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after been obliged to see his driver’s beheading. No Burqa reported that he has been beheaded because he had been “confirmed a spy“, a custom now in Afghanistan, as I blogged here some days ago.

If I had only read that, I should say that this man was a poor soul, what a terrible moment….

And it was all of that. But Italian journalist Mastrogiacomo is also a lucky man because he has been freed because Italian and Afghan Government had released five Taliban who were in prison. So the euphoria over the release of an Italian reporter kidnapped in Afghanistan was tempered on Tuesday by concern that Rome and Kabul paid too high a price for his freedom.

The Jawa Report:

Unfortunately everyone who works for the NGO called Ewergency is now in danger. Once the Taliban figure out how easy it was to extort concessions from the Italians they will use this.
So the reporter got his story. It only cost the release of five terrorists and his driver’s life. Some bargain, I hope it was worth it.

But what about the driver’s life? Are Afghan’s lifes less worthy than Italians/Westerners? Why exchange the journalist and not the driver for 5 Talibans? [At first only 3 were asked by Taliban…].

A Conservative’s Mind remembers the editorial of the italian newspaper La Repubblica (where Mastroiacomo works), from March 3rd 1978, titled “No agreements with terrorists”. They are refering to the kidnapping of Aldo Moro. He was killed on May 9th, 1978 by the Red Italian Brigades.

Aldo Moro, killed by the terrorists of the Red Brigades.

Joyce: “Lui libero, il giornalismo no”, that is, “He is free, journalism isn’t“.

Mastroiacomo, with turban, from Psicocafe, who writes about the Stockholm syndrome.

Italia web reclaims to know every condition to which Italian Government has obliged because of this release and adds that a hundred people had gone to the NGO Emergenza where Mastrogiacomo is now, to ask for news about the other two hostages: Sayed Agha, the driver who was killed by the Talibans and Ajmal Naskhbandi, the interpret who has been freed but has not arrived to Emergenza. They were also protesting against Karzai’s Government and accusing him of not having done what it was needed for them.

Il Mango di Treviso: Freed, but what price paid?

Mondo Piccolo: Except Mastroiacomo being with Stockholm syndrome, I do not think he would agree with Fausto Bertinotte’s proposal of inviting the Taliban to a peace table in Afghanistan.

Lento all’ira e ricco di grazia: The Berlusconi’s Government has paid millions of euros to free Italian hostages in Iraq and Afghanistan. […] But nothing compared to a so great irresponsibility. […] I can imagine that in Afghanistan, different from Iraq in this, there are very important difficulties to find mediators, but that this meads that our Government should be on telly saying it is in a mood to accept all demands of the kidnappers? Because that is what the Government has said. […] And the Taliban are our enemies, aren’t they?

La syndrome di Accab: I am beginning to understand I am a citizen, status B, while Mastroiacomo is a citizen, status A.

Orpheus: The Taliban have cut the nose and one ear to 5 afghani as a punishment for working for the American army.

Le guerre civile: “What are our soldiers doing in Kabul? While the NATO military are enjoyed in a true and real war –eh, well, do not tell that to Zapatero: for him, it is only a peaceful and marvellous mission- the Italian soldiers have to support the continous political control of their mission from the majority which governs (the maximalist left)”. He adds that the mediator, Rahmatullah Hanefi, has been arrested by the Afghan secret service.

Related news:

Italy pays 100.000€ to Abdelmoname Ben Khalifa Mansour, a Tunisian who was arrested in March 2002 on charges of belonging to a group with links to Al Qaeda. Later, he has been exonerated. h/t: Free Thoughts.

From Christian Science Monitor: Afghan villagers stand guard to protect schools.

The hazel-eyed 8-year-old still has a ways to go before she becomes a surgeon, which she confidently proclaims as her life’s goal. Yet graduating from grade school is one important step – and on Feb. 10, 2006, that seemed almost impossible.

Overnight, the Medrawer Girls School was burned to a charred husk by terrorists determined to prevent local girls from reading textbooks and learning geometry. Smoke still curled above the surrounding eucalyptus grove as the students arrived for class – their hopes of an education, and the better life it promised, vanishing in the morning sunshine.

Even then, however, the village elders were beginning to formulate a decision that would change the lives of Atefa and – some would say – girls across Afghanistan. Later that day, they decided to take protection of the school into their own hands, cobbling together a corps of village volunteers that has stood watch over the now-rebuilt school every night since, sometimes armed only with spare farm tools and ancient swords passed down as family heirlooms.

There hasn’t been an attack since.

Taliban kidnappings rise, style differs from Al-Qaeda:

Mastrogiacomo’s capture and release are a window into why the Taliban have been more tolerant of journalists than has Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda in Iraq has … the idea that all foreigners are the enemy. This has never been the case with the Taliban,” says Ahmed Rashid, author of “Taliban.”

Instead, the Taliban have targeted those they see to be working for the current Western-backed government, whether they be politicians, Western troops, or contractors and aid workers. This also might have played into the abduction of Mastrogiacomo. The Taliban initally misidentified him as a British writer named John Nichol – who had previously been a member of the Royal Air Force – calling Mastrogiacomo a British spy.

