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Riots in La Bastille:

From Ironic Surrealism.

Another video, also riots happened in La Bastille:

Another video, this riot happened in Belleville:

A Blog for All reminds that tear gas was needed to disperse the democratic youths. And that the rioters were white-skined… ejem, that was clear from the beginning…

From Red Alerts: Communist leader supports Paris Jihad.

Fausta’s blog: Sarko: What’s next?. She quotes Forbes: “French president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy plans to waste no time pushing through a weighty package of pro-market, anti-crime reforms – but the first battle is winning a majority in parliament in new elections next month“.

NRO on French elections: What Republicans should learn of Sarkozy’s victory -and also Spanish right-centre- h/t El Opinador Compulsivo:

  1. He stuck on ideas. He had specific solutions for specific problems — including some of France’s most intractable — and he stuck by them no matter what. He didn’t allow his ideas to become swamped in sentiment.
  2. He reflected common sense.
  3. Sarkozy simply ignored what the French press assumed the campaign should be about — the enshrinement of the 35-hour week or Le Pen or whatever — and stayed on-topic.
  4. he didn’t give credit to constituency issues that weren’t his own (such as Royal being a woman).
  5. He ignored meaningless issues, for example, Bayrou.
  6. He prohibited cynicism, because he stuck with ideas.
  7. He ran from losers… of his own party (Chirac and the rest of the UMP establishment).
Italian blogger Face the Truth also sees this as an example for Italian right parties.

Remember the I am a woman, vote for me of Ségo? She will be dissapointed h/t O Insurgente:

Nicolas Sarkozy won the women’s vote and fared well among blue-collar workers, even though his rival for the French presidency was a woman and a Socialist.

It was one of the surprising subplots in Sarkozy’s resounding election victory over Segolene Royal – and shows his vision of pro-market reforms and scaling back immigration appeals to a wide audience.

No Pasarán h/t EU Referendum (by the way, read the post I am linking, it has a very good insight):

In Lille, just before 22h00, around 200 anarchists French youths with black flags grouped around the Grand Place and chanted “Fascist Sarko, the people will have your hide”.

Oh, yeah, as Helen, points out, ehem the people have voted and Sarkozy has won. And how many votes anarchists had?

Deustche Welle: More riots on France after Sarkozy wins. Now, Socialist leaders appeal for calm: François Hollande (PS) calls for restraint and adds “Everyone who indulges in these acts of violence only does those people a service who want more order and strictness“. “But we need dialogue and respect instead of violence,” he added…. Too late!

Strata Sphere: Is Europe moving right? Is the democratic left in trouble?

I normally do not link to bad taste images, but you can see how badly Sarko has been treated by some people throughout the campaign, going to this post. I advice you: the image is… of very bad taste.

The New Babylon Times: In Lilles some youths climbed to the Mayor’s office balcony and some of the flags burned. (In Spanish).

Alianza entre Mamones comments: And as ever the leftists take on very well the defeats.

The American Thinker considers that the riots are caused by the spoken frienship between France and US. I really think that they do not consider the right is legitimate enough to govern.

Atlas Shrugs has more on the riots. People are blaming on his foreign origins the reaction people had when he called rioters scum. They consider that, being an immigrant, he should have more respect for immigrants. Oh, yes, but for immigrants that do not riot and work. By the way, I feel that consideration about his origins is somewhat chauvinist: and then, these leftists… blame every people of the world of being racists and segregationists… Hmmm.

Disculpen las Molestias: The important thing is not losing, and most important, not losing the elections to a conservative. Some people can’t stand it.

Stephania fears he is going to be just another right-wing socialist.

Chaim links to an IHT article about the elections. Sakozy is both an outsider and and an insider. We will see, as I have writen before, what happens in legislative elections… next June.

French blog Instict de survie reports that Islamist web Oumma.net has begun its resistance against the national-sarkosysme. They also report that the association “Votez banlieues“, was calling for anti-Sarko vote. But the French Muslim Council is happy about the result as Sarkozy was the one who united “all the French Muslim tendencies“. That, together with his mentions to euthanasia, are the two things I really do not see very clear about him.

