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France’s Chirac bows out of frontline politics – Yahoo! News

Chirac has served as president since 1995 and his widely expected decision to stand aside marks the end of an era for France, clearing the way for a new generation of politicians. “I will not seek your backing for a new mandate,” the 74-year-old said in a televised address to the nation.


Chirac will perhaps be best remembered outside France for his denunciation of U.S. policy in Iraq and his determination to maintain his country’s leading role in international affairs. But on the domestic front he introduced few meaningful reforms and leaves behind a difficult legacy for his successor, with the French economy underachieving and social tensions simmering in deprived suburbs.

Well, I will remeber him for his hipocrisy. But of course, nearly no one has heard about the French-sponsored coup d’etat in Comores Islands. You know, regime change of an Islamic terror state. No UN backing. In fact, Chirac employed mercenaries…. Have any anti-war campaigner demonstrated because of this? Ehh, no. Do Comores’ citizens’s lives cost less than Iraqis? No, it’s just “la grandeur de la France“…

BBC has his profile. Interesting that, when young, he was interested in communism and pacifism. And, of course:

His years in office may also be remembered for his rude remarks about other countries, particularly the UK.

In 2005, for example, he said of the British “One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad”, although Finnish food, in his well-fed opinion, was Europe’s worst.

And about Spain: remember when he said that there was nothing to celebrate about the discovery and conquest of America? What happens? French people did not do it, and then you can’t feel proud of it, hein?

He has also said today: “France should state the need of a strong Europe, of a political Europe, of a Europe which can guarantee our social model. It’s our future which it’s at stake“. What social model? This? Hmm, maybe not…

Aussi en Français: Le Monde:

Jacques Chirac a également demandé à ses compatriotes de croire à la construction européenne. “La France doit affirmer l’exigence d’une Europe puissante, d’une Europe politique, d’une Europe qui garantisse notre modèle social. C’est notre avenir qui est en jeu. Portons toujours cet idéal et cette volonté”, a-t-il souligné.

Le Figaro: Approuvez vous la décision de Jacques Chirac de ne pas se présenter?.

Italiano: L’addio di Jacques Chirac all’Eliseo.

Also it has been his own doing making Ivory Coast one of the most vulnerable places in the world (the 3rd in fact).

In Spanish: El Mundo, ABC.es,

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ABC.es: Al Qaeda acusa a Hamás de “venderse” a Israel

El egipcio Ayman al Zawahiri, considerado el “número dos” de la organización Al Qaeda, ha criticado hoy el Acuerdo de La Meca, suscrito entre las facciones palestinas, y ha acusado al grupo Hamás de “venderse” por haberlo firmado. “Con la firma del Acuerdo de La Meca, Hamás no sólo agredió a la causa palestina, sino que supone una agresión a todo el pueblo musulmán“, ha dicho una voz identificada como la de Al Zawahiri en una grabación que difundió hoy el canal de televisión qatarí Al Yazira. El Acuerdo de La Meca fue suscrito en esta ciudad saudí el pasado 8 de febrero por los islamistas de Hamás y los nacionalistas de Al Fatah y, según el mismo, ambos grupos se comprometen a formar un Gobierno de unidad nacional.

¿Una guerra entre Al-Qaeda, Hamás y Al-Fatah y por el medio Israel? ¿Cómo reaccionará el pueblo musulmán ante esta acusación?

AlQaida, considering that recently Bin Laden has turned out 50, had to give him a prize. And so has decided that accusing the terrorist organisation Hamas of “hurting the Palestine cause and of agression to the whole Muslim people”, because of the sign of La Meca’s agreement, can be considered as that. The accusation has been made by a voice who sounded like Al-Zarqawi, in a recording that was released today by Al-Jazira.

So, what is going to happen now? A war between Al-Qaeda and Hamas and Al-Fatah? And Israel in the middle? How will react the Muslim people to this?

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Three years

In memoriam of the 192 victims of March 11th terrorist attacks in Madrid (full list of victims by Barcepundit), the best thing to do is to denounce the campaign of blaming the victims of anything possible if they are not of the same ideas as the Government. Just read this article by Robert Latona.

The King and Queen of Spain have opened the monument to remember the victims (LD, El Mundo -with video-, ABC.es).

You can read: Le Figaro (Fr).

Also remembering the victims Civitatensis, 1972 (who also writes about yesterday’s demonstration), Il cielo sopra Kabul, Gabbiano Urliante. Also in República de Guadalmecín, Foro Liberal, Estamos hartos de ZP,

About the polemic of the preconstitutional  flags: looks like the dependent from PSOE diary of the morning has included a photo that was taken the last Feb. 3rd when another demonstration took place… In fact it was published before the yesterday’s demosntration in the blog of one PSOE’s supporter. (NT: Caballero ZP). 

Y ahora un chiste:

Soluciones del PSOE para los etarras:

para Lasa y Zabala, cal.

Y para De Juana, cal-dito.