The Taliban consider themselves the legitimate Afghan government, and require journalists to alert them of their plans to travel through Taliban-controlled areas. In the past, most journalists have been detained for not alerting the Taliban of their travel plans, and then released once Taliban authorities have established that they were not spies or government officials.

No, he has been released, not because Taliban are different from Al-Qaeda, but because both the Italian and Afghan Government have done what they were told.

US ambassador in Kabul: 5 staff members were hurt and one 15-year-old bystander was killed by a suicide bomber (from TIMESonline.com).

Siento no traducir los posts, pero es que no tengo mucho tiempo. Intentaré poner la traducción en los próximos días.

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Yes, I have been thinking about this for a long time. Why we are so interested in killing our own way of life? The problem are not the enemies, but the false friends: those people who try to cave into the desires of the worst sort of people, mainly remarked enemies of Western principles and way of life.

Chávez and the Western propaganda:

Investor’s Business Daily chronicled Chavez’s troubles from the Bush tour, first describing Chavez’s early effort to hit Bush with nasty street protests in a bid to direct cameras away from the visiting U.S. president, and ‘seize the message. That didn’t work, so his next move was to launch of a ‘shadow tour’ to his allies, in a further effort to draw attention from Bush. The ‘shadow tour’ didn’t go according to plan and worse yet, made him look ridiculous. Instead of getting spontaneous adoring masses and media coverage, Chavez was repeatedly described – from Argentina to Mexico – as a spurned boyfriend stalking Bush, unable to handle his quiet rejection. After that, Chavez watched as his own allies distanced themselves from him, just as it was getting obvious that success was building in President Bush’s own tour.

[…] In waltzed Walters, possibly ignorant of all this going on (to be charitable), and just thrilled to crow to U.S. viewers about her new interview ‘catch.’ But not only did Walters give Chavez a platform to improve his image – something Chavez had been trying hard to do in the last few days, she piled on the usual claptrap from the Chavez propaganda machine about Chavez’s wonderful generosity to the poor in both Venezuela and the U.S.

[…] As for Venezuela’s battered citizens who have borne the brunt of Chavez’s disastrous dictatorship, Walters had only a brief, terse segment showing three unnamed (why?) young men seated against a hard wall, trying to explain that their future had been robbed, their security was at stake, their democracy had become dictatorship and their only recourse was to flee the country. Only two spoke, and between them, got about two sentences in to Walters’ interviewer. However, the sloppy cutting of the filmed segment showed they had tried to elaborate but were cut off. Walters quickly shot past the few seconds of that segment, never returning to it, to move on to much longer and far more colorful spreads about the wonders of chavismo, calling Venezuela “a land of contrasts.”

Well, the exodus of the ordinary able for exit people has begun and it’s really growing. Read the interview to Gustavo Coronel, ex-President of Venezuelan Oil National Company: “Young people flees from Venezuela because they are searching a society in which they can grow as individuals“.

See also Babalu Blog.

If you want to read more about Chávez, read my posts: Is Venezuela rationing food?, London is going to get foreign aid, Venezuela to Al-Qaeda: do not menace us, we are anti-Imperialists!, AlQaeda in South America.

Britain: A school production of Roald Dahl’s Three Little Pigs has turned the heroes into three little puppies for fear of offending Muslims. Thanks to An Englishman’s Castle, MNM and The Lone Voice. According to latest news, they have already being changed back into piggies again. What surprises me of these kind of decisions, is the lack of understanding and of really being convinced of the higher moral principles Western democracy has. It’s good not to offend but no one has a right not to be offended. I agree totally with this:

Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, said: “My view is that the people responsible for this are completely bonkers. It is the type of political correctness which makes people’s blood boil. “As usual it is done in the name of ethnic minorities but it is perpetrated by white, middle class, do-gooders with a guilt complex and far too much time on their hands.”

If you read the link from The Lone Voice, we can see that:

Education chairman Clr Jim Dodds has said: “The decision to ban the pigs was made by well-meaning people – but it was the wrong decision. Let’s stick with the traditions“.

A spokesman for the British Muslim Association said: “It is wrong when people try to decide what Muslims think, without ever asking for their opinions.”

Observe that this spokesman is just conisdering that the rest of the world should ask him for an opinion. That is obviously not correct: Muslims can give their opinions but that doesn’t mean they are going to be obeyed or even taken into consideration.

But, that being clear, what he says points out another malaisse of Western countries, malaisse which can be summed up in the Spanish maxima “Eres más papista que el Papa” or “You are more papist that the Pope himself”.

Again from England, but this time from A Tangled Blog:

The University of Leeds has has cancelled a lecture on “Islamic anti-Semitism” by a German academic. Matthias Köntzel arrived at the university yesterday morning to begin a three-day programme of lectures and seminars, but was told that it had been called off on “security grounds”.

A historical reflection about the birth of multiculturalism in Britain by Pub Philosopher. A MUST READ!