By the way, a Catholic Church in Loos has been burned to the ground. Three people were questioned but they had all being released.

Portuguese blogger Franciso Núnes writes:

The French do not bore badly that Nicolas Sarkozy called scum to some sympathetic youths who got some fun burning neighbours’ cars and buses with passengers inside, breaking windows, beating people in the streets, destroying urban equipment

Terrible people, this French.

Je, je, je, there’s nothing better in this world that ironic people… [Uups, I forgot to write that post about Portuguese PM Socrates faking his degree… Changing from Outlook to new Windows Live Mail have those inconvenients…).

And Sarkozy Intifada Continues right now

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So the revelations about the Economic Direction of the Presidency (EDP) keep on coming. Mr. Conthe, ex-president of the National Commission of the Market Shares (CNMV, the equivalent to the US SEC) has stated that he has “direct evidence” that Carlos Arenillas, vicepresident of the same Commission, received orders and acted as a representative from the EDP in the case of FG Valores in Jan 2005. “There was an incorrect mixture of personal links and public functions in realtion with a dossier about the president of the Bank“, referring himself to Francisco González, the President of one of Spain’s most important banks BBVA.

El ex presidente de la Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) Manuel Conthe afirmó este lunes tener “evidencia directa” de que el vicepresidente del organismo, Carlos Arenillas, recibió instrucciones y actuó como “correa de transmisión” de la Oficina Económica de Presidencia del Gobierno sobre el expediente FG Valores en enero de 2005. En concreto, señaló que tiene evidencia clara de un supuesto en el que a su juicio, hubo una “mezcla indebida de vínculos personales con funciones públicas en lo relativo a un dossier sobre el presidente de un banco”, en alusión a Francisco González, presidente del BBVA.

More about the embarrasing news:
ABC.es: economia – economia – Moncloa intentó utilizar a la CNMV para acosar al presidente del BBVA

El ya ex presidente de la Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), Manuel Conthe, aprovechó ayer la toma de posesión de Julio Segura, para dar a conocer las «pruebas» por las que asegura que el vicepresidente de la CNMV, Carlos Arenillas, no debe permanecer en el cargo. Según explicó en una improvisada rueda de prensa, el sábado 15 de enero de 2005, Arenillas le llamó por móvil para que se vieran urgentemente «donde fuera», porque tenía «un documento importantísimo» que enseñarle. De esta forma, Conthe se presentó en el domicilio de Arenillas, la segunda y última vez que lo haría. En sus manos tenía el dossier de la venta de FG Valores a Merril Lynch, afirmando que se lo «había pasado la Oficina Económica de la Moncloa», donde había acudido con su coche oficial a recogerlo y, con la advertencia de que una copia del documento obraba en manos del jefe de informativos de la Cadena Ser, Javier Ruiz. Acto seguido, Arenillas llamó al periodista, quien se reunió con ellos pasados cinco minutos, llevando el dossier. Conthe les dijo que ese documento sería «irrelevante» si no pasaba el registro de entrada de la CNMV, lo que sucedió el lunes 17 de enero. Cinco días después, el 22 de enero, dicho dossier quedó archivado por entender la CNMV que era «prácticamente imposible» esclarecer las posibles irregularidades contables que se denunciaban. Estos hechos sucedían en el momento en que Sacyr acosaba al presidente del BBVA, Francisco González, tras haber comprado un poco más del 3% del banco.

