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Spanish Penal Code (Organic Law Nov 23rd, 1995), Article 18.1, paragraph 2nd:

Apology is, to the effects of this Code, the exposition, before a group of people or by any MSM, of ideas or ideologies that praise the crime or its author. Apology will only constitute a crime as a way of provocation and, if by its nature and circumstances is a direct incitement to commit a crime.

On 2001 Otegi gave a speech in which he praised the gudari (“Basque soldier“) Olaia Castresana who was killed by the explosion of the bomb which she was going to explode on next days. He also told young people on the meeting to follow her example.

The criminal process to judge him for these facts had been postponed on several occassions.

The day was fixed for yesterday. But Otegi was not in the trial. When asked, he said that he could not reach Madrid because of the weather.

The President of the Tribunal asked the Police to make sure that these circumstances were true. And he sent the Police to catch him.

The trial was held but:

The Prosecutor of the National Court Fernando Burgos has retired the accusation against the speaker of the illegalised Batasuna Arnaldo Otegi, for whom the Prosecutor’s office was asking for 15 months of jail in the provisional accusation based on a crime of praising ETA terrorist Olaia Castresana. That supposses his acquittal because of the retirement of the accusation and the archive of the cause, as there were no other accused part in the process.

This Prosecutor was the same one who asked only for the 2nd grade to De Juana Chaos.

Spanish Justice Minister Bermejo has declared that this is a normal decision and the PP critics are just interested. PP politicians have declared that this is a humiliation for the State.

Rueda de prensa de Pernando Barrena y Marije Fullaondo en San Sebastián. (Foto: EFE)

Rueda de prensa de Pernando Barrena y Marije Fullaondo en San Sebastián. (Foto: EFE)

Pernando Barrena, the speaker from illegalised Batasuna, has accused the Government of not fulfilling the “signed” obligations to easy the truce that ETA declared just a year ago. “We know the ones who signed that agreement”, he has pointed out the “political agents”, included ETA, should be responsible, and “easy the dialogue”. Also here.

Today a concentration is being held before the State General Prosecutor. The Police has proceed to identify the people who had arrived there first.

Law Association Tomás Moro has iniciated a criminal action against the State General Prosecutor, Mr. Conde-Pumpido, and the Prosecutor in charge of Otegi’s case, Burgos. h/t El Cerrajero.

Also blogging about this: Desde el Exilio, Libertad Hispánica, Benevolencia del Cervecero, Criterio, 1812, Elentir, Maya.

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Atlas Shrugs reports that two Egyptian bloggers have been kidnapped by policemen. She quotes Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey who esteems that there is going to be a crack down on bloggers. That said the same day in which Kareem has been definitely condemned makes me shiver. The Court has also let some Islamist lawyers to ask him for compensations on the grounds of “damages to Islam“.

On the other hand, Kareem has been honoured in London with a prize, which rewards people for fighting for freedom of expression h/t Sandmonkey. At the same Awards -five were given-, Chinese oppositor Cheng Guangcheng (photo below), called “the barefoot lawyer”, was also honoured after been sentenced for four years in 2006 for denouncing the late abortions (as late as in the 8th months) and other practices used to ensure the one-child policy. Another proof that China is not changing at all…

Chen Guangcheng

But not only in Islamic countries there are problems with critics on Islamic matters. An Australian journalist, named Gavin King, has written an article in which he names a blogger, gives details about his life and tries to picture him as an hysteric anti-Muslim guy. After promising him he was going to keep his name secret. Sheik Yer’mami has been commenting at Jihad Watch for some time and also writes in his own blog.

Australian reporter Gavin King. I am not going to give my opinion…, because even if he is not in favour of Sheik’s opinion, why pointing him as an objective? And after promising him he was not going to out him.


La sentencia de 4 años de cárcel a Kareem ha sido confirmada el mismo día en que 2 bloggers han sido secuestrados por la policía. También hoy le han dado un premio en Londres a Kareem por su labor en favor de la libertad de expresión.

Pero los bloggers no sólo están (estamos…) amenazados en los países islámicos. En Australia un periodista (el de la foto de arriba) ha dicho el nombre, el trabajo y otros datos personales de un blogger después de prometerle que no iba a sacarle del anonimato. Sheik Yermami, comentarista habitual de Jihad Watch y blogger, teme por su vida, porque la entrevista tenía por finalidad hablar sobre la campaña que él y otros habían iniciado para frenar la construcción de una mezquita.

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Romano Prodi, Italian prime minister, came under attack again on Wednesday over his government’s stance on the Afghan conflict, four weeks after his centre-left coalition nearly collapsed when it lost a parliamentary vote on foreign policy.