Australia: The American Thinker writes about Mufti Sheikh Taj Aldin al-Hilali:

Al-Hilali outraged Australians last fall by describing women as “uncovered meat,” and in January compounded their furor when he claimed that Muslims had more right to the country than the “Anglo-Saxon” heirs to Australia’s convict ancestors. On March 12, al-Hilali spokesman Keysar Trad brazenly baited politicians to stop using Muslims as a “political football.”

In October 2006, after al-Hilali’s misogynist sermon at west Sydney’s Lakemba mosque, Prime Minister John Howard criticized him and other politicians demanded his dismissal and deportation. Egyptian-born al-Halali has been in that position before, however: after spewing anti-Jewish hatred at the University of Sydney in 1988, deportation proceedings began. But under Muslim pressure, in 1990, Australia granted him citizenship.

[…] Some Muslims rebuked him: Darulfatwa (Australia’s Islamic High Council) called al-Hilali an ill-respected, “divisive figure” and asked the Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) running the Lakemba mosque to fire him. The Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations (FAIR) also sought “sending [al-Hilali] out to an early pasture.”

This is a very interesting thing: he had fulfilled every condition to be deported and yet he was not, because of Muslim pressure. The problem is that this kind of pressure is being used now to achieve the same effect:

With the al-Hilali camp’s latest political announcement, Australia’s radical Muslims have also announced their strategy to again leverage multiculturalism and Western guilt for their advantage. This time, they’re fighting Christians along with the politicians: Christian Democratic Party leader, Rev. Fred Nile, called Monday for a 10-year moratorium on Muslim immigration to Australia, in favor of Christians fleeing Islamic persecution–which not incidentally goes largely uncovered, in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Pakistan.

But failing a massive Christian campaign on the issue, Muslim pressure again looks ascendant in Australia, and al-Hilali highly unlikely to be sent packing for good. After all, the country’s parliamentary multicultural affairs minister recently assured the public that a government-sponsored Islamic center will produce moderate imams.

See the problem? The Muslim voices against this Imam, though existent, as the link from The American Thinker show, are not the supported by the own Government and society. So this Imam and his supporters, who only want to change open Western society into a “land of Islam”, where women would be considered as meat, Christians and Jews as pigs and monkeys and so on. So the failing of society -more worrying even than the Government- to confront this kind of attitudes is the key to the question. Remember Sparta was not taken but by a traitor? This is just the same…

An important example of Westerner-who-hates-West is, without doubt, London major, Ken Livingstone. While he receives in audience Yusuf Al-Qaradawi – who has called for the killing of Jews, approves suicide bombings and excuses the Muslim punishments proscribed for homosexuals – and kisses with Chávez, he is a Jewis-hater and a Palestinian-lover…, he has had to acknolwedge that in London, anti-Jewish attacks have risen 30%. But for that, he has waited 3 weeks after the report in which that numbers were published. And, when the London Jewish Forum has invited him to discuss it, he has sent Lee Jasper, Senior Advisor on race relations and policing, John Ross, Director of Economic and Business policy and Simon Fletcher, the Chief of Staff. He has time to see al-Qaradawi but not to see the people who are attacked. More respect and worry for the people who, at least, are menacing than for the menaced and hurt.

Belgium: From Brussels Journal via Blogbis.

Worried immigrants told Ms. Uijt den Bogaard what was happening. On the basis of their accounts and her own experiences she wrote (confidential) reports for the city authorities about the growing radicalization. This brought her into conflict, both with the Islamists and her bosses in the city. The city warned her that her reports were unacceptable, that they read like “Vlaams Belang tracts” (the Vlaams Belang is Antwerp’s anti-immigrant party) and that she had to “change her attitude.” The Islamists sensed that she disapproved of them. They might also have been informed, because there are Muslims working in the city administration. One day, when she was accompanied by her superior, she was attacked by a Muslim youth. Her superior refused to interfere. When she questioned him afterward he said that all the animosity toward her was her own fault.”

In the end she was fired. She is unemployed at the moment and gets turned away whenever she applies for another job as a civil servant. Last week, she learned that city authorities have given the job of integration officer, whose task it is to supervise 25 Antwerp mosques, to one of the radical Salafists. Meanwhile, the latter have threatened her with reprisals if she continues to speak out.”

See? Again it happens the same: some Salafists –with money– arrive and began changing Western way of life. When someone decides to speak the truth, not only the “city” -so the Western authorities- do not support her -even if she is receiving death threats and had been actually attacked-, but they fire her and they employ a Salafist in her job!! But the most important thing is that the people who were worried about the new situation were immigrants, not nationals!!

I think critics of Islamofascists, or even of Islam, are not critisizing the ones who are really the culprits of the Islamofascist invasion: the Trojan horses who hate, even more than the Islamofascists, a very important part of our culture. And it is very important to note that, according to Homer, the 10-year bloody Trojan war ended only because of the Trojan horse. Trojans received it as a gift from the gods, and it was: but from the Greek god Poseidon, not from the Trojan’s.

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