But the things get more interesting. The person who was then the Director of the EDP was Miguel Sebastian (photo, left), now Socialist candidate to be Madrid’s Major, appointed by Zapatero, with no kind of militants’ elections and who is said to be the one who wrote the dossier to indict Francisco González.
Leftist radio Cadena Ser from Spanish holding PRISA, S.A., denied yesterday any meddling in the affair. But leftist newspaper EL País, from the same holding, has contradicted the radio and has recognised that it was Sebastian’s doing.
The Socialist candidate has suspended all his activities for the next 2 days.
It was said on those days that Sebastian wanted González’s job.
At the same time, Solbes, Economy Spanish Minister says that “hmm, that is something of the past“. Coming from a Government who is everyday searching for Historic Memory that is a somewhat bizarre statement. And at the same time, he is acknowledging that it was true…
El País deja en evidencia a la SER y reconoce que el dossier contra Francisco González viene de Miguel Sebastián – Libertad Digital

la Cadena SER. La emisora negó este lunes que el origen del informe fuera la Oficina Económica de Moncloa, pero este martes el editorial de El País pone en evidencia a la cadena al señalar al propio Sebastián. El candidato socialista a la Alcaldía de Madrid ha suspendido sus apariciones durante este martes y el miércoles.

What is more, he said this in the act in which the new President from the CNMV was officialy named. The new President, Mr. Segura was a Communist in his youth -very appropriate as someone who has to monitorize the share markets of a capitalistic nature: La Nación – Conthe acusa a Arenillas de ser correa de transmisión del Gobierno en el caso FG

Conthe realizó estas acusaciones ante los periodistas pocos minutos antes de que Segura tomara posesión, en un acto en el que participaron el vicepresidente segundo del Gobierno, Pedro Solbes, el propio Arenillas, y en el que estuvieron presentes, entre otros, el consejero delegado del BBVA, Jose Ignacio Gorigolzarri.

AS a result of the recent scandals in the CNMV, Popular Party is going to defend in Parliament on Thursday (that is, today), that the election of the President of the CNMV is made by a qualified majority of 3/5 of the Congress, something which has been more insisted on as a result of the last scandals, both related with Endesa turnover bid by Italian Enel and Spanish Acciona, and the now voiced -but which a lot of people suspected- pressures to convict Francisco González.
La Nación – El PP plantea que el presidente de la CNMV sea elegido por el Parlamento

El PP defienderá este martes en el Pleno del Congreso de los Diputados que el procedimiento de elección del presidente de la Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores se realice a través de una mayoría cualificada de tres quintos de la Cámara Baja, reivindicación que los ‘populares’ han acentuado a raíz de las OPAs sobre Endesa y especialmente, tras las acusaciones que Manuel Conthe ha lanzado contra la Oficina Económica de la Presidencia del Gobierno al dejar el órgano supervisor.

Conthe acusa a Moncloa de usar la CNMV contra el presidente del BBVA – 20minutos.es
Left, Mr. Conthe, Mr Solbes (Spanish Mister for Budget and Economy) and Mr. Segura (new President of the CNMV), at the official act of the latter’s apointment as President of CNMV.
I have to add that Solbes and Sebastián have had a little war in the shades over the economy. Zapatero is a friend of Sebastián while he had to name Solbes to quiet some of his parties voices. It is rumoured that Sebastián is going to be named new Budget and Economy Minister after the May elections as he has not very good perspectives with the elections in Madrid.
As you can see in the photo, Segura is from Sebastian’s school. Is is my imagination or is he laughing about Solbes?

And what the leftists have said? The same El País has, in an editorial blamed all the problems in “Conthe’s lack of discretion, moderation and level-headed analysis that should have any high responsable of a financial control body“. Well, thank God Conthe is a Socialist. I wonder what they would have said if a center-right person would have been appointed.
And yes, the problem of the corruption is that people denounce it, not that people commits it. Marvellous…
La Frase Progre: “Todo arranca con el nombramiento de Conthe, que nunca dispuso de las cualidades de discreción, mesura y análisis ecuánime de la realidad que debería tener el máximo responsable de un organismo regulador financiero”

“Todo arranca con el nombramiento de Conthe, que nunca dispuso de las cualidades de discreción, mesura y análisis ecuánime de la realidad que debería tener el máximo responsable de un organismo regulador financiero”

But there is more: VP Arenillas also lied to Congress. When he asked if he had received pressures or instructions for any of the Government members or by their consulting bodies, he denied it. He said that “at any time he had received any of those“.
Arenillas minti�: Conthe demuestra que Moncloa estaba detr�s del acoso a FG – elConfidencial.com