Opposition deputies criticised the government for arranging with the Afghan government to free five Taliban prisoners in exchange for an Italian journalist who was kidnapped in southern Afghanistan on March 5.

Mr Prodi faces a difficult vote in the Senate, parliament’s upper house, next Tuesday when he will try to win approval to renew funding for military operations in Afghanistan.

You can also read about the increasing gap between Italy and US, deepened by this move.

Right after the story was known, sources very close to the Bush administration, the british Foreign Office and also to the German Cancellor and the Dutch Prime Minister, stressed their strong disappointment regarding the way the italian government is dealing with its efforts in Afghanistan.

The italian government is accused to dealing with the terrorists, giving the Taliban an international reliability they had not got before, and also is not doing any efforts to fight the terrorists due to the several “caveat” put to the italian military troops standing in Kabul, and doing so is accused to discuss its NATO allies’ decisions putting in jeopardy the force and the unity of the Organization itself.

As Charlton Heston said in “Battle of Pacific” -I think it is its title but as the original is in Italian… I do not know what the English-American/original title was-: “You do not win a war by kissing the ennemy“. There are two opitions here: “Or we sent the Italian soldiers to Afghanistan to do everything which is necessary to combat and win this [war] against the Taliban or we better ask them to return“.

A similar idea by Neocon Italiani.

Paolo reports that the Afghan Ambassador in Italy is angry about this decision.

Related posts on this: Italian reporter freed…


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From Spiegel Online:

The case seems simply too strange to be true. A 26-year-old mother of two wanted to free herself from what had become a miserable and abusive marriage. The police had even been called to their apartment to separate the two — both of Moroccan origin — after her husband got violent in May 2006. The husband was forced to move out, but the terror continued: Even after they separated, the spurned husband threatened to kill his wife.

A quick divorce seemed to be the only solution — the 26-year-old was unwilling to wait the year between separation and divorce mandated by German law. She hoped that as soon as they were no longer married, her husband would leave her alone. Her lawyer, Barbara Becker-Rojczyk agreed and she filed for immediate divorce with a Frankfurt court last October. They both felt that the domestic violence and death threats easily fulfilled the “hardship” criteria necessary for such an accelerated split.

In January, though, a letter arrived from the judge adjudicating the case. The judge rejected the application for a speedy divorce by referring to a passage in the Koran that some have controversially interpreted to mean that a husband can beat his wife. It’s a supposed right which is the subject of intense debate among Muslim scholars and clerics alike.”The exercise of the right to castigate does not fulfill the hardship criteria as defined by Paragraph 1565 (of German federal law),” the daily Frankfurter Rundschau quoted the judge’s letter as saying. It must be taken into account, the judge argued, that both man and wife have Moroccan backgrounds.

“The husband can beat his wife”

“The right to castigate means for me: the husband can beat his wife,” Becker-Rojczyk said, interpreting the judge’s verdict.

In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, Becker-Rojczyk said the judge indicated to her that it makes no sense to insist on an accelerated divorce. The judge’s advice? Wait for the year-long waiting period to elapse.

Yet another proof of Western madness and multiculturalism. I totally agree with this:

The deputy floor leader for the Christian Democrats, Wolfgang Bosbach, agreed. “This is a sad example of how the conception of the law from another legal and cultural environment is taken as the basis for our own notion of law,” he said on Wednesday.

Hmmm, realize that the Western judge is not even considering that public order laws are applied to every human being in the territory where he is judging? And what is more a “public order law” than the obligation of defending someone who is BEATEN by his/her partner?


French Extreme Centre.Org and Portuguese Planicie Heroica have also commented these news. The latter writes that the Judge is a WOMAN….


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From Deustche Welle:

A group of former Muslims in Germany who formed a non-religious society have been sent threatening letters, pronouncing them “fit for death.”

Mina Ahadi, an Iranian-born woman, founded the society in Cologne with 10 sympathizers several weeks ago and called it the National Council of Ex-Muslims. At the end of February she called a news conference in Berlin to publicly pronounce herself non-Islamic.

The police have assigned plainclothes bodyguards to protect her ever since.

“I’m a target,” said Ahadi, 50. She said members of her society had received letters telling them they would be shot in the back. When she went online with a fierce attack on Islamic organizations, somebody circulated a statement suggesting she was fit to be killed, she said.

[…] Referring to practices many Germans believe are typical of Islam, she said, “We’ll stop honor killings, stop people being stoned to death… We want to make clear that the three million to three and a half million people from Islamic nations who live in Germany are people first and foremost, and should not be branded primarily as ‘Muslim,’” she said.

Ahadi — whose husband was executed by the Islamic rulers of Iran —is demanding that Germany do more to help women and girls, who she claims are oppressed, even in Germany, by “political Islam.”

