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One of the distinct characteristics of the first 90’s was the corruption. The so-called beautiful people was every day in the papers as every day there was another scandal under the sun.
Well, Socialist came to power and corruption in a big scale again is on the papers.
From El Mundo:

El ex secretario general del PSOE en Ibiza, Roque López, desvela en una serie de conversaciones mantenidas mientras dirigía el partido que el PSOE pactó con el presidente de la promotora Brues el cobro de una comisión de 1,5 millones de euros. EL MUNDO ha tenido acceso a ellas y las revelará en diversas entregas.
López también cuenta en las conversaciones grabadas cómo la formación que lideró hasta el pasado mes de noviembre acordó el cobro de dicha comisión con el empresario Antonio Pinal.
El proyecto al que se refiere el caso es el Eivissa Centre, que ya se promueve a cargo de una empresa mixta, Itusa, cuyo 51% de las acciones obra en poder del consistorio ibicenco y el 49% restante está a nombre de Brues. La transformación de este centro ha sido presupuestada en unos 120 millones de euros.
En dicho complejo está previsto construir, entre otros edificios, un auditorio, un Palacio de Justicia, la Dirección Insular de la Administración, y un edificio de viviendas y locales comerciales. Además de 1.300 plazas de aparcamiento.
El ex secretario socialista le explicó con todo lujo de detalles la intrahistoria de la operación a una compañera de partido, la edil de Fiestas y Juventud de Ibiza, Sandra
Mayans, conversación que revela EL MUNDO.

The ex-secretary general of Socialists of Ibiza, Roque López, explains in some conversations held during he was the boss of the Party in the island, he agreed with the president of the constructor firm “Brues” a commission of €1,5 millions.
López also has some more tapes in which it is told how the party he leadered till last Nov. agreed the party was going to be payed that commission. The businessman who was going to pay it was Antonio Pinal, an old known by every one because he was also the one who “collaborated” with Roldán.
The project that was the object of this, was the Eivissa Centre, promoted by a mixed firm, Itusa, of which 51% are owned by Ibiza’s Majorship and the other 49% belongs to Brues. The cost of the transformation of this center has a cost (in the budget) of around €120 millions.
In this complex, among other buildings, an auditorium, a Justice Palace, the Insular Direction of the Central Administration and a building with apartments and shops. And 1,300 parking places.
Periodista Digital continues: The Socialist ex-secretary explained fully the details of the operation to another party partner, the town consellor of Holidays and Young People from Ibiza, Sandra Mayans. In the same tapes they are naming this project “the most important cake of History“.

Of course, the main accused in the tapes, the Organization Secretary of PSOE (Socialists) José Blanco (above) has denied all the accusations derived from the tapes.
But there is another big corruption discovered on later days. The discovery by an independent MSM group, Interconomia, that Mr. Arenillas, Vicepresident of CNMV (Spanish SEC) had gone out with the boss of a hedge bonds firm and spent 1.400 on a dinner. Later they went to have some fun in the Madrid’s night. Afterwards, Arenillas’ brother was given a job on the firm.
Popular Party asked for his dimission. Mr. Conthe, the now ex-President of CNMV also asked for it, as he did not “give the appearance of being independent“. The fact that Mr. Arenillas’ wife is, Mercedes Cabrera, the Minister of Education, does not help that either.
All this crisis was mixed with the terrible crisis of the CNMV as a result of the takeover bid of Spanish electric firm, Endesa, by Italian Enel and Spanish Acciona. Mr. Conthe, after fighting for going to Congress to explain why he had resigned, denounced the Economic Office of Presidency, a sort of Economy Ministry in the shades, of the multiple illegal or at least, unethical, performed by both Enel and Acciona, the own Spanish Government and several members of CNMV’s board, specially Arenillas.
Mr. Conthe also blamed his own demission on the Board of the CNMV, who was not brave enough to punish both Enel and Acciona for their irregularities. Conthe even stated that the Government supported the takeover bid by Enel-Acciona, something extremely grave as, in a market economy, the Government is supposed to be impartial.
Popular Party has demanded action to the Anti-corruption Prosecutor because of the facts related to the takeover bid.

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People that read this blog should be aware that I am not the least sympathetic for Castro, and that one of the reasons to my opposition to Mr. Zapatero and Clown Spanish FM Moratinos is precisely his policy towards the island. So I was today searching for news about the two Cuban soldiers that were killed yesterday because they wanted to escape the island -you can read more here– and I went to read babalublog.com.

To my (bad) surprise, they are supporting [*] a campaign that runs like this:

But the more things change the more they stay the same. The current Spanish government has proven itself to be tone deaf to the pleas of Cuban dissidents, preferring instead to follow a policy that suits Spanish hoteliers and other Spanish investors in Cuba. The same kind of policy that many accused the United States of implementing in pre-castro days. Except that according to former Earl E.T. Smith, U.S. Ambassador to Cuba in the late 50s, in his book, The Fourth Floor, Cuba had its best economic year ever in 1957.

Today Spain is a vulture feeding off the dead carcass of a broken nation. We intend to send a message to Spain with this campaign. We intend to speak firmly and with conviction. We intend to call a spade, a spade. Spain has found a way to sink its colonial hooks into Cuba again more than 100 years later.

Firstly, as you can see, they critisize the Government, and after they begin a campaign against ALL Spain, even if you despise Castro and would want Cuba to be a democratic State.