Carlos Arenillas, vicepresidente de la CNMV, est� entre la espada y la pared, obligado a dimitir hoy mismo sin m�s dilaci�n. Las revelaciones que realiz� ayer el presidente saliente del supervisor, Manuel Conthe, sobre el �caso FG� demuestran que Arenillas minti� en el Congreso de los Diputados. All�, el vicepresidente asegur� que �en ning�n momento hab�a recibido instrucciones o presiones por parte de ning�n miembro del Gobierno o de sus organismos asesores�

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Riots continue in Paris after Sarkozy wins.

Spanish press roundup:

Continúan los incidentes en Francia tras la victoria de Sarkozy – 20minutos.es

Los disturbios en Francia dejan un total de 270 detenidos y 367 coches quemados | elmundo.es

En total 270 personas fueron detenidas y 367 coches quemados. Según las cifras del balance cerrado a las 6.00 hora local (4.00 GMT) por la Dirección General de la Policía Nacional (DGPN), de ese total de coches incendiados, 172 fueron destruidos en la región de Ile-de-France, de ellos menos de una decena en París.

Riots in France produce 270 detained and 367 burned cars.

Radicales Libres: ¿Contra quién va ese elogio? In this post it’s described how Zapatero greeted Sarkozy’s victory:”the leader of the UMP represents an open and modern right able to drive the longing for change in a country which is called to regain the self-confidence“. Hmm, yes, of course, now Sarkozy is a wonderful man, just in case he does not agree with you in immigration and anti-terrorist matters…

¿Contra quién va ese elogio? decía Unamuno, advirtiendo la incapacidad de los españoles para alabar sin segundas a nadie. Zp pertenece a esa estirpe y ni siquiera en un acto tan institucional como la felicitación a nuevo jefe de estado electo es capaz de omitir su revanchismo, al decir que el líder del UMP “representa a una derecha abierta y moderna capaz de encauzar el anhelo de cambio de un país llamado a recuperar la confianza en si mismo“. Conocemos lo suficiente al personaje para constatar que, al elogiar así a Sarkozy, menospreciaba implícitamente al Partido Popular.

Batiburrillo: España-Francia: Aversión y regocijo “Rajoy must take into account that in France has been blown up that false myth of the left is always the winner when the turnout is big. And absurd myth that has never had taken into account the high abstention, for example, of the non-nationalists in the Spanish Autonomous Communities’ elections and in their different statutory referenda”.

Por otra parte, y espero que Rajoy haya tomado buena nota, en Francia ha saltado por los aires ese falso mito de que la izquierda siempre gana cuando el porcentaje de votantes es muy alto. Un mito absurdo que jamás ha tenido en cuenta la alta abstención, por ejemplo, de los no nacionalistas en todas las elecciones autonómicas y sus respectivos refrendos estatutarios. Un mito al uso del perdedor —pongamos el centrista Piqué— que en Cataluña ya había sido desterrado cuando Vidal-Quadras, nuestro Sarkozy despilfarrado en labores europeas, demostró que era posible llegar a la gente con un lenguaje claro y firme, que incluyese tanto la denuncia de la política indigna como la exaltación de los valores más apreciados desde siempre. Quizá por eso mismo sigue en Europa.

Sarkozy ha ganado dos veces (Act.) » Desde el exilio As the left does not know how to lose, the best thing to do is to send their representatives to the streets to make Royal menaces’ a reality.

como la izquierda no sabe perder, lo mejor es mandar a los esbirros a la calle (vía Calle 1440)para hacer realidad las amenazas de la Royal.

Left: the riots in Nantes.

Right: Anti-riot police in La Place de la Concorde.

Anyway, don’t panic: the number of burned carns have not being so abundant as in other nights. The National General Direction of the Police have said that the numbers were not very bigger than the ones burned in the last National Day (July, 14th, 2006) or the ones who are being registered on the Dec. 31st. During the 2005’s riots more than 1000 cars were burned each night.