“The girls are not allowed to have boyfriends,” she said. “They are forced to marry. They have to wear headscarves. If they get pregnant and are not married, people call them sluts,” she said.

Nur Gabbari, 40, a former Muslim and refugee from Iran who is on the society’s committee, said he knew it was dangerous to form such a group.

But we cannot just stand on the sidelines and watch what religion is doing to people,” he said.

And this is the real problem: is the West doing what is necessary to stop “political Islam“? The answer is NO. And why? That is the real question.

At least the German police is helping them…

It is very curious that after some politicians and people have denounced the use of niqab in Spain (h/t: Chesk), the leftists have run to point out that “nuns wear a veil” -without considering even that no security problems arise from that fact- and that “people who oppose both niqab and burqa were meddling in another religion“, without even considering that, if you come to the West, you have to know that there are some requisites, including security ones, who must be fulfilled by all, even immigrants. They have even protested about schools who oblige their pupils to wear skirt!! Of course, if you were a skirt, people are going to have difficulty in identifying you and a terrorist can be dressed as that to escape policemen in controls ;D….

Muslim women using niqad in Alcobendas, Madrid. According to the paper edition of ElMundo newspaper, they go to check at a counter where they do not have to speak to anyone and, when asked who were they coming from, they rushed away, although afterwards, they murmured “Saudi Arabia”. They don’t know Spanish at all. Conclusion: what a marvellous integration!!

Muslim women, one using hijab and other using niqab, in Vic (Barcelona).

So, I insist: why are there so many Westerners who hate so much Western values and do not defend them at all? (more…)

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The assymetric ennemy

I am going to sum up two posts appeared at TECNOLIBERAL (1 y 2). Written by a Spanish Army Commander, it covers all the types of modern enemmies to democracy in the so-called “Wars of Fourth Generation”.

The cause for this wars? Paradoxically, it’s the enormous military power of the West, what has caused them, as “its possible rivals understood that the warlike confrontation following the traditional model was, for them, noviable“. So, they are using the “Prolonged war” and “Just war” schemes, following Mao Tse Tung, the first who spoke about these two concepts.

This form to conceive and to lead the war gathers many contributions of the strategic concept of Mao Tse-tung, in individual those of “Prolonged War” and “Just war”. By means of first the time is used to wear away a too powerful enemy and through the second it is to take to the enemy Armed Forces and their population to the conviction of which they are fighting in “an unjust” war.

These contributions have marked a fundamental strategic turn, since, without leaving the control of the own population,it has tried to influence remarkably in the potentially enemy, through social mass media, pacifist organizations, international organisms, compatible countries, etc.

So who is an asymmetric ennemy?

Consequently, “Asymetric Ennemy” (EASI) is the one who uses methods, technologies, values, organizations and perspective of time significantly different from those from our Armed Forces with the intention to maximize its advantages, to operate our weaknesses, to obtain the initiative or to gain the greater freedom of action“. Also, he orients to us on the methods that they use or they can use as they are, among others: the war of guerrillas, the subversion, the terrorism, the mobilization of the civil masses, the intimidation and the manipulation of the information.

He divides these ennemies into 4 categories:

ENEMY TYPE EASI 1: Maximum difficulty in the identification of its members, territories and seats. Normally is characterised by the “religious fundamentalism”.

with general character, we could say that their bases are located in States in crisis, even though can receive aid or secret endorsement of governments who are in tune with their aims. The objectives to reach are not confined to the local area, but that has a limitless reach, although we can identify like basic elements: the anti-Western sentiment, the elimination of the state of Israel, the establishment of Islamic States and the Islamic expansion.

It presents/displays to the West like the source of all the seas of the Islamic world. The colonization of the practical totality of the Muslim countries by one or another western power is considered like an attempt on the part of these to neutralize or to destroy its culture and its system of life; for that reason, they try to erase all vestige of the colonial time.

The rejection to the model of western government, on the other hand failed in most of the Muslim world, takes to this type of threat to advocate a model of State in which the Sharía is the referring one forced.

[…They are also trying] to return to the past, to remake history, to recover the lost splendor “to even reconquer” territories.

[…] Several factors exist that distinguish this enemy, as they are: diffuse objectives, which implies the great difficulty in establishing a route of negotiation or agreement with; the organizational capacity, product of the present systems of communication; implacable cruelty; and use of any type of armament to that it can have access; in order to obtain these objectives, enemy type EASI 1 is worth, fundamentally, of the “Attacks” and the “Control of resources”.

ENEMY TYPE EASI 2: with defined territory, but without seat and certain difficulty to identify to its members.