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Government vows to curb Chinese spying on Canada

Canada’s foreign affairs minister says he wants to crack down on Chinese spies who are stealing industrial and high-technology secrets at a tremendous cost to the economy. “It’s something that we want to signal we are prepared to address and continue to raise with the Chinese at the appropriate time,” Peter MacKay told CTV. MacKay raised concerns of the release earlier this month in China of the RedBerry, an imitation of Canada’s BlackBerry handheld device, made by Research in Motion based in Waterloo, Ont.

Daimnation, examinating the raise in military expenditure, also links to an article in the Washington Post in which they quote James Mann, the author of The China Fantasy, who maintains that foreign critics of China’s abuses on Human Rights are told to be quiet:

After all, there is no point in hurting Chinese feelings or making the Chinese authorities dig in their heels. Mann is particularly scathing about what he describes as the “Lexicon of Dismissal.” Criticism of China is dismissed as “bashing,” “provocative” or “anti-China” (a favorite of the Chinese themselves), and any such censure always runs the risk of turning China into an enemy.

In his anger over this muzzling trend, Mann comes close to seeing a conspiracy by well-meaning but self-serving American elites — with, of course, the happy acquiescence of the Chinese communists — to keep the United States investing in and trading with China.

El Ministro de Exteriores Canadiense John Kay, ha dicho que quiere perseguir y detener a los espías Chinos que están robando los secretos industriales y de alta tecnología con un coste tremendo para la economía. “Queremos señalarlo especialmente ahora que estamos preparados para dirigirnos e incrementar [la colaboración] con los chinos en el momento apropiado”, dijo Peter McKay a la televisión canadiense. MacKay hizo que se incrementasen las preocupaciones como consecuencia de la presentación del Redberry, una imitación de la Blackberry canadiense, hecha por “Investigación en marcha”, con sede en Ontario (Canadá).

Pero si esto es un crimen, aún lo es más el silencio que se impone sobre los abusos [muy graves] de los Derechos Humanos en China. Sobre esto -entre otras cuestiones-, trata el nuevo libro de James Mann, La Fantasía China, en el que su autor critica el que si se denuncian los abusos, se considera que se está usando un lenguaje anti-chino -je, je, ¿a qué me suena esto?…-, provocativo… Así, apunta también a que en un futuro próximo China será mucho más poderosa y mucho más rica que hoy, pero que es muy probable que también incremente su autoritarismo.

Fantastico, ¿ehhh?

Related about Chinese military: China update, Beijing feeds the hype, Chinese new arsenal.

More about technology and military for China: technology disputes and weapon sales.

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My good blog-friend snipfer has left me the photos he has done at the demonstration. You can see them here. I have selected this one -it’s beautiful-:

Manifestación 10M Snipfer

Feels like you’re in the demonstration, eh?

Pablo Molina wrote before the demonstración: “Los dirigentes del PSOE no pueden, sin caer en el ridículo, denunciar que en las manifestaciones que apoya el PP aparecen enseñas preconstitucionales, sencillamente porque lo que en las convocatorias a las que acude la derecha es un suceso marginal, en las algaradas de la izquierda es la norma. Repásese el archivo fotográfico de cualquier manifestación organizada por la izquierda, con los políticos del PSOE en primera fila, y si alguien consigue detectar una bandera constitucional de España que lo diga para inscribirlo en el Libro Guinness por su agudeza visual sobrehumana. Tiene gracia también que José Blanco ponga el grito en el cielo porque algún grupúsculo friki cante el Cara al Sol, cuando su partido acaba sus reuniones tarareando La Internacional (la izquierda progre actual ya no se sabe la letra), que no es tampoco una oda a los valores democráticos ni a la libertad precisamente”.

The PSOE leaders cannot really denounce the use of the preconstitutional flags because in the demonstrations supported by PP that is a marginal thing, while in the disorders of the left that is the normal thing. Just take another view to the photographic archives of any demonstration organised by the left and if someone can detect ONE constitutional flag of Spain, please tell it to the rest so he can have a Guiness record because of his extreme visual acuteness. It is also a very comical situation to listen José Blanco -PSOE’s Secretary of Organization- lamenting the freaky mini-group singing the Cara al Sol -the tradictional falangista and Franco-ist song- when his party finishes his own reunions singing The International, that is neither a song to the democratical values or to freedom precisely“.

Vice-President De la Vega: “This is the main party of agitation“. She did not said that when she was in the opposition and Zapatero was nicknamed pancartero, that is, the one, who carries a banner, because of all the demonstration and banners he went to.

Manifestación 10M banderas ABC

PM Zapatero and Interior Minister Rubalcaba are not going to attend the concert dedicated to the terrorism victims. The Kings have invited them with all the terrorism victims today at night. They do not want to see the victims after the massive demonstration.

Another marvellous photo:

Manifestación 10M ABC bandera españóla

More comment in Aragón Liberal HT Cartas y artículos. 2 millions just to begin with.

Barcepundit and Publius Pundit has both commented and linked to me. Thanks!

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