La Razon | Digital

La DGPN comentó que esas cifras fueron sólo algo superiores a las de destrucción de vehículos en la Fiesta Nacional del 14 de julio de 2006, y estuvieron por debajo de las que se vienen registrando en los últimos años en Nochevieja. Durante los disturbios que estallaron en Francia en el otoño de 2005, algunas noches más de 1.000 coches fueron pasto de las llamas.

Sarkozy’s triomph or and hopeful message for all the people who hate the hipocryte left:
El triunfo de Sarkozy o un mensaje de esperanza para quienes abominan de la izquierda hipócrita – elConfidencial.com

La victoria de Sarko está llena de lecturas, casi todas buenas, para España y para los millones de españoles que, respetuosos con la hermosa diversidad de esta gran nación de siglos, desean una España unida capaz de mirarse todas las mañanas al espejo sin avergonzarse, capaz de integrar a todos en un proyecto colectivo, capaz de convertirse en el mejor baluarte de la prosperidad y la libertad individuales. A través de un discurso duro, directo y sin complejos, Sarko ha reivindicado la vocación de una Francia que “no es de derechas ni de izquierdas, porque para mí solo hay un pueblo, el pueblo de Francia”.

Disturbios tras la elección de Sarkozy | elmundo.es

Anti-riot police in Toulouse before a barricade, built by the protesters (Foto: AP / Remy Gabalda)

Le président Sarkozy est à Malte And Sarkozy is in Malta for relaxing. Looks like he is going to need it, viewing what is waiting for him dans la cité de l’amour.

Fin du suspense! On connaît désormais le lieu où le nouveau chef de l’Etat passera quelques jours avant la passation des pouvoirs avec Jacques Chirac prévue vers le 17 mai. Nicolas Sarkozy est arrivé lundi en début d’après-midi à Malte à bord d’un avion privé, a annoncé la télévision maltaise. L’information a été confirmé un peu plus tard par une source policière française.

Bastille: intervention de la police

Publié le 07 mai 2007 à 21h50 Bastille: intervention de la police Les CRS sont intervenus en force contre des manifestants anti-Sarkozy qui brisaient des vitrines près de la Bastille, arrestant sans ménagement plusieurs d’entre eux. Dans le rue du Chemin vert, une charge de police a permis aux forces de l’ordre d’interpeller certains des manifestants qui avaient brisé sur leur chemin une quarantaine de vitrines de magasins.

The Anti-riot police intervened against demonstrators anti-Sarkozy who were breaking glasses near La Bastille, and a lot of them were arrested. In the Chemin vert St., a police charge has permitted to interview some of the demonstrators who had broken more than 40 shops’ glasses.

Blue Star Chronicles: France elects a new President Nicholas Sarkozy and Burns Again.

Publius Pundit has an excellent round-up of blogs.

The ASTUTE BLOGGERS write the Joos win again, about Sarko winning the Presidence.

Gateway Pundit: Sarkozy’s Islamophobia May Be Cause of French Rioting Yes, and they quote the part in which he said that NO BURQA and NO POLIGAMY in France…

[…] they can all point the finger to themselves. They are all to blame, as is their socialist ideology. Socialism has had its day; socialism has brought moral decline, high unemployment rates, weak, unstable economies, huge governments, regulation in just about every area of one’s life; it has caused something called personal responsibility to disappear; it has brought moral relativism; it has learned us that we cannot be proud of our respective country; it has made large groups of people unnecessarily dependent on the government; it has forced us to accept the failed concept of multiculturalism; it has taught us (I mean Europeans in general with that) that whatever you do, you have to be politically correct; it has created an environment in which one is not allowed to name problems, let alone deal with them; it has taught us that criminals are not to blame for their crimes, society as a whole is and that they, therefore, should be coddled instead of punished… oef, the list goes on and on. Socialism has weakened France, and Europe as a whole; it is time to get rid of it.

