students by the Moroccan authorities in the Universities of Agadir, Marrakech, Casablanca and Rabat. The Polisario points out that we are in front of facts that had no precedent in the past because before the violations of Human Rights were only against the Occupied Sahara (Western Sahara). Among the 30 Saharaui students gravely beaten, the most hardly beaten has been Saltana Khana, 20-years-old (photo, right), who lost an eye after she was beaten by the Moroccan police.
She was just a peaceful demonstrator at the Marrakech University. She was beaten by a police with a stick in the eye. With blood all over her face, she lost conscience and in the floor she was again menaced with death by some other police members. But instead of carrying her to the hospital, she was detained and carried to a police station, her sister has said.

She will be imprisoned again“, Brahim Gali, the representant of Polisario in Spain has said. “This is only a consequence of the anger Moroccan officials have, after the right to determination has been recognised even by UN, without excluding independence“, he added.

No Spanish official has condemned these agressions, but Zapatero has said in the past that Morocco “was heading to democracy”. There has been another expulsion of PSOE campaign acts because of supporting Sahara: a young man shouted his support and was expelled from the building.

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