The conclusion of the “Cold War” after the fall of the Wall of Berlin and the disappearance of the Soviet block, left to orphans of financing and logistical support to a series of guerrilla detachments of Marxist character that operated in the scope of the Third World; the necessity to look for new sources of economic resources for the continuation of its activities, took to many of these organizations to introduce in the field of activities such as the ráficot of drugs, arms or people, arriving many from them, with time, to do of these its main reason of existence.

Even though the daily experience has been filing its primitive ideals, or of sincere form or like mere justificatory tactics before themselves and the public opinion to which they try to redeem, the certain thing is that, in most of the cases, they have conserved a strong ideological component of Marxist character based on the Earth distribution or policies of social justice. In this situation is most of the nations that maintain their activity guerrilla in South America, Distant East and Africa.

Even though in the case of the first group a political “purpose exists”, reminiscencia of its original ideals, the practice indicates to us that the objectives common to reach about both group go fundamentally directed to the “eagerness of profit” and to the “control of the territory” in which they develop his activity. […] Add to that the weakening of the Public Administration.

The modalities of performance of this EASI are: the selective operations of guerrilla that we can denominate “classic” and attacks. By means of first the control makes sure the territory where their operational bases as well as plantations and networks of distribution are located. The seconds go directed to objectives with great repercussion in social mass media, such as officials government or civil personnel in urban nuclei, in order to mine the public moral, to diminish the legitimacy of the institutions and to obtain a greater control of the territory.

ENEMY TYPE EASI 3: without seat, but with territorial definition and smaller difficulty in the definition of supporters and active members.

In general, the set of the countries have been constituted, through centuries, by means of a slow fusion of ethnic groups, cultures and languages that have given rise a new one, or to the predominance of one of them, accepted generally by the rest. However, this union has sometimes not been the result of a slow and pacific evolution, but the product of an imposition, as it could be the birth of “artificial” nations, consequence of World War I, like the Balkan nations, or resultant of a precipitated decolonization or taking care of the interests of the colonizadora power, as they can be a great part of the African nations.

[…] The European continent with nations formed for several centuries, has been giving rise to groups of this tendency characterized by the search of a “racial purity”, advocating the fragmentation of the state in which they are immersed, to constitute they themselves in state within territories that they denominate “historical”.

[…] Of successive and even simultaneous form, if the suitable conditions occur, the “reinforcement of its identity” through the “ethnic cleaning” will look for, in a certain territory assumed like own by the group by means of a particular historical and cultural vision. This ethnic cleaning will be made because of a series of performances like: to prevent the arrival of emigrants or the population expelled in the past; terrorist actions on opposite institutions and people to the phenomenon of the identitario extremism; social, political, religious, cultural pressure, etc., of legal elements on the nonin favor ones of the separation of the “pressed town” of “the opresor” State.

Institutions and people identified with “the opresor” State and that causes a defendant psychological impact in this one and “the enemy” population, will be the looked for objectives more like victims.

ENEMY TYPE EASI 4: with territory and seat, as well as with population easily identifiable.

The quarter and last group in which we have divided to the set of the possible asymmetric enemies are integrated by certain states, located in a position of international marginalization and possession of “arms of massive destruction” (ADM) and of its vectors of launching. We identified to this type of asymmetric enemy with a State because only they have the suitable elements to develop and to protect ADM.

the strategy of this type of enemy does not consist, normally, in the use of these arms, but in the threat of its use like blackmail means towards the international community or other States leaders, to obtain political or economic advantages. This threat with States in which dictatorial regimes reign,with difficulties is identified to integrate itself in the international community, sometimes reminiscencias of the old Soviet block.

[…] A particular, but extremely dangerous case by the indefinición of their territory and seat, as well as by the difficulty to identify to their members in this type of enemy, constitute the national organizations or international who can take control of an indetermine number of ADM, even though they are of small power. This case supposes, perhaps, greater the risk which the international community is put under at the moment, inasmuch as they could fall into the hands of groups of fanatics incapable to calibrate the serious consequences that its use would cause.


The asymmetric enemy whom the western world faces at the present time is, frequently, a diffuse and intangible enemy; cultural, technical and religiously different; paralyzed until the end to sacrifice, without doubting it, its life by the “insensible cause” and to the damage that can cause their actions, between those to which they even say to defend; indifferent to the sufferings that can suffer and the time that there is to use in obtaining his aims.

[…] We will finalize this work having remembered that if Mao Tse-tung affirmed that to lace guerrillas who were to move between the population “like fish in the water, this assertion is no lost use; quite to the contrary, the massive and rural guerrilla has taken step, or she has been extended, to do small and urban, ideological and a fanatical one in many cases, that she even moves between the population with greater facility than the praised one by the Chinese leader.

I have only reproduced some of the ideas on those posts, but I recommend to read them all. It’s a very important document to miss.

En español: El enemigo asimétrico 1 y El enemigo asimétrico 2.

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