Bwahhhhhhhhaaaa!!! Le Monde is very, very, very sad and angry after Sarko’s victory. Look at this interview: Le Monde.fr : La victoire de Sarkozy est “une revanche de la droite qui ne s’est reconnue ni dans Giscard, ni dans Chirac” Philippe Ridet, from the Le Monde Staff says -the guy in the left-:

Philippe Ridet : Les deux. Il y a dans la victoire de Sarkozy, incontestablement, une revanche de la droite qui ne s’est reconnue ni dans le septennat de Giscard d’Estaing, et encore moins dans les deux mandats de Chirac, qu’elle a trouvés, pour le premier, trop teinté de centrisme, et pour les seconds, trop inspirés par le radicalisme socialiste. Cela dit, ce succès souligne aussi l’échec de la gauche morale et bien-pensante.

Je suis persuadé qu’une grande partie des électeurs ont exprimé une forme de ras-le-bol vis-à-vis du magistère moral qu’exercent la gauche, les artistes et les intellectuels en France depuis 1968. Les images de people venant défendre les expulsés de Cachan, par exemple, ou voler au secours des SDF du canal Saint-Martin, ont, selon moi, profondément exaspéré une partie du petit peuple de droite.
Summarising: “There is in Sarkozy’s victory, without doubt, a revenge from the right that did not ricognise itself in the 7-year mandate of Giscard d’Estaing, and even less in the 2 terms of Chirac, that they found, very inspired by the Socialist radicalism. That said, this success underlines also the failure of the moral and bien-pensante left”.

If you can understand French just consider the contempt this man has for the right, which is even agressive in the second paragraph cited.

And now, this is the Spanish joke of the Sarko moment: Mr. Zapatero -who supported Ségo and really hates Sarko, who has repeatedly voiced his admiration for the fascist-genocidal-dictatorial-Fraco-ish-…. Aznar- is a jinx for the foreign candidates: He supported Kerry saying he was going to win over Bush, and then Bush won. Then he supported Schröder and this last one lost the elections. Later he called Merkel a failure and she is German President. Later on, he went to support the European Constitution in a meeting with Chirac -when he said “L’Españ voté ui“, instead of “L’Espagne a voté oui” or “Les espagnols ont supporté la Constitution“- and France overwhelmingly voted no: Blog del Movimiento Anti-ZP: ZP sigue siendo un gafe para los candidatos europeos

Siempre le pasa igual: cuando Rodríguez Zapatero (ZP) intenta ayudar a un candidato en plena campaña electoral, lo que hace en realidad es hundirle hasta el fondo. Pasó con Schröder y ha sucedido de nuevo con Ségolène Royal. Claro que estas cosas siguen pasando porque el socialismo español es totalmente desmemoriado, amnésico.

Sarkozy’s victory is a symptom of what has really changed: A report published by the Spanish Defense Ministry says that the only leaders who could revert he “preogressive decline” of Europe are Merkel and Sarkozy. The report made by the Real Instituto Elcano and the Spanish Institute for Strategis Studies, underlines that Europe now is passing a time of “progressive decline” in which there is no strategic leadership nor leaders who could revert this situation, except German President Merkel and the French just-elected Sarkozy. It also points out that the use of WMD by terrorist groups is “more feasible“, each day that passes.

El informe “Panorama Estratégico 2006-2007”, elaborado por el Real Instituto Elcano y el Instituto Español de Estudios Estratégicos (IEEE) y editado por el Ministerio de Defensa, subraya que la Europa actual atraviesa un “progresivo declive” en el que no cuenta con “dirección estratégica” ni con líderes que puedan poner fin a esta situación, excepto la canciller alemana, Ángela Merkel, y el presidente electo francés, Nicolás Sarkozy. Además, señala que el uso de armas de destrucción masiva por grupos terroristas es “cada día más factible”.

Lastly, a video. Yes, I know, there are comparisons that are totally hateful and I am sure Zapatero would lose if we compare him with… Tony Blair… I am referring myself to the video Mr Blair has issued for féliciter Monsieur Sarkozy pour sa victoire. With you, Blair, en parlant Français:

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