But then, they say “Spain has found a way to sink its colonial hooks into Cuba again more than 100 years later“. Nothing more wrong. Zapatero does not act because of Spanish colonial past. Zapatero acts like that because he likes communism, thinking that the people who sustains it are nothing but socialist brothers somewhat confused. He is only concerned about sinking right-wingers, and above all Bush and Aznar. And as both of them -and other right-wingers- support the Cuban opposition, he thinks that he must go against them and support Castro.

Stephania, this is what I said to you some time ago. I am much too angry and puzzled to know what more to say. I thought that campaigning for some ideas should precisely include to attack the people who attack you and to, at least, not to attack the ones who are supporting you. Not insulting and blaming on EVERYONE who belongs to a group of which there is an important number that support you. This is just as if we consider that all USA would be Pelosi or similar specimens.

In reference to the Spanish investments in Cuba -a lot of Spanish lost their whole savings because of Castro-, if the Government is considering more important the investments than the Human Rights of the Cubans, that would be very wrong, although I doubt that as Zapatero’s real motive -if you have followed Endesa’s takeover bid, you can easily see that Spanish investments are not his prior importance-. But tell me, is USA, UE or any other Western country, not doing business with China, Saudi Arabia, etc? Hmm, no, they are doing it: Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, etc to name the more famous. They have even denounced bloggers and activists who were surfing and blogging from their servers. And oil companies are still doing business with Saudi Arabia and other democratic countries. And what has been done by Governments? And no, I do not think that it is good if the others do something that it is positively wrong. I think that blaming one country for something that the rest do, can be safely called hipocrisy.

That, acknowledging that this Spanish Government is a total mess and disgrace.

By the way, the last US Ambassador is a truly unbiased source. I am not saying that what he says is wrong or untrue. But, as someone interested in what happened, please, next time bring me the numbers.

If you can read Spanish, read this article by Hermann Terstch (story here and here) h/t Nauscopio Scipiorum. That is the real personality of Zapatero and Co.

Lastly, I am not going to stop defending the Human Rights of Cuban citizens or to consider my ideological position. Matters of concience and recognition of the dignity that every human being has in him/herself are above this sort of polemics.


About the Cubans: IHT says the Cuban government blames the behaviour of the 2 Cuban soldiers -who had kidnapped a Colonel, now dead, and wanted to kidnap an airplane to get to US- on the USA, and runs:

“The responsibility for these new crimes lies with the highest-ranking authorities of the United States, adding to the long list of terrorist acts that Cuba has been the victim of for nearly half a century,” it said.
Havana says U.S. immigration policies giving most Cubans almost guaranteed residency encourages them to risk their lives to get to the United States and says that U.S. officials have long tolerated – even encouraged – violence against the Communist-run country.

Of course, nobody wants to get out of the Cuban paradise… where dissidents are imprisoned because of criminal pre-danger.

Also in O Insurgente. In Italian, Corriere della Sera.

Fred Thomson, the unofficial Republican candidate for the elections of 2008, has written about Cuban healthcare system (you know, the best of the world and all that…):

The truth is that Cuban medical care has never recovered from Castro’s takeover — when the country’s health care ranked among the world’s best. He won the support of the Cuban people by promising to replace Batista’s dictatorship with free elections, and to end corruption. Once in power, though, he made himself dictator and instituted Soviet-style Communism. Cubans not only failed to regain their democratic rights, their economy plunged into centrally planned poverty.
As many as half of Cuba’s doctors fled almost immediately — and defections continue to this day. Castro won’t allow observers in to monitor his nation’s true state, but defectors tell us that many Cubans live with permanent malnutrition and long waits for even basic medical services. Many treatments we take for granted aren’t available at all — except to the Communist elite or foreigners with dollars.

h/t NoisyRoom.Net.

About Cuba and May 1st.


Para los que no entendeis inglés, uno de los blogs anti-catristas más importantes ha iniciado una campaña que, en lugar de protestar contra Zapatero, nos tacha a todos los españoles de querer seguir ejerciendo de colonialistas -Zapatero, incluido, lo único que me ha dado risa del artículo porque se necesita ser i-d-i-o-t-a para considerar que la posición del Gobierno socialista se produce por afán colonialista por proteger las inversiones españolas, y no porque a él le parece que son sus buenos coleguitas comunistas-. Así que voy a traducir lo más representativo del post:

Pero a pesar de que las cosas cambian, siguen igual. El actual gobierno español ha permanecido sordo a las peticiones de los disidentes cubanos, prefiriendo en su lugar seguir un política que benefica a los hoteleros españoles y a otros inversores en Cuba. La misma política de que muchos acusan a los USA en los días anteriores a Castro. Excepto que, de acuerdo con Mr. Smith, el antiguo embajador USA en Cuba en los últimos años de la década de los 50, en su libro, La Cuarta Planta, dice que el mejor año económico de Cuba fue el 1957.

Hoy España es un buitre comiendo de la carcasa muerte de una nación rota -esta nación es Cuba no España…-. Intentamos mandar un mensaje a ESpaña con esta campaña. Queremos hablar firmemente y con convicción. Queremos llamar a las palas, palas. España ha encontrado una manera de hundir sus garfios coloniales Cuba una vez más 100 años después.

Creo que no necesita mucho más comentario…

Por cierto, que están iniciando un boicot contra todos los productos españoles, añadiendo “estos gallegos están hasta en la sopa“. Y luego ehem, dicen que no es contra España

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